Apotheon is a 2D game about Greek mythology. Apotheon means “exalted to the state of godhood.” The Ancient Greek gods that we know from Greek mythology and their powers are on display in this game. The storytelling feels quite accurate and would make anyone with knowledge of Greek mythology feel welcome to play this game from the beginning.

The protagonist is Nikandreos. Nikandreos means “victory of a man.” Combine Apotheon with Nikandreos and you can imagine what direction the story of this game will be taking. As Nikandreos you will traverse the map ascending to Mount Olympus and be asked to topple Zeus, the father of the gods. The art direction is quite impressive for a 2D game, which includes patterns, shapes, and figures known to be found on Greek pottery. There are diverse weapons and armor that appropriately reflect Ancient Greece. The weapons and armor tend to wear out from use, so you must find or buy new weapons and armor. This is when marketplaces such as Agora and Acropolis come into play. Agora and Acropolis are marketplaces that include weapon merchants, armor merchants, and black market merchants are selling their items. Black market merchants sell the rare weapons, weapons you will find that have unique properties.

Real player with 47.6 hrs in game

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As a casual player I liked this game a lot: A God-of-War-like plot, classic platforming, a great variety of arms and enemies (though I hated all dog-like creatures, as I do in every game) and nearly everything of your heart’s desire (if you’re into platformers) apart from platforming challenges (as you can find them e.g. in Ori and the Blind Forest) make it really a great game. What I probably liked best was that every bossfight had its very own gimmick, so you don’t just hit and roll and rinse and repeat all over hoping you can finally kill the boss and then do the same thing all over again with the next one, no, the devs have been really creative in designing customized bossfights (Yet Poseidon is a tough nut to crack and also the pre-final fight against Zeus packs a punch, but all the others are less difficult. Personally I liked best the fight for the Aegis of Athena, since in my eyes it’s the most creative one and the reward one of the most useful in the entire game). Also the difficulty level is absolutely acceptable: It’s neither too hard nor too easy, even on Olympian difficulty it absolutely remains playable and does not even become as difficult as e.g. Salt and Sanctuary ordinarily is. All in all a fantastic game.

Real player with 45.1 hrs in game

Apotheon on Steam



Awesome story catches your attention and very quickly you get to that point where you “must know what is next”.

Graphics and effects are really nice especially in combination with nice range of different attack moves.

Before you jump into game pay attention when playing tutorial, for some people lot of keyboard/game options may be too much.

I’m looking forward to see next episode of this game and how story will go on!

Thumbs up for this project 3

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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Beside of interesting and challenging side scroller, this game is a pure showcase of enthusiasm, hard work and effort. Well done One Life Games!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Berserker on Steam

Earth Guard: Egypt

Earth Guard: Egypt

‘Earth Guard: Egypt’ is a very basic archery style game that sees you armed with a bow and arrow trying to stop waves of enemies who are trying to break into your village. There is only one way in, so that makes things easier, but the enemies (of which there are a handful of different ones) run (and I mean a super-fast sprint) towards that door. The only way you will last more than a few seconds in this game is to spam the bow and arrows, literally just pulling the trigger over and over without pulling back. OK, so there is only one level in this game, but it is free after all and if the enemies can be slowed down quite a lot this could be a fun little download. There is no scoreboard sadly and no end tally, so you have to guess what score you got, but these are small issues that could easily be fixed.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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Earth Guard: Egypt is a free to play VR game that did not work. It ran on my HTC Vive system, looked bad, sounded ok, played Nope. Had No VR controls. Had only grabbing of a ball in a pot that you can throw and it exploded. The start and Quit menu button was off in the distance, ball hits didn’t work them either.

Do not bother to download this, unless you are going to review this turkey.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Earth Guard: Egypt on Steam



Babylon is to be destroyed

Ilum is an open-world game that includes elements of exploration, action and city destruction. Taking place in ancient Babylon and the surrounding region, including cities like Borsippa, Sippar, Kutha and Kish, among others. The year is 539 BC, the time when the Babylonian empire feel to the Persians and its Jewish captives released from servitude after 70 years. As prophesied, Babylon is to be destroyed. Ilum accurately depicts archaeological findings and cuneiform inscriptions from buildings such as the Tower of Babel, Hanging Gardens and Nebuchadnezzar’s palaces. Voice-acted in Akkadian language in a Biblical and Babylonian mythological background.

Key Features

  • All Buildings Furnished - Every single house, building, palace, temple and ziggurat in the game contain characters, furniture and you can get inside. They are thousands!

  • All Objects Destructible - All objects in the game are independent from each other and can be destroyed for releasing points. From a small water cup on a table inside a house to the biggest temple standing in the city!

  • All characters playable - There are thousands of characters walking around the streets of the cities and inside the houses, from 20 different social classes. You can control any of them if you manage to convert them!

  • 100 quests - These are linear quests that unlocks the game progress. Reach the indicated checkpoints and accomplish the quest to be able to proceed further in the game. As you travel, you will be exploring the beautiful scenery in a 224 km2 map!

  • 20 idol gods bosses - Each character in the game has a patron idol god that you can battle with. If you destroy it, the character is then “converted” and you can play as him!

  • Learn Cuneiform Writing - Collect syllables and get the actual correspondent phonetic values exactly as they were in ancient times. If you have a good memory you can start writing in cuneiform. Its a lot of fun!

  • Ancient Music - Soundtrack includes Hurrian Hymn No. 6, the oldest playable musical score in History!

  • Change between 5 weather modes at any time - Weather modes will completely change game visuals, add special effects and affect objects look and feel. The weather modes are: Normal, Water, Air, Earth and Fire. Just have faith and you can change it!

  • Archaeologically accurate buildings - A lot of time was spent to match the actual foundations and visuals from buildings, palaces and temples, exactly as they were found in past archaeological works. When no evidence exists, an approximation was made according to existing patterns. See yourself what the ancients have seen thousands of years ago!

Ilum on Steam

Jotun: Valhalla Edition

Jotun: Valhalla Edition

Jotun is a game that suffers from a lack of direction. It’s a tremendously beautiful game (minus a few small quibbles), but doesn’t seem to understand if it wants to be an atmospheric exploration game, or a slow paced dark souls / shadows of the colossus style boss slayer. In trying to do both, it sort of fails in all angles. On the plus side, it is relatively short, so the downsides of the game don’t overshadow the nice bits too badly. I would say a roughly 5 hour game, depending on how much trouble you have with the bosses.

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game


Platform: PC Windows

Genre: Action/Exploration


Thunder Lotus Games first title Jotun, another positive outcome of a successful Kickstarter campaign, is an epic trot through a world of Norse mythology. It’s a top-down action exploration game that pits you against large foes and beautiful, yet treacherous landscapes. Jotun delivers challenging boss battles, but it also focuses heavily on building atmosphere and anticipation rather than throwing countless of enemies at the player. The considerable amount of downtime before these fights might put off some gamers, but if you’re able to absorb yourself in the world through its beautiful hand drawn visuals, powerful soundtrack, and epically cool voice-overs, you will also find the boss battle well worth the buildup. It might also make you want to read up on your Norse mythology knowledge.

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

Jotun: Valhalla Edition on Steam



Great Game! Collect Stones and Armor and use them in the correct combination to conquer your enemies. A lot of bugs for sure. Some that make it almost unbearable Such as logging in. It will on average of five attempts to get your char to it’s destination. First Log in fail, Server Fail, Char Fail, and Zone Fail twice. After that your are playing a online game solo. You might see a person but can’t talk except through Mail system. There are other chat channels set up but they are broken over 90% of the time. Than if you do get to group it will take allot of failures getting to the same zone. Also since the communication is horrid you tend to solo anyway. Worth it? To most….. maybe not. To me YES! The frustration of trying to get to a boss, (That may or may not be glitched) and taking him/her down solo sometimes feels impossible. So when you finally do the feeling is so rewarding! Sometimes that has to be enough for you, because you’re probably not going to get the loot you want. Also when you get it, you will already be able to take down the boss without it. Seriously though I do love the game. How can I love a game that seems so broken or perhaps is so broken? To be honest Mytheon has such a great concept I feel the developers were onto something fantastic with the logic of gameplay. The combination of stones, with armor, and class using the right tools for the job makes it so rewarding when you figure out the correct strategy for the boss/environment your are in. Yes there are broken stones you can use to kill almost every enemy but even then you have to still use the right timing and armor. Also obtaining the stones and armor is a feat in itself. You can challenge yourself or you can play with ease it’s up to how you want to play. Mytheon truly is a enjoyable game once you get passed the glitches. I would love to see a remake or a new game with advancements of their concept. Until then, I have enjoyed Mytheon and will continue to as long as it is out.

Real player with 960.5 hrs in game

I played Mytheon back when it was released in the Beta format around 5-6 years ago and I loved it. Despite my horrid internet connection back then I found myself pouring hours and hours into the mythical world this game presented to me and now, 5 years down the line I was beyond ecstatic to see that the game was getting a re-release on Steam and bought it as soon as I was able.

Delving back into the game after all this time I was hit by a wave of nostalgia when I was presented with an interface I’d spent so much time interacting with all those years ago and despite the janky gameplay style, I couldn’t have been happier; it was exactly how I remembered it. The stone system is a unique gameplay aspect that I’ve never seen replicated in any other game and it’s this aspect that I think gives this game its charm.

Real player with 113.8 hrs in game

Mytheon on Steam

Rise of the Argonauts

Rise of the Argonauts

Rise of the Argonauts is a game that gets very little notice today. You play as Jason of Iolcus, king of ancient myth, whose wife Alceme is murdered by nefarious assassins. Instead of accepting her death, Jason sets out upon a journey across Greece in search of the one artifact that is reputedly able to reverse death: the Golden Fleece. Unique setting, fair graphics (Unreal 3), average voice-acting, good combat, and a fabulous soundtrack make this a niche classic.

After the death of Alceme at the beginning, Jason must venture to several places, looking for clues to the location of the Golden Fleece. Three of these locations – Mycenae, Kythra, and Saria - can be visited in any order, so there is the possibility to take different squad-mates with you depending on where you visit first (you can take two for a party size of three). After everyone has been gathered, you have the location of the Golden Fleece, and proceed linearly to the end of the game. The areas and levels themselves are large, but not very open. Not that there would have been anything gained by a sandbox design; but the levels generally feel narrow and restricted, save for the wide open arenas where the fighting occurs.

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

It is an interesting take on the Greek myths and an excellent action-rpg. It doesn’t retell the stories of the characters we know from the Greek myths, but instead weaves a new tale that showcases those legends. It’s very much the Greek Mythos version of Jade Empire.

You begin the game as King Jason of Iolcus. He sails the seas on the Argo, a large mechanical ship, and in the course of adventuring acquires new party and crew members (the Argonauts of the title). Be aware: the first 20-30 mins of the game is pretty bad, but once you speak to the gods, gain their boons and get to the Argo, the game gets progressively better.

Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

Rise of the Argonauts on Steam




Theseus is the latest game from indie developer, Forge Reply srl, and the developer’s first foray into VR.

You play the titular character, waking injured and with no idea of where you are, or why, in a strange realm of bloody waters and floating rubble. You limp towards a door through which a bright white light shines and find yourself in a strange, decaying labyrinth.

After wandering aimlessly for some time you discover the faint spirit of Ariadne, a woman who explains your situation. You are Theseus, trapped, like her, in the labyrinth by the minotaur, Asterion. Asterion was once the guardian of the place, but was corrupted, becoming evil. As the darkness infused him he became blind, but his other senses have been honed and he seeks you. Your only way to freedom is to reach the bright light at the centre of the labyrinth, where Ariadne is held captive.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

The resolution is too low (to all Devs: let US the gamer decide how much SS (supersampling) we want!!! goddamn…), textures are mostly low quality/resolution and to the end there were some weird, minor audio issues, BUT: I actually kinda dig this game!

Combat is quite fun (not terribly hard though), third person is done exceptionally well and fit right in “VR” and the music is top notch!

Quite suspenseful at times which goes well with this more dark version of Chronos (which is by far the better, more polished game).

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Theseus on Steam

Fight of Gods

Fight of Gods

First and foremost, lets get the controversy/rough waters, if you will out of the way

As a Catholic Christian (with nothing against anyone who has any other religious background or even if a person doesnt have a religious background) this game doesn’t offend me. Why? the reason is as follows

From my prespective being a Catholic Christian, this game potrays Jesus in an accurate,proper, and non-mocking way, unlike Mugen for example, which can potentially put Jesus into fights against characters from shows or games, which can be thought of as poor taste

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

I bought this game as a joke. While me and a mate were joking around. We thought it would be fun for one hour max.

One of those cheesy indie games that you have a laugh at with a few drinks.

Turns out despite some horrific things, this game has great potential. The combo system is legit. And besides netcode thats the most important thing for a fighter. Its a hassle to get your fightstick to work on it, but after some tinkering with big picture mode on steam it can work. (same for a controller)

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Fight of Gods on Steam

God of War

God of War

Enter the Norse realm

His vengeance against the Gods of Olympus years behind him, Kratos now lives as a man in the realm of Norse Gods and monsters. It is in this harsh, unforgiving world that he must fight to survive… and teach his son to do the same.

Grasp a second chance

Kratos is a father again. As mentor and protector to Atreus, a son determined to earn his respect, he is forced to deal with and control the rage that has long defined him while out in a very dangerous world with his son.

Journey to a dark, elemental world of fearsome creatures

From the marble and columns of ornate Olympus to the gritty forests, mountains and caves of pre-Viking Norse lore, this is a distinctly new realm with its own pantheon of creatures, monsters and gods.

Engage in visceral, physical combat

With an over the shoulder camera that brings the player closer to the action than ever before, fights in God of War™ mirror the pantheon of Norse creatures Kratos will face: grand, gritty and grueling. A new main weapon and new abilities retain the defining spirit of the God of War series while presenting a vision of conflict that forges new ground in the genre.


High Fidelity Graphics

Striking visuals enhanced on PC. Enjoy true 4K resolution, on supported devices, [MU1] with unlocked framerates for peak performance. Dial in your settings via a wide range of graphical presets and options including higher resolution shadows, improved screen space reflections, the addition of GTAO and SSDO, and much more.

NVIDIA® DLSS and Reflex Support

Quality meets performance. Harness the AI power of NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) to boost frame rates and generate beautiful, sharp images on select Nvidia GPUs. Utilize NVIDIA Reflex low latency technology allowing you to react quicker and hit harder combos with the responsive gameplay you crave on GeForce GPUs.

Controls Customization

Play your way. With support for the DUALSHOCK®4 and DUALSENSE® wireless controllers, a wide range of other gamepads, and fully customizable bindings for mouse and keyboard, you have the power to fine-tune every action to match your playstyle.

Ultra-wide Support

Immerse yourself like never before. Journey through the Norse realms taking in breathtaking vistas in panoramic widescreen. With 21:9 ultra-widescreen support, God of War™ presents a cinema quality experience that further expands the original seamless theatrical vision.

God of War on Steam