Great Game!

SpitKiss looks great sounds great, and like all of the best games has hidden depth to the game play that is required you learn to 100% the game plus levels! It’s totally worth a buy!!

The only down side is the controls with the mouse can take a bit of getting used to. Oh yeah and don’t try googling Spit Kiss like I did. Fortunately no one was around. They have a bit of an SEO problem :P

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

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Beating Spitkiss requires precision and quick reaction, just like spitting on people in real life. It’s short, moderately difficult and fun. The story is a pure cuteness overload. Can’t recommend enough to those who enjoy killing a couple of hours with adorable brainteasers.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Spitkiss on Steam

Russian Reality

Russian Reality

On the whole, it’s not a bad game. Good combat system, there are four main characters to play as. The presence of bosses is nice. And the cherry on the cake is a very rich storyline, with side quests that depend on your choice. Recommended for purchase !

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

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Cool game in which you need to fight drunks, complete tasks and complete the story. The game has many locations, skill leveling of the character and many different chips.

A very decent game for a sane price. Recommend.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Russian Reality on Steam

Bomber Bother

Bomber Bother


Trans rights, ok!

Full controller support

Endorsed by a sitting congresswoman and the guy who made Daikatana

Almost justifies the existence of Grahm Grindelwald


It’s not Rollercoaster Tycoon

On the whole I’d give this a 9/10.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

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Finally! The best part of the Greatest Game of All Time 64 is now available for Steam!

Playing as everyone’s favourite soy ferret, you send rascally bigots down a hole where they must stay until they redeem themselves of their crimes

Along the way you are helped by a cool goth sloth and a sunglasses skull, like in real life when you chase beavers

It’s basically the most complete and cohesive game since Demon’s Souls

10 trans rights out of 10

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Bomber Bother on Steam

Disney Planes

Disney Planes

A really nice game. My kids like it and it has some simple modes (free flight, balloon pop) that even smaller children can play and have fun. The graphics are nice and the controls are good. The only thing that annoys me a bit is the limited and repeating phrases during races.

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

This game is fun, you get to play as most of the main characters from the Planes movie. Story mode is pretty neat, other modes available. My biggest complaint is the on screen prompts are generic buttons, only thing that differentiates them is color. So it’s hard to tell what controls what. Game settings are just device choice, ie gamepad or keyboard; no mapping available. Using my gamepad I was able to figure out the controls, but for keyboard, it’s almost impossible. Once controls are figured out, it’s a great game.

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game

Disney Planes on Steam

Lucah: Born of a Dream

Lucah: Born of a Dream

So. Lucah: Born of a Dream is hands-down the best character action title I’ve ever played, and a game I will easily place near the top of my GotY list for 2018. Here’s why.


Lucah’s gameplay is absurdly polished, not much by indie standards, but for character action/action adventure standards period. The systems in place all feel incredible to use, and feel very meticulously crafted and refined to cater to a variety of different playstyles. Not only does it pay (incredibly good) homage to games like Bayonetta, Dark Souls and Hyper Light Drifter by means of it’s combat and general gameplay, I would happily say it gives them a run for their money.

Real player with 68.2 hrs in game

This is the only game I’ve ever backed on kickstarter using my own money so far. I told myself I’d wait until the game released to actually play it but when the developer sent me my beta key I immediately launched into playing it and kept going until I finished it. What you need to understand about this game going in is that it’s not the game you’re probably expecting from its packaging. You see a stamina bar, experience that doubles as currency, checkpoints that heal and allow levelling up, and you probably go to “oh this is a soulslike” but the reality here is that it’s more in line with a character action game. The soulslike mechanics are more like a flavoring to the bayonetta/DMC/metal gear rising sort of feeling you’re going to get from this game’s combat. The control scheme is even nearly identical to that of Bayonetta’s.

Real player with 40.7 hrs in game

Lucah: Born of a Dream on Steam



Petremay [pronounced: Peter May] is a new upcoming stylized First Person Shooter game developed by Spekktrum Studio based around the use of magic and abilities and how to use them against your enemies. There is no currently planned release date.


The year is 2026, in an alternate version of our world where magic exists and is considered a normal occurrence in society. Petremay takes place in Mirem, a fictional town located in the state of Michigan within the United States. You play as Vivian Jace, a police recruit going out onto the field for the first time. You are quickly told by Erika Redd, Mirem’s head police detective and your boss, that a cult from the 90s that was thought to be dead has come back. It is now your job to stop the cult before they take over the town using whatever means necessary.

Vivian quickly discovers that she’s part of the group of people who can utilize Magic, unlike most of her friends or family who have no magic genes. Using her newfound abilities, what she once thought was an impossible feat is now possible using her powers.

Depending on your decisions, the game will have multiple routes and endings that you can go through. Will you be the heroic savior of the town? Or will you join the cult and became a powerful force of evil that is not to be reckoned with?


Petremay is a game completely based around the use of magic and abilities. Along with normal shooter game mechanics, you will also be able to collect various powers and abilities to add to your arsenal in the game. You will be able to go invisible to avoid detection by enemies, see through walls to see exactly where the enemies are located, or you may even be able to freeze or slow down time entirely, and even then there’s still a vast amount of many more abilities to unlock throughout the game!

Petremay is also a game about choices. You can chose to go down the typical linear story laid out for you - or you can branch off into your own path. There will be at least 2 major endings to the game - you can either help the police to save the town and return it back to the safe place that it once was, or you can join the cultists and become a dictator who terrorizes citizens in the town. Every decision you make in the game will count!


At Spekktrum, we also believe in a strong sense of community. We love interacting with others inside the gaming community and we would love to see what you think of our games and what ideas or fan content you have for the game! Feel free to reach out to any of us at any time!

Petremay on Steam



Rough sketchings, nothing Fancy,

an Action Figure collects notes scattered through various stages while escaping his prison.

Not as simple as it seems.

Physic, Memory and especially Finger Nimbleness.

Trial and Error till you can understand the way out of the stage.

The base game is doable,

but the Retry of above 300+ levels can be ridiculously tedious,

not many will ‘have’ the patience and ‘can’ continue.

And seriously doubt few can really complete the game.

So very often while playing, I felt the developer had gone the extreme in creating this puzzle platform game.

Real player with 41.2 hrs in game

In Turner Bean Boy Games don’t really attempt anything that hasn’t been done before. However, the results of their game are a well executed gem has a price that screams bargain.

What is Turner?

Turner is a 2D puzzle platformer. The game is set in an an asylum with the player being inserted into the role of Turner. Turner has led a troubled past and an unstable mind. Why else would he be in an asylum? There are two movement mechanics in the game. The first is your basic set of left, right and jump. The second is a rotating/turning system. This second system rotates or turns the entire level in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction - it’s your call. You will need to quickly learn and become skillful with both mechanics as they are equally essential to complete the game. They have been well designed and work as expected.

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

Turner on Steam

Hinedere Beat

Hinedere Beat

gameplay and art style reminicent to the hikikumori no chuunibyou game, but somehow buggy-er and clumsier. jumipng is more fiddely and if you jump standing right next to a box or spikes, you do a short jump, so good luck trying to get over traps without springing them… also you better master corners in this game… but you can jump slightly later than you might think… so that’s an up side…

but theres no REAL story or anything i can really take away from this, just a bunch of threads that go nowhere, and serve no purpose. several twilight zone/inception/persona 1-esk dream-world sequences, where in the id and ego sisters rope the main character into their dirty work, while the main character seems to have an unhealthy relationship with the super ego of herself and everyone outside the group. its a cool general concept, exploring mentality…

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

I expected a good platforming game.

What I got is good platforming, pixel-sex between two girls and pseduo-philosophical dialogues.

At the end I was like “what the fuck did I just play”.

I still don’t know what I played but I had fun.

It’s a pretty good game for Achievement-horders as the achievements are not easy but pretty straightforward.

Main Game in 4 hours, 100% in 7 hours.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Hinedere Beat on Steam



Great pixel horror game! Has many rewarding endings and an excellent story to piece together!

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

Alright, here we go.

The Good:

Paranoihell carries its atmosphere very well, with a number of scares and imagery to convey the whole city falling apart in a state of madness. I’m unsure of the lore, but there does seem to be a connection to other games by Lum, notably Search Party. Though I can’t say for certain of the other. Sound direction is good, keeping a tense atmosphere the whole while, shifting whenever you’re spotted by a zombie / corrupt person, or worse. Healing can be sparse, but that only lends to both ones ability to dodge, and the sense of danger that the game carries, with only a few select items such as HP upgrades which will max out your HP.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game




All around an amazingly put together game:

*Beautiful artwork

*Catchy music

*The game play is challenging but fair (coming from a single player here, it hard).

*The story is already grabbing at me and I’ve only begun to get involved in the game play

*The playable characters seem to have diverse communications between each other depending on what ones you pick, very cool detail and well thought out

*The concept is simple, yet oddly satisfying as you crush every enemy on the screen before they fly away

Real player with 19.0 hrs in game

Starcrossed – A Kitchy Shoot-Em-Up Adventure

Starcrossed is a co-operative arcade adventure set in space. The shoot-em-up style gameplay features five playable female characters with unique styles, personalities and abilities. They must collaborate and fight their way across the solar system to defeat the evil threat that looms over the Nova Galaxy!

Overall, Starcrossed is an enjoyable little game, it works well as a couch co-op but also provides a challenging singleplayer experience. The styling is very cutesy and probably not to everyone’s tastes and the narrative and characterisation leave a lot to be desired. However, I’d certainly recommend the game to anyone that enjoys space-themed arcade shooters and likes the idea of a magical girl aesthetic.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

StarCrossed on Steam