Arcane Duel is a RTS game. You can randomly match games or using the password. The features of this game is that you are freely to choose the skills in each duel. Your enemy will no idea what skill you choose in each game. You need to tentative enemy’s skill and use strategy to defeat them. This game is very fast-paced you can play at any time without pressure. At this stage there is only one-to-one duel mode. You can choose four form the following nine skills(Dragon Flame, Grace Of Light, Storm Shooting, Unbreakable Will, Flash, Ghost Slash, Arcane Chase, Hunting Season and Thunder Fall). Create your own combination and defeat your opponent.

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ARCANE DUEL 術法亂鬥 on Steam

Edge Of Galaxy

Edge Of Galaxy

On the main menu screen there’s New Game, Tutorial, Settings, Achievements, Statistics and Exit. The tutorial will take you over the basics of the game and isn’t very long. There are two game modes: Sandbox and Explorer. Sandbox is where you’ll make your way through a galaxy which is divided into sectors. Each sector consists of multiple coordinates and is controlled by one of the five factions: Mercenary, Federation, Ocrons, Krios and Raiders.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

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Today, a short look at the Edge of Galaxy space strategy in early access.

Early Access success

Currently, the best-implemented part of the game is fighting. Battles are dynamic and short. At the same time, proper mercenary management and equipment improvement have great importance. The development of the armada was interestingly solved after each skirmish, we have a choice of who get the spoils “mercenaries” or commander. This is not an easy decision: we buy ship upgrades and equipment from the fleet budget, but it is money for ship crews that enables them to grow. Just traveling from system to system and increasing your fleet’s battle potential can give you a lot of satisfaction. A very interesting aspect of the game are also enemy special forces, which actively hunt your fleet on the main map, putting some pressure on the player. Five different factions to choose from also increase the potential replayability of this title.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Edge Of Galaxy on Steam

Fallen Guns

Fallen Guns

Fallen Guns is top down shooter focused on combat strategy. The passage of time will be slow when Alex (the protagonist) is stationary and will return to normal when he moves again. This dynamic will force the player to look for perfect shots and correct timings when eliminating enemies. This makes eliminating a large swarm of enemies very satisfying and rewarding.

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Fallen Guns on Steam

War Mongrels

War Mongrels

Не ну это пиздец.. дошел до 8 главы…


Вырезал всех, но блядь ключ не так использовал и все… пройти миссию нельзя… Ни вынести ворота, ни тупо обойти всем зекам… Это атас..

все остальное, про антисоветчину или антифашизм согласен..

Вы уж товарищи поляки определитесь, кто у вас плохие…

Немцы, которые вас сжигали, русские которые вас освободили?

Или у вас воевала одна армия крайнова, которая на секунду была организована Англией и в принципе была против СССр и рейха..

Зато у нас воевала Польская Армия, официальная армия вашей страны, которую мы одели, вооружили и помогли освободить свой дом..

Real player with 51.9 hrs in game

STORY: I will skip this part to avoid spoilers. But it is meaningful and very realistic for WW2. LEVEL DESIGN: levels are huge, much bigger than D3. They are set in various range, from ruined towns, battles, villages, concentracion camp, prison, military base … .Graphic is most awesome part, for sure best graphic in rtt genre. There is more night levels than D3 and ST. Levels have more gimmicks and environment kills which give on richness of it. Visual representation of war is astonishing. CHARACTERS: All have 4 skills and 5th spot is for something special in some missions. They mixed traditional character archtypes skills and split out on 7 characters. There is no knockouts in this game, but there is stunning. MANFRED: Knife/Whistle/Watch/Rifle – knife is for melee kill, whisle is to lure and wider range, watch is also lure but with narrow range and it is more used for some setups that to lure and rifle is standard with very wide range of noise. That is problem in demo levels which are smaller than rest so that is what Sardukar point about that half map come after you. Can climb vines. Can disguise as soldier but officer see through disguise. EWALD: Fist/Bottle/Brawl/Machine gun – bottle to lure, brawl to kill 2 guards similar to Mugen sword attack. And he can use bazooka in some levels.

Real player with 48.4 hrs in game

War Mongrels on Steam

Drone Swarm

Drone Swarm

Not really swarming with fun…

I like the upgrading of your ship and all the new abilities that you acquire, and I like the graphics too… and the gimmick in the main-menu is fun to play with for all of 2 minutes… but yeah man, other than those points, I just didn’t really find the game to be fun. I mean, it’s certainly not anti-fun or a fun-vampire at all, but I just kinda found myself plodding along doing mission after mission and watching cinematics for a story that I didn’t really care for. But the game is pretty high quality and it certainly has a lot of redeeming qualities so I’ll give it a recommended. I do however think the $25 price tag is slightly too high and the fact that the game has the Deadnuvo virus is almost enough basis on its own to not recommend the game… guess I’m feeling generous today, but seriously: Deadnuvo is a bag of Meekrob..

Real player with 111.7 hrs in game

**This is an excerpt of my much more detailed review and analysis, that you can find here (ENG & DE) and also as Video below.

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Opinion and conclusion**

Drone Swarm has a very original and unique concept that can be really fun if you like the setting and controls. The drone controls are usually very catchy and the fights are strategically scattered between easy and super tricky. But here you sometimes wonder if you could get some additional explanations.

Real player with 21.3 hrs in game

Drone Swarm on Steam

John Wick Hex

John Wick Hex

John Wick Hex is a hex grid strategy game that takes place in the world of John Wick and you play as the Baba Yaga himself. Most people don’t think of strategy game and John Wick in the same sentence, expecting any John Wick game to be a mindless shooting game. This may be a valid expectation but John Wick Hex really captures the feeling of being John Wick and using skill and strategy to come out on top even when vastly outnumbered and outgunned.

If you’ve ever played a game like X-Com before then you know the basics of this type of strategy game only in John Wick Hex you don’t have a squad; you are just one man. You can move around, shoot at enemies, refocus, reload (if you have ammo), bandage, throw your gun at an enemy, or if you’re close enough to them initiate melee combat with strikes, parries, pushes, and takedowns. You have to keep track of your health, your weapon’s ammo, and your focus meter which is used to perform parries, takedowns, and dodges during melee combat. Before each mission there is a level map where you can use your Continental coins to purchase buffs/perks and stash weapons or equipment in the level. You may have to change your play style based on what perks you buy so this adds an element of replayability. At the end of each stage you can watch a real time replay of your actions in the level complete with cinematic camera angles.

Real player with 27.9 hrs in game

I really wanted to like this game and it was enjoyable for a while, but in the end for me just misses the mark. It makes me sad because this game has so much potential but limited move options mixed with some poor designs and unnecessary RNG made the game more frustrating than fun.

I like the way all actions happen on a time scale and you can see what your enemies are about to do. Developers nailed this 100%. The move list isn’t bad and most have their place, but to really feel like John Wick there should have been more. In the movies John is constantly grappling one enemy while shooting another. This mechanic is missing. You can’t shield yourself from gunfire with another enemy. This makes the push option largely useless. I would have liked to see a push and shoot option where John can either shoot the enemy being pushed or another enemy while being shielded. There should have been a disarm move as well (or even further - disarm and keep weapon or disarm and discard weapon). We should have been able to chain moves together like a Roll into a Takedown or a Takedown into a Strike instead of John taking down a target, then selecting strike on the next and the target magically gets off the floor for John to do pre-rendered stance strike animation. This is just laziness by the devs.

Real player with 15.9 hrs in game

John Wick Hex on Steam

Jumpin' Tanks

Jumpin' Tanks

Jumpin' Tanks is a multiplayer 2D platformer where players can enjoy various game modes of arcade fun!

Duke it out in Free-For-All to see which player will be the last tank standing.

Eliminate the infected tanks in Pandemic or risk being infected yourself.

Team up with your friends in Versus and see which squad will come out on top.

Jumpin' Tanks on Steam

King Pins

King Pins

I saw this game being played by a popular youtuber, so I gave it a try. The campaign was short and sweet tutorial. The races seem simple, yet fun to play. I cannot give this game a perfect review because I feel that the build was poorly optimized. Every time I play my game skips and drops frames, making micro intensive battles impossible. Great for casual play. Towers + Siege = Overpowered. 4/5

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

I wasn’t sure whether or not to give this a negative or positive review. Overall its a great game with a great concept, however, the units never seem to get the idea of an order. Sometimes when initiating an instruction for a unit, it doesn’t respond. When your unit is attacking a building and an enemy unit attacks it, the unit stops attacking the building and chases the unit that attacked it! It really is frustrating when you have to constantly tell the unit to go back to doing something you want them to do and not get kited by towers and rangers. This is most likely a bug, but its a very major and annoying bug. A game that could’ve lasted 5 minutes turns into a 20 minute game because of this. It really is annoying.

Real player with 13.3 hrs in game

King Pins on Steam

Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice

Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice

It’s like they were short on their Q4 financials and some bean counter said, “Hey, how can get a quick cash infusion before Dec. 31?” And then someone said, “I think there’s a bit leftover on the Shadow Tactics cutting room floor we can wrap up in a bow and sell for cash grab so we can all get our Christmas bonuses.”

This DLC is just way too short. No new characters or abilities. And all the achievements are super easy. There’s no achievements for doing the missions on hard difficulty. No achievements for getting all the badges. It’s like this was all just quickly picked up off the floor and thrown together.

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

Not much to say here, it’s more of the brilliant Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, for which you can see my review here . It’s made in the exact same engine, so all the pros and cons of my original review stand.

The 3 short interlude missions, with no badges, allow for a more relaxed pace to deliver story and plot in. This adds character and is very welcomed. The maps are most huge and, as usual, richly detailed (except the second, which takes place on an archipelago with smaller sandy islands that tend to look mostly the same).

Real player with 15.5 hrs in game

Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice on Steam

Space Mavericks

Space Mavericks

Get a spaceship, travel through galaxies and fight battles for your freedom!

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Coming Soon!

Still under development, Space Mavericks is a multiplayer artillery action game that is recreating the classic artillery style of aiming and shooting by adjusting the angle and power. However, the game is adding a few unique features to the genre:

  • Unlike most artillery games, Space Mavericks is played in Real-Time;

  • The game is set in space, and shots are affected by planets' gravity forces as they travel to reach the target;

  • Projectiles cause damage and can destroy planets and stars;

  • A variety of commanders and spaceships that have different kinds of attributes, shots, and special moves;

  • A diversity of multiplayer modes prepared with ranking systems for the competitive scenario;

  • An adventure mode with a rich story and giant bosses;

  • Fast, fun, and addictive.

Aim and Move

As with any classic artillery game, you can aim, shoot and move by adjusting the weapon’s angle and power. Be aware that gravity forces will interfere with your movement and shots!

Trajectory Projection

To help you deal with gravity interference, have the spaceship AI simulate the shot’s trajectory. An excellent strategy to check where you’re aiming to and avoid generating heat for nothing.


Heat dissipation is one of the most significant challenges in space, and that’s no different in Space Mavericks. Moving, defending and shooting will generate heat, so use it wisely.

Special Shots

Every Commander has their own unique shots, skills and special powers. Learn their abilities and specials to dominate battles against your enemies.

Choose a Commander that suits your Maverick style on battles. Each of them have unique powers and spaceship abilities. Level them up for unique skins!

We’re creating new Commanders in a regular basis, together with new abilities, spaceships and powers to give to them. What kind of power do you seek? Share your opinion with us.

Check out the Commanders we have so far:

  • Prophet DX7: A versatile commander that can shoot multiple projectiles at once;

  • Goliath: A natural leader that can take a lot of damage to conquer his enemies;

  • Salomea: Damage over time and great Heat control;

  • Locus: A solo sniper with serious damage and teleport powers;

  • Zurr: Combines her unique ability to avoid gravity on the shots or to create massive explosions.

The Universe is so vast, filled with infinite alien species and mysterious technology. Each Commander has their unique spaceship with different attributes, abilities and ultimate powers.

Fight with style! Besides unique powers, you can unlock new fabulous spaceship skins.

You can use your skills to face off other Mavericks from all over the Universe! You’ll be able to create battlegrounds for up to 8 players and customize them with different settings.

Free-for-all Matches, for those who are lone wolves and fight for themselves.

Team Matches, for those who enjoy some team spirit and more elaborate tactics.

You’ll be able to enjoy a friendly match to hone your skills against other players. Think you’re a true Maverick? Join the ranked battles and see how far you can blast your way up the leaderboard.

You’ll be competing for rewards, experience and resources. Victory will only come for those who use Commanders wisely!

Space Mavericks on Steam