Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Taking a step forward deep into the chaotic endless black desert of insanity.

Max Payne 2 eventhough it stands on common ground it really has many differences from its predecessor.

Something that made the hard core fans of the first game not like it too much at first.

However for me Max Payne 2 really stands out of the library and into my golden list of masterpieces and on the throne with the rest of my most fav titles ever.

The game has obvious graphical advancements engine-wise, physics-wise, texture-wise and gameplay-wise.

Real player with 44.4 hrs in game

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I had several Problems with this game on Windows 10, but after some research, it runs fine on Windows 10.

1. Run in Compatibility mode (Windows XP)

2. Rename the install Folder to smth without spaces like: “MaxPayne2”

3. Then in your steamapps folder find appmanifest_12150 and edit the install dir line to match your renamed folder (you might have to close Steam to do this or restart Steam)

4. Disable Steam Overlay for this game

5. Make sure everything stays the same after Steam restart - sometimes Steam changes stuff back

Real player with 35.4 hrs in game

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne on Steam

Max Payne

Max Payne

I was never a big fan of shooter games… that is until Max Payne. A long time ago, I used to suck at this - so I chickened out of such games. This game changed that, probably because I got into the story and kept trying harder to get to the end. Still, the only two games of this nature that have interested me are Rainbow Six and Max Payne.

The “R” rating for this game needs to be taken extremely seriously. Although they show Max Payne (player) being holed up in an impossible situation (thus what he does can probably be viewed as ethical), he is required to get out of a violent battle between mafia groups and politicians. There are also a lot of drug and sex references in the game. Obviously, not a game for kids in my opinion. On the other hand, kids these days are not all that innocent - thanks internet, social media, and smartphones huh? So, I will say that a kid should be at least 15 or 16 years old to play this.

Real player with 33.1 hrs in game

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While I have greatly enjoyed beating this game multiple times throughout the years it is getting hard to recommend it now.

The main issue I have is I used three fixes to get the game to work and there was still no sound and got stuck on walls.

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

Max Payne on Steam

El Paso, Elsewhere

El Paso, Elsewhere

El Paso, Elsewhere is a supernatural neo-noir third-person shooter. Hunt werewolves, fallen angels, and other damned creatures in a vivid slow motion love letter to action classics. Fight your way through a reality-shifting motel, floor by bloody floor. Save the victims of Draculae, lord of the vampires. Destroy the villain you loved–even if it means dying yourself.

Somewhere in El Paso, Texas, a three-story motel gained another 46 stories… all below ground.

So, yeah.

This is going to get loud.


  • Original hip-hop soundtrack.

  • Molotov cocktails filled with holy blue flame.

  • A fully-voiced neo-noir story campaign set in a reality-shifting motel full of monsters.

  • Hordes of destructible physics objects; for shooting.

  • More slow-motion dives than you would think it is humanly possible to fit into a single video game.

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El Paso, Elsewhere on Steam

Dark Years

Dark Years

I’ve not finished this game yet but I bought it at 90% discount for 1,29 euro and 2 euros would be a fair price.

You will not get any professional production value except for the music and the pictures in the loading screen, but you will get a game where the making is all heart and the development seems to be driven by a single developer wanting to tell a story. I don’t know if the story in the game is any good yet, but the history about the 1953 Iranian coup d’état is something you should know about especially if you are in the West with knowledge about Iran only from your media.

Real player with 22.3 hrs in game

This game is bad, it is really bad. Even one of the worst games I’ve ever played. It is so laughingly bad at some moments that is is funny again. You have to watch the youtube walkthrough of “someguy” while playing through it, it is tooo funny :P. I would not recommend this game for it’s full price, only recommend getting it in a bundle veery cheap. And then only to see what bad games do exist. You shouldn’t take it to seriously, you should play it while laughing over the bad game design, story telling etc. If you are searching for a game which is funny and you can laugh while playing, take it. But it is not funny because it is trying to be funny, no it wants to be serious, but you can’t hold back and laugh. So if you want to have a experience with a reeeeally bad game which is again good because it is done sooo bad, take it watch the youtube video in which the gauy analyses the game which is veeery funny, almost like watching a comedy show ;) Hope I could help you with your decision of playing this game:D

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Dark Years on Steam

Monsters, Briefcase and Road

Monsters, Briefcase and Road

Brightness, colorfulness, stylish music and a bunch of enemies. All this is in Monsters, Briefcase and Road.

Join the journey of the main character, a multi-genie to different places in the world and fight against enemies that get in the way.

The game contains different locations made in 3d, such as:

Abandoned cities

Dark nooks

Bright areas of cities.

Also, the game has a wide variety of enemies, both in types of attacks and visually.

Monsters, Briefcase and Road on Steam

Prison 69

Prison 69

game’s poorly developed and completely killed my pc from the downloading phase. i rate it 0/1,000,000 stars

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Prison 69 on Steam

Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt

An open world stealth game with a whole city of secrets at your fingertips!

Shadows of Doubt is set in an alternate reality hyper-industrialized 1980s, where the government outsources police work to private corporations and contractors. You’re a private intelligence investigator, making money by finding and selling information.

The capture of the rampant serial killer carries a hefty bounty, but who knows what secrets you’ll find along the way: Play through the main story thread, or take on side missions to earn extra cash.

Total freedom

Explore anywhere in the city! Every nook of every trashy bar, every shady casino, every seedy hotel room. This dystopia is your oyster. Break into apartments, rifle through secret documents and hack security systems. It’s your call detective.

The world lives on with or without you

The entire world is fully simulated. Each citizen has an apartment, a job, a daily routine, favorite things to do, places to go, and people to interact with. They’ll live out their lives independently, and the world moves on with or without you— uncover this knowledge and use it to your advantage!


  • Every room in every building is able to be explored. Lose yourself in an incredibly detailed sci-fi/noir world.

  • Open-ended gameplay: How you achieve your objective is up to you. Choose where to go and who to pursue.

  • A Powerful blend of procedural generation and hand-crafted design will mean your city, it’s buildings, addresses and citizens can be completely unique to your game experience —but not feel random.

  • Follow the main story to hunt down a serial killer. It could be anyone, hiding anywhere…

  • Take on side missions for extra cash.

  • Dig into the lives of hundreds of simulated citizens to earn extra cash. Secrets are valuable, and everyone has them.

  • Lock-picking, hacking, sneaking, climbing. Level up your skills and become a master of stealth.

  • Earn enough to upgrade your own apartment and home office, or even purchase a new one.

  • Incredible film-noir soundtrack.

Shadows of Doubt on Steam

Shining Hotel: Lost in Nowhere

Shining Hotel: Lost in Nowhere

Since I’ve opted to thumb this game up, I should start this review with a highly emphatic disclaimer, namely:

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME AT FULL PRICE, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I bought it in a pack with another game for a smidgen under ten dollars, and it was still FAR TOO MUCH. This game is very, VERY short (twenty minutes, tops), and worth maybe two bucks at best. That said: I’ve never thumbed a game down purely on the basis of its price, and I’m not about to start here. You have, however, been warned. On with the review, then…

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

nice experience, good story.. but very bad gameplay!

what is horror to these developers? seriously, is this even scary?

it’s more than a walking simulator!

I’m ok with the game length that everybody’s complaining about, but it’s not horror at all

it doesn’t worth this amount of money..

I’m sorry, but this is the truth

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Shining Hotel: Lost in Nowhere on Steam




  • You Are The Agent - you belong to Steiger corporation, a privatised company employing hunters. You are participating in the Awant project - the first programme that uses servo-savants to remotely accomplish dangerous tasks.

  • Open World - more than 70% of the island is explorable: from docks and metro station recesses to individual flats inside buildings. Use various routes to reach and explore the location.

  • Autonomous City - you are not a hero, you’re a newcomer with a specific task, the city will take care of itself without you and go on regardless.

  • Unique and simple player interface - no excess on-screen information, all actions are accessible with a few keys.

  • Personal Microcomputer - translate, discover, gain valuable information and start conversations with every character you meet.

  • Reputation System - be good or bad, make enemies or allies, every decision matters.

  • General Language SGA - learn the famous Standard Galactic Alphabet or use your microcomputer to translate visually in real-time.

  • World Randomization - thanks to the total randomization of the main mission setup the gameplay is different every time.

  • Think Like A Detective - look for clues and analyse them to solve cases.

  • Learn Electronics - learn the basics of logic systems by hacking, disabling door locks as well as computers or find alternative solutions to gain access.

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence - characters have their acquaintances, locations where they belong and their personal goals that don’t have to correlate with yours.

  • The Real Real-time - schedule and meet your informants at appropriate places and times. Follow characters in the world and analyse their activities. Your simulation goes on regardless whether you are in it or not.

  • Almost Permadeath - if you leave the simulation in a dangerous location and your reputation isn’t in a good state there is a possibility you will die even when you are not playing - however, you always have the opportunity to escape and survive.

  • Limited Time - your servo-savant has a limited lifecycle. After the expiration point it will start decomposing and eventually end the game session.

  • Extensive Communication & Transportation - walk, use the metro or your autonomous vehicle to reach locations.

  • Define The Simulation - it is you who decides what you experience in the simulation. Accomplish main mission, random ones or neither. Eliminate anything that moves or hack and explore the world.


Synther is an FPP simulation game with adventure-like, detective elements set in a futuristic, open world. The game is innovative and reminiscent of early 3D games and DOS applications.

The game is set in a city located on a remote island and the year is 2050. The players get a chance to step in the shoes of Agent from Steiger Corporation, explore vast areas, crime scenes and gather intel, that reveals even more mysteries surrounding the city and its inhabitants. The police, paramilitary groups, gangs, fractions, large corporations - they can all stand in your way or can be helpful during, what can be the most demanding assignment of Your Agent career.

Synther has been in development since 2013, and is highly inspired bymovies like Blade Runner, anime like Ghost In The Shell and games like Deus Ex, B.A.T., and Syndicate from the ’90s.

Synther on Steam

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets

Mean Streets is an open world game set in the far off future of 2033 complete with flying cars that have wireless fax machines, imagine that! You take on the role of detective Tex Murphy to solve the mysterious death of a University professor. Next time you see that someone wants a GTA style open world game, tip your fedora, saying you want a real open world game Tex Murphy style. This is vintage gaming at its best, the game comes with a manual, where the manual for the first time ever in the history of me gaming on steam is required.

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

That game was made before I was born and yet it still entertain me. It’s amazing how much fun can be packed in that 30MB. I must admit that graphics hurts my eyes comparing to modern games but this game really makes up for that with gameplay.

Lots of locations which You can visit in open-world manner, roaming West Coast in a flight simulator. Every location come with map to search for clues and evidence or memorable and distinctive character. Some of them will cooperate. And some won’t.

Also, I’ve really liked that I had to write my questions. Nothing was given to me on the silver plate. It gives lots of satisfaction when all of the clues start to make sense. And if You find Yourself stuck, after looking everywhere and asking everyone (and believe me, You are wrong if You think so) You may always ask Your informator. For a price of course.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets on Steam