Warning: This game is seriously addictive.

The puzzle system isn’t the easiest thing to understand, but once you get the hang of it, watch the hours fly by. Choose your favourite weapon types and how you want to use them, mixing and matching in any way you like, whilst hunting down those addictive little objectives and blasting through each day.

The art style is bright, vibrant and interesting if not a little crazy and whilst I can’t say I’m a fan of all of the music tracks, I do find myself humming along with a few of them. The bosses and enemy types are interesting with little changes to their overall themeing as you get further into the game.

Real player with 14.0 hrs in game

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This game is underappreciated in my opinion. It’s a cool mix of tower defense and puzzler that pushes the boundaries of tower defense by reducing the scale. There are so many mechanics and details that encourage tactics instead of the usual strategy. There are some quality of life issues, but it’s nothing too bad. I’d recommend watching my full review on youtube to get longer analysis.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

Gunhouse on Steam

The Exaggerated Epoch of Edward O’Hare

The Exaggerated Epoch of Edward O’Hare

Very fun little game :)

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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I enjoyed this game though I was unable to pick up all of the red rings for some odd reason and I got to a point where I didnt know where to go, it was cute though, just difficult to control but that’s just me, I’m not a real gamer haha.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

The Exaggerated Epoch of Edward O'Hare on Steam

Deadhaus Sonata

Deadhaus Sonata

Deadhaus Sonata is a Narrative Driven Action RPG where you play the Undead fighting the living. An unstoppable force from Deadhaus, you are a monster among men, dealing death and destruction on a massive scale. From the Creator of Legacy of Kain and Eternal Darkness.

Play the Dead - Play as Vampires, Ghouls, Revenants, Liches, Wights, Banshees, and Wraiths, Deadhaus Sonata focuses on asymmetric gameplay as you explore the grim world of Malorum.

Fast Paced Combat - Tear through hordes of enemies in visceral combat, through magick, melee, and terrifyingly gruesome attacks.

Endless loot - Collect unlimited amounts of distinct and unique weapons, armor, and artifacts. Use this loot to customize your character in a variety of ways and shape how your character fits into the complex political system of the realm.

Take Initiative - You make choices that have a lasting, maybe even permanent, affect on your character, and potentially on the world at large.

Community Driven Content - Create characters, levels, quests, and more using various creation tools that will be introduced into the Deadhaus world.

6 Player Co-op - Play with up to 6 people and assist each other in wreaking havoc on the living.

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Deadhaus Sonata on Steam

Kamile: The Fall

Kamile: The Fall

The basic premise of the game is that of your character being bullied by AI-based organization. You are sent in to a mysterious location to question the experts of the organization and acquire as much information as possible for the sake of your own rescue mission. But you soon find out that you are trapped and your mission is now to escape. Kamile VR is short but highly recommended. I would make more interactions in the kitchen area.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

Platform: Valve Index (tested)

Playtime is short but you don’t need more. It’s like a short movie - the narrative is full of information, 20 minutes ir enough. If you wanna more, you can go back and explore more props, listem to audio diaries, etc. I would recommend to make selectin of minchapters in menu. Great story. A catchy soundtrack and excellent art style will ensure you feel like Bladerunneresque era.

Real player with 10.2 hrs in game

Kamile: The Fall on Steam

Cradle of Links

loved it mate cheers keep it coming my friend

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Experienced on the Oculus Quest 2

You can view my review & gameplay here:

This is a story-driven shooter set in Victorian England. Some plague is happening and the city is quarantined. It’s a real cheap price for only $6 USD, but there is a reason for that. It’s in Early Access and well, it’s very unpolished.

I would have loved to have done a full review for this game. Unfortunately, I ran into too many bugs. My whole experience ended when I encountered a game-breaking bug that stopped my progress about 20 minutes into the game. I tried picking up a book to place it in the correct order, but the book would disappear. There’s no inventory system. I tried seeing if the book would spawn back when I clicked on the place to place the book, but nothing happened. You need to place the books to get a key to open a door to be able to progress.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Cradle of Links on Steam

Entropic Decay

Entropic Decay

“The definition of entropic is having a tendency to change from a state of a state of disorder…"

Entropic Decay is a lovingly crafted linear first person shooter driven by narrative, puzzles, combat arenas, and horror sequences. It takes inspiration from Valve’s games, with its use of environmental story telling and pacing between enemy encounters, striking a balance between combat and atmosphere. Think the atmosphere of a slow-burn horror inspired walking simulator fused with movement and combat options of a shooter…

Some time in the future, a signal is detected carrying a small meteor. The signal is tracked, and the crash site investigated on impact. A mineral is found. Astrobioligist’s are amazed to find a living pathogen inside the mineral. The pathogen is extracted and experimented on, the findings indicate agressive cell growth when in contact with other organisms….dead or alive. Rapid cell mutation causes a rabies like disease. Anything infected with the pathogen becomes a hive-minded aggressor to everything not infected like itself. The pathogen spreads and envelopes the world. Turning civilisation into an overgrown, decaying husk of a contorted take on the nature we know. The decay and despair is juxtaposed with beauty, as plant life flourishes due to the pathogens effect on cell growth, and everything man made returns to nature, but rises again with a twisted skew. The last bastion of humanity are elitist’s, deploying the military to kill anyone on sight who aren’t in uniform. Military death squads roam in packs, taking orders for food and protection from the pathogen, while trading their humanity.

You awaken in a facility, fumbling for hazy memories of before the place you find yourself in. Journey through a world foreign to all but the mutated, and find a place free from decay and entropy at any cost…

Cunning, reactive A.I - The soldiers in Entropic Decay don’t mess around. They react to grenades, can hear you, take cover, flee, and throw their own grenades. The mutated work in packs, can hear you running and will roam the area you were last seen. The military will shoot the mutated on sight, but taking them down is no easy task, even for the well trained.

A variety of mutated to fight against - Currently there are over ten different mutated to contend with. Ranging from agile spider mutants and dogs, to hulking tanks weilding lead pipes.

Puzzles to break up combat sequences - Puzzles and narrative pieces are used to keep the player engaged to avoid simply being one type of genre and keep things fresh and dynamic.

Physics interaction - Interact with the world with physics puzzles, and deceive enemies by throwing objects or craft a devious trap by arranging explosives in your environment to detonate on an unsuspecting foe.

Stealth, A.I and how they interact - Distract your foes by throwing an object or bring them closer to setup an ambush with a whistle, or simply sneak by and avoid combat all together. Use your wits and the environment and the A.I will respond allowing emergent gameplay and tactical options.

Narrative driven gameplay - The story will be told through the environment with the player merely an observer of things outside it’s control. Find notes, audio logs, and data entries to piece together the collapse of society and the scientific ambition that caused it.

Entropic Decay on Steam

Epistory - Typing Chronicles

Epistory - Typing Chronicles


I knew about Epistory before it was put in Early Access because Pedago-tic ASBL (I work there) happened to be among those who organized a game jam in Belgium, with Fishing Cactus. So, I heard about Epistory at that time and waited for the release.

Unfortunately, real life got in the way and I only bought the game during the last Winter Sales. I’m testing it now and writing a review.

Epistory is a game where you’re a young girl on a giant fox, without memories, until she realizes that something bad will happen and that she will be the one that will restore the world around her.

Real player with 47.7 hrs in game

Epistory - Typing Chronicles is the gamer’s dream program for practicing touch typing or for improving typing in general. The game does not teach from the ground up, so this is not to teach the player how to type, but it certainly does a good job in keeping the player typing when playing.

This is a RPG game in a typing format. The background story is that a fictional writer is having some writer’s block, and you are her muse. You control the young girl riding a red fox and traverse the world to help the writer find her inspiration. As you move around, lines from the writer show up. Sometimes she write something good, sometimes bad. Sometimes she questions herself, and it all gets imprinted onto the world that you are walking around in. You help out the writer by collecting fragments and inspiration points.

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

Epistory - Typing Chronicles on Steam

Space Boat

Space Boat

Space Boat on Steam

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Taking a step forward deep into the chaotic endless black desert of insanity.

Max Payne 2 eventhough it stands on common ground it really has many differences from its predecessor.

Something that made the hard core fans of the first game not like it too much at first.

However for me Max Payne 2 really stands out of the library and into my golden list of masterpieces and on the throne with the rest of my most fav titles ever.

The game has obvious graphical advancements engine-wise, physics-wise, texture-wise and gameplay-wise.

Real player with 44.4 hrs in game


I had several Problems with this game on Windows 10, but after some research, it runs fine on Windows 10.

1. Run in Compatibility mode (Windows XP)

2. Rename the install Folder to smth without spaces like: “MaxPayne2”

3. Then in your steamapps folder find appmanifest_12150 and edit the install dir line to match your renamed folder (you might have to close Steam to do this or restart Steam)

4. Disable Steam Overlay for this game

5. Make sure everything stays the same after Steam restart - sometimes Steam changes stuff back

Real player with 35.4 hrs in game

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne on Steam

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

I’m a long time gamer and someone who has seen pretty much everything when it comes to RPGs so imagine my surprise when I found something that offers a unique gaming experience! While this is an RPG, it’s also in a category of its own in terms of mechanics and that’s hard to do in this day and age.

Whether you’re blind or sighted the game has a lot to offer, it tests your ability to perceive the world through sound alone (use a headset!) Your success of failure depends on your ability to recognise the direction and distance of different sounds and respond accordingly.

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

This is a very unique title and I will start this review by applauding the concept!

If more games like this gets developed and expanded upon, I’ll be slightly less panicked by the thought of loosing my sight one day..

But I think there are things to improve on:

I feel like the difficulty is too low at first; those super slow charge-up roars, like every enemy is doing a Frostie’s commercial, it felt almost condescending. Of course, later on, when a thousand things are happening at once, they’re a welcome variety, but I feel like they should learn pretty quickly to not use such an over-telegraphed attack? But maybe that’s just a necessary narrative compromise for the game to exist, like the fact that we’re never attacked from behind…

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown on Steam