The community is all over the place but quick summerise Vikings and Samurais are both tryhard teams while knights are trying but they are also just having actual fun so imma switch to them when I feel like it.

All the characters are fun and look good but it’s up to perspective i can’t play Nobushi for the life of me but Kyoshin i can kick ass on, try a few and decide yourself, i would wish for rep 5 and under people would be allowed to just try any character because of how many characters there are now but doesn’t really matter.

Real player with 627.8 hrs in game

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Even though I have a lot of time in this game its only because it is the only one of its kind. The community is so toxic and horrible (but that goes with most games especially ubisoft ones) but that is only part of the problem. People join games with high pings and dominate because for some reason a guy sitting at 300 ping is still good to play? They recently changed the game from a reaction based game to a reading based (meaning instead of reacting to what your opponent does you have to predict and punish what you think they will do since most of the attacks are unreactable). Queue times are around 3-4 minutes for the most popular playlist (dominion) and even though you get in, your team is filled with people who don’t care to play the obj but just go for kills despite game modes (1v1, 2v2, deathmatch, etc) being designed specifically for that but people don’t platy those modes. Often times you will get teams full of the meta character or some 4man stack teams who no life the game to the point that they can take you 100-0 in a matter of seconds without giving you a chance to fight back or get revenge (which doesn’t work half the time) with the help of heavy stagger and pinning attacks. You get almost no reward for playtime (the in game currency ranges from 20-50 a game with the challenges offering 250 max per although most often they are 150 for things like “playing 12 games as a vanguard character”) with items costeing 7k for a finisher or emote and upt to 10k for other cosmetic items. It is a fun game sometimes but most of the times it is a sweat fest where you cannot chill on.

Real player with 475.5 hrs in game

FOR HONOR™ on Steam

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry…where do I start?

When I first heard about the game in late 2012, I knew I’d be hooked. Unfortunately, my computer couldn’t run it at the time. Flash forward to when I had a new computer come May/June of 2013, and I was having the time of my life! Foolhardy, yet visceral combat, amazing voiceovers, and the most in-depth melee combat I had ever seen at the time…it was remarkable. The combat was very in-depth, yet nobody was quite above anyone else at the time. Timing and footing was everything. My goal as a player at the time was to reach level twenty, and unlock all veteran helmets for each of the four classes. (Keep in mind that there was zero customization at this point in time, apart from switching from default to veteran helmets, which didn’t work half of the time)

Real player with 1222.1 hrs in game

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After all these years, reaching level 54, I cannot recommend the game. I have 500+ hours on this, and all I can think of is remembering the good times. I hate this game so much because I used to love it to the point it became my most played game for almost one year. I’m gonna tell you why you should avoid this game that has become deteriorated over time (and has become less valuable than it was at release):

The good times, that was when this game didn’t have regular crashes (it had none in fact). Now it crashes EVERY FIRST TIME you join the game, you Alt+F4 and then you have to again load the game. THEN it’s very likely the server you wanted to join is full. You have to wait. Then it’s possible that it crashes at the character screen etc… It’s also possible to simply crash mid-game. I once had over 16 crashes while waiting for the server list to load. This never happened at the start.

Real player with 843.2 hrs in game

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on Steam

PrePaladin Wars

PrePaladin Wars

It was a fun experience. I encountered some small bugs. Sometimes, it felt like enemies die without me hitting them. Also, the game could minimize. I think it is because I have two monitors. However, I did not become bored.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

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PrePaladin Wars on Steam

Tales of War

Tales of War

Originally from The Battle For Conwy Castle

Tales of War is an indie game remake in development made by Qendajar.

A medieval pvp game where you have to capture all the flags to win. Players can choose between a wide range of 20 classes in a 50 vs 50 players map.

Tales of War on Steam

The First Templar - Steam Special Edition

The First Templar - Steam Special Edition

Surprisingly addicting game. Too bad it’s overlooked.

The graphics are dated, really dated, and you can tell that right away. But somehow, the game itself does not appear to be ugly - the game doesn’t try to be anything else but a good and easy linear adventure. But in general, the graphics are STATIC. As in, there’s no wind, trees are frozen in time and space, no physics, no discernible effects on the environment by your actions.

The story is extremely easy to follow though. No need to memorize names, locations and tons of redundant quests. And there’s an abundant amount of history to enjoy. I’m not sure how much of it is concrete though.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game

Don’t buy into the low meta-critic score of this game. Those reviews do point out problems that this game has, but at the same time most write that the game is enjoyable.

If you are a fan of historical RPG, and are willing to overlook some technical flaws, you will enjoy this game.

First off, I just finished my first playthrough of the game. It took me 20-something hours. Here are my impressions:

Worst problem:

character animations. They feel unfinished. Most characters walk around stiff, as if they are only held upright due to some painful shaft stuck up… I was surprised to see the finishing credits showing a team of 5 character animators. They really dropped the ball on this one. However the combat finishing move animations are very satisfying to watch.

Real player with 24.9 hrs in game

The First Templar - Steam Special Edition on Steam



Awesome story catches your attention and very quickly you get to that point where you “must know what is next”.

Graphics and effects are really nice especially in combination with nice range of different attack moves.

Before you jump into game pay attention when playing tutorial, for some people lot of keyboard/game options may be too much.

I’m looking forward to see next episode of this game and how story will go on!

Thumbs up for this project 3

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Beside of interesting and challenging side scroller, this game is a pure showcase of enthusiasm, hard work and effort. Well done One Life Games!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Berserker on Steam



I’d say that a large amount of the reviews are simply unfair hate with possible neglected attention when it comes to settings.

To get it out the way, you can change the language to English via the Configuration Launcher, Its in a dropdown menu in the 2nd Tab I think. As for Frames it should be fixed by turning off the VSYNC, if you still have issues turn of some of the extra options like Anti Alias AO Shading etc ie things with an OFF option. Adding “Run in compatablility mode” is supposed to also help with issues, I did this to all 4 .exe’s just to be sure. Also bear in mind that while Frames may be low in the Tavern, they are usually good in the actual game (or at least they were for me).

Real player with 87.3 hrs in game

The game has already been released back in 2006 and recieved a new makeup on Steam as well as on PS4 and XBox One.

I bought and played the Xbox 360 version a few months back and I enjoyed the game. On the Xbox 360 the game sometimes simply froze and I lost 30-60 minutes of gametime which made playing this game very frustrating sometimes.

For fans of Koei games I can be very Brief: This game is a mix between Dynasty Warriors and Kessen. It has more strategic elements than Dynasty Warriors because you decide which troups you command or if you go all out by yourself (usually not recommended). There are certain strategic points you should follow but also can achieve a victory by your own strategy. Some quests however demand to follow a certain order to siege on enemy camps.

Real player with 77.5 hrs in game

BLADESTORM: Nightmare on Steam



Patch Update: Patch 4.0.4 has really done wonders. Villager AI is much improved. The cap for skirmish maps is now 499 (unfortunately, still just the one map :( ), Units make much more “order recieved” noise (however it does seem to be location based, if you don’t have your screen near your units you still don’t hear anything) and it seems most of the outstanding bugs have been squashed.

At 75% off this game is a steal.

Patch Update: As of patch 3.9.2 the game has really begun to take a good form. You can increase the unit count in Skirmish maps (max was 99, now is 149), the campaign (which is almost bug free as far as completion goes) is easy enough with the current 99 cap imo. The tooltips in both the UI and unit feedback is much improved. You can finally set your hotkeys to what you want. (units are still a bit too silent for my liking, not gamebreaking though) There are still some things that aren’t explained fully during gameplay, (the upgrade button comes to mind) but most of those are easy enough to figure out on your own.

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

This is horrendous, I keep coming back to this game every few weeks (now months, less and less) hoping some of the main bugs have been fixed. I really enjoy playing it although the wall-building bugs can be enough to drive you insane, I somewhat got used to play around the bugs and limitations.

What really drives me away from this game every time however are the crashing bugs, I have been stuck on that one mission for about half of the time I’ve played this game (the one where you have a couple villages to help and a big enemy citadel to take down - I think it’s the 3rd mission or so). Why? Having to restart it over and over and over, all for the same result: game crash. And don’t count on using save games either, loading them will also crash the game.

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

Citadels on Steam

Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade

[Edited again to respond to My.Com’s Ishtrall]:

Still, wouldn’t a [publisher] tag be more accurate and appropriate? Even if the publishers and developers coordinate together (as one would expect), the [Developer] title is not truthful, as whenever the CMs and Mods make excuses about not being able to make any fixes or changes themselves, they say, as you just demonstrated here, below: ‘all we can do is pass on your feedback (we’ve re-labeled as sentiment) to the developers’.

Personally, I prefer Discord, as most players already use this with their houses and alliances. I recognize wider and diverse feedback is needed to help improve the game, so wherever players can report the issues is applicable, I do expect acknowledgement of their reporting on WHATEVER platform, rather than constant announcements to “buy this new cosmetic set” etc. as all we often see.

Real player with 2907.6 hrs in game

I have over 1300 hours into this game. It is about as healthy and addictive as Heroin. This is not a game for people with limited gaming time. It is the most expensive free to play game I have ever encountered. In fact it is the most expensive game I have ever encountered with over $1500 in micro purchases trying to keep up with the pack. That is over a buck an hour play time. My buddy spent over $2000 before he quit and uninstalled the game. It delivers lots of excitement and lots of variety. BUT what it does not deliver is respect for its users. They set up quests that require players to be available at certain times to access the events needed to complete the quests. It is not uncommon to find oneself waiting for more than 20 minutes for a field battle to start even though they state on the screen typical wait time is 2 minutes. Other companies use systems that estimate wait time much more precisely. IF they cannot provide a PVP battle within a reasonable amount of time and it is needed for quests they should offer it in a PVE mode. I can’t count how many weekly quests I missed owing to the long waits to get into battles. No other game have I encountered such wait times. We all don’t have the luxury of being available 24/7. It is the stingiest company/game I have played when it comes to items and rewards. It seems magically engineered to slow down player progress to the point they will be happy to grab a micro purchase to speed up what become monotonous quests. I have never been an advocate for games with micro sales that give players advantages. They usually engineer them to make it discouraging for players who do not purchase in game. A good example is ho they make no provision for members to finish or buy out daily or weekly quests and collect the pries using game resources which are critical to progress. So week after week I found myself paying from $5 to $15 buying out weeklies. They are designed to suck cash out of your pocket. If not they would have allowed members to work at their own speed and not forcing them to pay real money to buy out the remaining quests. Having a premium account is fine. But having a hand out at every corner looking for gold is not exactly a member service. It is the worst of game marketing. Gamers should not put up with it.

Real player with 1364.3 hrs in game

Conqueror's Blade on Steam

Goblin Rush

Goblin Rush

Watch my video here

**Played on the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite with Index controllers [/b}

Graphics are not bad for a free to play game. It clean and sharp. It’s colourful. No ray tracing or gorgeous lighting effects so don’t expect much.

Audio sounds great, but some of it is missing. An example is there are no crossbow sounds.

The gameplay is repetitive very quickly. A good amount of levels to enjoy. You have a knife and a crossbow. Your goal is to make it out the other end of this dungeon crawler.**

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Experienced on the Oculus Rift

I guess you could call this a dungeon crawler … if you’re being generous. It plays just like a wave shooter (with set pieces though), where you can use the saddest crossbow or a knife. You select one of 10 levels (once you beat a level the next one unlocks). You get stars … for your score killing & breaking everything). Teleport is the only locomotion, there is no snap or smooth turning.

This game is so bad that I won’t even do a video review for it or a Steam Curator review. I’d hate to bring this curse upon my channel. The only good thing I can say about the game is that I didn’t experience any bugs and it seemed to be running smoothly. Everything else was horrible.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Goblin Rush on Steam