Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

a fun old game with flaws. it has a lot of crazy features like animal attacks. on levels where you’re in africa for instance there are alligators/crocodiles that swim around in the water and lay on the banks of rivers. if you come too near them or aggravate them they might attack you, even while youre already fighting other humans. i dont think you can drive any vehicles in this game, but you can use the gunner’s position on humvees, blackhawks and rhibs. the levels are all pretty linear but you usually have a decent amount of room to maneuver. this game is somewhat realistic in that on the higher difficulties you die in one or two shots and most enemies die with the same number. there are also civilians in this game. some cry and hide, some throw rocks at you, some yell insults. theyre pretty hard to distinguish from the enemies. usually the only way you can tell a civilian from an enemy is by what theyre carrying. one cool thing about the delta force games is that the helicopters are done similar to certain counter-strike maps in that you can walk around inside the helicopter while its flying and you arent strapped into a seat like in a battlefield game. the delta force games also have the coolest scope system ive ever seen in any game.

Real player with 37.2 hrs in game

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You’re probably familiar with the budget tactical shooter series called Delta Force. Black Hawk Down is the 6th installment of the series and inherits all the good things about the previous titles and executes them pretty well. Unlike the previous titles all your campaign missions take place in one country: Somalia.

The Visuals.

BHD has it’s own engine and runs at DirectX8, 4:3 aspect ratio resolution. I managed to get it up to 1200p, it refused to go above. All widescreen solutions stretch / cut off the screen. Considering that it’s budget titles made in 2003 the visuals are fine. Decent textures, fine poly count and nice drawing distance (like in every other DF title). Framerate is unlimited. Game is compatible with pretty much all Windows versions.

Real player with 14.0 hrs in game

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down on Steam

Die Again: Prologue

Die Again: Prologue

Die Again brings us a post-Apocalyptic setting where anyone who dies near another human being will possess their body killing the original “soul” that was in that body.

I simply love this concept. I don’t want to spoil the game but the creator has achieved to introduce a very interesting plot and some cool side events around the day to day of the characters that makes you think about the problems of it’s world. For example: How do you know this person near to you is still your partner and not someone who has possessed it’s body and wants to kill you? or other things like the fact that every sick or old person should live alone to not possess another body if they die, but do that person wants to die?

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

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Game was pretty good.

The music was good, the gameplay was nice, but sometimes a bit repetitive. There were a few bugs as well, but they weren’t bad enough to list in detail. As I said, some of the levels were a bit repetitive, but I think that mainly is because the whole concept needs some work. I feel like the circle could be a bit smaller, and maybe some new things could be added to the mix, such as a bigger variety of enemies with different abilities and properties, like with armor or maybe even an occasional mini boss. Otherwise it’s a pretty solid game. I hope the developer continues to work on this idea and refine it.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Die Again: Prologue on Steam

Gunsmith Simulator

Gunsmith Simulator

There’s nothing like the smell of coffee blended with the metallic aroma of repaired guns in the morning… Become a virtual gunsmith, and it will become a part of your everyday reality.

You’ve already prepared your workshop and equipped it, and learning the profession just came naturally. Now you are left with finding your first customer. Fire up that computer, go to the “GunStock” website and browse through available auctions and ads. Who knows, maybe you will find someone who is in great need of your skills!

The first order is just in! Time to get to work. Order parts or craft them yourself using specialized tools such as a lathe or CNC machine tool. “Inspect” your patient and decide which elements need to be replaced and which you can repair yourself. Gain new skills, learn, and enhance your workshop!

Some say that looks don’t matter… it’s hard to blame them, they’ve probably never seen a perfectly preserved 7.92mm Gewehr assault rifle. Renovation of old shooters is also part of your duties. Get rid of rust from old elements by treating their surfaces by hand or use appropriate chemical treatments. Renew the protective layer of metal surfaces to keep them in good shape. And after a hard day’s work, it’s time for the most pleasant part – painting! Do you think the red accents will match?

Get creative! Upgrade equipment with modern accessories. Check optical sight, pistol grips, grenade launchers and lasers. Throw in a flashlight, rangefinder or collimators and create a unique weapon. The sky is the limit. After all, you are the gunsmith here. It’s up to you to decide on the design of weapons signed with your name.

After hours, it’s time to relax. What better rest is there for a gunsmith than a trip to your favorite shooting range? Put your pieces of art to a test by shooting at mannequins or go to the contaminated zone to shoot zombies!

All done? The further fate of your shooter is up to you. You can give it back to your client or buy it back and feature it in your collection. But hurry up, the next orders are waiting!

We invite you to our Discord. Join us:

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Gunsmith Simulator on Steam

Lucky Tlhalerwa’s Cybernetic Titan

Lucky Tlhalerwa’s Cybernetic Titan

RATING- Intense Violence, Frequent Bad Language, Blood & Gore, Drug Reference.

STORY- In Cybernetic Titan you are Protagonist Sergeant John Kozack part of IMS ( Incursion Military Service ) a private military organization based in Gemstone Island Crystalville City, You are working together with your teammate Corporal Sebastian McGregor in a desperate attempt to survive death, You must fight off and survive guerilla warfare waves of Global Terrorism Confederation the Terrorist Organisation trying to destory you and anyone who wants to stand in its way of taking over the world. When you defeat all 23 waves you can both evacuate to safety. This game is set directly after the events of Super Incursion, This game and Super Incursion both happen in the same Universe. The Global Terrorism Confederation have launched a global virus attack which has killed over 90% of the worlds population crippling all the worlds super powers and weakening their armies. The Confederation Arrived in Gemstone Island in an attack spearheaded by MAJOR Nickolai Patrikov, They murdered President Johnson Lincoln and all his cabinet and quickly over threw the Gemstone National Defense, National police and the government and took control of the country, They began staging Protocol 87 which is the Protocol the Incursion Military Service and whats left of the United States Government Executed Blackops Mission: Operation Winter Strike to try and prevent. If the Global Terrorism Confederation succeeds, General John Voorhies the leader of the Confederation will become President Of EARTH, ruling the world with fear and death. Sergeant John Kozack is 29 Years old and has been serving in the Incursion Military Service for 7 years, He specialists as a Ground Assault Infantry, He lost his father in the first attack orchestrated by the Global Terrorism Confederation that event amplified his Anger and Hatred for the Terrorism Confederation. He has since decided to participate in multiple operations devised by Gemstone Island’s Ministry of Defense and I.M.S. to sabotage operations of Terrorism Confederation and assassinate its Senior commanding officers Who’s direct orders have lead to the deaths and demise of many innocent people. The U.S. army in its weak state is gathering resources and personnel to attack all of the worlds many Global Terrorism Confederation Head quarters, Command centers and Barracks and prevent it from succeeding and help other countries regain their power and control over their land and people.

CORE GAMEPLAY- Cybernetic Titan is a Single-Player First-Person Survival Shooter set in Gemstone Island’s Capital City: Advanced City and some parts of Crystalville City, It takes 1-2 hours on average to defeat all 23 waves of enemies on a chosen map. You start on wave 1 must kill all GTC enemies arriving on your location to kill you to reach the next wave beating waves unlocks new weapons and equipment which you can equip, Incursion Military Service offers a controllable unmanned aerial vehicle you can assume control of and use airstrikes, when you reach wave 23 you and Corporal McGregor will escape the location to safety and then you can choose another location to survive in. Firearms in are fully customizable with multiple modern day sights and scope attachments Examples: Red Dot sight, Holographic sight, ACOG sight, Fore Grip, Quick Draw Grip, Extended Mag & Drum mag. SKILLS- skills are permanent upgrades to your character -Max damage -Faster bandage speed -higher jump -Increased ammo capacity -Max sprint speed -Max Stamina Etc. -Max damage increases your firearms damage and makes your guns sound like lasers when discharging them.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT- Community generated maps and guns ideas can be submitted via the community forum of any map and gun you as a player would personally like to see make it into this game, there will be a separate category for maps derived from images ,map designs submitted by the community.

WEAPONS -Cybernetic Titan includes both Modern Day & World War 2 Guns & Bombs the following is list of weapons you can expect to use in Cybernetic Ttian: Ak-47, M16, AUG, As-Val, SVD-Dragunov, VSS, G36C, UMP, Makarov, Skorpion, Kriss Vector, FN-P90, ACR, Ballistic Knife, FG-42, Type 99 Nambu, Flash Bang ,Molotov ETC.

Lucky Tlhalerwa's Cybernetic Titan on Steam

Abyss of Death

Abyss of Death

Unfortunately I’m not first ;c But anyway the game itself is rather nice. It still could be better but i enjoyed it. After playing for 1h i completed only 4 levels so there is a lot more to do for me ;p (based on the “20 levels” trailer ). I found about this game on reddit when devs posted some test trailer or smth, i was like - “well let’s add this to wishlist it’s not so expensive” and to be honest i don’t regret this (yes i only played 1h as for now but the gameplay is good anyway). When it comes to the Devs studio (“Vainture studio” as they call it ) after some research (visiting their socials xd) i found that’s their first game so :

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

great game for that price!

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Abyss of Death on Steam

Arma 3

Arma 3

i have around 4500 hours in this game over around 2 year ( yesss, i got addicted over lockdown ) and have had both good and, well, bad times, however no matter what this game has been alot of fun, from spending 2000+ hours learning how to fly a hummingbird to spending alot of hours learning how to CQC in altis life.

this is not a game you can just play and understand in a few mins, you’ve got to put time and effort into it.

theres a variety of modes to play and alot of downloadable mods that can make the experience best for everyone depending on what you want.

Real player with 4562.5 hrs in game

One of the best purchases for video games i ever made. While yes the engine is a little bit buggy at times, this game is by far one the best wartime simulators around. Arma 3 has provided me with many hours of enjoyment either playing single player or multiplayer. The editor is a fun, great and enjoyable tool with many possibilities. This game has pretty much infinite play ability due to the modding community and the Steam Workshop. I can go on forever with many positives…

In Short:

Buy Arma 3

Real player with 1245.2 hrs in game

Arma 3 on Steam

Delta Force: Task Force Dagger

Delta Force: Task Force Dagger

I have had this game for several years now, and have never stopped loving it. I was not able to play it for a while because of that craptastic mistake known as windows 8/8.1. There would be these stupid grey lines and the crosshairs on the scope would flicker in and out, but as soon as I got my free windows 10 upgrade I’ve never been happier. Anyways more about the game. If you want a good old fashion classic of a shooter Delta Force: Task Force Dagger is for you. I would recommend ANY of the Delta Force games to even my worst enemy. Task Force Dagger is perfectly done. Sure sure the graphics are out dated and it doesn’t look like your Call of Retard Advanced Warfag, but have respect for this game. This game is pure gold, and honestly I don’t think a game like this can ever be done again, by anyone except Novalogic. More about the game. You can play as one of several SpecOps teams from around the world. Force Recon, SAS, Ranger, Pararescue, C.I.A Special Activities Division.. the flippin aussies. You are Vipper 33 and you are apart of Task Force Dagger, you mission is to shoot the duck out of abeebs (terrorist, I call them abeebs) You go behind enemy lines, destroy communications, snag documents, destroy heavy weapons, all while in (for it’s day) stunning maps. The maps are HUGE. You can venture off anywhere and discover new areas. Honestly once I was in the first mission I went to the terrorist command base and up on a mountain there was a whole nother facility that wasn’t even part of the mission, went there… terrorist don’t know how to dodge. I’ve gone roaming through out the world and have found random patrols of terrorist. I’ve discovered lakes. It’s basicly kinda like Arma on the free roam Combat Mode, except all the time. It’s true there aren’t a ton of missions, but honestly, once you buy this game, and you play it that first time… you wont care. This game is worth constant replays. Even now when I’m busy playing BF4, DOOM BFG, all of these others, I still can’t help going back to this gold mine of a game.

Real player with 27.8 hrs in game

This is more directed to those who loved playing this game back in the day all the way until Nova Logic Shut down the servers after XP service by MS had ended making the way for WIN7…

Well, guess what? Servers are back up again. So I hope you remembered your passwords to get back on Nova Logic. There are some draw backs, we will talk about the game in general. Yeah it works in WIN10, even more so in WIN7. But like all older games working in these OS’s. You may need to pull that task manager up. Because sometimes when you start it, it does nothing, and you have to force close it, to re-start it up again so the game can launch. Except were a game like Silent Hunter 3 you can do this once. Seems for this game it gets to be a common thing. Start, by pass with task manager, re-start, game launches, close game, may need to repeat this. Now they did not improve on the graphics. Since the game runs 640x480 at the game menu, then launches to what ever you set it(max is 1020x768), you may need to turn down the desktop to help it out to do the resolutions switch. I set mine to 1600x900 and it is working like this.

Real player with 27.0 hrs in game

Delta Force: Task Force Dagger on Steam

Delta Force: Xtreme

Delta Force: Xtreme

It’s a reload of the original but it does come with a few downers. Getting extra health and ammo is easy just look for the red and blue boxes on your gps or map. There are extra missions and this one is challenging but not too challenging or you might have to work to hard to play the game lol! It does need save points and a few more health power ups since bad guys come from out of nowhere and wax you. You can’t assume you’ve cleared a part of the map or territory or you’ll get waxed. For anyone into FPS I very highly recommend this one!!!! Besides needing save points it could also use a few more weapons. There is a mp5sd3 but no mission truly allows it.

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

Not played DFX for years, just bought it for nostalgia only, myself I enjoy some mindless shooting for 1\2 to an hour of fun. Lets face it Novalogic had its day with DF, DF2, DFLW ect great games in there day then with a new engine brought out BHD (Blackhawk Down) full servers great cumminity ect, then it was followed with Joint ops + esc drivable vehicles and helicopters even 100 people servers now that was great, then things turned for Novalogic downwards a game called Angel Falls never seen the light of day.Now less of the past both DFX games are sad cash ins, now thats my opinion for failing company.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Delta Force: Xtreme on Steam

Delta Force

Delta Force

არ მოვიტყუები და Delta Force შემთხვევით ვნახე, ანუ რაღაცაზე გამახსენდა და დამაინტერესა, გავიფიქრე სასაცილო იქნება ეს ძველი თამაში თუ არიის მეთქი სტიმზე და ერთი კი არა ყველა ყოფილა XD მთელი ნოვალოგიკის თეკა.

ყველას ვინც 90-ებში ვგეიმერობდით გვაქვს მოგონება თამაშებზე: Doom, Dune 2000, Age of Empires 2, Half-Life და ა.შ. Delta Force-ც ერთ ერთი მათგანია, თითქმის ყველას ქონდა მგონი ნათამაშები რომელიმე ნაწილი. მიზეზი მარტივია, დღევანდელი სტანდარტებით თამაში AAA კლასისაა თავისუფლად.

ახლა თვითონ თამაშზე, როგორც ყოველთვის მაღალ სირთულეზე დავხურე, ზოგიერთი ტური ადვილად გავიარე მაგრამ ზოგიერთმა უბრალოდ სისიხლი გამიშრო, განსაკუთრებით დიდ გაშლილ სივრცეებში რომლებიც ვითარდება, 600 მეტრზე ზევით სნაიპერით რამდენიმე გასროლა მიხდება რომ ტყვიის ტრაექტორია დავიჭირო და მიზანში გავარტყა და მტერი ხანდახან ერთ ტყვიაში მკლავს ხოლმე კილომეტრიდან. ხო, ტყვიის ტრაექტორია, თამაში 98 წელს გამოვიდა და ტყვიის ტრაექტორია გააჩნია, წვრილმანი დეტალია მარა ძალიან სერიოზულად (და დადებითად) მოქმედებს თამაშზე. ზოგიერთი იარაღი მეტწილად უსარგებლოა სპეციფიური მისიების იქით. ასევე არ მუშაობს მოძრაობის სენსორიანი ნაღმი და ასაფეთქებელი, როგორც გავარკვიე ადრეულ პატჩებში ამოიღეს დეველოპერებმა რადგან ხალხი მულტიფლეიერში სპამავდა და რუქას ჭედავდა, მაგრამ რატომღაც მისიების საწყის აღჭურვილობად დარჩა და ასევე არჩევაც შეიძლება რაც რა თქმა უნდა უსარგებლოა. მაგრამ გამომდინარე იქიდან რომ ამ აღჭურვილობით სულ რამოდენიმე მისიას იწყებ, მაინც და მაინც არაა პრობლემური, ყუმბარებიც კარგად აფეთქებენ. არ გამოვტოვოთ რუქის ელემენტიც, კარგია დიდია მაგრამ თუ დააკვირდებით რელიები მეორდება რაც საკმაოდ აკნინებს ჩართულობას და ასევე ზოგიერთი დავალება ერთი და იმავე რუქაზე მეორდება (არა იგივე ლოკაციაზე თეოორიაში).

Real player with 20.3 hrs in game

Delta Force, the game which revolutionised the FPS shooters and started the entire military shooter genre.

Delta Force is an old military simulator from 1998, developed by Novalogic, a company which was developing simulators for US Military. The game has clearly aged quite well graphically, but the AI is quite good and the capabilities of the engine are stunning even for modern standards. The engine supported huge, infinite maps thanks to voxels. They may look a bit blocky for modern gamers, but it still looks good.

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

Delta Force on Steam

Military Life: Tank Simulator

Military Life: Tank Simulator

I like this, but This is not Tank simulator!!

I like the touch of turning tank… Its like Tanks in CoD UO… Iam quite sure U guys have been playing that, with tanks…??

But… Could u please please please, make keyboard and mouse configurable… Not all of us use WASD!!!

I Really prefer to be able config my own way…

Real player with 55.0 hrs in game

Given the release date, it should not look this bad. It also should not handle this badly either. Thank God I got this game as part of a humble bundle deal, cause $5 is not what this game is worth.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Military Life: Tank Simulator on Steam