Wrath Of The Violent Vicar - Interactive Film

Wrath Of The Violent Vicar - Interactive Film

A short interactive horror movie about religion - You are in charge of a murderous priest that kills people with his bible. Absolutely hilarious, and I loved the awesome soundtrack of this game.


Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

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The theme of religion has been flagging up for me as of late and I sure hope it’s not a sign from above… The only other similarly themed horror game that I’ve reviewed was Lucius but that was about inflicting pain being inspired by the Omen films. It would be fine, had it not Intersect with another sub-genre I had NO prior experience at all (ZILCH)- FMV games! Hold for shock… I have come across many on Steam, but not once did I see the appeal behind them- if I wanted to watch something…you know where I’m going with this!?

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Wrath Of The Violent Vicar - Interactive Film on Steam

Portal 2 - The Final Hours

Portal 2 - The Final Hours

I bought this game along with Portal and Portal 2. I read a little bit of it earlier but I really read a lot yesterday (I was on a plane, hence the low playtime,) and even finished it. Portal 2 - The Final Hours covers the development, release and post release of Portal 2 inside of Valve. If you like betas, like the Half-Life 2 beta, this is for you. I also reccomend checking out The Final Hours of Half-Life 2. Look it up online and there is a free version.

What makes this so different, though? For starters, it includes interactive content. The second picture (Destroy Aperture) is my favourite, as you can use the mouse to destroy some areas in Aperture Laboratories! There is also music that you can listen to, like the songs that inspired the soundtrack of Portal 2, and lots of pictures. There are chapters and polls even.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

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This is my very first interactive e-book. I’m a bit suspect to say anything regarding this e-book (since I’m a crazy lover of the Portal series - and of Valve, their brilliant creators), but I loved this SO MUCH! I was honestly expecting more of a screenshots/pictures showcase and a few gadgets here and there with a little bit of text, but reading about each team and each developer of this game and the problems they’ve faced in this journey was an amazing experience. I always admired Valve products, even before falling in deep love with Portal, and I knew making games as part of such a huge (and world-class famous) company was a tough task, but I REALLY underestimated how complex the process of game creation could be.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

Portal 2 - The Final Hours on Steam

Fast Action Hero

Fast Action Hero


PROS: great graphics

90s style virtual cop/lethal enforcer gameplay

satisfying kills

Great 3d bullets like slow mode max payne bullet time wizzing past yo face

easily worth 25+ on full release

CONS: Glitchy controls at times when switching weapons or moving to new cover

Hit detection may be off at times or bullets didn’t shoot where you aimed.

Movement feels better now

I have been complaining for months on why hasn’t anyone made an old school 90s shooter like arcade in VR yet, it seems like the most obvious platform to engage one in such a game. I mean those arcades would have actual guns to reload n stuff, they were trying to immerse you and we all crowded around them and still play them like that at newer arcades. So VR is like 10x better for that same feeling of kicking ass. Devs please add more destructive environments like with those awesome cars in motel level.maybe more animations even thou they are good like crawling to death or limping at you and still firing ya know the classic 90s deaths from old school shooter arcades. Some voices like “get that son of a bitch” or “Don;t let him escape!” cliche stuff like that never gets old in these awesome arcade shooters. Great Job and thanks for this treat.

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game

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These game have the potential to become a good title.

Probably these game is ispired by old action movies (like rambo, commando) of the age 80/90, cool concept!

dodge the bullets and destroy the ambient is so cool!

But I have some doubts about the locomotion system, you have only the posibility to move onto predefinite points into the level… I wont the possibility to move everywhere I wont… I feel these need mostly in the second map (hotel)

Now in the game we have only 3 weapons: a pistol, a submachine gun and the ak47, for these last one, is interesting how you can use two hands to control that (one hand for the trigger and the other hand to grip and aim a target).

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Fast Action Hero on Steam




  • art style

  • level design

  • boss fights


  • vehicle sequences


  • available weapons

  • crouch and sneak mechanic

  • environment interaction

Milanoir is a fun and fast pace shooting game. The story is simple and linear, recalling italian crime b-movies of the ’70s. You play as the bad guy Piero, a ruthless hired gun who gets framed after an assasination and seeks revenge after he’s set free with the help of his boss, finding that a lot has changed during his time in jail.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game

I bought this game immediately after the release, but I ragequitted in chapter 7 and haven’t played for more than a year. Now I finished the normal difficulty, and here are my final thoughts.

Graphic: 4/5 ; If you are a fun of pixelated games, you would love this game.

Music: 4/5 ; Catchy and fun to listen. I love it.

Plot: 2/5 ; Personally, not impressive. Whole story feels pretty weak and not that interesting.

Characters ; 2.5/5 ; While some characters have their own personalities, I felt there are many expendable characters in this game. Many characters popped out and soon disappeared, and nobody ever mentioned again. I like Piero and Africana though!

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

Milanoir on Steam

Night Of The Living Dead VR

Night Of The Living Dead VR

Experienced on the Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers

So this actually first came out on the Oculus Store and now it’s come to Steam. However, it’s odd that it came to Steam as an Oculus exlusive. It belies the purpose to come to Steam if it’s not available for HTC Vive, Valve Index, or WMR headsets. I honestly don’t understand it.

In any event, this app consists of three different things. There’s the recreation of the farmhouse set. There’s a horribly made wave shooter (probably one of the worst I have ever played). Finally, there’s the black & white film documentaries on Night Of The Living Dead.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

It’s A Really Cool Recreation Of the Classic Zombie Film, Though Has No Story At All And Is More Like Survival Horror. It would had been better if It had a story to it.. But instead you just shoot zombies for unlimited amount of time, which gets boring very quickly… Though Experiencing How the house looks is pretty cool… Just thought it could had been better, But really good for a free game! I recommend it if your testing a VR set

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Night Of The Living Dead VR on Steam

Trivia Vault: Movie Trivia

Trivia Vault: Movie Trivia

kind of very useless trivia game

Real player with 12.5 hrs in game

i found the whole trivia vault to be entertaining with its wide varity of challenging questions hours and hours of fun pick it up while its cheap.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Trivia Vault: Movie Trivia on Steam

Systematic Insanity

Systematic Insanity

This is not a game.

If you cannot speed read do NOT buy this!!!!

This is a basic “modern media” project that would be regularly seen in the late 1980’s to the early 2000’s as a “media arts” project requirement in North American universities.

That being said it is visually well done.


a) all interaction is disabled entirely except during “dating game” style dialogues.

this is a major issue since the speed of the dialogues is far to high so even a person like me that can absorb the entire LOTR + The Hobbit in under 25 hours of reading still misses nearly 1/4 of the dialogue

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Systematic Insanity on Steam

The Fog

The Fog

Before you read: Keep in mind I’m still playing, and I’ve only played about 25 minutes so far, and died once.

So, I think my experience with this game is… odd, so far.

You’re dropped into nowhere, with very little explanation of what’s going on. You have no tutorial, no helpboxes short of just the occasional “E to interact” “Space to pick up”, etc. You’re not actually taught how to use the items, you need to kinda figure it out.

The graphics are a bit weird, they kinda remind me of DayZ’s early days and I think it’s a little bit rough. The lighting is very peculiar, and the flashlight doesn’t really help all that much - especially after you’ve taken damage.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

it doen’t make any sense at first but I go the hands of it.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

The Fog on Steam

Epic Loon

Epic Loon

What a crazy awesome game !!

Random thoughts :

  • Weird parody universe that made us binge-play until all was unlocked

  • Flappy tongued diplodocuses. Very tongued. Very very flappy.

  • The soundtrack is incredible !! :3 meow

  • If you finish a level first, you get a physics gun to troll the other players. That the best part !!

  • Or you can just self-explode and mess the physics for others ^^

  • Overall, it’s an addictive physics game with a steady learning curve. Quite difficult at first, and rewarding when you get better at it !

Real player with 15.5 hrs in game

Epic Loon:

I am one of those people you would call a movie buff. I love watching movies and series, and I have a tendency to collect French movies (especially the ones from the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s). So, I was totally amazed when I was introduced to Joe, from Epic Loon. This guy has an incredible collection of VHS movies and his bedroom walls are decorated with posters with thousands of VHS tapes. A perfect setup for any movie fan! Joe shared with me an amazing story that happened to him recently. His beloved VHS player start malfunctioning, and in desperation, he ran to the hardware corner shop to see if he could find any sort of instrument that would help fix his VHS player. There, the Chinese owner told him about this miracle tape cleaner that would make his VHS player work again. What the owner specifically forgot to mention is that the VHS tape cleaner was a prison for four little aliens, and from now on he has to watch his favourite movies with these little buggers moving from one scene to the next. Welcome to Epic Loon!

*– [Real player with 7.7 hrs in game](http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198003030375)*


![Liberator TD](https://cdn.cloudflare.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/681740/header.jpg "")

## Liberator TD


**Liberator TD** is a glorious mix of tower defense and top down shooter genres set in a sci-fi world. Tasked with the mission to establish a new colony on a distant planet, you find yourself in grave danger of the local wildlife. Gear up at the armory, set up the static defenses, fight off the enemy and solve the mysteries of the planet!

#### Fight the hostile wildlife


Shoot and squash those bugs, face their more advanced counterparts, and engage in combat with dangerous bosses and mini-bosses.

#### Unravel the mystery


You have arrived to colonize what turned out to be a hostile planet. What isn't the on-board AI telling you? There must be more to it. Explore the planet and find out if you're truly the only person on the surface.

#### Set up the defenses


Build all sorts of turrets - disc turrets, rocket turrets, plasma turrets and many others. Each one gets more and more impressive with every upgrade.

#### Upgrade your character


Equip one of several available armor types - each with its own abilities - and get a stockpile of various landmines ready. Level up your character and enhance your skills.

#### Choose your weapons


Pick your loadout from a wide range of guns from a pistol to the pulse minigun. Upgrade your weapons to make them even more deadly.

#### Defend the base with all you've got


Unleash the combined firepower of your weapons, turrets, and mines. Or invest heavily into a single path instead. Choose your own playstyle and figure out the best strategy to complete each level.