Battle Scooter: Training Chamber

Battle Scooter: Training Chamber

Battle Scooter: Training Chamber is a physics based action platformer with an electric scooter! Drive around, equip unique skills and train to become a certified Battle Scooter.

Drive a Scooter

Accelerate, slow down, tilt, jump and slide along the floor. You can even ride on walls and in zero gravity!

Equip unique skills

What would a Battle Scooter be without the right additional features like a Laser, Bomb Launcher and a Flamethrower? Right, a normal scooter without spectacular explosions!

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this game is alot of fun. slamming into the side of a building at 300 mph and watching it shatter. the only issue i have is that there is no sandbox mode. and the consistant enemy spawn is causing me more lag then the physics! it would be fun to have the city and unlimted ammo without the constant enemy spawn and even some way to build our own creations. over all this game is a good time waister and it has alot of potential

worth the 5$

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

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Great indy Gem.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

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Half-Fly3 is a colorful action shooter without a heavy story but with some Rogue-like mechanics such as:

  • Random shop items.

  • Random rooms and events.

  • Random Pickups, Curses, Blesses, Skins…

    Key Features update for current Early Access version

      • Events
      • Unlocks
      • Score and Hiscore
      • Second shop
      • Flies
      • Skins
      • Physics update
      • Major audio update.
      • Light and shadows update

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Jelly in the sky

Jelly in the sky


I saw a video from this on Reddit, and because I am a sucker for games with good physics, I wanted to try it.

All weapons need more “oomph”, the smallest gun is almost totally useless. Dirt should be flying much more. Kinetic weapons need a boost.

It is no fun chipping on an opponent’s health for five rounds because you don’t have any other weapon left. Tanks have way too much health even without upgrades.

Real player with 18.0 hrs in game

This game has great potential. The whole idea is really simple and unique and the gameplay is fun. The overall difficulty is really engaging and getting to the end of each level feels really good. While I can see it is in developing stages, I have some points to make. The level design looks a bit lazy/unfinished, which would be standard for a sandbox game but this one is not the case. This game is composed of levels that are comprehensive but still rough on the edges. It’s hard to put in general words so I’ll try making examples of things that frustrated me to some extent instead. Spoilers ahead.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Jelly in the sky on Steam

Little Dog Bob

Little Dog Bob

Cute little game!

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Really lovely game. Cute art and sounds

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Little Dog Bob on Steam

Sayonara Umihara Kawase

Sayonara Umihara Kawase

A puzzle-platformer where your fishing (grappling) hook is your main mode of traversal and the main reason to play this game. The game may seem simple at first however, the stages will become increasingly complex that knowing some classical physics such as a pendulum swing, Newton’s Laws of Motion and force vectors could help you figure out some techniques to solve stages. Otherwise, as a last resort go to YouTube to find solutions to a stage.

Keep in mind that the best part about the stages is that they are non-linear, hence there is no unique solution and there are many different ways to get to the exit. To keep challenging yourself, there is survival challenge which is the classic game mode or the option to complete stages with the fastest time by competing in the online leaderboards. You may be shocked watching the methods from some Japanese players on YouTube with how they complete a stage in several seconds or less.

Real player with 55.0 hrs in game

The definitive entry of the Umihara Kawase series for this generation. This is a fantastic port, with barebones - but fully functioning gamepad support. Japanese devs aren’t always known for the best console to PC ports, but this one is fantastic. All the features of the Vita version with windowed/fullscreen support, fully mappable controls (on controller, I didn’t try to play this on a keyboard).

As for the game itself, you be the judge. The learning curve on this game is about 2 hours. After that, you’ll need to develop a deep sense of muscle memory to solve later puzzles. Eventually, you will need to master advanced techniques like climbing overhangs and launching yourself from a horizontal stand-still. That being said, some players have difficulties with some techniques but not others - so the difficulty can become really skewed if you don’t master the skillset. (Like for me, the second crab boss took me 465 tries before I cleared it the first time)

Real player with 33.5 hrs in game

Sayonara Umihara Kawase on Steam

The Van of Justice

The Van of Justice

The van of justice is an action, casual simulation game with a lot of physical objects. Experience systematic ragdoll systems, thrown and broken objects, which are not obvious to be found in other games.

“You get revenge, I build results.”

Police J comes to Kim, a student who was bullied at Turner High School in San Francisco, USA in 2005. J offers to give pocket money according to the value of the student’s arrest if he punishes and arrests the students who bullied Kim. Kim, who was bullied by all students, accepted the offer, and now Tooner High School has only to be avenged.

The way to realize justice

All students at Tooner High School are bullying Kim. Punish by throwing weapons or physical objects. Revenge if you make eye contact while walking around the hallway. Punish even if the breathing sound is loud. Even if you’re ugly, punish them. Punish both the teachers and the principal. If you take them to J’s police van, J will pay an additional corresponding price. You don’t have to feel guilty. Everyone is bullying Kim, and you are just realizing justice. If you lost interest in repeated punishment, it’s not a bad idea to carry out additional quests provided by J. If enough money has been collected, the ultimate goal is to purchase nuclear weapons parts through Kim’s home PC, expel all personnel in the school, and blast and demolish buildings.

Slave of capital, student leaders

The counselors (LMCD), as known as student leaders, will punish you when you do something wrong. Openworld games always has this kind of group. However, protection on students is not their jurisdiction. they only work for teachers and themselves.

Is this a school or a subway entrance to hell?

There are many unique friends in this school. Kim is also a very unique case right now. Coco Brothers, who throw up bombs when they’re nervous, Jay and Jenny, a nuisance couple who always stick together at schools where dating is prohibited. Right, There are also a psychopath dancer rabbit Bunny and a 500kg giant Terence who destroys everything and everyone on his way.

The Van of Justice on Steam

Umihara Kawase Shun

Umihara Kawase Shun

The fairest Umihara game, the only one that normal people could beat without hours of practice, you can unlock permanent continues by finding new levels too.

Simple platforming gimmick, the bungie/grappling hook, that allows for alot of options and potential routes per level.

Umihara is heavier now.

She now has a snazzy jacket, though.

Less diversity of environment than the original, just as surreal though.

Boss fights are still shitty.

One of the best platformers ever made. Best in it’s series just because of higher QOL than it’s prequel.

Real player with 35.1 hrs in game

Umihara Kawase Shun is an amazing game and you won’t be disappointed. If only want to buy one of the games, then buy this one!

Umihara Kawase is a unique platformer with a grapple mechanic that feels and plays amazing. The OST is is nothing special but it is really nice and comfy.

Honestly there isn’t much I can say but just to get it! Umihara Kawase has become my favorite game series so much so, that by now I own it for most platforms that it released on!

Real player with 30.9 hrs in game

Umihara Kawase Shun on Steam



I liked the game challenges:

  1. Platforming on cubes.

  2. Precision challenge - ball usually moves through the cube’s center towards movement direction

but there are floating platforms and rotating cubes that will try to veer the ball off that easy path.

Use the stop ability if needed. Certain cubes will put you back on track.

The game starts with 9 balls and will give you 3 extra ball upon level completion.

I did not like the fact that game over screens mocked me with “advices” like

Git gud!

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

pretty cool stuff, it has balls, spheres, circles. There should be a fat guy skin for the ball to roll around with. fun game though

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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Agora™ is an upcoming single player physics FPS from K.O. Koala Entertainment™.

Set in the Parthenon training simulation, players will experience visceral physics-based challenges while they unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding their enlistment into the advanced technology corporation, Agora.

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