The Island of Dr. Yepstein

The Island of Dr. Yepstein

It is a cheap fps game on a small open map. Graphics are good for the price. Music is great. The text-to-speech voice over is awefull. All in all, i had a lot of fun. Nice game.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

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I can only recommend this game because it is $2. For $2 I got 3 playthroughs.

This game is heavily inspired by Far Cry and was made by on man named Ivan.

It’s a complete asset flip, but honest doesn’t play all that terrible.

I never had any bugs nor crashes.

This game just has you running around and capturing outposts/churches on a tropical island so you can activate 5G Towers. Then you have to deactivate a forcefield to get a helicopter (which handles terribly and makes it fun and scary) fly to an oil rig, and kill a single person on said oil rig. Game over.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

The Island of Dr. Yepstein on Steam



This game is awesome! In my opinion it has great music and plot that get you deeper into walkthrough all the story and mini games. This is the first self game of these developers so I don’t think that we have to judge them for graphics. It’s funny. I really can’t avoid the soundtrack and I have to say that it fits amazingly into the game. Great job guys! Also want to say that junction between chapters is nice idea. It tells us what character is thinking about.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

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Should you buy the game? Is it worth the money? Short answer is no (to both), however, I do think you should get it when it goes on sale (I got it for 1.70$ CAD on sale).

(message for the Devs at the bottom)

Let’s talk about the Pros:

  • The game honestly looks gorgeous, and for an indie game, pretty surprising.

  • All the animations look great, smooth, and pretty realistic.

  • Character models look pretty good and you do see some decent variety.

  • For the most part has a pretty immersive story and narrative.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

ASH OF WAR™ on Steam



If you like weird and odd games, this one may interest you… Supposedly you are the last person on the planet and you are to find something ( at this point I dont even know what Im looking for).. you end up walking all over the surface and you will see statues of dogs, humans, pianoes and boxes… lots and lots of boxes with an “energy” beam streaching skyward of different lengths. Inside the boxes are the “last words” of the individuals who placed them there…. texts from meaningless code to words of wisdom to nasty insults can be read from the boxes. As you travel across the surface the statues have a “sensor” that projects a minimovie into your mind, most of them are bizzare clips from the early years of movie making. You also are to go to a newer modern bunker type building to activate the unit and mark your presence with a hologram. Once done you set off to the next place… If you pay attention, you will notice a disturbance in the air, a dome can be seen via the shifting of the energy streams coming off the boxes, these domes are protected by “Air sharks”. The “weapon” they use is a wad of goo ( mucus?) to slow your movements to a crawl, your defence from the air sharks is a handfull of shit ( I kid you not) you throw the handfull of shit at the shark and it turns to smoke… The best method of handling the onslot of the sharks is to walk backwards and force thee sharks to follow you. Being in this position you can throw the shit with better accuracy. So, when the sharks attack, walk backwards and start slinging da poo… As I said, its a strange game, slow travel time and a bit of a challenge with the sharks. Oh yeah, almost forgot, when traveling up the face of steep cliffs, rapidly tap the spacebar while moving in the direction of choice, when done fast enuf you will float as if you are wearing a jet pack. for 99cents its an okay game… the real question is, do you want to tie up the disk space to play it?

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

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is truly the gem of 2019. This game is probably the greatest game to ever exist. This is not an exaggeration. ALFINA has really blown it out of the park with this one. It is truly a unique experience.


The player will have to shoulder the heavy burden of the only surviving person in the world who, in a fit of schizophrenic delirium, walks to places that hold memories of untimely people who left this world.

The story is excellent. It is written by the literary genius ILYA KOGIMBOVICH (sorry if I spelled it wrong) where it really questions one’s moral standing in a morally gray world. It is quite deep, philosophical and thought provoking, leaving us with some very important questions. I shall not spoil it for you in this review, you must experience it yourself to truly understand the masterpiece. However I must warn you, the story may not be understood by everyone. The writing is on the level of Rick and Morty, so you know for sure that the game is meant for the geniuses in our time.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game


Red Laser Z

Red Laser Z

An incredibly fun game, almost in its own genre.

Red Laser Z stars a bounty hunter of sorts, Janine Potts. Across 10 levels you’ll be introduced to what I can only call, a ‘precision retro shooter’. The feeling of all the models and gunplay is not dissimilar to that of say, Rise of the Triad. But that’s wrong, because every shot you make is a one hit kill for the enemy, if you hit the right target. Focusing on one aspect of shooting that’s not always covered, aiming, you’ll have to peak corners, hit weak spots, and most importantly: don’t hit the wrong targets. That’s right, if you hit certain objects or NPCs enough, game over, restart stage. It’s an incredibly addicting combo, and the creator (who’s just one guy) knows it. Tracking each shot, taking score, it’s possible not to miss a single shot in a level. I never could do it, but there’s a definite score-chasing arcady side to the game. There’s also traps and secrets you can find to increase said score, and they’re pretty hard to find. Good luck to anyone that tries.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Pretty fun, easy to pick up and play. Only gripe i have with it is how easy it is to accidentally destroy something, gotta be accurate.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Red Laser Z on Steam



Nice and challenging game. I suggest adding a menu access while in the game.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

I personally liked the game on its inspirations of Limbo, Inside, The Mist, & Silent Hill. I liked the puzzles, but the last two levels before the boss battle were quite long for a short game. I’m impressed to see that this game was made specifically by one person, & translated by another. I feel there might not be enough spawn checkpoints for the last two puzzles as having to run with such a big map takes a long time. The one extra checkpoint you get in the testing facility with the sentry guns is the elevator. When it comes to the tram level, it takes a very long time for the main tram to get to your character, but I felt the speed of the other trams was fair to solve the puzzle. This isn’t to say I didn’t like the vast set pieces. Seeing that on the bridge genuinely startled me. This proof of concept is well done & I genuinely want this developer to experiment more. P.S the ragdolling was hilarious & also some of the issues I had were fixed in some of the patches.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game


The Game We All Have To Play

The Game We All Have To Play

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The Game We All Have To Play is worth some time. The premise of the game revolves around rhyme. If you make it through once you can say you’ve won, but it’s up to you if you think you’re done. 6/10

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

The Game We All Have To Play on Steam

The Talos Principle VR

The Talos Principle VR

The game is not made for VR, but that is partially a good thing. Many games that are VR-exclusive are short and gimmicky; making up for their lack of content by “being VR”. This game is not like that. It stands on its own as a game, with the VR being a bonus added on top. The game doesn’t benefit greatly from being VR, but it doesn’t hurt either unless you are prone to “VR sickness”. If you like me are used to VR movement and have a VR headset, then I recommend getting it for VR, otherwise the pancake version might suit better. I also can’t guarantee that it runs well on all headsets. Personally, I had no major technical problems on my Rift CV1.

Real player with 67.8 hrs in game

After some slightly uninspired opening hours, this turned out to be pretty ace :)

To VR Or Not To VR?:

VR elevates a bunch of the existing qualities here. The hand-held devices, physics interactions, and ‘jungle gym’ puzzle solving put you right in the centre of the action. It makes for a fun mix of cerebral tinkering followed by active enacting. (And occasionally combines the two. There’s something to be said for soaring 20ft up on a column of air to get a bird’s eye view of the puzzle ;))

Real player with 34.7 hrs in game

The Talos Principle VR on Steam

in My MIND.

in My MIND.


Love this game and the message behind it ! Even if some levels were frustrating, I’m so pumped now to deal with my emotions in real life ! It won’t be that easy but as said in the description : “you might be able to face them in a much lighter mind in reality, too.”

It’s worth the price and I hope to see more other games from this editor/indie dev !

The only complain I’ve got is the lack of music. There is only one song but hey ! At least you can use Youtube and then listening to some epic music when battling your emotions !

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

i really liked this game. It explained a lot about certain mental disorders in a very interesting way. Despite it being a challenge to beat each level, it also made sense as to why. It’s a challenge to get past the certain problems. This game is it’s own sort of unique and really showed the developers really knew what they were doing.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

in My MIND. on Steam

Inquisitor’s Heart and Soul

Inquisitor’s Heart and Soul

Pros: interesting design, good cutscenes. Cons: these cutscenes cannot be skipped, it is not clear what the main character’s goal is

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

The idea is well thought out. There are several bugs related to the player’s respawn after death. I got to the second episode, but I can’t figure out what happens after the dialogue ends. The screen turns off and the game ends.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Inquisitor’s Heart and Soul on Steam

Playing God

Playing God

Didnt work htc vr vive. Waited a long time to see if it would launch over 10 minutes nothing ever happened. I restarted it waited 5 minutes a few times and gave up assumed it didn’t work on first release day.


1. The start up screen is on PC ONLY NOT THE HTC VIVE so can’t see it at all looks broke to HTC VIVE user like myself – WE DON"T HAVE PC SCREEN every game I launched it FROM INSIDE VR so I had been claiming the GAME was broken for first REVIEW since I waiting for a screen in VR that never would come because you have a PC DISPLAY only question to start in VR… This made me pissed off more than anything with game.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Playing God is a free VR experience, It worked on my HTC Vive system, looked ok, sounded ok, played ok, was understandable. Tried two runs with different decisions, and saw some different endings. One of those No Win Scenario tests. At the end, it gives you a breakdown of your decisions and the percentage of people choosing them.

Try this, if you like thoughtful experiences.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Playing God on Steam