Pombero - The Lord of the Night

Pombero - The Lord of the Night


Real player with 13.7 hrs in game

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Pombero The Lord of the Night is a great first game for a brand-new indie studio. While the game is still a bit rough on some areas and could definitely use some more polish (specially with the occasional crash and in the second act), the game still pulls through and gives a good escape-the-roomesque experience with some decent atmospheric horror factors. Despite relying a bit too heavily on jump scares to the point that they start becoming slightly predictable fairly early into the game, Pombero still manages to deliver a couple of good scares bound to catch the average gamer unaware.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Pombero - The Lord of the Night on Steam



STATIK is a 4 player online co-op horror game. A group of kids in the 1980’s find an abandoned house with a shelf full of VHS tapes. When each tape is played, the events of the movie start to play out in real life. Will you escape with your lives or become another victim of the static. You can choose your ending by finding the maps secrets or defeating the killer.

Each level has multiple different endings and many easter eggs to find. No playthrough will ever be the same with the killer always making different decisions and items being spawned randomly.


In the boring town of Belleville, most summer days are spent by the lake swimming or biking around town. One day, you and your friends discover an old abandoned house in the woods. It’s a tall house, furniture and interior untouched like the owners just vanished and left it trapped in time. Inside, the beige wallpaper is decaying and peeling off. When you get to the living room, there is a big tv set on top of a vhs player. Next to the tv you find a shelf containing Vhs tapes with no label or name. You call your friends over to play the tape, thinking nothing of it…


In STATIK, each VHS tape is a different horror movie that plays out in the old house. You will be hiding from the killer while he tries to hunt you down and send you into the static. Find clues on how to send the killer into the static or find clues on how to escape throughout the map. The closer you get to escaping or if you’re brave enough to face the killer, he will get smarter and he will be able to hear you better. Be stealthy and quiet or you will be sent into the STATIK.

  • Co-Op Game

When playing a Co-Op game, stick together to solve the mysteries of the house and help each other by using a medkit to get a player out of the STATIK.

  • Single Player Game

If you’re brave enough to play alone, you cannot get yourself out of the STATIK and have to solve puzzles by yourself. It’s possible but significantly harder.

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STATIK on Steam



When his younger brother dies, the protagonist loses his marbles. Navigate zany, topsy-turvy worlds to help him find them again!

Actually: Disorder is a grim platformer based on slow, precise jumps and the ability to switch between two slightly different versions of the world. Expect to jump from a platform that exists towards empty air, switch worlds, and land on a new one.


  • Great level design.

  • Challenging and interesting puzzles.

  • Solid exploration of the world switching mechanic.

Real player with 21.4 hrs in game

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I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone. While it has functionable gameplay, it has a major technical issue, a poor options menu, is short, and has a terribly uninteresting and vague story.

One of the biggest issues this game has is that it doesn’t save your progress. When I returned to the game, after saving and quiting, I found that the game hadn’t saved my progress which is why it took me 14 hours to beat the game when it should have taken five at most.

The game’s replayability is low. It has several levels, a few levels that are unlocked when you beat the game, and some gameplay modifiers that you can find in the campaign. I’d like to address quickly the supposedly creepy atmosphere this game has. It isn’t creepy.

Real player with 14.1 hrs in game

Disorder on Steam

Merto’s Part

Merto’s Part

Merto’s Part is a First Person Exploration game.

Merto is just inside of some situations and he don’t know anything. He need to help for choosing true moves.

In this story, you will be in Merto’s place and trying to find physical and psychological safe-zones for him.

It takes effort to survive sometimes.

Dreams could be safe-zone or danger-zone.

A place where no one has been before, it can be any place.

Or safe-zone is possible ?

Download and play.

Merto's Part on Steam

Metro Explosion Simulator

Metro Explosion Simulator

This game is the pure embodiment of pain.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

It’s certainly not the worst thing I’ve ever played but it’s not got anywhere near enough content to warrant a positive rating.

Being an indie game built using Unreal Engine 4, you can expect fps drops as low as 1 frame per second with any scripted sequence.

There’s literally no story to this. Just a guy on his way home/to work on a subway train and it explodes. You either die in the flames or pray to the developer to wake up. That’s essentially all this game is. Oh and you can pay to advertise within the game if this screenshot is anything to go by:

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Metro Explosion Simulator on Steam

Second Sight

Second Sight

This is a solid game that is worth playing through. It is important to note that this game is created by the same people that made Time Splitters- it is somewhat obvious from the character models. The story is interesting with a lot of layers to it; the characters are enjoyable; and the game mechanics are fitting for the overall atmosphere of the game. The game feels somewhat aged, but still has a unique charm to it.

The story is wild, as it is intended to be a mind fuck. It flows very well from scene to scene while raising more questions than answers. Every time you start to understand what’s going on, you realize it’s not actually what’s going on. The game starts you off in a medical facility as John Vattic. He has no memory of anything, except that he has psychic powers. You get dragged back and forth between past and present, trying to understand why you are there. Things will be confusing, but that’s only because the story doesn’t always hand hold you through every detail.

Real player with 39.3 hrs in game

I have very fond memories of playing this game on the Xbox back when it first came out. I ended up finding the original disc among some other classics the other day and was surprised when I tried throwing it into my old 360 and the game wouldn’t start because it wasn’t supported! I couldn’t stop thinking about playing the game once more and was extremely pleased to see it was actually supported on Steam! (I remember checking a few years ago & it was nowhere to be found.) I’ve played through the Intro, tutorial and a portion of the first level & I am already amazed at how much content I either missed or simply don’t remember from my first play through! I’ve only just started but I’m loving this game all over again. For what it’s worth, I would strongly recommend Second Sight whether it’s your first time or you’re replaying it like I am. A true classic.

Real player with 29.9 hrs in game

Second Sight on Steam

Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line

About halfway through Yager’s third-person-shooter Spec Ops: The Line, in one of the game’s most controversial moments, I found myself disgusted and infuriated. Not at the scene I’d just witnessed, or at the game’s statement as a whole, but rather that it even needs to be said at all. Two of the ten bestselling video games of all time are Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 . The “military shooter” is one of the most successful genres of the last ten years, and the objective of these games is to kill people. Lots of people. We eat it up non-stop, and always, always ask for sequels seconds. In order to keep the profit margins wide, we are encouraged to never think about it, to never stop and look at ourselves with a critical, compassionate, clear eye. Of course, it’s not only Hollywood that benefits from the blinders we’ve all put on, since only the desperate and crazy would fight our wars for us if it weren’t for the glorification of war peddled by the governments of this strange, sad world upon which we find ourselves spinning through the abyss.

Real player with 47.5 hrs in game

Spec Ops The Line is a great third person shooter, with a very dark story, there are some tough choices to make and the game really knows how to portray mental illness. It certainly is a must have.

Dubai has been hit by the heaviest sandstorms in recorded history, John Konrad volunteered the 33rd to help with a relieve mission in Dubai after their tour in Afghanistan. You play as Captain Martin Walker who served with Konrad in Afghanistan, you have 2 Delta Force elites under your command for the mission, And you are being sent to Dubai for a recon mission. Once there you find the horrors of war find out what the 33rd did and go on your own mission; Revenge. The game forces you to make morally heavy choices, or choices will be made for you. I won’t go in too deep because I don’t want to give any spoilers, But I think it is a great representation of war and the effects of it.

Real player with 27.8 hrs in game

Spec Ops: The Line on Steam

Welcome To The Dreamscape

Welcome To The Dreamscape

good but 1 problem when i go to chapter 4 it is a glich it unsaved my file and i have to start all over in the bigin. please to make the game fair please at least add a save butten on the pause menu please?

Real player with 35.5 hrs in game



☑☑☑ Decent ☑☑☑

~~Painfully Average


Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Welcome To The Dreamscape on Steam

Nightmare on Azathoth

Nightmare on Azathoth

I’m really enjoying this game. Haven’t escaped yet, but enjoying trying/failing/re-trying.


  • Atmosphere: very dark, dark, and twilight – love the combination of Cthulhu and Plato (made me actually go read up a bit on some of Plato’s works)

  • Monster design and avoidance/teleport mechanic

  • Sound effects: creepy, appropriate for the Lovecraft/Cthulhu mythos that it’s partly based on

  • Cool graphics, not for being high end but for being appropriate to the story and creepy. Reminiscent of some of the original black and white Twilight Zone episodes (the ones on alien planets or in space)

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

Cool Sci-Fi/Horror Indie Project

An interesting and intriguing concept. It definitely has potential as full Horror/Survival game with more content and polish if the publisher and devs ever wanted to expand this project. (This is a kind of short, bitesized alpha-ish game)

I haven’t completed this game yet but got to the very end and then died what seemed to be a random physics glitch or invisible insta-death area in my base before I could escape!

I died when walking next the maintenance robot that moves back and forth between the volatile, burning dark fuel (that will kill you if you move into it) and the maintenace-pad-type-thingy that is normally safe to traverse.

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Nightmare on Azathoth on Steam

Alt Oxygen

Alt Oxygen

Alt Oxygen is a survival game where you can complete a story. The game is based on an economical design. Here you can explore different planets and interact with aliens to know more about places. Aliens are speaking their language and are translated. Also to survive you have to collect precious stones and sell it to vendors to make ALTO and after that you can buy water, oxygen, food and all necessary needs to survive.

Key points of the game

  • Economical design ( sell, buy and multiply money at casino ).

  • Story ( Psychological story which will blow your mind ).

  • Survive in a new way.

  • For more, play the game and share your thoughts with us!

Alt Oxygen on Steam