PixelJunk™ Shooter

PixelJunk™ Shooter

PixelJunk Shooter is a twin-stick shooter, with a very big focus on physics (specifically fluids). While exploring the underground caves of a planet, you’ll have to interact with lava, water, liquid metal, ice and rock in order to save the scientists who are now trapped.

The story is basically that. You’re in a ship, trying to save every scientist. And also collecting hidden gems. Whole it may seem a game about exploration, it didn’t quite get to that point, in my opinion. But more on that later.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

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PixelJunk Shooter is, as the name suggests, a shooting game. You control a yellow ship which is sent to help out some scientists on a planet in which after alot of digging something went wrong. The story is told when you rescue certain survivors, colored ones, which upon pickup will show up a text screen telling something that happened previously during the excavations. You progress through the game by picking up gems and survivors which will then unlock new areas for you to play. Gameplay wise the ship control is really smooth and satisfying with a some pretty decent shooting, your ship has 2 standard attacks, one that shoots projectiles if you keep tapping the attack button and if you hold it down you’ll launch homing missiles. The level design and the visuals are pretty well done, considering it’s a 2D game and as you progress to later levels the difficulty really ramps up at a fair pace keeping the game challenging even when you already master the game. Besides having to kill enemies on each level and rescuing survivors and gathering gems you’ll find yourself most of the times trying to solve some sort of puzzles in which you need to manipulate various type of terrain either it is ice or rock and liquids such as water and lava or even gas or deadly black goo. Overall PixelJunk Shooter is a pretty fun game to play when you’re bored or if you’re looking for something casual, you can easily beat it in around 6 hours or so and it’s a pretty good time. If you’re a fan of PixelJunk games you’ll probably also enjoy this one and if you do enjoy this one but haven’t played Monsters or Eden you should totally check those two.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

PixelJunk™ Shooter on Steam

FORCED: Slightly Better Edition

FORCED: Slightly Better Edition

What separates a cheap gimmick from a solid game mechanic is that a gimmick gets used once and then gets boring or forgotten, whereas a game mechanic thrives in ever-evolving conditions, forcing the player to apply the same basic concept in different, creative and newly effective ways. In “Forced”, the unique mechanic is that you must call a little ball of light to your current position, leading it through environmental triggers that benefit you or progress your objective. While this is simple in theory, things get real messy real quick when you throw in countless enemies and your means to fight them.

Real player with 37.9 hrs in game

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FORCED is a Action Role-Playing Game heavily pushing a co-op experience.


I would say the weakest part of the game, other than some of the technical issues that some people still experience (see technical) - would be the story. It’s a very quick and short tale that leaves a lot to the imagination. I’m not saying it’s bad; simply shallow. If your goal is to find a rich story - you will not find it here.


All players have the option to play one of four classes which are determined in the entrance room to each trial room. It is also good to note that no matter the decision of the class; in most cases you will have healing spells, damage spells, and defensive spells of some kind. Other than the inherit differences between melee and ranged; the developers have done a good job at keeping most everything balanced. The true co-op experience comes into play before anyone even enters a trial; deciding who will have which spell to counter the trial mechanics. This is an element that most co-op games don’t have.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

FORCED: Slightly Better Edition on Steam



A horribly LAZY port…

$30, for a terrible, terrible port of a game that isn’t even worth $15? How do they have the audacity to charge $30 for this, on PC, when it’s such a dreadful experience to play it on PC? I mean sure, charge $15 for it on consoles or Switch where you can actually play the thing with the intended controls, but to charge TWICE what the game is worth on PC, AND then make such a terrible port, is just taking the piss


Cons: #1. No mouse support whatsoever. This is BY FAR the biggest problem.

Real player with 34.8 hrs in game

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Very fun and easy-to-play game for 2-players – we are six missions into the game and playing at Normal difficulty. I am not sure how it will scale with more players though.

We also tend to load the ammo as quickly as possible with little regard for the enemy-fired ammo, so as to overwhelm the enemy through sheer ammo numbers. Through this approach, each mission takes us about 10 minutes to complete and thus is manageable time-wise.

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

ConnecTank on Steam

Deadbeat Heroes

Deadbeat Heroes

Have given this game a thorough workout since release and really enjoyed it.


  • Beautiful, 3D retro-superhero comic book style with more than a nod to Kingsman;

  • Compelling combo-points scoring mechanic;

  • Ability to steal super powers from villans and use them;

  • Wide range of challenging baddies to fight;

  • Great animation and variety of moves;

  • Cracking script with plenty of gags and hilarious voiceovers;

  • Local co-op is a blast.


  • Controls can sometimes be a touch unresponsive;

Real player with 92.5 hrs in game

Deadbeat Heroes, a game that will give you a heroic feeling once you finish it! Unless you play in co-op - not expecting the game to get harder when another player joins … - I wouldn’t recommend this game to :dea:dbeats: the bosses are surprisingly easy, and even the final boss, Prime Sinister, is (relatively) easy, but especially the last 2 chapters took me some time to successfully complete (taking into account the required grade/score) – 10-2 & 10-3 being brutally hard in my opinion. What plays a part as well in this, are the visual explosions; it’s all very aesthetically pleasing, but that makes it harder to not get hit by hordes of enemies. Since you need to aim for a bunch of combos for the grade, being careful is rarely an option to compensate the hit chance, so there’s a bit luck involved here and there – fortunately not calling it a game that requires trial and error, because I’d estimate it’s 40% responsiveness, 30% tactics, 10% accuracy (feels like there’s an ‘aiming assist’), 10% luck & 10% fearlessness (there’s a lot at stake after some progress due to the lengthier missions, and completion = fail if you don’t achieve the required grade).

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

Deadbeat Heroes on Steam

Escape Game Fort Boyard

Escape Game Fort Boyard

This is a big improvement over the last game with more games included. I recommend it. I like the Boyard Party mode and there is nothing i dislike about it.

Real player with 31.4 hrs in game

Much better than previous version, more challenges, but still there are a lot of bugs to fix. (for example your teammate stays in the Treasure room even when the time is up.)

Real player with 20.6 hrs in game

Escape Game Fort Boyard on Steam

MARK-I: Mission Pilot

MARK-I: Mission Pilot

Good way to spend evening, with your friend! Pretty fun and intense on extreme difficulty, we wait for new levels :)

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Good shoot-em-up

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

MARK-I: Mission Pilot on Steam



Torinto is a Run N ‘Gun game that can play up to two people simultaneously, with frantic levels and a chaotic environment, players need to beat all enemies and defeat all bosses.

  • Local CO-OP for up to 2 players!

  • A boss at the end of each stage!

  • Frantic and fun combat!

  • Detailed pixel art!

Torinto is a kingdom dominated by an oppressive wizard named “Malzer”, he stole the hearts of all the inhabitants of the kingdom, but some heroes have a very strong bond with each other preventing them from being affected by the wizard’s sorcery, and together they will fight to defeat this enemy and return hearts to the inhabitants of the kingdom.

TORINTO on Steam

AIPD - Artificial Intelligence Police Department

AIPD - Artificial Intelligence Police Department

I wholeheartedly support this videogame. I have appreciated potential audience to this notice about the extreme limitations of your simulation software, and why I am only infrequently active. I will occasionally play your Asteroids-tier simulation for a span of 10 minutes, to handle the random mobs. Officially, I am requesting AIPD groups for display, and I have awesome badges that I am not “really” permitted advertisement on my profile. I love the theme of this simulation-software, which for me is a glorified version/emulation of the famous Atari videogame, yet with massively greater features and functionality. At the point of writing this review, it has been approximately 90 hours of play, per SteamPowered.com listings, with 10 minute bursts of activity. These days I drop in for 1-3 minutes to handle fine-motor control functionality, with a better interest and desire for combat-specialisation simulations. I am constantly handling “gamers-thumb” after barely any play, due to the random mobs featured in the 3D-stylised scrolling features, and I set hands after exercises in daily life, irrespective of this simulation. In my official opinion, Atari doesn’t own side-scrolling genre simulations any more than any Bullet-Hell Monday corporation. And I mean this in support: my logged hours of play have always been a “Bull-Hell Monday” of the Asteroids-tier genre. I prefer to play on hard mode, and refuse to play on easy mode, and compromise if there were ever a crew, on normal mode. I must capitalise this because there is no formatting feature: PLEASE MAKE THIS A MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE SIMULATION… (conclusively: my standard hours of play are spent on High-Tech Armada, normal mode.)

Real player with 774.3 hrs in game

SUMMARY: This is primarily a “MIXED” review, with a recommendation to buy the game only if it’s on sale. AIPD is a relatively enjoyable twin-stick shooter that should appeal to anybody who liked Geometry Wars. However, it is not a perfect game, nor is it a long game. Additionally, there are numerous features that could stand to be improved. As a result, I really can’t recommend the game at full (US $9.99) price–if you like twin-stick shooters, it might be worth it when it’s 60-80% off.

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

AIPD - Artificial Intelligence Police Department on Steam



I’m a human video game search engine. My Wishlist has 800 games on it. I watch game previews like other people watch TV, and I try probably 50 games a week. I’ve been playing video games of all sorts for 30 years. Am I bragging? Am I just sick?

No, I’m just saying as emphatically as possible that Burnstar is STILL my favorite game of all time. Not my favorite remembered game - my favorite game to play right now.

It’s better couch than Overcooked OR Lovers in a Dangerous Space-Time, let me put it that way. No exaggeration.

Real player with 109.1 hrs in game

I tend more toward puzzling than action games, and I think Burnstar has enough of both to keep a player on either side happy. Pacing and the rate at which new elements were introduced was great, I never really felt stuck anywhere for more than a few tries. That said, I have not tried to gold medal everything as I go, just getting stars and burn %. As puzzle oriented as I am, I think there is good potential for doing speed runs, and they are interesting to me because the time-delayed nature of the burning mechanic means it will take planning beyond shortest-route stuff.

Real player with 35.6 hrs in game

Burnstar on Steam

Code of Princess EX

Code of Princess EX

I have read most of the reviews about the game before the purchase and I must say after trying it out, Im totally flabbergasted by how harsh and untrue the complaints were. Yes, there are significant changes (not all good) from the previous release but overall it is STILL a bloody decent game for its time. I have played my fair share of bad games my entire life but this aint it and I often wonder if those people who condemned this game even come from the same planet I live in while I load the game up and think about what combos Im able to pull off that session.

Real player with 18.5 hrs in game

The game is just as fun as I remember, the combat systems haven’t changed. The game would have done well, if not better, if the actual 3d models were utilized instead of sprites, imo, but regardless: Now it’s all in HD, with a loading time of less then 5 seconds and smooth 60 frames (GTX 1060). I’ve been having a lot of fun with this beat-em-up port. But: With that said, there are some glaring criticisms.

-Artifacts from the original port are still there, and still outstanding. The pixelation being the most obvious, especially in the cutscenes.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Code of Princess EX on Steam