Action: Source

Action: Source

Action Half-Life (AHL) is one of my all time favourite games, particularly the last big version AHL Directors Cut RC:2. It has great gameplay in terms of movement and aiming and extraordinarily well designed maps. Attempts to port it to the source engine have already been made long time ago, however, they never were close to the original. Action: Source brings this to a new level, it feels very much like AHL:DC and was quite fun to play in the beta. It looks very promising and I hope it will attract new players and breathe new life into the sleeping community of former AHL players.

Real player with 32.3 hrs in game

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i love this game, and i also have a tip to play with friends but there is also some negatives.

so first you need to get hamachi,sign up,one of your friends needs to create network and you can put anything you want in the network ID and password (free network is 5 people max and problably theres not much people coming with you since this is a dead game…) Bots can be a bit stupid but they still have aimbot so it’s quite hard to fight em'. Balanced enough for me though

I hope my comment also helped a few people

Real player with 31.1 hrs in game

Action: Source on Steam



I decided that it’s probably about time that i edited my review cause i’d say it’s pretty much needed, so yeah here it goes.

Back in early 2016 i stumbled across this game on the “Upcoming” tab on the store page i watched the trailer, read the description and such and i liked at the time i was still pretty new to the Half-Life franchise and i had just finished Half-Life 2 and it’s episodes and i still had a craving for more so i pre-ordered this game and patiently waited till its release a month later. Personally i liked the game, i loved the way it looked, its levels, music, etc, others didn’t cause it lacked many things which i don’t have to list cause we all know what it lacks, yet i still liked it despite that but lookin' back at it today i was being a bit naive. But anyways i’ve provived enough backstory and i’ll cut to the chase while i do love this game and know it has great potential and can be much, much more the path it has taken isn’t very bright. Over the course of about 2 years we’ve been shown future content that will be added into the game such as 3d models/brush works, new maps & updated maps, and even a video showing a future chapter to be added. That’s great and all but where is all this stuff? It’ll be added in a overhaul update so stay tuned!! The real answer you’re lookin' for though is: It’s been delayed…delayed over and over again. But it’s a small team workin' on the game and they have to deal with irl stuff too can’t you be more understanding? Even if that is true…to not add as much as a wrench that was modeled and has existed in the game files for 2 years to replace the crowbar kinda says a bit (and no you can’t manually do it yourself because it’s missing certain viewmodel & worldmodel files) but either way you shouldn’t have to try and do it yourself because there’s really no reason that an update as small as replacing the crowbar with wrench shouldn’t already be implemented into the game i’ve gotten a fair point across for the moment i’ll get to the pros & cons.

Real player with 29.4 hrs in game

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It looks to be quite good. I have played around 40 minutes so far and I think that most haf life fans will enjoy this game and quite a lot of other people will too. For one person to have made this it is quite an achievement.

It is NOT a mod- it is standalone and does not require Half Life 2

The first chapter is very atmospheric and eerie- it reminded me of the feeling I got playing Ravenholm in HL2 for the first time.

The second has a lot of combat. The combat is okay but on normal difficulty I found the marines hard to kill with the SMG especially when they often have mounted machine guns. In HL2 you kill Cps first and by the time you are mass killing marines you have lots of ammo.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Prospekt on Steam



It doesn’t get any better than this.

Each map is unique in its setting and objective concept (the cyberpunk theme of the game is greatly enhanced by excellent skybox’s and background noise that draws you into the level). They require good team co-ordination in order to win. Especially since aspects of the objectives take place in 2 parallel worlds that affect each other in real time [Meatspace - physical world: similar to most fps with a cyperpunk theme (weapons like laser rifle, tesla rifle, ion cannon), 3 class types (v.balanced) and deus ex like implants, inc increased speed, thermal vision, medic, stealth(invisi). Cyberspace - think system shock 1 or tripping on acid: req decking implant; deckers speed thru cyberspace hacking objectives, adding security and fighting off enemy deckers in low grav/high speed combat using in essence quake railgun, lightening gun and rocket launcher.]

Real player with 1765.2 hrs in game

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What started out as an old half life 2 mod is now an independent game with a dedicated community and recently updated to 1.5.2! Dystopia gives some quake-style play with objectives and and alternate cyber space realm where players fight in quasi gravity for control over nodes. Cyberspace nodes can be secondary objectives to open up new paths around choke points or seal off defender’s quick access to the objective. They can also switch turrets to shoot the other team! Other times an objective requires getting a player with a deck implant in the middle of enemy territory and hacking an objective.

Real player with 811.5 hrs in game

Dystopia on Steam

High Noon VR

High Noon VR

System being used:

VIVE Pro, Pro controllers and 2.0 sensors, i9-7900X, 1080 and 32 GB RAM

This game is a perfect representation of the old west in a wave shooter. The weapons are hyper-accurate, the tracking is superb. No hiccups in graphics, no artifacting, no screen tearing, no errors or crashes. Everything performs well.

Some features of the game include:

Having multiple “maps” where enemies will randomly spawn and attack you with basic AI.

You have an on-screen HUD arrow that notifies you if an enemy spawns too far out of your line of sight.

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

No luck catching those killers, then?

It’s just the one killer, actually…

A fun game where you play a (possibly undead) sheriff as he kills his way through seemingly infinite outlaws in an otherwise-uninhabited town. Your only companion is a voice that may or may not be entirely in your head. The voice seems to alternate between praising your killing prowess, making corny jokes, and implying that you might be a dangerously unstable psychopath. I played an earlier version of this with my Viveport subscription, but this version is much more polished and balanced. It would be nice if you could purchase and upgrade armor, as a way of fortifying your health in addition to all the weapon upgrades, and the side task to kill 6 enemies in 3 seconds with dynamite is a bit unbalanced (it’s hard enough to just get 6 bandits on screen at once without them blowing themselves up…) but other than that, it’s pretty great.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

High Noon VR on Steam

Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod

Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod

Excuse me, I might not have enough experience in this game.. but I believe this is one of the best multiplayer out there, it doesn’t feel like there is something you really try to achieve, but something you rather enjoy with other people and friends.

I personally recommend to not join freeroam servers as the interest dies out pretty quick in such scenarios, I didn’t even play singeplayer.. I started first with the multiplayer by joining a server called “Real Life Server”, it was very complex and hard to understand as a newbie with a lot of custom game mechanics/server mechanics and server rules to get used to, but eventually when you really know everything by heart and you have experienced most of what it has to offer. You will probably have the same opinion.

Real player with 4183.4 hrs in game

Multiplayer enables much more possibility than single player, with lua coding server developers can create all sorts of things. From faction and administration systems, freeroam servers, a survival server, or a whole server dedicated to airplane simulation. Heck I know someone even made a whole Minecraft script for this! Either way depending what type of server you may be interested in there are still quite a few to choose from. Pretty much everyone knows that this game in general is dying out compared to what it used to be years ago with hundreds and thousands of players that used to passionately play. It is quieter these days, but some servers are still holding on a rather decent player population daily. Some may disagree, but you can meet some really nice people depending what server you settle in. In some cases one server for example has a whole community with it, and I can say I have met many nice people there and made some friends along the way. I had enough interest and dedication for this I decided to help and be a staff member of said server.

Real player with 1579.8 hrs in game

Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod on Steam

Just Cause™ 3: Multiplayer Mod

Just Cause™ 3: Multiplayer Mod

Hello, I’m Charley Tank and if you don’t know who I am then I’m a Tester for nanos the creator of JC3MP. I have been playing this wonderful game Since before the first public beta it has come a long way since that day. I have spent countless hours recording videos on the test server I also Recorded the Trailers for the Beta release and the Steam release so I’m quite Familiar to this wonderful game. This is a video of scrapped trailer footage some made it and some didn’t but it was all so fun to record and I would do it again over and over 10 times.

Real player with 352.2 hrs in game

This is an awesome mod that takes an already awesome singleplayer experience with a big open world and lots of weapons and vehicles to have fun with, and then lets your friends join in on the fun exploring, battling each other, and more.

One of the most awesome things is the scripting capability, allowing you to add many of your own custom features, gamemodes and more into your server.

I run a server called “Gaveroid’s - Explore, Discover, Destroy”, and we have taken big advantage of this scripting capability to add in loads of customization options (many of which are saved and restored between connections), features like our YouTube Cinema, our car radio, and more.

Real player with 280.0 hrs in game

Just Cause™ 3: Multiplayer Mod on Steam



Mankind tried to colonize other worlds when natural resources of Earth had run out. In order to discover new planets and to make them habitable A.I. robots were sent deep into the outer space. However something caused a global system malfunction and the terraforming process was interrupted. These smart machines went out of control and started to build their own tech world threatening the newly born biosphere…

All but one. The last of these robots found itself in a hostile environment of the gloomy and unfriendly planet XS-1271 far away from Earth. The surface of this planet was severe disfigured as a result of a failed terraforming process. Why did the mission of colonizing a new world fail? What went wrong and what could be done to stave an inevitable collapse off? This intelligent machine is up to survive and expose the truth behind this madness and the death of ecosystems.

Hundreds of unique enemies spawned by a technology disaster are eager do attack lone robot as it wanders the paths of a huge and constantly changing planet full of dangerous traps and engaging puzzles. The only way to survive is never to stop improving skills and battle tactics as well as to upgrade weapons and abilities of the protagonist. Change and progress are the keys to the truth!

Dark atmosphere of an alien world

You’re completely and utterly alone. It’s only you, technological landscapes and crazy robots!

Truly hardcore and exciting shoot ’em up action

This adventure is a challenge even for an experienced players!

Dozens of various foes and bosses

Planet is swarmed by all kinds of robots: from the primitive droids to the powerful multi-level structures.

Annihilate them all!

Vast arsenal of weapons and other ways to customize your character

Get you armor and weaponry stronger and become a true killing machine as you progress through the game!

Rich selection of tactics and approaches

Burn ‘em, shoot ‘em, hack ‘em or saw ‘em up?

It’s all up to you!

Powered with Eye Tracking

Choose a weapon, aim and shoot at a glance – no one can hide from you now!

Structure on Steam

Transmissions: Element 120

Transmissions: Element 120


I have no idea why the developers did not charge money for this game. This game is basically Half Life 2 with a few different mechanics. The game is even set in the same world. And with Valve not making HL3, this is as close as it gets. I have absolutly no complaints about the gameplay, story, or anything in the game. My only complaint is that the story is to short. It is only four chapters, but the chapters are GREAT. The engine is still the Source engine so no performance problems and a nice physics system. As I said above, this game is basically HL3 - YOU SHOULD BE DOWNLOADING THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

The Source modding community is still very much alive and kicking since 1998. The community has produced many great mods over the years - from birthing the Counter-Strike and Team Fortress series, to creating many popular HL2 mods - including The Stanley Parable, Black Mesa, Minerva: Metastasis and a myriad of other well-designed mods. From this, we arrive at Transmissions: Element 120 - a standalone Half-Life 2 mod that focuses on showcasing several new Source technologies.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Transmissions: Element 120 on Steam

Zombie Panic! Source

Zombie Panic! Source

This mod is a gem. Hell i wasnt even a fan of the whole zombie genre when i tried this game out of curiosity five years ago but it quickly won me over thanks to its gameplay and atmosphere. Its immersive, challenging (teamwork is a MUST) and above all, fun.

An interesting aspect of the game is that you actually can play as a zombie after you died. No bot slaughterfest à la Left 4 Dead here. Its very enjoyable to fight a zombie horde composed of other players trying to overwhelm you so you can join their ranks. Zombos can also infect you which really adds to the tension since it creates a climate of suspicion among the survivors.

Real player with 2321.0 hrs in game

Zombie Panic: Source changed my life. While that sounds dramatic, ZPS is what got me into map/level design with the Hammer Editor. I loved creating levels so much, that I looked further and realized there were schools for game design. I am now in my second year of 3D Animation & Modeling. I still remember my very first time playing this - Sunday, October 8th, 2008. Only Eugene and Marcus were available. It was on ZPO_Deadblock. I remember a guy exploiting the padlock on the fenced gate.


Real player with 1860.0 hrs in game

Zombie Panic! Source on Steam

Killing Floor - Toy Master

Killing Floor - Toy Master

Download the mod, then launch Killing Floor as normal, not the Toy Master mod. If you launch the mod itself, it won’t pick up your existing perk stats.

9/10 Mod

Real player with 120.7 hrs in game

Not as great as the main series by far, but it’s free and having some rounds with friends can fill quite a few evenings.

Real player with 30.9 hrs in game

Killing Floor - Toy Master on Steam