Just Cause™ 3: Multiplayer Mod

Just Cause™ 3: Multiplayer Mod

Hello, I’m Charley Tank and if you don’t know who I am then I’m a Tester for nanos the creator of JC3MP. I have been playing this wonderful game Since before the first public beta it has come a long way since that day. I have spent countless hours recording videos on the test server I also Recorded the Trailers for the Beta release and the Steam release so I’m quite Familiar to this wonderful game. This is a video of scrapped trailer footage some made it and some didn’t but it was all so fun to record and I would do it again over and over 10 times.

Real player with 352.2 hrs in game

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This is an awesome mod that takes an already awesome singleplayer experience with a big open world and lots of weapons and vehicles to have fun with, and then lets your friends join in on the fun exploring, battling each other, and more.

One of the most awesome things is the scripting capability, allowing you to add many of your own custom features, gamemodes and more into your server.

I run a server called “Gaveroid’s - Explore, Discover, Destroy”, and we have taken big advantage of this scripting capability to add in loads of customization options (many of which are saved and restored between connections), features like our YouTube Cinema, our car radio, and more.

Real player with 280.0 hrs in game

Just Cause™ 3: Multiplayer Mod on Steam

The Wall

The Wall

(Beta tester)

What can I say? This game is a really cool concept of a wall separating two teams. It’s pretty simple for new players to get the hang of! The economic system of energy, crystals, and wood lets you progress within 10 minutes to have all weapons and tools unlocked. There are recon drones (pretty useful), trip wires (hilarious to see enemies panic as things blow up around them), and even mortars for long-range engagement.

The gunplay takes some getting used to, but is decent overall. You can build gigantic bases, dig trenches, put up arrow turrets, and build barricades for defense.

Real player with 56.3 hrs in game

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The game itself is very unique in comparison to others. You can build, destroy, plan strategic defences and attacks, all while having a good time and making new friends along the way in a multiplayer/coop FPS game, of which can have one of many outcomes.

This game takes all of the qualities of other games of which I love and puts it all into one, fast OR slow paced game of which are both fun routes to take, combat-oriented alongside planning for both defences and attacks. And the building/destroying/digging mechanics which can be used to build literal sky scrapers or dig trenches as deep as you could imagine.

Real player with 40.3 hrs in game

The Wall on Steam



14/10/2019 a little update .. don’t listen too the ones that have only put in few hours of game play .. the game is fine .. it not burry at all .. good graphics .. plus guns do work very well and their many other players is this game … best place to find them is on discord .. also the ones that have put a bad reviews .. is they have no skill and lost many matches lol

hey all battle royale fans .. this VR based battle royal game .. is awesome and very easy to get in to and play .. no matter what skill level you are in VR FPS games .. this game works for all levels .. their is one big map at moment .. with four gun types SNIPER / M16 / SMG / SHOT GUN .. the game dose allow you to solo player or duo play as a two man team .. you can set you gun up on a gunstock .. like a protube .. there are tons of loot around the map for you to find and make your your self better armed and harder to take down .. match will last no longer than 20 min’s .. good system for back pack so you can see all you loot and how many health packs you have left to use .. there is more plan for game .. like more guns .. a option for those that want more hands on with their gun .. like loading bullets in to gun & throwing nades .. they are looking at creating some more maps .. but to see the road map plans for this game .. you’ll need to hope on to discord to find out more info .. i give the game a big ten stars .. P.S dont forget to enter your email .. if your want to take part in tourneys …

Real player with 208.7 hrs in game

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I love this game, I’m a bit of an old timer when it comes to games and I do love first person shooters and I love VR. I have bought almost all of the shooters on the market but for me this one stands out (no pun intended :)) above them all because of its mechanics, they are very easy to master.

I find the game to be super easy to pick up you just point and click to pick up your weapon and ammo and everything else you need, but one of the things I really like is the ability to climb over or onto obstacles, its a very simple mechanic of grab with your left hand and move over or up, in other games of a same nature I have found it quite hard and finicky to master this skill and in the heat of battle it can make a big difference, to me anyway. Now it’s not perfect there are a couple of things I’d like to see changed, like the waiting map before you start the game proper, I would like to weapons added to this stage so as to keep you interested while you wait for the game to start proper, sometimes in game if your adding something from your inventory to your weapon like a sight and you happen to be standing over weapons or other items on the floor you can accidently pick up what ever your standing over, but to be fair to the devs I think they are looking at making some changes in the waiting area and the accidently changing weapons I think is probably my fault lol

Real player with 51.0 hrs in game

THE LAST PLAYER:VR Battle Royale on Steam



A game about fighting other ships in a space arena with your very own spaceship.

At first, the game appeared to be very simple with a somewhat odd interface design. However, it was very addictive to play as there were many different weapons and ship parts that could all be upgraded with the ingame currency. The bots were challenging which made it even more interesting. The game was not hugely popular but you would still meet one or two players from time to time in the online servers.

However, this all changed over night. The interface is still a sore spot as it has gone from initially being unintuitive to becoming overly complex in nature. The developers had apparently decided to overhaul the entire game based on a couple of opinions on their discord servers. The game is now largely abandoned. To a greater extent than before. Weapon and ship parts can nolonger be upgraded and there are not nearly as many interesting weapons. The bots are stupid, too easy to beat and they only sometimes function like they are supposed to. The bots also have less weapon variety than before so there is not much strategizing to be done. The ingame currency is repeatedly deleted from your account which doesn’t help at all. The points awarded ingame has been decreased. On top of this, the mods have selectively begun to delete or ignore posts from their steam page whilst still taking credit for the ideas in those posts.

Real player with 20.3 hrs in game

long story short: to get rid of illegally sold keys the dev banned all keys by mistake, including those purchased/obtained legitly.

lots of users posted negative reviews because they got upset, the dev commented their reviews with this statement:


I made an honest and accidental mistake in revoking all keys, which also caused the lost key in your case. To fix that I am doing everything I can. E.g. contacting Steam, Trying to make the game free, setup an mail account Whitelist on SG etc. It was never my intention.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Evolvation on Steam

Stars End

Stars End

So far, I have played Stars End for approximately 152 hours (that number will keep going up)

The game has a lot of potential and I would love to see that the finished state is going to be like.

Currently the game feels like its being pulled in all sorts of directions (just like the word it’s and its, the MS Word spell checker can’t decide which is right) The game starts off being way off into the future, where mankind has not annihilated its self yet, which in recent times feels like we are close to just that. You are drop to the planet with nothing except the clothes you wear, you have to forage and craft your way through, you can do it on your own or with friends. There are some problems and they are being worked on. (Also if we keep finding and reporting the bugs and or problems, the dev’s can fix them even if some might take longer than others)

Real player with 462.0 hrs in game

My thorough review/basic guide…

I started on world wide server #1 PvP. Big mistake! I landed on the green planet, got out of the scout ship and lasted about 30 seconds… gunned down by a ship piloted by one, Riley McKenzie!

Then I did w w server #2 PvE and did the Prologue. It’s perfect for my tastes; exploring, building and learning many invaluable hints from others and helping the community in kind. You’ll notice there’s no tech tree or EXP limit to what you can build except for the supplies needed to build it. Harvesting with a pickax is like most survival games and it gets easier with better tools though. On to my experience…

Real player with 253.0 hrs in game

Stars End on Steam

Nether: The Untold Chapter

Nether: The Untold Chapter

Самого активного игрока в игре заблокировали, просто потому, что какие то идиоты не наигравшие даже 10 ч в игре кинули репорт, слов моих нет. Разработчики выпустили сырой продукт без рабочего античита, который нахрен не нужен ,и служит только для вида. За всё время в игре менялись только иконки ИКОНКИ бл*ть и даже элементарные вещи которые надо было фиксить уже давным давно ,до сих пор не иссправлены. За что я отдал деньги? Где ваша совесть ? Разработчики этой игры даже не выясняют ,они просто банят за репорты ,первый раз вижу что- бы в игре с “античитом” банили просто за одни только жалобы. И плевать они хотели что есть игроки которые играли с 2014 года и просто умеют блин играть! Спасибо вам за ваш шедевр 1 из 10000….. Хотел увидеть в этом проекте что-то новое но увидел только переделанное и никакой работы вы не делаете и это факт! Вы просто хотели срубить бабла это тоже факт , у вас нет никаких идей ,чтобы воскресить эту игру ,тупо игра не протянула даже 3 месяца ,онлайн скатился от 20 человек если считать с момента релиза и до 0 . Как после этого можно говорить что эта игра хотябы не плохая? Им насрать на своё же сообщество. ОХХ игра умерла и врятли её что-то спасёт , брать или нет это решать вам ,но я этот “кал” не посоветовал бы.

Real player with 295.7 hrs in game

If the wall of text is too much, there is a simple TL;DR at the bottom to give you my condensed thoughts on the game.


As a Beta tester, I’m obligated for transparency reasons to mention I received my key for the game for free, under the pretence that I would test builds leading up to the release of the game, and my key was carried over into the initial Steam release, as a gesture of thanks from Fredaikis AB.

Now, with the Obligatory disclaimer out of the way so you know where I stand.

Real player with 52.4 hrs in game

Nether: The Untold Chapter on Steam

BattleRush 2

BattleRush 2

I just played Battlerush 2 for a few hours and had a good time, considering it’s a very early version.

To start off with the elephant in the room, I must admit it felt strange to see “Battlerush 2” announced, after the first part got stuck in a beta state without any updates in the last months. Since a few friends and me already spend a few bucks for the DLCs to BR1, it looked like a fishy business strategy to release part two at this point.

The price of BR2 convinced me to buy it anyways. Many people disliked the simple graphics of the first part and never gave it a fair judgement, so a “fresh start” can be justified to a certain degree in the end.

Real player with 41.8 hrs in game

With a great idea we have a great game!

For me BattleRush 2 is fantastic, I always liked to have freedom in games and in this game I have a lot. In this game I have the freedom to attack, build, strengthen the base or create my own base, or work to have my own war tank.

The graphics are excellent and the constructions are totally destructible, you can put dynamite and blow up everything you see, and I really really like doing it :D

Some adjustments are required, but we are only at the beginning of the game and one of the most positive points is that the game has daily updates with bug fixes, textures, sounds and more and we can suggest these changes through the group at Discord and that is wonderful.

Real player with 23.6 hrs in game

BattleRush 2 on Steam

The Yellow King

The Yellow King

I have reviewed this game multiple times but I’ve finally decided to give up on it.

RATING - 4/10

ART - 7/10

STORY - 0/10

GAME PLAY - 5/10


Short version~

Pros and cons


1. Developers are active listen to the community and want the best for the game.

2. Art is unique and has a niche about it that isn’t seen often.

3. Possibly a positive is if you like H.P lovecraft universe.

4. Main idea of a MMO dungeon crawler is unique and fun.


1. Not enough content for the price, maybe 1-4 hours of content if you push it.

Real player with 250.2 hrs in game

W grze możemy znaleźć Overworld(otwarty świat) jak i dungeony, które obecnie są głównym priorytetem graczy.

Dungeony są podzielone na trzy wersje: solo, group i guild. Layout tych dungeonów jest taki sam dla każdego gracza co pozwala na wymianę informacji z innymi graczami gdzie znaleźliśmy dany item. Layout dungeonów zmienia się co 24h po tak zwanym resecie.

Aktualny system sterowania nie jest najlepszy lecz idzie się do niego przyzwyczaić, nie będę się o nim rozpisywał bo niedługo będzie całkowicie zmieniony na lepsze.

Real player with 182.8 hrs in game

The Yellow King on Steam

武侠乂 The Swordsmen X

武侠乂 The Swordsmen X


Absolutly garbage combat system. when you swing your sword it feels good but movement is sluggish, clunky, and frustrating. Fast weapons dominate because smamming guard break and then mashing mouse1 is the best way to play. when you actually see an ememy they will just back off and heal non stop while you are stuck in their “combat mode” walking towards them at the speed of a snail. also you can move while healing so they just back off and walk backwards while healing. You can spend all your stamina to dash to them but then they just stun lock you and laugh. think of all the worst parts about darksouls combat rolled into one without any of its smooth and effective style. whoever made this has no fucking clue what they are doing.

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

Okay, so it’s early days for this game but I think it shows incredible promise.

What I like:

  • The graphics. They’re gorgeous!

  • The theme and setting. Martial arts Kung Fu and weapons in ancient China. Fantastic!

  • The way you learn and customise your own martial art style as you play the game. I really think that this is a brilliant system than works very well in tangent with the setting.

What needs to be improved:

  • The servers. The game needs EU servers, which it currently lacks. The US servers don’t seem to work. One’s only option at the present time is to play on the China servers, which results in often crippling lag that can make the combat unresponsive and inaccurate.

Real player with 20.4 hrs in game

武侠乂 The Swordsmen X on Steam

Age of Ascent

Age of Ascent

The year is 2176 and humanity has been forced to abandon the earth and rise into space, to start a new civilisation. Faster-than-light travel and communications have been achieved, and now it is time to help build the new world and fight for your way of life.

Age of Ascent is a truly massive multiplayer space game set in a vast galaxy, where you can play solo or join an alliance to explore and advance in an ever-evolving sandbox environment. It features six degrees of freedom direct-piloting real-time battles with thousands of ships; millions in the same galaxy, an entirely player-driven economy, deep strategy, and multi-device support.

We’re using the real Milky Way star catalogue and as much real science as we possibly can to provide a vast galaxy to explore, but with a unique custom visual style. We provide deep game play that encompasses all components of strategy-based and first-person sandbox MMO games where players interact with each other and the universe.

We’ve held regular playtests of the real-time dogfighting module, as we tweaked and optimised the combat code and physics engine. All that work - the most critical layer to get right - is finished!

We have now moved on to the core components of the rest of the MMO experience, ranging from trade/industry and missions, NPC AI & 3D pathfinding algorithms to the new, full UI, incorporating build-your-own cockpit and multi-device support:

  • Real-time, epic, direct-piloting battles using our brand new cloud-based distributed MMO architecture that can support thousands of players in the same battle

  • Everyone plays in the same universe, even across devices

  • Multiple ship classes and modular ship loadouts

  • A fully player-led economy from resource gathering to manufacturing and trading

  • Exciting and rewarding galactic exploration

  • Play solo or in groups, larger than you’ve ever seen before

  • Player vs Environment (PvE) mission running and Non-Player Character Faction AI

  • Alliances and Clans large or small as you wish, with sophisticated management and access tools

Once we get all of the initial gameplay framework up and running, we will start to layer in enhancements and further depth of play:

  • New ship and hull classes (science ships, support ships, drone carriers, weapons platforms, minelayers and minesweepers, stealth recon)

  • Build and manage space stations

  • Claim territories and build an empire in space

  • Deep and involving storyarcs that will play out over days, weeks and months

  • Build your own multi-device cockpit

  • Multi-player options for co-operative capital ship flying

  • Banking and advanced currency exchange systems

  • Full set of player APIs and extension libraries

  • Advanced control and display device support (such as Oculus Rift)

  • Player-operated tournament arena combat and racing zones

  • Multiple language localization

Age of Ascent on Steam