could multiplayer is sadly LAN only, movement feels like I’m high on ketamine and am trying to play cs 1.6, tab opens menu like normal but also is your in-game chat button so you start typing when you hit tab, guns take 10+ bullets to kill even to the head unless its the awp, throwing a nade is like trying to swim in a vat of honey, you move slower than a 90 year old with a walker and 50kg of weight strapped to each ankle, and crouching while scoped with the awp causes the barrel of the awp to cover half your view.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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i love this game

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

bullets on Steam

Combat Cycle

Combat Cycle

My final review will be mixed

if you want a game to slaughter anybody in your way for fun to take mind off, off things its great for that

BUT i dont recommend it if you just got some money and decided to buy a game i recommend this if you bought other game and got some money in your wallet left

the mechanics arent great and graphics neither but considering this was probably made by 1 person its amazing

its not that great but good as a go to after rage quit game

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

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amazing graphics and generally good gameplay but the UI and the keys needs a lotta fix. Still, worth it for the price.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Combat Cycle on Steam

Mission Indeed 2.0 FPS

Mission Indeed 2.0 FPS

IF this game was FREE, I would still NOT play it…Please stay away from this game…this was one of the worst experiences ever…first of all the game crashed about 3 times just trying to get it started, the launch screen looks like a mobile port from the first nokia device. I feel ripped off for getting charged a price like this…the actual game play was terrible, seriously not even early access, this is like a prototype of an idea. REFUND PLEASE!

Youtube Experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsgKzkGMXPI

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Mission Indeed 2.0 FPS on Steam

Operation Desolate Void

Operation Desolate Void

Operation Desolate Void is a multiplayer FPS based around choosing the right weapons & equipment to head into a mission to take down the enemies that are coming from the voids.

You will either be able to fight with your friends for a great coop experience against many different types of AI or fight against your friends for even more rewards!

Key Features:

  • First person.

  • Multiplayer.

  • Co-op.

  • PVE.

  • PVP.

  • Realistic gun attachment system.

  • Realistic bullet physics.

Operation Desolate Void on Steam

Mandew vs the Colorless Curse

Mandew vs the Colorless Curse

A tribute to Super Mario Land (Game Boy, 1989) from Suits&Sandals, the developer of Khimera. The controls feel a bit awkward at first (some reviews stated they’re bad). Mandew is indeed so slow that you always have to keep your thumb on the run button, but isn’t a Super Mario veteran used to that anyway? I assume it’s a kind of inside joke between the dev and Mandew himself, who’s actually his fellow programmer (as the store page says). There’s also an achievement named “Stiff Knees” making fun of it. I found the controls pretty good and reliable after getting used to it.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

Other than the Venice level not being accurate to the actual irl Venice (to my knowledge, never been to Venice) the game is pretty neat, would recommend

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Mandew vs the Colorless Curse on Steam



As mutant you have to ensure survival by eliminating all threats and avoid being captured.

With each successful kill you can feed on your prey and choose which of your senses you’d like to regain and eventually enhance.


Regain a clear picture of your surroundings and develop super-vision.


Spot and locate threats before you can see them and acquire the skills for eavesdropping.


Sniff out the scent of other living beings and receive the ability to make out traps.


Analyze your enemies and gain additional information about their equipment and stats as well as buffs.


Learn how to interact with objects and become a unstoppable force of power.

As hunter you have to ensure the mutant is captured alive and brought back to your employer safely.

Use each hunter’s unique skill and equipment and choose the right tool to tackle the mutant’s potential senses.

Use light to blend, sound to distract, special aromas to deceive, injections to render substances useless and various gadgets to block off objects.

S.E.N.S.E. on Steam

[International] Absented Age: Squarebound

[International] Absented Age: Squarebound

Surprised this game didn’t get more reviews.

This game plays somewhat like a Mystery Dungeon game, but at the same time an action RPG.

First of all, when you start the game you are greeted with an extensive options menu. You are able to optimize the game’s screen and sound by quite a bit, which feels really neat. Once you start in the game, it immediately brings you to it’s gameplay. The gameplay consists on moving around the field, when encountering enemies, you have the options of attacking head-front or performing counter attacks when they turn yellow, which happens when they attack you and miss.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

When I heard vgperson translated it, I figured I’d give it a chance. (He translated a bunch of horror games like Ib, The Witch’s House, Mad Father…). And this is pretty good so far! Maybe a “One Way Heroics” meets “Card Captor Sakura” meets RPGmaker? No? Well, others will describe it better. I’ll just say check out the demo if it sounds curious to you. Maybe a proper review after I finish the game.

PS: the developers have been silently and quickly patching every issue I’ve encountered. They must be ninjas.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

[International] Absented Age: Squarebound on Steam

ANIME WAR — Modern Campaign

ANIME WAR — Modern Campaign

Anime war is a game that was very clearly made in a bit of a rush, with not much original content, yet with these things in mind, it manages to create much more gripping experience then many games do throughout hours of gameplay. It’s unique twist on a classic military shooter creates a much needed shake up in an overused, beaten to death genre.

Compared to most sniper focused games, the game is fast paced. It forgoes the many slow and meticulous aspects of your average long-range-barrelled-rifle-assassination game. This is signified succinctly by one mechanic, when you ADS (Aim-Down-Sights) you initially simply look over your characters shoulder, rather than scoping in; to scope in you must press the middle mouse button, and if you release the right mouse button and press it again it will go back to the shoulder view. This is an intellectually astounding way of explaining the gameplay speed to the player. Another thing that makes it so interesting to play is that, if you hammer the grenade button like a nail (a hammer is a tool used to impress nails (a pointy peace of metal used to attach two things such as wood or similar together) deep into something) then you will throw multiple a second, and there is an infinite supply of them. Some may call this a bug, but I say it is a masterful feature, which allows strategies of infinite complexity. Overall the gameplay is masterfully assembled, and it is clear Konichiwa games knows what they are doing.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

At a Glance

| (Adult) Content | No. |

| Censorship | Not applicable. |

| Hours of Gameplay | Half-an-hour. |

| Modding Support? | No. |

| Patch Required? | Not applicable. |

Buy ANIME WAR - Modern Campaign is a third person shooter featuring a stereotypical anime girl, and stereotypical terrorists.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

ANIME WAR — Modern Campaign on Steam

Professional Soldier

Professional Soldier

Have you ever wondered what can a soldier do in times of peace? What kind of job can they do? If you think you live in peaceful times - you are either wrong, or it is thanks to US.


WHO AM I I am a Professional Soldier. WHAT DO I DO? All that is necessary.

WHO DO I WORK FOR The highest bidder. WHAT DO I FEAR Nothing.

WHO CAN STOP ME? No one. WHO KNOWS MY NAME Only the dead.

Professional Soldier’s work is full of surprises. Check what you’re going to do in this job:

Establishing a powerful grid of contacts

Upgrading your skills and buying new gear

Choose from becoming a hidden hero or a terrorist

Fighting for your fame

Earning money

Choosing between being a lone wolf or becoming loyal to one “employer”

Taking part in black ops, open conflicts, assassinations, hostage evacs and more


The world is big, there are plenty of people to help or eliminate. Money, fame, ethics, type of job. No one said that is going to be easy. Choose wisely.



Some jobs need sophisticated methods to complete. Others are easy enough to make a choice. You can do it from long range or short range. You can get your hands dirty or do it silently without unwanted casualties. Bombs, rifles, pistols, knives, and much more.


You will often be able to decide which side you are on. Good or bad. Poor or rich. Save lives or end them.

The War is in your Blood. Don’t fight it!

Professional Soldier on Steam

Air Gun Fighter

Air Gun Fighter

This game has great potential, the only problem I can complain about is the fact that I don’t think there is any way to set custom keybinds, and that you need to press K to pitch up and I to pitch down. This game is still amazing.

There is also a problem with me selecting to play as the F-35 only to spawn in an F-18. other than this, keep up the good work.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Air Gun Fighter on Steam