EDIT: Only a bit more than a week after i posted this review and i can tell you to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS GAME.

It’s clear now that the ones running the game are the same old korean Kakao that don’t give two fucks about the games longevity, just this week we’ve had a feature that was highly requested, a second mana tree page added in to the game, but guess what? It’s paywalled on the ruby shop! A second mana tree gives a big advantage for people who have both a mana tree for PvE and PvP, but that’s not all!

Real player with 778.2 hrs in game

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Despite having over 350 hours on the game and having even spent a bit of money on the game, I still have to say this game is terrible for players that are trying to progress but cannot due to “RNG” literally gating players from getting any farther than those who are just lucky to “one tap” everything and progress in a couple of hours. There are two types of gear you can equip which are normal and Breakthrough. Normal gear on failure depending on stone can either downgrade 1 or 2 enhancements or just stay the same as before the enhancement but consuming an enhancement slot. Meanwhile Breakthrough gear upon failure is just bye bye to the piece you’re enhancing. I have definitely tried to enhance about 30+ break through gear pieces in the time span I have been playing and I want to try to love this game as it does have some nice things about it, but this one thing is literally preventing me from doing so. It doesn’t help that a break through off hand piece is required to have an extra skill slot which gives those who have it an advantage over those who don’t ( like me). There isn’t even a pity system for a guaranteed like +8 after like 50 failures or anything so you’re literally just screwed or have to go about living without breakthrough gear which is stupid. This game will continue to lose their player-base and die as time goes by unless this gets addressed, but it won’t knowing how the company works. But let’s be real, no one here wants to spend a month or more of their time to only be gated by “RNG” and never progress compared to those who can spend like 10 hours, do the same enhancing as you and literally surpass you in gear. After about almost a month, I am only 495 Item level meanwhile I know a friend of mine and other randoms who will one tap two or three pieces and are all around 520-550+ item level in way less time (about 1-2 weeks and less for the randoms). This is the only thing I will say that truly ruins this game that could be an amazing piece out there despite being a game that runs on UE3 and looks older or whatever. It has variety of things to do but if you can’t even progress past the early end game point cause of “RNG” then why even bother playing this game. In it’s current state I cannot recommend it to anyone at all unless you’re prepared to face disappointment with countless hours being poured into the game and only to realize your efforts were in vain as you watch it all disappear upon failures. Also doesn’t help that you don’t have many options to get purple breakthrough pieces so makes it even worse.

Real player with 682.1 hrs in game

ELYON on Steam



Welcome to MASD!

The main goal is to survive at all costs!

Collect resources, make friends, fight, build shelters and craft weapons. All this and more is waiting for you here in MASD!

All activities in MASD will bring your character a valuable gaming experience. The higher level your character reach, the more game features and locations are available to you.

Don’t forget about trading with other players to earn valuable coins, which you can spend on resources or new equipment.

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MASD on Steam

Lost Ark

Lost Ark

The game is in a storytelling marvel, and offers so much content that you could fill an entire day with Lost Ark alone and still have plenty left over to do. While we are in Alpha testing I will hold off on making any comments as a final review - but, in the interim I will say I have been enjoying the game so, so much. While Amazon Games has stumbled in the past with past titles, I feel they will do a good job publishing the title for a western audience. Cheers to the staff who have worked around the clock, and cheers to the community who has waited tirelessly since they heard about the game for it’s arrival to the west. We made it, lads. ♥

Real player with 46.0 hrs in game

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Had been looking at this game since it released in Korean and am so excited that it’s finally releasing in NA. After playing the technical alpha, I’m hooked! The combat is fun and engaging. While very similar to the Diablo games, the combat in this game also features chain attacks or combos (depending on the class you’re playing). The story is compelling enough to keep your interest (although I powered through it to avoid spoiling anything major for the full release) and the environments are beautiful and interesting.

Real player with 32.1 hrs in game

Lost Ark on Steam

Royal Revolt II

Royal Revolt II

build your base, level your king, take people’s gold.. seems simple enough but smooth gameplay, decent graphics, events and tons of unlockable things make this super addictive.

you can easily play for free but i would still reccomend spending $5-10 early on to get a bundle of extra attack slot, extra spell slot, extra worker and the worker/gem bundle. they only offer it early on so don’t wait on that… also if you have friends playing it u can only use friend codes before level 10 i believe to get all the free currency from that.

Real player with 628.5 hrs in game

Many upgradable and customizable things. It has much depth.

Gameplay seems simple in earlygame, but should be okay in endgame.

P2W? Well, you can use gems for almost everything, but you can earn gems for free (events, tournaments, random rolls etc…), and what you can do with gems won’t affect gameplay, except some extra spell you can cast by spending gems.

Purchasing gems is very expensive and i doubt a rich person would spend so much to cast many spell. And gems you earn for free are enough to cast spells,

Real player with 215.4 hrs in game

Royal Revolt II on Steam

YAWS - Yet Another Wave Shooter

YAWS - Yet Another Wave Shooter

YAWS (Yet Another Waveshooter) is a waveshooter in three epochs (fantasy, present, and future). Defend yourself against never ending waves of enemies with increasing difficulty until you die. After death, you will be transported to the next level. Engage in an immersive experience with anit-motionsickness movement and gain the top score.

YAWS - Yet Another Wave Shooter on Steam

Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City

Parry the cold steel of your enemy’s blades, time your blows for ultimate efficiency, stagger your enemy, and execute devastating combos.

Zenith was built to be an infinite universe with countless players. Join parties and guilds as you fight epic world bosses, plunder the depths of exciting dungeons, and build a new life in the most fully realized online VR world ever constructed.

From relaxing ocean side towns to massive white cap mountain tops, every corner of Zenith has been built for immersion.

Zenith: The Last City on Steam

DragoonWorld Online

DragoonWorld Online


Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

bad game i cant download game patch gg.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

DragoonWorld Online on Steam

Knight Online

Knight Online

For everyone out there, who used to play “old” KO is nice to have this game here at Steam.

Seeing there is some GM activity is quite refreshing, tho cheating is still part of this game, sadly.

Game is lag free for me, so no problem there aswell.

Even tho iam giving my “recommend” to this game, there are some huge let-downs.

First of all, this game is hardly F2P, its obviously Pay2Win,¨at higher lvls playing without premmy aint making any sense at all.

And this leads me to main problem of Steam Knight Online - and thats the prices of premium playing. Currenty you need to pay 40 euro/usd per 30 days, just for get one Exp premium, which is notning less than disgusting. Developers seems to be fine, to offer here more than 15 year old game for this kind of money. Greed take over of Steam KO.

Real player with 7828.4 hrs in game

If you’ve been recommended this game by a friend or just came across it and you’re thinking of playing it for the first time in your life: DO NOT DO IT. It’s not free to play, it’s not noob friendly, it’s not friendly at all. To do anything in this game you either have to pay a shit ton of cash or play 24/7.

Real player with 973.1 hrs in game

Knight Online on Steam

League of Angels-Heaven’s Fury

League of Angels-Heaven’s Fury

It’s an ok idler, the issue is that those who are friends with the GM’s get perks and will work to get any banned who they see as a threat. I can say Bullying, dossing etc allowed w/o reprocussions. Cuss a few times without cashing thousands and you will be banned or muted in the game. I stopped playing after having reported several incidents of bullying as well as anti-disabled words and intolerance towards health issues was clearly shown and nothing was done. This game is for rich, spiteful, intolerant people who just want to bully those who if they attempt to stand up for themselves chance being banned or serve wide muted.

Real player with 2527.8 hrs in game

Guys, you are looking at the game the wrong way, I’ve read so many bad reviews about this game but that because they are judging this game under MMORPG standards, it’s not like that, this game is more like a CASINO, and like a casino the game is as simple as can be with a lot of sparkling lights and sounds of ringing bells where you need to spend money to keep wining and moving forward because the main objective is not to PvP other with your mad skills or extrem farming but to spend more than others to advance your growth, you compete against other to see who spends the most, that is how the game was meant to be.

Real player with 975.3 hrs in game

League of Angels-Heaven's Fury on Steam

Mad Pack

Mad Pack

Very fun and interesting MMO game, I was browsing steam with my friend to try and find a game to play and we came across this, I have been playing non-stop for 2 days, sometimes AFK’ing to stay on top of the ‘Time In Game’ leaderboard lol. The only thing I don’t like is that there are only 2 servers, a Russian server, and a European server. I am in Canada, so I have to play on the EU server since it is the only english speaking one. The downside to this is that there are over 10K players on the Russian server, and there are 55 on the EU server. I am #1 on EU though :) Shout out to bumbum and BussySlaya for helping me through this journey.

Real player with 31.8 hrs in game

Every few days i receive a debuff. It started two weeks ago, from 4.5b damage i gone to 250k, my gold was reduced from 100m to 1m… then, from the 250k damage i leveled and buid items till i reached 2m damage. and now, i am at 475k…

i was liking the game, but atleast ADVICE you are going to break my equips. Bah, this thing is too boring.

Thanks for destroying my character, stealing my gold and my equipments.


ps you taked my gold and changed my items for rebalancement. Then, wth there is 2 ppls level 100 with 900m and 1,4b gold? thats decisely not legit. balancement totally failed, game destined to fail, if you destroy the account of a non russian, and permit russians to bug with no consequences….

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game

Mad Pack on Steam