Now don’t mistake my vote for a No as a recommendation speak for the game, I actually personally liked it but there is some problems to me that it got my vote and reasons for it which I’ll mention.

First off I’m gonna point out this game is as you can tell by clips on youtube or even trailer on steam that it’s a 2D side scroller runner, that’s good no problem. But the thing it doesn’t point out in trailer or store description that it’s an entire set route for each level. I unknowingly bought this game thinking I go through each level any direction I want to go to get to end, but for the most points and even money to buy tricks you have to always take the route that follows the points basically leaving me with idea it’s just a memorize learn it by heart to do it right kind of game instead of idea I had when I bought it. Enemy chaser is quite a skilled runner himself and he takes same path himself so if you diverge to explore the map that has more obstacles and that actually peaks your interest he will quickly catch up or even get ahead of you giving you game over and having to restart ALL way to the beginning which removes your intention of exploring the level and it gets repetetive and honetsly quite boring from going the same route over and over just to get all points and cash and to always keep ahead of guard just to even beat the level.

Real player with 19.8 hrs in game

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Teal Deer

  • Developers: Nekki GmbH

  • Publishers: Nekki GmbH

  • Initial release: Dec 2013

  • Genre: Runner, Action, Puzzle, Casual, Palette Cleanser

  • #Worth/NotWorth: #Worth

Exposition, Concurrence and Summation

Vector is a runner. It’s more puzzle and timing based than reaction speed. After the initial run that is; the opening cut-scene informs you of a world not dissimilar to a cyberpunk style “1984”. It’s essentially a 2D Mirror’s Edge.

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

Vector on Steam



The game still feels somewhat unfinished, but they actually fixed the combat so that it’s fun again. That, and the amazing mod support means that I can’t but recommend the game. It’s a bit pricey, but it offers some of the most satisfying melee combat ever seen in a game. Perhaps even more satisfying than Dark Souls or the like. Despite it’s tragic state after a ridiculously long development time, it’s a cult classic and one of my favorite games for a simple reason; The combat is so good. It’s my go-to I-wanna-clap-some-people-to-death-or-die-trying game. If you love melee action combat games like me, you can’t pass this game.

Real player with 27.2 hrs in game

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Amazing. I got this from Humble Monthly, installed it, and in one sitting completed the main story. Now it’s 3 in the morning and I’m writing a review. The main story is indeed 3 hours long, but it held my attention by being so fun to play and look at that it passed by way too fast! I haven’t gotten to try the other 2 stories yet, but I can say a few things about the game, and from now on, I’ll be referencing the main story.

The good:

  • Movement: it’s amazing. There’s so many ways to get around, it feels so fluid to get from place to place, and the best part: Moving around is FUN! If I can have fun just getting from place to place, it’s a game I’ll enjoy. I’ve seen a couple reviews saying that the movement doesn’t do what you want it to do, but I just don’t see that in this game. Everything is spot on. Whenever the character did something wrong, it was always my fault, not the game.

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

Overgrowth on Steam



ADOME is an emotional single-player first-person adventure that takes us to City of Light, a beautiful futuristic city covered by a dome prepared to withstand the extreme weather caused by climate change.

The city awaits the arrival of the seeds, 7-year-old boys and girls who will be educated and cared for by humanoid robots called instructors. Who also await the arrival of their seeds submerged in a dream.

Suddenly one of them wakes up … The instructor of Ark IB1 feels his seeds and comes out of that dream to carry out the work for which he is programmed.

But in doing so he discovers that something is not going as it should …

Adome gameplay core is based on a satisfying sense of rhythm, smoothness and total control combined with thoughtful and diverse progression.

We are working on an adventure with a solid rhythm on gameplay and story, in which you will enjoy moments of exploration, with smooth parkour movements, combined with frantic action, so each minute you are in the beautiful world of Adome you will feel part of the game.

You will perform parkour, and fight in incredible futuristic settings and beautiful natural environments while immersing yourself in a thrilling story that will catch you from the first minute.

ADOME transports us to the City of Light, a beautiful and spectacular futuristic automated city covered by a dome.

The City of Light was built to house the so-called seeds, but for a strange reason they are not there, and the City is inhabited only by robots with assigned routines that are responsible for keeping it in perfect condition.

Among those robots are the instructors, different from the rest. They are capable of feeling, learning, and thinking for themselves. And with one function: to educate and take care of the seeds, two for each instructor.

Unlike the other robots, the instructors are idle, as they come into operation when they detect one of their seeds. They wait for their arrival.

Unexpectedly, and after 17 years since the city closed its doors and isolated itself from the outside, one of them wakes up… The seed instructor of Ark B1.

IB1 is activated when it detects one of its seeds, the “Y Seed”. But in doing so, he discovers that he is the only instructor who has awakened and that neither “Y Seed” nor any other seed is found in the city… Although he feels a connection with it.

Through his dreams, he can see what she feels. Joy, sadness… Fear.

IB1 begins to ask himself questions, trying to understand what is happening. He will realize that the seed is in danger and that he will have to go on his quest to uncover the dark secret hidden behind the white walls of the city.

“Looking to the future… I discovered that we are children of a memory turned into dust… Supported by our ingenuity and destroyed by our human condition”.

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Adome on Steam

Aefen Fall

Aefen Fall


  • The game is buggy and glitches. A LOT! And the devs will not (be able to) fix it.

  • The game is short. I have no idea how you can spend 45 minutes in a playthrough as stated on the store page. Realistically it will take you around 30 for your first run with failing a lot of jumps and not knowing where to go. Subsequent runs should scratch on the speed run goal time of 15 minutes.

  • You can get Mirror’s Edge and its sequel on sale for the full price of this game. (At least in Euro.)

That being said, I still recommend it. The developers were pretty upfront about the state of the game, its shortcomings and their lack of support. It’s a student project by graduates. Would have been nice if they released it for free, sure, but the price is cheap enough to forgive the lack of polish and content, especially on sale.

Real player with 29.1 hrs in game

This game has a lot of pros and cons, but I still recommend at least on sale. But even at full price, it’s cheap, and has replay value, especially when the cons get addressed.


  • FANTASTIC visuals and art design!

  • Fun gameplay design, that allows opportunities to mix things up if you want to.

  • Many routes, for high replay value, and to challenge yourself with the fastest shortcuts.


  • MANY moments of bugs with clipping, getting stuck, and inputs not working very well.

  • VERY abrupt and unclear ending, though it was expected for a student project with a time limit.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Aefen Fall on Steam



Gameplay Video

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Dontdy on Steam



Unpolished platforming game with terrible graphics and not so good controls - 6/10

At first I was surprised at how much fun it was to jump through the first levels even though the graphics are pretty terrible (at least add graphics options to reduce the contrast etc.). Unfortunately it went downhill as I further progressed through the levels.

The controls are not precise enough and way too buggy, often times a jump does not register or you won’t be able to double jump.

The worst is the level design later on though, most of those levels are luck-based, especially the ones with the moving rocks in the lava, total RNG, that really gets annoying very quickly.

Real player with 6.1 hrs in game

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Stars received: 1.1/10 ___ Note: v.4 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

Game description key-points: hardly to say it’s a mix of 3D platformer and parkour

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

HotFloor on Steam

Urban Explorer

Urban Explorer

Urban Explorer is a first person perspective exploration game with parkour mechanics and horror elements. Explore abandoned buildings, top secret facilities and catacombs, as well as places still in use, such as engine rooms, elevator shafts and abandoned building floors.

You’ve got to stay on your toes and consider many dangers – collapsing floors and ceilings, chemicals and other hazardous substances, some not-so-welcoming inhabitants (that’s right – residents – sometimes downright scary – can still dwell in seemingly abandoned places), security or motion detection equipment.


stay true to the “take pictures only, leave only footprints behind” rule and capture photos and footage with heavily customizable cameras and drones.


use upgraded accessories to avoid security guards, anticipate the dangers, open locks and enter restricted areas.


before going on a mission, you’ll have to study intel available on the facility to get to know the threats that could await you. You’ll need this to equip yourself properly and get back safely.


you’ll often have to use your parkour abilities to avoid security or areas that, at first glance, seem inaccessible. Couple this with the appropriate equipment and there’s no place you can’t slip in!

If you love exploration, upgrading equipment and post-apo horror theme is your jam – you’ll find all of this in Urban Explorer.

Urban Explorer on Steam

Assassin’s Creed® Revelations

Assassin’s Creed® Revelations

This might be my favorite part of the Ezio trilogy, but thanks to several technical issues I seriously can’t recommend this right now, at least not for PC.

Even though Assassin’s Creed II had a better story and Brotherhood had pretty much the same combat system, I prefer this one over both of them, thanks to its more immersive atmosphere and fancier graphics. The story still lacks substance and coherency compared to Assassin’s Creed II, but honestly, pretty much any other Assassin’s Creed does so as well. While the game itself is not unplayable, the number of technical issues that came with it made it quite hard to actually enjoy it.

Real player with 75.0 hrs in game

Time to review what I consider to be one of the best ways to end an amazing trilogy off in a nice little bow.

To take into consideration:

This game was bought by me during the Ubisoft Weekend Sale whereby I got this game for €8.99. ($10.13 in USD and £6.64 in British Pound Sterling) When I intially bought the game, it was the Gold Edition meaning that in this review I will include The Lost Archive, Mediterranean Travel Map Pack and The Ancestors Character Pack.

Storyline condensed by me:

Real player with 63.5 hrs in game

Assassin's Creed® Revelations on Steam

Assassin’s Creed 2

Assassin’s Creed 2

Going through all the Assassin’s Creed games & have been loving this one!

Real player with 63.8 hrs in game

A bloody trip to 14th century Renaissance Italy.

A hugely improved sequel compared to the series first entry. Fantastic character introduction paired with interesting story development and a charismatic protagonist makes this game an instant classic.

If you’re looking for an interesting action-adventure game and don’t mind it’s age and clunky controls, this is the game for you.

Real player with 53.4 hrs in game

Assassin's Creed 2 on Steam

Ben and Ed

Ben and Ed

About the bugs:

Now that the game is almost a year old, Ben and Ed has gone through quite a few bug fixes in order to make it playable and enjoyable. As of now, I haven’t encountered a single problem in my most recent playthrough, which means that the developers have done a great job fixing all the minor bugs that still popped up every now and then. I have unlocked every single achievement during my playthrough, so I can confirm that all the achievement related bugs (Blockbuster) have been fixed aswell. Luckily, I have never experienced any visual or hardware related bugs, which means that I can’t confirm anything related to that subject.

Real player with 19.5 hrs in game

I can’t say I had a good time with this game. The clunky controls and terrible framerate make the game unpleasant almost all the way through. In terms of the levels and level design, at the end of almost every level, I found myself thinking something along the lines of “Meh, that was okay I guess,” only 2 or 3 times did I finish a level thinking “Wow, that was actually fun, can the next level be that fun please?” only to be met with a level that was below my already low expectations. Simply put, I’d say about 60% of levels were meh, 20% were good, and 20% were horrible.

Real player with 17.8 hrs in game

Ben and Ed on Steam