Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master Zero

If you’ve played Blaster Master the original on NES, this part of my review is for you. If you haven’t skip down to below the line.

Blaster Master Zero is in almost every way, the game you remember. The levels are the same. The enemies are the same. The aesthetic and the map are essentially the same. The soundtrack is phenomenal, as you might recall. The story (which as you recall was basically boy chases pet frog down hole, finds tank, game on) has been mixed with the story from the Japanese version of the game. It’s still silly BUT it makes a LOT more sense. This game IS Blaster Master with one huge change -

Real player with 40.7 hrs in game

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This game is a near-perfect recreation of one of my favorite games from my childhood. I knew when I blew into the first area and a remixed version of the Area 1 theme kicked up, Inti Creates “got it”. It “feels” almost the same, despite being made in a “modern-retro” style. It has changes befitting a more modern take on a “metroidvania” (which Blaster Master most certainly was, even though the genre hadn’t been invented yet) liberties were taken, but everything “feels” right, from the controls (spot-on), to the graphics (a pleasing retro style closer to the TG16 than the NES of the era) to the music (in some cases dead-on remixes, in others similar tunes that evoke the same feelings, to a flat-out better song for area 8).

Real player with 23.8 hrs in game

Blaster Master Zero on Steam

Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad

The game is now out of Early Access, so i update this review a bit.

If you played the first Door Kickers, forget everything about it and don’t even think this is a sequel, it plays in the same “universe” but is completely different. Where the first game was basically a better version of Swat 2 with a top-down point of view, this game is a classic side-scroller that triest to be challenging and bring in tactics, i guess the closest comparison (that make me seem like a really old person for knowing it) is Rolling Thunder from Namco.

Real player with 74.8 hrs in game

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I have to say that I am a little dissapointed in this game at its current state.

I was looking for something that required a little bit more teamwork, tactics, and critical thinking. You basically (kick) doors down and gun down anything on the other side with little to no grace because the game doesnt provide much options on how to clear a room. The maps/enemies are not randomized so once you learn the level, you can easily run thru each room and clear without much resistance and pray that a stray shot from a shooter doesnt waste a hostage.

Real player with 49.6 hrs in game

Door Kickers: Action Squad on Steam

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

Having played the first Castlevania a lot back when they re-released it on Game Boy Advance in 2004, I was already familiar with how the game goes. Bloodstained: CotM is an action platformer with deliberately stiff jumping controls (fixed jump height, no mid-air control, etc.), enemies with distinct appearances and movement/attack patterns, and backwards knockback that just seems put in specifically so you fall into pits when you least expect it. Ah…good times. It’s not a game that’s easily rushed, forcing you to be strategic in your approach to combat and platforming. Good stuff.

Real player with 65.7 hrs in game

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I’ve done my best to make this spoiler free since the game is just released. If there are any it is in regards to game modes and anything revealed in the trailer for the game. So if you can’t handle the fact there are multiple game modes, don’t read on. Also something of note, I am going to be constantly comparing this to Castlevania 3 because the game is essentially a love letter to it. I will also call it Dracula’s Curse at times.

Castlevania, specifically 1, 3, and 4, are some of my favorite games of all time. I think it’s hard to choose an absolute favorite game in general, but I play 1 and 3 every year for Halloween (my favorite holiday) as like a tradition. I really enjoyed the new Castlevania animation, at the time I’m typing this we have 4 episodes and I’ve watched them three times. So you could say I like the series, specifically the classic Castlevania. Don’t get me wrong, I like SotN and it’s clones are okay to not great, but they don’t compare to the classic games for me.

Real player with 22.5 hrs in game

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon on Steam

Superfighters Deluxe

Superfighters Deluxe

One of the greatest games ever made.

I have to re-write this review because I do not think I truly expressed how much I adore this game. It is an incredibly unique fighter game with a super complex fighting system. Virtually anything you can interact with in this game can be used to your advantage if you are smart and skilled enough to pull it off. Ive played this game for over 4 years now, on and off due to my commitment to sports or school work, but whenever I get on, especially if I am on with friends or familiar faces join my server, I have a blast. The sheer complexity of this game allows every single player to develop their own unique play style distinguished from the rest of the players in the game.

Real player with 1096.1 hrs in game

Disclaimer: I moderate the official game forum on behalf of the devs and received the game for free for doing so. I own an openly endorsed sister-website hosting custom-made SFD content. I started playing in Pre-Alpha 1.4.2, over 6 and a half years ago, so my experience may vastly differ from yours. I’ll do my best to try and stay as objective as I can be, but for all intents and purposes I may be considered biased.

The original Superfighters Flash game has helped me create some great memories over the years. My best friend and I used to play local co-op for hours trying to master the controls and compete with eachother in the 8-player Versus mode against the AI. Most SFD players originate in this Flash game and share similar experiences to mine, which is important to note as some deem the free Flash game superior to the product put on offer here.

Real player with 148.3 hrs in game

Superfighters Deluxe on Steam



This game is RIDICULOUS.

A dirty talking purple rabbit in a business suit is running for Mayor, and decides that the best way to campaign is to hire a preposterous cast of characters to mass murder drug lords and other criminals in the name of reducing crime.

The premise is completely absurd. AND IT IS AWESOME.

The action consists of free scrolling levels that take you through multi-level high rise buildings as you search for the exit, where BunnyLord will be waiting in the getaway vehicle. However, each level has a main objective, and if it is not completed, BunnyLord will refuse to roll out until you go back and do what you promised. In addition to the main objective, there are multiple side objectives that will determine your rank for that stage. These side objectives are optional, however, there are multiple characters and endings to be unlocked if you complete them.

Real player with 26.8 hrs in game

NOT A HERO is a tactical shooter game developed by Roll7. The game was released on PC in May 2015. A PS4 version of the game was released in February 2016; unfortunately the PS Vita version was cancelled.

Gameplay in Not A Hero is focused quite heavily around cover based combat. Each level you are given a main objective which you must complete in order to finish the stage, but there are also three optional objectives which you can do to raise your score. These optional objectives can often be done at the same time as the regular main mission, but some of them you have to go out of your way for. Gameplay is done from a side scrolling view, and your character has a range weapon, but can also roll into enemies to knock them to the ground allowing you to execute them in one shot whilst they are stunned. You unlock new characters depending on how high your score is, all of the different characters have their own unique model, style of combat move set. The missions can vary from simply clearing a stage out of enemies right the way to escorting your aunt through an enemy gang headquarters. This game goes to the real extremes of the spectrum.

Real player with 20.6 hrs in game

NOT A HERO on Steam

Blaster Master Zero 2

Blaster Master Zero 2


Personal Rating:


Is the DLC worth it?


| 8/10 | Copen: Yes. He’s not a mere reskin or character with minor differences in gameplay, he plays significantly different from the main character. |

What is this game?

Blaster Master Zero 2 is the sequel to Blaster Master Zero and it is made by Inti Creates, the ones responsible for gems like Azure Striker Gunvolt, Mega Man Zero series and Mega Man ZX. This should be enough to give you a clue that these guys know what they are doing.

Real player with 39.8 hrs in game

Blaster Master Zero 2 is a stellar sequel to an already amazing remake of the original Blaster Master, Blaster Master Zero. Spoiler warning for those who haven’t played the first Blaster Master Zero, but this game takes place almost immediately after the true ending of the first. After Eve is saved from the clutches of death inside Invem Sophia, It happens that mutant cells lingered inside Eve, infecting and corrupting her body in the process. Jason uses parts from Sophia Zero in order to create Earth’s first Metal Attacker, Gaia-Sophia. This particular MA has the ability to fly through interstellar space, and as such Jason and Eve, along with the good boi Fred, set off on their journey to Eve’s home planet, Sophia the 3rd, to cure Eve of her ailments.

Real player with 20.8 hrs in game

Blaster Master Zero 2 on Steam

Slain: Back from Hell

Slain: Back from Hell

Hail the Great Horned Metal God!: Headbang after every single boss has been defeated.

Achievement in ‘Slain: Back from Hell‘


Several months after the initial release you can definitely claim that ‘Slain: Back from Hell‘ has done an interesting evolution: back in march critics totally ‘slayed‘ the game, branding it as a bug-ridden mess with bulky gameplay and a massive lack of variation. Overall it was more a lame attempt on side-scrolling-arcade-games from the 80’s and 90’s than a great memorial.

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

I stood up, controller gripped in my white knuckled fist, ready to hurl the accursed thing into the television, the ground….anywhere that might produce the catharsis that comes from rage-induced destruction. Then, as I calmed myself, I looked back to the screen where I faced the bold, bloodstained lettering I would come to know so well while playing Slain: Back from Hell, which simply read, “You have been Slain”

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Slain: Back From Hell:


Real player with 9.5 hrs in game

Slain: Back from Hell on Steam



Old school Arcade game from an era where light gun were really fun.

You have to master the scoring system to be the best player!

I recommand even if there is no online leaderboard.

Maybe in a futur update?

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Nice game, easy to learn, difficult to master.

Though pixel games tend be controller supported, this game seems to be keyboard and mouse only. You will need a left and right mouse button and a spacebar, if you got this then you are good to go.

Obviously you have to shoot zombies and not feed them. There are four color zombies indicating the amount of bullets they require for them to die, you will have to empty your gun before reloading, you will have to think about how to spend your bullets and when to reload, the only problem is you won’t have time to think…

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

BioCrisis on Steam

Bone Appetit

Bone Appetit

I wrote a lengthy review but the page refreshed so I will only write my main conclusions.

Bone Appetit surprised me because I thought it was mostly highly rated because of creative design choices. While those are definitely there (very open-ended, interesting take on how you spend your currency) it mostly is just a very solid metroidvania. If you can get past the graphics (which are not bad but well ‘indie’) and the soundtrack (also fine but not memorable) then you will find a game that excels at exploration in an intensely interconnected world. It is very satisfying how you can often come to suspect secrets, shortcuts and/or hidden doors simply by paying close attention to the screen and your location on the map as a whole. There is also an impressive amount of weapons and I ended up using a greater variety of them than expected because they mostly have unique features. Nevertheless you will not be blown away by the combat and/or platforming but it is fair and allows you to test your new upgrades. It’s not bad by any means but the greatest strengths of Bone Appetit are in my book its exploration which is so open-ended that it allows for a great degree of replayability, speedrunning and different endings.

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

The Metroidvania Review

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How Metroidvania is it? Perfect Fit. Bone Appetit is open-ended with ability upgrades fully driving your progression, with tons of sequence breaking potential.

Curator Review

A delightfully open-ended Metroidvania that asks you to forge your own path to its final encounter, with a few twists to encourage resource planning and player expression.

Real player with 10.7 hrs in game

Bone Appetit on Steam

Codename: Mallow

Codename: Mallow

A human ninja fused to an experimental battle suit of extradimensional origin, Mallow is now Earth’s only hope against an imminent alien invasion.

Codename: Mallow is a combat focused metroidvania with a large interconnected world to explore. Master an ever expanding arsenal of combat maneuvers as you traverse a multitude of unique biomes, each with their own secrets to discover and dangers to overcome.

The game boasts delightfully squishy 2D pixelated artwork and tightly tuned combat mechanics. While exploring this hand-crafted world you are destined to encounter a myriad of unique enemies and level dangers. Should you fail to emerge victorious, you will quickly discover the game includes many satisfying ways to die.

Codename: Mallow on Steam