Future Perfect

Future Perfect

Future Perfect breaks down the barrier between having an idea for a game, and playing it with friends. The Future Perfect interface allows you to create, play, and share multiplayer games quickly and easily.

Games created with Future Perfect are published on Steam Workshop . You can browse, rate, and download games that interest you. Models, animations, textures, effects and other assets are also shared, so you can pick and choose the compents you want to create your game.

Future Perfect is in the early stages of development. It’s not ready for Alpha, Beta, or Early Access.

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Future Perfect on Steam



The dev posted a thread about this a few years ago and I picked it up. The movement is fast and fun, and the guns are very satisfying. I had a performance hiccup once in the outdoor level but it got fixed, and thanks to the limited visuals it runs at full blast with 100+ enemies on screen with no issues. Good art direction keeps the game looking nice despite those visuals and there’s good variety in how the levels look and play. Chasing gold medals is extremely fun and the game is very straightforward with the criteria for a gold rank, a big plus. If you like Doom, Quake, or UT this game is a great deal for a few afternoon’s worth of fun, I’m looking forward to what this developer does next.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

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Hellbreaker is a fun game, not sure why it didn’t got more attention…

Looks like it flew under everyone’s radar, haha where are those so called “influencers” when you need them ?

Non stop fast paced action, put your brain aside and kill everything type of game.

Nothing really good though, it could have been better if it was a bit more polished and balanced.


I’m getting some QUAKE II vibes with the levels artstyle and ennemies design.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Hellbreaker on Steam




Real player with 179.6 hrs in game

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not bad at all

Real player with 98.3 hrs in game

XNemesis on Steam

Super Chopper

Super Chopper

THIS GAME is more arcade like than simulator and is like Steel Talons rather than Gunship or Super Huey. Whats nice is there’s a mission editor. There’s more to be desired but its worth the price I suppose

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

I wouldn’t buy this game unless you have a good computer. I couldn’t run the game on the lowest settings. It seems fun but I just can’t play with like 10 frames.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Super Chopper on Steam

Book of the Old

Book of the Old

The Old, will Return

A puppet somehow has its own will, accidentally summoned a mystical soul from the Otherworld.

Now they are trapped in a mysterious manor.

What is behind all this, and what is awaiting these two souls?

The answer lays in the Book of the Old.

A Roguelike shooting game

Dodge enemies' bullets and shoot them! Every time you start a journey, it will be all new!

Adventure deeper, and new maps, enemies, stories will appear.

Decide you own adventure plan – do you prefer easy maps, or dangerous ones with high benefits?

Equipment? No, they are cards!

Collecting coins after cleaning rooms. Use coins to get powerful cards, or keep the coins for interest – if you are not killed by powerful enemies.

The altar will provide 5 cards each time for you to pick, and you can refresh them all if there is no your target card – of course you should pay for that.

3 same cards will became higher ranked card, witch can assist you fighting more powerful enemies.

Each card has two forms of ability and two bonds. With 80 cards and 32 bonds, it’s up to your wisdom and imagination how powerful you can be.

What’s that monster?

80 monsters and 23 bosses, every of them has its unique skill and action.

Some of them can even cooperate.

Be careful, every single kind of these monsters is fatal!

This is a roguelike game with infinite possibilities.

What is your road, you decide.

Book of the Old on Steam

ShootMania Storm

ShootMania Storm

Update 2: I want to strongly enforce my opinion, that if you are looking into buying this game, the main reason should be Obstacle. While you can play other modes with friends or from time to time with strangers, obstacle is always playable and has a great variety. There are servers for tutorials, puzzle maps, different difficulties, dumb maps, progressive maps and coop maps. I started playing to play this game again around February, and played several hundred hours in quarantine, most of it in Obstacle. See this as the Trackmania of the Ego-Shooter world.

Real player with 1136.7 hrs in game

This has been my go to shooter for a loooong time now. What makes me come back to it is the movementsystem and the tight controlls. You can really do some amazing trick jumps, including walljumps, rocketjumps, rocket-walljumps, grapplehooks and all that good stuff. The thing is, the game does a really bad job of teaching you that you can do this. So the game doesn’t make that good of an first impression. To go fast in this game (and belive me, you can go really fast in shootmania) you have to put in some time into it. The mechanics are very unique and takes a while to get a hold of. It has a style of it’s own and no other game plays like it.

Real player with 611.2 hrs in game

ShootMania Storm on Steam

Bot War

Bot War

Played a couple rounds, it’s a fun game, maybe a bit pricey for where it’s at right now. I’d love to see it refined, be able to be less laggy perhaps become available in multiplayer (3 players 3 teams or 3 players on a team even). I’m not a game designer and have no idea how, but some ideas I would offer is being able to pick spawn points, spawn in different places around the points (so players don’t get killed immediately from enemies firing at other teammates respawning) and perhaps a bit of delay when teams switch so players don’t get killed immediately.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

Hello! This game is actually a hell of a lot of fun. I just wish the controls werent strange and the guns actually looked like guns. The Physics could also use some help but, not at all a bag game! i love it

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Bot War on Steam

Erazer - Devise & Destroy

Erazer - Devise & Destroy

Very nice game! I played this game for over 30 hours in closed beta. Developers are active and they listen to feedback. I really enjoy making new maps with the level editor

Real player with 103.8 hrs in game

Disclaimer: I alpha and beta tested this game before the Early Access launch and got the game for free for beta testing purposes before EA launch. However, all the things said in this review are my own, honest opinions.

I’ve had the privilege to follow the development of this awesome game. The game has already gone a long way and is a legit product at its current state, and I am not afraid to state that it’s well worth its price tag (well, who am I to say, as stated above.. :D)

What I really like in this game is the sandbox environment and the possibilities it gives. It already has great developer-made missions, puzzle maps and speedrun maps. Planned co-op and multiplayer features will make it even better in the future. The level editor is well-planned and makes effective level creation possible. Some beta testers have already made a bunch of very good (and challenging, dear god) maps. The game engine allows for nearly everything, which is great.

Real player with 28.9 hrs in game

Erazer - Devise & Destroy on Steam



The game still feels somewhat unfinished, but they actually fixed the combat so that it’s fun again. That, and the amazing mod support means that I can’t but recommend the game. It’s a bit pricey, but it offers some of the most satisfying melee combat ever seen in a game. Perhaps even more satisfying than Dark Souls or the like. Despite it’s tragic state after a ridiculously long development time, it’s a cult classic and one of my favorite games for a simple reason; The combat is so good. It’s my go-to I-wanna-clap-some-people-to-death-or-die-trying game. If you love melee action combat games like me, you can’t pass this game.

Real player with 27.2 hrs in game

Amazing. I got this from Humble Monthly, installed it, and in one sitting completed the main story. Now it’s 3 in the morning and I’m writing a review. The main story is indeed 3 hours long, but it held my attention by being so fun to play and look at that it passed by way too fast! I haven’t gotten to try the other 2 stories yet, but I can say a few things about the game, and from now on, I’ll be referencing the main story.

The good:

  • Movement: it’s amazing. There’s so many ways to get around, it feels so fluid to get from place to place, and the best part: Moving around is FUN! If I can have fun just getting from place to place, it’s a game I’ll enjoy. I’ve seen a couple reviews saying that the movement doesn’t do what you want it to do, but I just don’t see that in this game. Everything is spot on. Whenever the character did something wrong, it was always my fault, not the game.

Real player with 17.3 hrs in game

Overgrowth on Steam

Planetoid Pioneers

Planetoid Pioneers

While it was a game with alot of potential, it was held back by quite a few things.

But first, the good things :

  1. Mods

The single thing that actually kept me interested enough to play it for more than 5 hours was the ability to, in a few clicks and with some image editor like GIMP, very easily create your own items for this game. The variety of mods available on the workshop is also a nice feature (unfortunately there is an enormous lack in community-made planetoids specifically, though the few ones out there are quite well made)

Real player with 86.5 hrs in game

i was so close to finishing primoid but then the cog spawned INSIDE THE PALCE WITH THE ROCKET PARTS

basically ruining everything after that i decided to take the road through mount primoid and noticed the worst thing of the game. MOUNT PRIMOID ISNT A CHALLENGE, IT IS TORTURE. i know there are a grappling hook and propeller in the game to help you around but the propeller constantly aims at the ground. i died 4 times before my game crashed due to its constant consumption of my laptops free memory space making me delete more and more of my stuff. the rest of the game is fun and enjoyable. be sure to give up when the game tells you it wants you dead.

Real player with 43.4 hrs in game

Planetoid Pioneers on Steam