Flockers bases on the Lemmings' game concept, but you should not expect an alike experience.

The nature of the sheep forces them to rely on the fancy abilities rather than tools that they have learnt throughout the long-term service for the worms, though there are placeable blocks they can climb. Frankly saying, the abilities are very few and the utilities too little to create diversity, but the environment makes a creative use of them, patching up a possibility of repetitiveness.

Flockers will challenge you with 66(!) levels, many of which players may find too demanding. The traps are countless, and some puzzles will keep you awake at night in search for the solution. The difficulty is especially visible when you aim to max out the game - you might start struggling at the beginning already. Because of that, I’d gladly see some saving feature, that could allow to correct mistakes or find out what contraptions do without pulling your hair out. The pause is much of help while in such trouble, unfortunately it’s far from perfect. You can’t place blocks or assign abilities while it’s active. Sometimes you have to pick a certain sheep among of an accumulated herd and if you happen to pick wrong, the whole run may go to waste.

Real player with 39.9 hrs in game

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Fresh take on Lemmings :) Think Worms Landscapes that are more diabolical, and Lemmings type of Game Play.

I loved playing lemmings when I was a child, this is the more grown-up version of it, with sheep instead of little pixilated men! Can be as gory or non-bloody if you so choose. The new environmental aspects are great, Tellaporters, gravity reversal, mines, sharp bone blades and, Worms driving Death Machines with saw blades and spikes ready to take out your flock without hesitation. Guide your Flock of sheep through the map using ability box’s you either start with or pick up along the way, to the trumpet looking exit vacuum. Making sure to do it as quickly as possible without losing too many of your sheep. Sacrifices are usually a necessity, except for rounds where you only have 1 sheep. Knowing that this game is still in Early Access stage, it’s one of the best functioning “Alpha’s” I’ve played in quite awhile.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

Flockers™ on Steam

Crossing Guard Joe

Crossing Guard Joe

Experience the thrills and spills of being a crossing guard in this action arcade game! Step into the working man’s boots of Crossing Guard Joe as he battles the combined forces of angry motorists and bureaucratic red tape.

  • The gameplay requires hands-on action and quick thinking. The drivers of Monoxide City have no respect for traffic laws, pedestrians, common decency, or YOU. They won’t stop for anything so you’ll need to be quick on your feet and able to make snap-decisions to safely shepard all the kids across the street.

  • The easy-to-learn 4-button control scheme is intuitive even to casual players. But the challenge of the levels ramp up steadily. Easy to pick up, hard to master.

  • Besides angry motorists you’ll also have to contend with the bureaucrats down at city hall hitting you with ever more strict rules regarding how many kids are allowed to get pancaked on a given day.

  • 5 days a week for 5 weeks. As you progress through the 25 level campaign you will face ever-worsening traffic conditions and environmental hazards. You start the game off with nothing but your trusty stop-sign and your pointing-arm, but as you progress you might find helpful objects, like barriers and traffic lights.

  • Your score is determined by speed, crossing-combos, and of course how many kids you manage to get across the street. Refine your strategy for each level for better scores and reach for the top spot on the online leaderboards.

Good luck out there, Joe. The kids of Monoxide City are counting on YOU!

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Crossing Guard Joe on Steam



Spirits incites feelings of calmness, relaxation and fun as equally as it does frustration. ~ 7/10

The beautiful glow effects and music give the game a sense of tranquility. However, you’ll find if you don’t enjoy trial & error, this sense of tranquility is quickly lost. Knowing the correct solution to a problem isn’t always good enough, as the game demands a certain amount of perfection in execution. Despite this, I found myself striving to achieve perfect scores on each stage, motivated to increase my World Rank which is a great feature of this game. The later stages being as difficult and sometimes unforgiving as they are makes completing them all the more satisfying. Overall, I’d recommend this if you enjoy a game that is visually/musically rich and you enjoy problem-solving/trial & error.

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

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Spirits is a short name for little ghosts that pollinate plants in a magic forest.

This amazing puzzle game is in lower levels very easy to play and turned out in the last levels as quite challenging. It reminds me mostly of Lemmings. You have either these special abilities like digging through walls (bashing), blowing other spirits over gaps or blocking wind streams as a bloated spirit which you can assign to each of them. Of course then its life is lost. The aim is to bring as much as possible of them to the great magic swirl. Additional the spirits are reacting on windstreams but mostly they must be bewared of walking or floating into dangerous spikes everwhere. Dumb as lemmings …

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Spirits on Steam

So Many Me

So Many Me

People seem to like itemised lists so here we go.


-Challenging puzzles. So Many Me really pushed and probed my brain in unexpected ways. The deceptively simple mechanics can be used in devious ways thanks to a clever rule: You use your petrified clones as stepping stones or switch-stoppers, but instead of allowing you to reclaim your clones in the more expected first-in/first out fashion, it has to be done in a last-in/first out one. This means that the most intuitive “order” of actions is incorrect and you have to learn to think in a different way. This also has the effect of constantly keeping you barely ahed of resource-starvation as you have to leave most of your available copies behind to allow you to retrace your steps when you find the key item or power-up that a certain obstacle requires.

Real player with 20.6 hrs in game

This is a great game, the art style, the cuteness, the story and even the puns.

It deffinatly isn’t for the faint hearted it requires alot of patiance and thinking outside the box. It will drive you nuts at times trying to solve the puzzles and the bosses.

There isn’t really much Killing its more so trying to work around the enemies and the enviroment but in saying that it doesnt mean there is no killing at all.

You can customize your many me’s with cute different outfits, and you also get the opportunity to be a Bird, a Jellysaur (yes thats right i said a Jellysaur!) and even a tank!

Real player with 18.5 hrs in game

So Many Me on Steam

Bunny Mania 2

Bunny Mania 2

8 / 10

Real player with 175.6 hrs in game

Bunny Mania Gaming

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Bunny Mania 2 on Steam

Moons Of Darsalon

Moons Of Darsalon

Teams of darsanauts got lost during their mining missions on the different moons of the planet Darsalon. You need to complete several rescue missions in which you will have to lead them to the closest base station. They will use their own AI to follow you and to obey your commands. On your way to the base you will have to protect them from dangers and enemies using your laser gun, jet pack, pilot ground and air vehicles, destroy terrain, and even make new paths with the ground maker gun.


  • Advanced platformer AI including dynamic terrain detection, jump force calculation, light sensitivity, inter-NPC communication.

  • Voice Commands to control companion NPCs.

  • Dynamic ground destruction and creation.

  • Full Interactive and realistic Liquid physics.

  • Realistic off road vehicle physics.

  • 8 bit music based on MOS 6581 (SID) chip from 1982.

  • 8 bit speech synthesis.

  • Unique render pipeline that combines modern lightning, 2D sprites and 3D models pixelated in real time consistently and with a restricted color palette for an authentic retro feel.

  • CRT filter.

Moons Of Darsalon on Steam




Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

I bought this looking for a good Lemmings-style puzzle game on Steam.

Inklings doesn’t blow you away, but it’s solidly good: challenging and well-made.

It’s faithful to the original Lemmings with usable controls, simple understandable mechanics, and a unique graphics style.

It’s enjoyable.

The biggest con is that some of the puzzles aren’t super elegant, requiring hacky solutions or careful timing that is annoying to get right. But, if you’re looking for Lemmings, this is as good as you’re going to get.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

Inklings on Steam

Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror can be summarized in two game titles: Lemmings and Left 4 Dead. And yet it manages to be its own thing.

For once, the aim is not to prevent the apocalypse but to make sure it happens. In order to do so, the player guides a horde of zombies that walk in a straight line (Lemmings) by giving them specialized Zombie powers (Left 4 Dead).

Lemmings had a very cool concept and it was a gaming landmark, but it did not exactly expand into a fruitful genre. The reason why is that the core gameplay loop ended up being quite repetitive after a while, because on one hand only a select few Lemmings acquired a power that allowed them to survive, and on the other hand the higher difficulty levels ended up being a tedious chore of bridge building.

Real player with 42.4 hrs in game

If you want the pros and cons skip ahead, but first I want to address some of the complaints I’ve seen about this game (and why you should ignore them).

“Difficulty ramps up too quickly” - Now there are definitely some levels that are significantly harder than the ones before it, but isn’t that kind of what you want out of a game? You might fail a level the first or second playthrough, but then you squeak out a win, and that’s much more satisfying than just blazing through every level. Some of the bonus challenges are very hard, but it’s none of them are required to actually win the game.

Real player with 31.9 hrs in game

Zombie Night Terror on Steam

Bubble Gun 3D

Bubble Gun 3D

Bubble Gun 3D is the most unique, addicting and satisfying shooting game so far!

Progress through a multitude of challenging and unique levels, shooting bubbles to knock the enemies off their platforms.

Bubble Gun 3D has simple and intuitive controls, simply aim and shoot bubbles with the mouse or gamepad. Knock all the enemies off their platforms and progress to the goal of each level to progress. Collect gems to unlock new bubble guns and choose your own custom colours.

Bubble Gun 3D on Steam



Wholesome and funny. DOGS.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

i am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

DOGS.IO on Steam