Music Killer

Music Killer

After Audiosurf made revolution in rhythm genre by letting us turn our personal MP3 files into custom racing levels, we’ve got all sorts of things with similar concept. It’s kinda fun, but, even though Audiosurf had a lot of space to improve, nobody ever tried to seriously compete with it. I mean, we’ve got quite a lot of rhythm racing games. We’ve got Music Racer, we’ve got Rhythmic Retro Racer, we’ve got Rhythm Race and so on. But those were just quick ways to make money. None of those ever tried to compete with Audiosurf for real. While games that actually tried to deliver something real? They just went for the other sub-genres.

Real player with 32.9 hrs in game

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When I first got this game I was really hyped because it was brought to us by the same people who made Music Racer, which already was a fantastic game. The graphics, game play, and the overall beat recognition was amazing and also trippy AF.

The problem I first had with the game was that it wouldn’t play YouTube songs, nor would it even play my own audio files. So that made me really disappointed. I read reviews that other people had posted about the game and they all seemed to have the exact same issue. A lot of people were saying that the developer stopped working on the game. At this point in time I believed them and I haven’t touched the game since.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Music Killer on Steam

Don’t Hate My Music Taste

Don’t Hate My Music Taste

The idea is brilliant, you can do many different interesting map. Would be cool if there were more maps.


1. Seems like different maps react differently, i think it wouldn’t be bad if we could regulate this in the settings.

2. I think the UI elements need to be a bit smaller

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

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I would absolutely love to rate this higher, I really would. A game that adapts to your music taste? The concept is brilliant. From the recent updates I can see how much work is being put into this. However.

So far neither I nor the only other person posting about the game currently can get our song choices to work (see community hub) and I hate the combat system. You have virtually no health, it is very difficult to aim and bots have significantly better stats and abilities than you do. I swear I cannot outrun any of the dragon npcs, and a “yellow shooter man” went prone beneath my feet and shot me from the ankles. Which is interesting, because I do not think your character can even crouch.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Don't Hate My Music Taste on Steam

Klang 2

Klang 2

Playing this game for 59 hours, I definitely can say I adore this game. Being the first person to review this game (probably), along with getting the first two PFC’s on 60hz on two of the hardest songs in the game on fast mode (in beta release), the gameplay is insanely addicting and the music is a real banger.

The gameplay is incredibly simple with only swipes, taps, and holds, but has a fairly deep and challenging execution, especially on keyboard and mouse. Fast mode accentuates this even more, with tight timings and fast-approaching notes.

Real player with 68.6 hrs in game

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[Won a beta key in a wishlist milestone giveaway, did some pre-launch testing.]

I have been waiting for this game to come out for five years, and did it meet my expectations?

holy fuck yes it did

Klang 1 held a very special place in my heart for mostly sentimental reasons, along with it feeling like a one of a kind experience. I have no idea how to properly express how that game makes me feel, but it was incredible. However, it lacks polish; a playthrough without encountering any bugs whatsoever is probably impossible.

Real player with 48.5 hrs in game

Klang 2 on Steam

Mayhem Above

Mayhem Above

Interesting game - I enjoyed it for the small amount of time I played it. The achievements sorta give you a realistic set of goals when playing, as sometimes you’re only goal is a higher score.

Although fair warning, the “Friend or Foe” achievement will require another player who’s using a controller - If you haven’t got that, download an emulator. Worked for me!

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

EDIT : Changing my review to recommended, as the dev is active and already fixed a few problems. That’s a “cautious recommendation” though, and for people who enjoy playing with their music.

It could be a good game, but :

  • 3 crashes in not even 2 hours = FIXED after first update it seems

  • unclear about how to score (or lose) points (case in point : on the same song, playing the same way, I made 400 points once, 8000 another time)

  • no remapping of keyboard inputs

  • relationship between music and level not quite apparent (to me)

Real player with 13.5 hrs in game

Mayhem Above on Steam

Beat Souls

Beat Souls

This game is super fun. Some of the early negative reviews got it wrong. TRY THE DEMO!

I do agree that Beat Souls isn’t a rhythm game. There are no judgement mechanics and the player’s input is separate from the music. The obstacles and collectibles of the stage match the music, the player’s input does not. This should be obvious from a quick glance at the gameplay trailer. Beat Souls is described as an “intense rhythm action game”, and that is a perfect description.

Most games that attempt to blend action game and music game fall short of my expectations (i.e. Thumper). Beat Souls is the first I’ve played that actually gets it right. The gameplay is solid and the rhythm elements aren’t extraneous. The game does a good job of easing players into the game by introducing new mechanics separately, and the gameplay doesn’t immediately fall apart once the difficulty increases.

Real player with 12.1 hrs in game

Beat Souls is definitely a very fun rhythm game with much to offer and will definitely help you get better as long as you practice both Normal and Hard Stages several times over, you’ll eventually be able to master what the game has to offer, but even when you think you’ve mastered it all, the Infinite Hell Mode will keep you coming back for more and really push your skills to the test!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this game for the cute and colorful graphics, characters, the catchy music, and the variety in stages that are offered to the player!

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

Beat Souls on Steam



For being an indie game, this is one of my favorite games of all time now. Every aspect from challenge to music was done exceptionally well and far exceeded my expectations. I for sure, reccomend this game. Solid 9.9/10. ‘Why is it not a 10?’ you may ask. I say, ‘When is a sequel or second game coming out for this?’. You did a good job on this game for it being your first, my favorite part has to be the soundtrack and I will continue listening to it ten years from now, I guarantee it.

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

This game was amazing! The music also went beautifully along with the levels and each level had its own music piece. The first 4 levels ranged from easy to normal, 5 was hard, and level 6 was very hard! The style of the game was amazing, story wise theres pretty much none except for a few sentences. Everything worked fluently for me, the only issue I had was when you died and you had picked up a jump boost, you would still have that jump boost for however long it lasts and depending on where you respawned that boost could make it more difficult. Overall the game was very fun, short, but fun.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Evocation on Steam

Groove Coaster

Groove Coaster

I have never experienced lag with the controls that a lot of other reviews mention. Not sure if it’s based on certain hardware? I only played a few games on the arcade version, after playing this, and keyboard is much nicer for input, although the control scheme and lack of movement takes away from the intended experience a little bit.

The biggest con about this version is that it has apparently been abandoned after less than a year, which is a ridiculously short time for a game with so much content on other platforms as well as potential future content. Also, there is a LOT of content that was never added to this version but is freely available in other versions. If you’re looking for active support and updates from the developers, don’t buy unless it’s cheap. It does go on sale sometimes at least, although DLC is at most 20% off (some are never discounted), so even combined with the 20% off bundles you’re still putting out quite a bit to get all the songs. I feel the price per song is reasonable, though.

Real player with 220.1 hrs in game

NOTE: At the time of review, I have only played on a keyboard, and can therefore not speak on how it plays with a Groove Coaster controller.

Groove Coaster is a pretty neat rhythm game that has a surprising level of depth to it, but suffers from bad design choices and poor performance.

The game is very read-heavy in comparison to most VSRGs, which made it a very fresh experience for me as I’m predominantly a VSRG player. The read-heavy aspect comes from three factors, that the scrolling notes aren’t on a static plane, that input requirements are implied by different note shapes rather than note-location and the very flashy visualizers that come with every song.

Real player with 92.3 hrs in game

Groove Coaster on Steam

KickBeat Steam Edition

KickBeat Steam Edition

There are alot of gripes about this game, and alot of things that hold it back, but it’s important to understand what you’re getting into here.

First and foremost, I’ll start with the bad.

The game had alot of features cut. I’m sure the developers would have liked to add advanced track editing, more songs, more characters, more anything, really. It’s a game that aspired to be the best, and while it’s good, it fell short of staying in the spotlight due to the aforementioned issues.

The good:

Kickbeat features something that most rhythm games don’t have, especially among those that try to bend genres to include a wider audience (I’m looking at you, Audiosurf). At its heart, it’s a competitive game. It’s a hard game. It’s one of the few rhythm games out there that has a scoring system which means something. If you can six-star a song on master, you can post a video on Youtube, and and proceed to feel good about it. This isn’t a game that you zone out and play. At least not if you want to do well. At the same time, the game’s not impossible, nor is it inaccessible. It incorporates a few ideas, but it doesn’t make the gameplay awkward. It’s simple, but different, and in this case, it works. The developers made sure that this game ran well, and of course felt good to play. What it skimmed on with features, it more than made up for with a good core.

Real player with 108.7 hrs in game

An attempt at a rhythm game with an actually decent story, but ultimately the only thing that challenges the player is the gluttered screen and how the timing of the button presses switches between beat, vocalist phrasing, lead instruments or some other arbitrary instrument - that is if you’re playing the songs that come with the game, your own collection of music is a totally different and much more depressing story.

There’s a very limited amount of different combinations of button pressing sequences that the game throws at you - 1, 2 or three in a row, 1, 2 or 3 at a time and press & hold, possibly double tapping on some (pretty much required on master difficulty if you want to keep your combo going). There’s no stream of notes kind of things that I loved from DDR/ITG.

Real player with 54.7 hrs in game

KickBeat Steam Edition on Steam

Lofi Ping Pong

Lofi Ping Pong

Lo-Fi Ping Pong is a rythmic game, where you listening Lo-Fi music and beat your oppenent at the end of the song.

What really good in Lo-Fi Ping Pong, is the controls. It’s easy. You need 3 keys, which can be WAD, the arrow keys or using controller direction keys. Because of these choices, playing together in splitscreen is also easy, because you could play in one keyboard too. Simple and sweet!

Another thing which surprising good, is the story. Now, if you play the game, you won’t notice too much… except at the end, but the game has some more meaning symbols in the game, messages can tell also a lot about what is happening. It was quite a twist for me at the end, left me with a void for sure, even though it’s not an indepth something, it was still quite an impact.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Since I do enjoy listening to lo-fi, this title caught my attention, so I decided to purchase during the Steam Sale just to see what it was all about.

Well then, you take control of this girl and you play against other players wearing animal masks, something that immediately made me think about Hotline Miami (just checked the developer, and even though it has nothing to do with Dennaton, I’m pretty sure that they’ve got some influence out of it). i’m not really sure if there’s a story or not, but overall, the girl is dealing with some problems and playing ping-pong, while listening to some sick beats seems to be helping her somehow.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Lofi Ping Pong on Steam

Music Ball

Music Ball

The “MusicBall” game, fun music arcade game with many levels. Thanks to carefully selected music and addictive gameplay, the developers managed to achieve an incredible experience for the players!


Features of “MusicBall”

♫ The game is an arcade game where, while controlling the ball, you need to evade the blocks and play to the end of the level while the song is playing.

♫ The game features 3 worlds of 15 levels with their own unique visual style and gameplay. Each world has its own level boss. Can you get through them …?

Music Ball on Steam