This is some good stuff. With no save option and an in-game timer after every level, this game was made to be speedran and it’s very smooth and satisfying whilst doing so. It’s not very long; my top time after playing the game twice was 5 minutes, and they use that time very well. The pacing is perfect. As soon as you’ve learned something about the game, it demands you to make use of it, and its length makes sure that its simple gameplay never grows stale. If you like indie platformers, this one has a big thumbs up from me.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

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Controls are tight and responsive. Precise Platforming is kinda fun, nice and tight though quite frustrating (though that’s to be expected with a precise platformer I believe). Atmosphere is quite good actually. One complaint I have is that there’s no save system meaning if you quit the game you will have to start from the beginning or if you wanna start playing a certain level you need to play through the whole game to get where you want to be. Note don’t be a fool like I was and forget about your time slowing ability you get very early on in the game which your supposed to use with the platforming which makes the game automatically 10x less frustrating without it. I forgot about this ability and the game became super frustrating and I eventually rage quit which resulted in me have to do a decent bit of the game to get back to where I was. Story is quite small and vague but still interesting and engaging. The world/lore is kinda of interesting thanks to the art style and small/vague story and atmosphere although we don’t know much. Music is pretty good, epic, mysterious and atmospheric and sci-fi-ey. Finally the art and the animation. Oh boy the art style and the animation. The animation is smooth and fluid. The art style is cool, cute, very well drawn, epic, interesting (which even gets me a little curious about the lore of this game), gives off surreal, mysterious, and sci-fi-ey vibes. Who ever was In charge of the animation and art direction I really hope you (all) go to great and big places in the future. Also the title screen, end cutscene, and end credits is dope. Honestly I would love to see more of this world and characters. One more complaint I have is the ending segment is a autos scrolling level and I hate those though that may just be me.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Nohra on Steam



Muito bacana o jogo, perfeito pra quem tá afim de jogar algo estressante. Fiquei com vontade de socar o monitor de tão dificil que é esse treco, na moral mesmo. Apesar da dificuldade altissima em alguns momentos, o jogo não possui muitos problemas a serem comentados, mas acho que uma opção de deixar em tela cheia seria bom.

Gostei bastante das skins do jogo e ele foi bem divertido, apesar de ser tão dificil que deu vontade de ir na casa do dev socar ele

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

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Wonderful game with very hard levels, with nice easter eggs and a pretty nice art.

The music is also very enjoyable.

Worth for those who like hard challenges.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Anatidae on Steam

Beholder’s Lair

Beholder’s Lair

Nice a platformer/escape game. Game is a bit of new. Game is should more improvement. Btw game have a perma death it’s make it a little bit of difficult.

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

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Amazing game, the description doesn’t lie. It’s very hard. The only negative in my opinion is that there is no ability to save your progress. If that were to be added, it would be a perfect game, for now: nearly perfect.

I get that this is to make the game more challenging, but an OPTION like two game modes / difficulties like easy and hard, with hard being the game in its current form and easy having the ability to save your progress.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

Beholder's Lair on Steam

Blender Bros

Blender Bros

(Review posted: October 30, 2020)

This is a game that’s always been dear to my heart ever since playing it as a child, back when I got the GBA version. It’s so obscure though that not many people know about it, and the only playthroughs I’ve seen of it online are people playing it for the first time, with little to no knowledge of the game. I always wanted someone to make some sort of guide of this game (someone that knows enough about the game to talk about almost everything, anyway), but got so fed up waiting for one that I decided to use the knowledge I got playing this game for hours as a kid to make one myself. Despite this, I figured not many people would care about it because this game never got any sort of sequel or remake, and any hopes of one were shattered when the company that made it went out of business.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Wow this was really cool. Upon some (very brief) research, it turns out this is a PC “port” of a GBA game by the same name. That’s why the graphics, sound, and everything felt so… oddly familiar to me. I had not played the original, mind you.

I LOVE the artstyle of the characters. Graphics were great, music was awesome, characters were all super adorable and nothing in the game ever felt too frustrating (except some bosses).

In depth review:

Your moveset:

Besides moving left and right and having a basic jump, you can duck and press an attack button. There’s some intricacies here though that are quite interesting. For example, if you hold “down” in the air, you’ll flip upside down and bounce on your ears to reach greater heights. You can then attack while in this state to do a sort of drill move (I honestly forgot you could to this during boss fights and thus never used it. Mainly because hit detection is too generous for the enemies to hit you so you can never get too close to them.) You can also keep pressing the attack button to widen its range around you, as well as pressing the button repeatedly in the air to spin and glide. Pressing and holding the attack will charge up an attack with super far range (I just spammed this on most bosses as they were too hard to get close to, like I said.) It was super fun pairing the ear bounce with air spins, I felt surprisingly maneuverable. Oh you can also grab a flight “power up” and climb pipes.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Blender Bros on Steam

Bread & Fred

Bread & Fred

“Bread & Fred: Climb the Crest” is a challenging platform in which you will have to cooperate with your partner to be able to jump and climb to the top of the mountain. These adorable penguins will go through a tedious and exasperating journey that requires precision with every jump, and each time you land you’ll be one step further from the target, but one step closer to mastering the extreme platforming.

#### Penguin Mechanics: -Swing to reach distant platforms!

Attached to each other not only means that you fall together, you can also make good use of the rope and propel your partner beyond what any penguin could have ever jumped. Make sure you hold tight to the ground or you will both be thrown into the abyss.

-Hold on to walls as long as you can!

The penguin’s little hands aren’t very good, but you can hang on a wall with your partner for a few seconds. Be careful, penguins normally weight a lot, so you won’t last long, use it quickly in order to move between platforms.

Legends say that with these few skills, there are heroes who have managed to reach the top. Will you be capable?

Each fall will hurt and will be very difficult to overcome, but it is a learning process that you all will have to go through. Think carefully about each jump and master the penguin skills to reach the end of the path.

For the craziest, “Bread & Fred” includes a speedrun mode so you can compete and be crowned the best penguins on the planet.

The mountain awaits you, complete your mission. Cooperate with each other and you will be able to go very far in the mountain, but try not to die on the process. Good luck!

Bread & Fred on Steam

Danger Ahead

Danger Ahead

You are a lone alien robot lost in some kind of space void where there is only strange signs and nothing but death in front of you.

Danger Ahead is a precision platform game that is designed to challenge the player to get through each level with increasing difficulty.

This is a short experience that was built off the backbone of a previous Game Jam project of the same name.

Key features:

  • Minimalistic level design.

  • Challenging, hard-as-nails platforming.

  • Three different game difficulties to encourage replaying for harder challenges.

  • Steam Achievements.

  • Over 6 Game Levels with all original art and custom music.

Danger Ahead on Steam



There is no plot or deep meaning here.

There is only you and the mechanisms that want to destroy you.

Beware of red things.

Good luck.

Demonicute on Steam



  • Help save Ducky’s siblings in this fun, adventure platformer.

  • Jump your way through levels full of traps, enemies, and goodies.

  • Flick switches, collect the keys, open the doors and let those siblings out!

Ducky is inspired by 2D scrolling platformers of the 1980s and 1990s. Gameplay elements might seem familiar to fans of games from that era, such as:

  • environments that scroll up and down, not just sideways

  • various weapons each with a unique effect

  • floating platforms

Ducky on Steam

Eat Colors

Eat Colors

Eat Colors is a precision platform game, where instead of running and jumping you throw yourself from surface to surface using just the mouse and a fluffy slime that sticks anywhere. Also instead of having a life bar you have a death bar, it increases while you are not moving and resets with every jump, but jumping in the same place or trying from very distant jumps can kill you.

THINK, AIM AND JUMP…. Don’t let your slime die

Your objective in the game is to restore the colors of the world (RGB) by eating the colored apples and for that you will face several challenges, including boss battles.

Eat Colors on Steam

Epic Diavolo

Epic Diavolo

Mr Creepy is making a special concoction which is partially made out of Epic Chicken, but his only real friend is the devil himself Epic Diavolo.

Mr Creepy turns to flee, however the home field favors him…

EpicDiavolo and his friend journey trough the dangerous path to have their revenge and to stop the sick madman.

Lot Of Secret Challenges


Golds, Souls

Boss Fights


10 Episodes + Creature Surge

Epic Diavolo on Steam