Gunslugs 3:Rogue Tactics

Gunslugs 3:Rogue Tactics

Disclaimer: won this game in a competition, so I didn’t pay for it, but did not receive it in exchange for this review.

Excellent randomly generated shoot ‘em up. Has stealth elements which, while not a major part of the game, do make it much more interesting than just a simple shooter. Difficult, but definitely has the “just one more go” factor. Very simple to pick up with loads to discover as you continue to play through.

Has the 8-bit feel that we expect from this dev.

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

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Great pixel combat rogue-like game with loads of various missions together with a good varied enemy lineup, weapons and gadgets/items to keep you addicted.

Procedurally generated maps for unlimited replayability

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Gunslugs 3:Rogue Tactics on Steam

People Eater

People Eater

Fun and difficult, keeps me striving to improve my build, my progress, or my time. Great quality for the value!

Real player with 17.8 hrs in game

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Oooh man, it’s been a while since a simple little 2D game has captivated me like this…

The general style is very similar to Downwell, in which after succeeding in levels, you’re awarded with progressively more abilities to choose from. The levels alternate between the winding, procedurally generated labyrinths of enemies that you have to eat to unlock an elevator, and boss levels, each with their own unique theme and style. Despite the baseline difficulty being tough, the difficulty curve feels really good, and it’s incredibly rewarding to get past that one boss that’s been wrecking you.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

People Eater on Steam



This is an extremely unique and fun game. I’ve been a fan of Wolfgun’s music for many years, and when I saw the trailer, I was dazzled but I shared others’ concerns about the game being visually busy or hard to follow. I was proven wrong very quickly and I’m really amazed at how quickly I picked it up and how fun and addicting it is. I think this game has an incredible spirit to it, the story mode is quite interesting and high concept and I find myself pondering the meaning (or meanings) of it weeks later. I’m extremely excited to see what Wolfgun does next and I think this is a remarkable first game and definitely a worthwhile experience.

Real player with 36.1 hrs in game

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If you, like me, have never played a hack-and-slash game in your life, you may very likely find Projections a bit difficult and even frustrating at first. Every time you get smacked and your score is halved for it, even though you swear you hit the dodge button just in time to parry that attack from an entity you’re familiar with? If you, like me, get incredibly invested in and perhaps a little overly-competitive over beating your own high scores? It can be a bit disheartening to say the least.

Real player with 34.6 hrs in game


Whisker Squadron

Whisker Squadron

Engage in epic aerial combat with your feline pilot of choice! This is Olivia, and her secondary attack is a volley of lock-on missiles:

Take on a series of epic, procedurally-generated boss fights!

Fight your way through dynamic worlds in a mission that’s unique every time you play it

Whisker Squadron is brought to you by the team who made Race The Sun. We are building on that game’s technology to combine silky smooth, immersive flight with roguelike elements, to create an experience that’s unlike anything on the market today. If you liked Starfox, you’ll love the character banter and playful story. If you liked Race The Sun, you’ll feel right at home with the forward-moving action and smooth controls. If you liked tactical roguelikes such as FTL or Slay The Spire, you’re going to love the special events between worlds and tactical upgrade choices.

Key Features

  • Procedurally generated, rogue-like mission structure that’s unique every time you play

  • Incredibly dynamic procedurally-generated bosses that make for intense climax to every mission

  • Choose your pilots from a cast of 4 feline heroes

  • Daily challenges and leaderboards

Whisker Squadron on Steam

Adapt or Perish

Adapt or Perish

Adapt or Perish has that addictive game play that people also find in games like Factorio for the same reason. I’ve already put in over 50 hours and i’m still learning new things i can do…………then fix them to make them better……then fix them.

This game lets you be strategic not just on the field but in the DNA engineering department as well. Other RTS games have a fixed set of assets to use that use attributes others have decided for you are useful but not in Adapt or Perish.

This game lets you really get into the true strategy of war and tactics by letting you create units, buildings and more real time in game match so you can design dynamically if you lack something you need. You can push your designs to their limits and see if they have what it takes to keep you alive and searching for Overseers. The farther you push out the harder it gets so using tactics come into play constantly and pushes your abilities to hone a better faction.

Real player with 111.5 hrs in game

AoP is an rts that feels distinctive, which in 2019 is saying something. I play-tested the crap out of this and still have a lot to learn. The unit customization system provides many viable strategies and possible play styles. You can mimic builds and strategies from other rtses and tower defensey games if you wish. Some of your intuition about how rtses work will require adjustment in AoP’s reality.

There is no campaign. The only goal is to kill beefy Overseer units as cheaply and quickly as possible to receive a higher score on the leaderboard. If you know what you’re doing you can defeat the first Overseer in 15 minutes, but getting that first kill is only the lowest tier of real victory. The AI never runs out of resources and cannot be defeated. Enemy units and buildings spawn around your units just outside of your line of sight, and killing them makes the enemy angrier which makes the AI spawn more enemies, leading to a meat grinder of attrition. You can keep pulling up weeds in your yard until your yard is perfect, but you can’t prevent weeds from growing outside your yard. How long can you keep your base alive while hunting Overseers deep in the wilderness?

Real player with 98.3 hrs in game

Adapt or Perish on Steam



OK, first off I was a big Descent fan and more recently a fan of Overload but it didn’t have coop. For me, I thought that was a mistake.

Then along comes Desecrators. It seems to be a cross between Forsaken mostly, and partially Descent. The graphics look cool but are somewhat retro looking. The tanks remind me of Forsaken and the rest, Descent. And best of all, it has coop!!!

The most critical aspect of a 6DoF game is the ship control. The ship control is spot on with the default settings. It feels perfect and very neutral. You can also toggle auto ship leveling. The game allows you to rebind keys and has full controller support.

Real player with 39.8 hrs in game

Another great indie 6DOF game ! 🙂

Desecrators is really promising and already pretty damn good despite being early in development, there’s lot of potential here to create a one of it’s kind 6DOF game.

Good controls, it’s fast and responsive, really nice feeling piloting the ship with just the right amount of inertia.

The weapons are satisfying and there’s many different to use.

Desecrators also have great retro graphics style which remind me of Forsaken.

The levels are procedurally generated so we get a new experience each playthrough and that’s pretty nice !

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

Desecrators on Steam

Dungeon of Eyden

Dungeon of Eyden

Fun game, worth the money. Hope to see some updates in the future

Has some bugs, but it’s only been out for a day so its to be expected

No progress saving, Its a one-life run and if you die it generates a new map with different shops/items, so you have to make it through multiple dungeons in order to unlock the final boss

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Had a great time playing solo. Next time I need to do it with a friend!

Video of my live streamed first look in below. The fire zone got me in the end :(

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

Dungeon of Eyden on Steam

Energy Hunter Boy

Energy Hunter Boy

Energy Hunter Boy is an action/shooter game with procedural levels generation, great storytelling, VOXEL TERRAIN MODELING and resources extraction. The little robot warrior will fight against the mad machines, and the awesome natural worlds of the game will be full of platforms, pitfalls and mechanical elements.


_It is the year 2100, and a dangerous criminal has infected through a virus the military computer systems around the world.

This virus was created to sabotage military systems and to launch nuclear warheads to the world’s major cities, then humanity is in danger!

To resolve this crisis, it was created an anti-virus, Energy Hunter Boy, which has the task of identifying and disabling infected groups of memory of various military systems.

The small robot anti-virus will be able to save the world?_

Best features

Procedural levels

All levels are procedurally generated, therefore missions and dynamics will always be different and unpredictable.!

Awesome scenarios

Cartoon style graphics with natural elements mixed with mechanical components.

Objects collection and transport

It will be possible to collect the ‘health’ items and put them in the backpack of our hero, and then transport them to the extraction point.

Multiple campaigns

The game is divided into three main campaigns in addition to an endless unlockable campaign.

Each campaign represents a type of system to be deactivated!

Great and full storytelling

The complete story of the game is divided into chapters and fragments, and it will be completely told during the main campaigns!

More fantastic features

  • procedural voxel terrains

  • terrain modeling, voxel creation and destruction

  • procedural vegetation

  • procedural trees

  • procedural fluids (water and toxic fluids)

  • enclosures for generators to improve gameplay

  • optimized gameplay with selective deactivations

  • resources extraction (Vigor points from vegetation!)

Voxel worlds

The scenarios are generated with voxel technology, and even the vegetation, trees and plants are always generated randomly.

By this way the scenarios will always be different, fascinating and modifiable at will.

In fact by gathering energy you can activate the ‘terrain tool’ that allows you to dig or build the land at will, to achieve the objectives of the missions.

Furthermore, by digging the ground, it is possible to obtain resources from the vegetation (Vigor points)!

There are also procedural sources of fluids that can also be toxic and lethal!

Enjoy the journey, the exploration and the fighting!


The aim of the game is to collect and extract the the number of health objects required to pass the level.

To do this you must go in ‘deactivation mode’ to deactivate the selected power generator, then the ‘health’ items will be created. You have to collect and bring home these items.

To enter in ‘deactivation mode’ and to deform the ground you need ENERGY. This energy can be earned by collecting the many bonuses that appear every time you kill an enemy!

The energy decreases every second.

You have to take also the VIGOR objects to increase AMMO and AUTONOMY of the little robot.


Energy is fundamental in this game.

Through the energy it is possible to deactivate the power generators to overcome the levels, it is possible to use the ‘terrain tool’ to deform the ground at will and reach all the places of the scenario, it is possible to dig and destroy the vegetation to collect the ‘Vigor’ necessary for our little robot!

In other words, you will be a true ENERGY HUNTER!

You will have to destroy as many enemies as possible to collect energy bonuses.

Energy Hunter Boy on Steam

Erazer - Devise & Destroy

Erazer - Devise & Destroy

Very nice game! I played this game for over 30 hours in closed beta. Developers are active and they listen to feedback. I really enjoy making new maps with the level editor

Real player with 103.8 hrs in game

Disclaimer: I alpha and beta tested this game before the Early Access launch and got the game for free for beta testing purposes before EA launch. However, all the things said in this review are my own, honest opinions.

I’ve had the privilege to follow the development of this awesome game. The game has already gone a long way and is a legit product at its current state, and I am not afraid to state that it’s well worth its price tag (well, who am I to say, as stated above.. :D)

What I really like in this game is the sandbox environment and the possibilities it gives. It already has great developer-made missions, puzzle maps and speedrun maps. Planned co-op and multiplayer features will make it even better in the future. The level editor is well-planned and makes effective level creation possible. Some beta testers have already made a bunch of very good (and challenging, dear god) maps. The game engine allows for nearly everything, which is great.

Real player with 28.9 hrs in game

Erazer - Devise & Destroy on Steam



Somewhere tiny, deep in the fractal foam, there is a strange and vivid world… a world with two dimensions, weird noises, and the all-consuming urge to gather more points. Welcome to Fractus! Blast your way through waves of organisms to release the portal to the next level, where you can do it all again! There is an infinite number of levels, but things get difficult quickly. How far can you get?

Fractus is an abstract twin stick shooter for Windows and Linux. It is a unique visual experience and a challenging game. Most of the graphics are fractal objects that are procedurally generated on the GPU. It also features an odd medley of guitar-generated sound effects.

Fractus on Steam