Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts

This game touched me in a way no other game did before. The gorgeous visuals and the best ost I ever heard, paired with a compelling and subtle narrative, and gameplay that is simple but engaging turns It into an experience that transcends the limitations of its own media.

The only downside this game has is that its visuals, despite being one of Its strongest points also limits its acessibility. My girlfriend is photosensitive and this game is not easy on her eyes, which is a shame, since I wish she could experience Sayonara wild hearts as well.

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

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If you haven’t played Sayonara Wild Hearts you should be in jail.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Sayonara Wild Hearts on Steam

Ys: The Oath in Felghana

Ys: The Oath in Felghana

Oath in Felghana is a phenomenal action RPG. It is the third game in the Ys series, and a remake of the original Ys III. While the original Ys III was a good game in its own right, it was also a flawed game in many ways (don’t take that to mean it wasn’t a heck of a lot of fun). Oath in Felghana not only rectifies every flaw of the original, it also improves upon Ys III in every way, all while remaining faithful to the core essence of what made Ys III such a fun and memorable game.


  • Phenomenal soundtrack

Real player with 159.9 hrs in game

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A fantastic entry in the Ys series, simply brilliant. If I had to recommend a Ys game from this generation, it would have to be this one. Ys Oath (3) takes what was created in Ys Ark (6) and refines it into high quality material. Nearly everything in this game is an improvement over the previous, which was already reasonably decent. The following is a list of great positives present in Ys Oath, with some comparisons to the previous game, Ys Ark:

Real player with 102.7 hrs in game

Ys: The Oath in Felghana on Steam



One of my favourite games of all time because:

  • Played the game on 360 years ago and recently managed to get 100% on PC

  • Guaranteed to make you feel like a badass

  • Offers easy to learn and hard to master gameplay

  • Amazing OST that I listen to mostly daily

  • Fun dialogue, bonuses and secrets

  • Memes, memes and yes more memes

  • Small and amazing community

  • Somewhat short but sweet story

  • 2 neat DLC side stories

  • Jetstream Sam is sexy

Yeah that about summarises it, oh and PLEASE use a controller. :)

Real player with 84.5 hrs in game

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Ну что можно сказать. Твёрдый слешер, который ещё доступен на ПК.

Игра, в которую я влюбился. После стольких лет, всегда.

Слешер в сеттинге киберпанка (а они обычно в фэнтези). Технически, игра не требовательна к системе, можно запускать на старом ПК. Порт получился отличный, включает все дополнения, а также бонусы после прохождения. Обычно, это доступ отдельно к катсценам, диалоги по кодекам, а также отдельные битвы с глав боссами. Последнее, ну прям топовая вещь.

Правда есть одна странная особенность этой игры. Она весит 24,6 гигов, 21,3 из которых - ролики в FullHD 0_0

Real player with 63.8 hrs in game


Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition

Personal rating: 9/10

What to expect from Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition

From the same people who brought Shantae and DuckTales Remastered among other great platforming titles we have Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition. If you are familiar with any of previous titles that should tell that you are in for a good platforming experience.

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition is a puzzle platformer with some action elements. While killing enemies is a big part on the game, it focuses a lot more on finding the five Hooligan Sisters on each level and to do that you’ll need to smart up and use a combination of thinking and reflexes to finish most levels, which are called Incidents here.

Real player with 29.1 hrs in game


I originally found out about this game because of listening to its soundtrack. Somewhere in the world, on 21st of November 2018, I bought this game and started my adventure. After getting all of the achievements and a good amount of playtime, I decided to write a review on this game. So, let’s actually start then!

I’ll write some pros/cons first, while the more detailed explanations will be put below that.


Real player with 20.8 hrs in game

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition on Steam



What will you fight for?

Furi is a top-down, boss rush, indie bullet hell action game hybrid developed by an indie studio named The Game Bakers. The game is about our protagonist, referred to as “The Stranger” by the other characters, trying to escape the jail he’s in for the “bad things” he has done.

The Jailer is the key. Kill him and you’ll be free.

[Detailed Story Analysis] The protagonist after one of his routine torture sessions, is rescued by a man wearing a rabbit mask. He tells him in order to be free, he has to kill the jailer. After this, our protagonist fights the jailers in order to regain his freedom. After each fight, there are small walking sequences, these sequences are accompanied by our rabbit masked friend, The Voice. During these sequences, The Voice tells us about the story and what the upcoming jailer did to us or what we did to him. The walking sequences are great, it builds the tension, you get to see the beautiful landscapes and listen to glorious music also learn a bit about the story.

Real player with 176.2 hrs in game

What a game. Immediately upon finishing the first boss, I knew I was in for a treat. This game is an emotional rollercoaster, resulting from the player’s own struggles to improve, the design of each fight, and possible unexpected feelings from the plot. Pardon the excessive gushing, but I think it’s proportionate to the crazy ride this has been.

This is the kind of game where you’re going die repeatedly, saying “Aghh, I could have dodged that!” There are no levels, gear, stats, or customization in this game. This might be an instant turn off for some, but this also means that there is no need to grind and that any improvements in your performance can only be attributed to your own growth in skill. There is also no penalty for dying and having to restart a fight, other than a decrease in your performance score, which takes into account the duration of the fight, how many hits you took, and how many times you died. No grind, no resources, just get back in there and try not to suck this time!

Real player with 39.5 hrs in game

Furi on Steam

Black blood

Black blood

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[N] - if Registration is required with providing PII

Stars received: 1.2/10 ___ Note: v.4 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

Game description key-points: shoot them all game with fixed positioned towers in assitance

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game


Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Black blood on Steam



Solid game. doesn’t really hand hold, learning the mechanics was simple though. music works, very emersive and sets a pace to make you want to get a better score each time. the bosses have a learning curve to them but not so much I felt annoyed. Its different, addictive and simple mechanics that will take plenty of time and fun to master, just a solid game. If you want to try something different from the typical VR formats I would suggest giving this a go.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

A great little arcade game where your move your cursor around a 360 degree dome collecting things that turn into mines if you don’t collect them fast enough and fighting mini bosses by moving your cursor in a particular way around them. It’s very simple but suprisingly fun. You have to balance fighting the miniboss against collecting the things. The only thing that I think could possibly need balanced is to collect bombs slower and maybe give the player an extra life after so many points. I’m not sure though. There are also a dozen shorter challenge modes which change up the rules up in fun ways, and since the VR community is so small I was able to place pretty high on a few of them. A very underrated unknown little VR arcadey game.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Virush on Steam



Lie on my back

Clouds are makin' way for me

I’m comin' home, sweet home

~Darren Korb, Setting Sail, Coming Home

In my reviews I often talk about just how many developers treat their games like products. Well, technically, those are the products, of course, but… you can’t create anything really beautiful just by doing your job. If you’ll do your job good enough, you may come up with a really good product, but that’ll be just that. A product. While we all know that video games can be… something more than that. Much more. When Miller brothers started creating their MYST? It wasn’t because they wanted to make a popular game. Heck, they weren’t even gamers. They just had that certain vision and they really wanted to turn it into reality. To share it with the others. To let the others dive into it and experience it together. And it’s not just words. You can clearly feel such things. From Westwood Studious' magical worlds of The Legend of Kyrandia and Lands of Lore to Cyberdreams’s I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, based on Harlan Ellison’s short story. That certain artistic touch? That special something that makes a game more than just a game? As long as you treasure it as much as I do, I want to introduce you to one of my most favorite independent developers. Please, welcome – Supergiant Games.

Real player with 41.3 hrs in game

Bastion 2012

When Bastion came out it was at the beginning of the Indie craze. People were first starting to realize that amazingly fun games could come from tiny studios with no budget. Well now in 2017 the term Indie game has all but lost its meaning both financially, and terms of team size. But at the time, a game with such deep combat, definitive flavor, and overall polish was a treat.

Bastion does a good job of grabbing you with the colorful paint-style world that appears beneath your feet as you move forward. Every action you do is narrated by a grandfatherly voice that explains the story and smaller moments. There was a time early in the game when I walked off the edge of the platforms and the narrator said “And that’s the end of the Kid’s story….I’m just kidding.” And I respawn and he says “The kid goes back for another round.” It was a charming break of the 3rd wall.

Real player with 33.3 hrs in game

Bastion on Steam

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5

This game is short, but it’s a gem for sure

between the stylish gameplay that puts all other spectacle fighters to shame, and the variety of really fun characters that are all really fun and compliment a different playstyle, and the… subpar but still really good multiplayer aspect of the some sections of the game (there’s a mod that let’s you use the co-op on all missions btw, see Nexusmods)

Once you finally get good at the game and unlock all of the moves, you can pull off some REALLY stylish combos, even I’ve managed a few

Real player with 542.8 hrs in game

I literally hate this game so much I swear to god level 10 on HaH is not even possible I have spent over 20 Hours trying to do it and if you even make one mistake you lose I hate it so much I hate this game

Real player with 120.5 hrs in game

Devil May Cry 5 on Steam

Devil May Cry® 3 Special Edition

Devil May Cry® 3 Special Edition

Most of the negative reviews here are because of technical issues that are solvable on most systems. Fullscreen works by pressing ALT+Enter (maybe not while in the menu or title screen or cutscene, but ingame), widescreen support is available via a hack. On some systems, the resolution may be limited to 640x480 or 800x600, but that is not the normal behaviour. You should get the highest 4:3 resolution closest to your native resolution without a patch. XBox controllers are not officially supported because this game uses directinput for controller support, which is the predecessor to xinput. If you have one of the recent Logitech gamepads (F310 for example), you can choose between directinput and xinput via a hardware switch on the controller, then map the controller keys correctly (setup controller) and the game works out of the box. If you have to use an xbox compatible controller, you have to fiddle around to get the trigger keys working. This is because the trigger keys are analog and on the same axis on the xbox compatible controllers, but are two seperate digital keys on the older standard. Please note that this game was developed before the xbox compatible controllers had been invented! It would have been nice of Capcom to have this version revamped like they did for PS3 and XBox, but they have not. It is not optimized for the PC and it is an old game, but I still think it is awesome.

Real player with 132.3 hrs in game

Want to play DMC3? Get this mod: ?

It is to DMC3SE what DSfix is to Dark Souls. It fixes the performance, controller and sound issues, making the PC version as solid as its console counterparts.

Not only that, the mod has options for on-the-fly style-switching, weapon-switching for all weapons, Doppelganger and Quicksilver styles for Vergil, Air Hike for every weapon, graphical options, etc. DMC3 now has more moves and twice the number of weapons available at a time than DMC4.

Real player with 34.7 hrs in game

Devil May Cry® 3 Special Edition on Steam