The Frogs

The Frogs

Dionysus, the god of wine, is feeling somber. He’s turned some pirates into dolphins. He’s thrown a king or two into a cave. And now some other king in Thebes is talking smack. But none of that has cheered him up. It’s the playwrights the kids listen to these days.

Mumble poets and people using automatons to speak their lines… he’s sick of it. Back in his day the likes of Euripides could tear apart a stage and leave the crowd screaming for more. He’s decided it’s up to him to set things right.

The Frogs is a point-and-click adventure game based on the ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes. It’s a hodgepodge of ancient wit, Pythonesque animation, Renaissance artwork, and public domain classical music all wrapped up in a ball of irreverent humor from a mind way too influenced by the likes of Terry Practhett and Jasper Fforde.

Still out to sea aboard the Cleisthenes and having just read Andromeda, Dionysus is pumped and ready to get back to his theater in Athens so he can get to work improving the world of the arts for the good of everyone. But we all know it can’t be that easy… he has to go through a lot of content to make it worth the asking price.


  • Innovative Point-and-Click Interface

  • Ancient Humor Circa 405 BCE

  • Choices That Matter

  • Multiple Solutions to Puzzles

  • Renaissance Artwork

  • Classical Music

  • Hidden Optional Content

  • Tons Of Interactive Elements and NPCs

  • References So Niche You’ll Wonder Why I Bothered

  • Multiple Endings Whether Aristophanes Likes It Or Not

  • What’s He Gonna Do? Come Back From the Dead and Get Me?

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Deja Vu Collector’s Edition

Deja Vu Collector’s Edition

You can watch a full in-depth review of my thoughts on YouTube , or read my summarized review by reading every other sentence.

The premise is simple: your girlfriend, soon to be fiance, was supposed to take a plane to meet you, but she never showed up. In your infinite wisdom, you end up taking a plane to a fictional city in Russia to try and find what happened to her. Afterwards, it’s not just puzzles for the sake of puzzles, this plays like it would be a great adventure game like the old LucasArts days, because while you have to do things inconveniently, you’re not expected to just click your mouse all day long, there’s a rhyme and reason behind everything you do.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Deja Vu Collector's Edition on Steam



Best New game out at the moment. Its really well made for the price.

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

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addicting as frick, the smooth kind of gameplay where you want to keep playing and you know that every death is your fault but every win is well earned. a steal at the price!

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Heartseeker on Steam

Lost in Paradise

Lost in Paradise

First generation RPG Puzzle game made in 2015?? Well, Game is quite playable and easy to finish and solve in just under one hour.

Nothing special good or special bad in graphics or sound and only very little story is this story. All you have to do is just find object, mix object, use object. So there is really nothing to recommend about this tiny little game. Difficulty is nearly none-existent and there are nothing that you will find expressive at all. Achievements are all quite easy to get. Just play it though it without hint and hit final boss 2 times in a row.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

Tags: Adventure - P&C - Point & Click

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TLDR: Amateur, unengaging and uneven in quality.

This is a pretty dry experience. No humor, pretty bland and serious tone. You are shipwrecked and must find clues to survive. The mish mash of failed particles effects, occasional lighting effects, the photo assets mixed in with the occasional mspaint asset (e.g. pirate flag in the mountains), the rather bland piano track. The main character looks kind of strange. There is nothing really good here. You pick up objects at random, get your progression stonewalled for arbitrary reasons, and have to solve the occasional puzzle or slidey-tile minigame.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Lost in Paradise on Steam

Pillow Bellow

Pillow Bellow

Good night and sweet dreams …. maybe?

Do you have trouble sleeping and don’t know why? That’s exactly what Pillow World is all about to answer.

In the game you will play the main role of a small blue pillow whose task is to go through different worlds (in the future, present and past) and help people to sleep better.

You need to collect all the feathers that are needed to pass to the next rescue.

Dont worry you will not lose them when you die but on each map are placed unique skins that you can collect since humans are so picky and dont want to sleep only on blue pillow.

Collecting these skins will lift people’s spirits and help them sleep better.

But if you want to look back at your skin collection we have made a special Wardrobe in Pillow World so you can always take these skins back.

One thing is nightmare for all pillows.

**The water [/b…. because who want to sleep on wet pillows?So be really careful and try to not fall into the water becase you will lose your new skin ( if you collected him).


Yes there are a few hidden achievements. It will be good to collect that for your personal collection of trophies.


Yes you can meet special enemies that will try to hurt you or the human. But don’t be afraid you will be able to defend yourself and kill all the bad things that will be waiting for you. And there is a lot of bad things….


Yes in this game will be a special events some of them will be active only by some time and some of them are permanent.

We will try to refresh this section as much as posibble.

Hope our Pillow World don’t scare you its really beautiful and colorful place.

So dont be afraid and jump to adventure our Pillow World is counting on you.**

Pillow Bellow on Steam

Red Johnson’s Chronicles - 1+2 - Steam Special Edition

Red Johnson’s Chronicles - 1+2 - Steam Special Edition

I’m glad I played Red Johnson’s Chronicles–and judging from the other reviews and the discussion comments, I’m lucky I was able to finish it. In the QTEs I had the most luck making quick, short mouse movements (Windows 7 64-bit, mouse USB plug-and-play with no special drivers or settings). The QTE at Sonia’s took me four tries.

I liked that many puzzles often meant manipulating things in 3D (or close-up, or with the UV light) and then figuring out the logic. But the puzzles were uneven in quality, with some being more contrived and unsatisfying to solve, especially in combination with the bad mouse controls. And I hated the multiple “sketch the face” puzzles, considering that many of the character models were unattractive and therefore their facial details were hard for me to remember.

Real player with 16.8 hrs in game

Steer clear, even on sale.

I bought this in a sale a while back, i read the synopsis and thought it would be a fun detective game - which i love - or at least a nice point and click game…

Well I was doubly wrong.

As the title itself says, This has 2 games in one, two episodes of a saga that I’m quite sure wont ever be finished.

The first episode was okay, and the second was just a complete mess.

You follow red around on metropolis, solving a murder and a kidnapping, with lots of puzzles and riddles.

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

Red Johnson's Chronicles - 1+2 - Steam Special Edition on Steam

Room 42

Room 42

this game is really fun 10 out of 10 do recommend

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

Pretty good mystery/horror game. Consist of two main routes, each of them containing a part of the story necessary to understand what’s going on. I was expecting some grand finale, aka true ending 3rd route but sadly it doesnt have that.

Not that it matters too much, the game is perfectly fine and enjoyable as is.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

Room 42 on Steam



I’m not sure how this game got in my library, I just know that I didn’t pay for this, and that’s a positive note.

At first I though that this was an horrible Steam game, but it would have been good enough as an online ARG thing. But nah, not even that.

Spoilers for the puzzles, I guess:

  1. Not a puzzle, just radom click spam

2)Not a puzzle, in what word you have are supposed to alt tab the game and google a hint to understand the reference? What if you aren’t a Pink Floyd fan?

3)The only actual puzzle

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

My playtime: 0.4h (based on steam, 100% achievements)

Grindy Achievement: No.

Optional Achievement: No.

Difficult Achievement: No.

Developer Response: Yes (~24h; on selected threads).


TAIKU MANSION is a point and click game where you’re trapped in a mansion. There are 9 “puzzles” spread across 9 rooms in total.


I don’t really remember about the music but one puzzle, where there is a piano in it, doesn’t even sound correctly. The keys' tune will show in delay if you try to click it right after each other.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game


The Leeds Devil

The Leeds Devil

Trapped in the Barrens, No Way Out

You’ve traveled to the Barrens after receiving a letter from a cyptozoologist uncle of yours - an uncle that died ten years ago. As you journey into the depths of the woods the road seems to shift, diverging from your maps; the trees come close, then closer still.

Before you can get your bearings something tears out of the darkness overhead, sending you careening off the road. When you awaken, you no longer recognize your surroundings.

Now, injured and alone, you must find your way through the Pine Barrens while the forest’s strangest denizens have begun to awaken. Will you make your way back to civilization? Or will you join the ranks of the spirits and creatures that linger eternally in the backwoods?

Amongst The Trees Creep Beasts and Ghouls

There are no shortage of strange and unusual creatures and entities in the Pine Barrens - whether it be the ghosts of sacrificed children or the hulking creatures summoned by long-dead witches. Beware. On the night of the Harvest Moon, the spirits are anything but charitable…

The Horrors You Shall Experience

  • Hand-drawn, 1-bit art

  • A deep, enthralling story

  • Unique and varied adventure mechanics

  • The claws of the Devil tearing into your throat

The Leeds Devil on Steam

Aquarium Travels

Aquarium Travels

The world of aquariums is wonderful, but what if an evil monster of darkness attacks all the aquariums and captures the fish that live here?

Aquarium Travels is an entertaining video game full of eye-popping visuals, just a click away!

Recover the beautiful themed aquariums by repopulating them with fish, defending them from the threats that exist.

Defeat the underwater monsters, get as many silver, gold, diamond and special coins to complete the levels and complete the special levels,unlocking your captured friends, upgrading your fish food equipment, time powers and shooting power against enemies!

Dazzle yourself with the wonderful design of the three themed Worlds and 2 special Levels with their different amazing style, the fabulous fish and the pleasure of having an aquarium completely filled with fish giving you hundreds of coins at a time.

Some of the Features

  • ♦ 21 Levels to unlock and Beat the Darkness

  • ♦ 6 special theme levels in the worlds

  • ♦ Simple for young and old: Play with a Click!

  • ♦ Aquariums with different themes and dazzling atmospheres

  • ♦ Deep story cinematics true to the game!

  • ♦ Immersive and exciting ambient music!

Aquarium Travels on Steam