Cursed to Golf

Cursed to Golf

Play as The Cursed Golfer, trapped in Golf Purgatory after a freak accident takes you out as you’re about to take the winning shot of an international tournament! Legend says that playing through the devious courses across Golf Purgatory will get you back to the land of the living and, more importantly, to the trophy you were about to win. Each course is governed by a ghostly Legendary Caddie, who will tutor you in the mystical ways of golf to aid you on your quest for redemption and revival.

Cursed to Golf offers a fresh take on the golfing and roguelike subgenres. Make your way through a hole within the PAR Count or your curse will take you back to the beginning of the course! To add to the challenge, these courses don’t just have bunkers and rough spots but are also chock full of mad obstacles like high powered fans, spikes, TNT boxes, teleporters and a whole load more. It’s all par for the course in this twisted take on the classic game!

Being cursed to play golf forever in the eternity of Golf Purgatory has its benefits, too! Use Birdie-Eye to catch a view of the whole course and see what trials lie ahead. Par count running low? Luckily, gold and silver Shot Idols are peppered throughout the holes, smashing through them with a cinematic flourish will replenish your shots. Ace Cards will turn the odds back in your favour, channeling your otherworldly powers to manipulate the game in incredible ways. Scattershot, U-Turn, Rocketball, Mulligans are just some of 20+ cards you have up your sleeve to turn the tide back in your favour!

Every shot counts!

  • Explore the golf-themed world and characters of Golf Purgatory

  • Precise “Golf-Like” gameplay across a randomly-ordered course in 4 biomes

  • Navigate tough dungeon-like holes filled with wacky hazards

  • Golf in style using over 20 unique Ace Card power-ups

  • Challenge the world in online leaderboards

  • 80+ holes and the Daily Challenge Mode will keep you swinging for eternity

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Cursed to Golf on Steam

Dangerous Golf

Dangerous Golf

So, played for the past 15 minutes….it’s pretty fun! Price isn’t bad for some crashbreaking fun.

If you have a mid-range computer you probably can’t enjoy this game in full glory. My video settings are all turned down load, but the textures are set to High. You can cap the framerate to 60Hz, which means there is actually 60 fps support.

I think this would play better on a beefy computer, since it’s Unreal Engine 4.

However, having no keyboard or mouse support is kind of a loss. You do need an Xbox 360/One controller, or in my case, a Wii U Pro controller.

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

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I love Burnout games. They’re some of the best car racing games in my opinion, very arcadey, but when you mess up it turns into beautiful beautiful destruction porn.

Dangerous Golf looks to be the same game, in fact I’ve been tracking this game for awhile, ever since the first beautiful destruction video came out. The entire world getting destroyed in beautiful slow mo, and I was in love. I wanted this game. I bought the humble bundle with this game in to finally get this game, and … well the love affair is over. The destruction porn idea is still here in some extent, the problem is it’s trying to be burnout without the game behind it.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Dangerous Golf on Steam

100ft Robot Golf

100ft Robot Golf

This felt more like an anime with interactive bits than a game. At several points matches are ended early with the match finishing in the cutscene. How you do in the matches has no bearing on the story, either, and you’re constantly forced to change character. Each character has a different special ability, but in several cases I couldn’t work out what they did, and it was never explained. I’m sure the anime part is enjoyable if you’re familiar with anime, but I’m not- I just wanted to play golf with 100 foot robots.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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Wanted to write something longer, but haven’t played too much and wanted to keep it the review digestable.

I recommend this game with the stipulation that you buy it for $15 or less and enjoy the McElroy’s or cheesy humor meant to mimic the style of 80s/90s anime involving mech pilots, as well have having some friends to play with.

The gameplay is standard enough (it’s golf), only now you’re in mechs and can destroy buildings and try to hinder each other from making shots. Controls are mapped well and feel varying between mechs but are a bit cryptic, since they aren’t really explained anywhere so it’s more trial and error when you first pilot a new one. Special weapons feel nice as well, though, again, they aren’t explained too well. Physics might be a bit too floaty, though we do golf on the Moon and under the sea, so I suppose those are the reasons for it.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

100ft Robot Golf on Steam

Wonder Wickets

Wonder Wickets

Hello! I am Prilaja and you’re reading my thoughts on Wonder Wickets.

A perfect blend of cute, starry-eyed characters, whimsical fairy-tale worlds, simple controls with a high skill ceiling & music of a galactic spectrum makes this the best $10.00 USD you can spend on Steam.

Let’s go over that first note: cute-starry eyed characters.

Have you ever wanted to play space mini-golf/croquet as a puppy of the stars?

The answer is yes, let’s be honest here.

Just about all of the characters have a infectious enthusiam with how they talk and move.

Real player with 81.0 hrs in game

This game really is very good. The puzzles are challenging, but often have several solutions that can each lead to getting a good score. And I’ve found myself more than happy to go back to past levels that I didn’t score so good on the first time and play them again to bring my score up!

While some levels can feel kinda impossible to score well on, it’s often simply a matter of simply figuring out the finer details. If you aim to get yourself to gold or even platinum on all of the levels, than this game can easily last you for several days, and that’s a low-bar estimate given that I have yet to beat it all myself!

Real player with 24.3 hrs in game

Wonder Wickets on Steam



RPGolf is a sub-par experience that is too simplistic to be a convincing RPG and too inept to be a passable golf game.

It seemed like the perfect melding of a dungeon crawler and the Gentleman’s Game, a mix that I hoped would scratch an odd itch to play golf and roll stats at the same time. However, after breezing through multiple rounds on the main course, completing the main quest and most of the side quests, it’s clear that RPGolf does not deliver on it’s namesake, as the RPG elements are very simplistic and repetitive, while the golf mechanics are genuinely disappointing.

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

Short Version

A short and fun game that tries to combine golf and action RPG elements. Of course this is not the first game to try to do this, and it is not the best. It falls a bit short on both the golf and the action RPG parts, but it was fun enough for me to come back to keep playing the game. There is a mobile version for dollar cheaper, but I did not play that one and cannot offer any contrasting commentary between the two.

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

RPGolf on Steam

The Golf Club

The Golf Club

There is a huge lack of golf sims out there - remember Microsoft Golf, Arnold Palmer Links, and of course Tiger Woods? Now there are basically The Golf Club and WGT. And between the two, I’ll take The Golf Club any day.

The graphics are good - I won’t say GREAT - and the sounds/speech is good (although the commentator gets a bit annoying after a bit). Mechanics are solid, certainly better than the ridiculous 2 click meter used in WGT. If you like real swing method using your mouse, rather than clicking on a meter, TGC is for you. It doesn’t quite rise to the level of the swing meter on Tiger Woods - which I consider to be the best golf game ever - but it’s not too far off. All in all, you can play 18 (or 9) holes and have a darned enjoyable time; for true golf enthusiasts, this is probably as close to the real thing as you can get without lugging your clubs out to the local links.

Real player with 2088.0 hrs in game

This game is turning into a solid golf game, the graphics are great to look at and the gameplay is getting there IMO. The main selling point of this game for me is the GNCD, the course designer. I have spent many hours on this and once you get the hang of it, your only limited by your imagination.

This is a worthy successor to the EA TW series and plays a lot like it too, well if you consider that most of the people that worked on that game are the ones that developed TGC. The good thing about this game is the fact that the developers are still working on it and fixing bugs and adding stuff to it all the time, once it’s finished then this will be a solid and enjoyable title for everyone to play.

Real player with 694.8 hrs in game

The Golf Club on Steam



tiny, simple but clever game based on physics

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Unparalleled game-play with sophisticated mechanics and alluring visuals. The perfect game for the average or experienced, proficient golfer. While incomplex at first glance, even the most astute mathematician may struggle with the troublesome trigonometric functions required to usurp dominance over some levels. Over all i rate this game 8.237 / 9.487.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

GOLF in PAPER on Steam

Golfing Over It with Alva Majo

Golfing Over It with Alva Majo

A lot of people are saying that this game is too difficult, has bad controls, or that the ball is too random. Everyone saying these things are wrong. I know because I used to be that person. I had left a very negative review that ripped apart this game for being unfair to the player in its design, but it turns out I was completely wrong about that. I was blaming the game for my lack of skill. But after playing it a bit more, I started to make progress.

This game gives me the same nervous sweats that Getting Over It gives me, which I love. The higher you climb, the more the tension grows. It’s what I imagine walking a tightrope feels like. Falling in this game often means losing a lot of progress, but unlike Getting Over It, that progress can be made up quite quickly. After a while, you become familiar with some of the areas through repetition, and that makes exploring new areas very exciting.

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

If you’re reading the bad reviews - check to see if they managed to beat the game, or if they are just raging.

Everybody thinks they have a point to make when they’re angry. It’s sad to see so many bad players blaming their lack of skills on the game. A game that was made to be this way on purpose. It’s actually easier than Getting Over It, it’s just not the same game mechanics at all.

Having said that, if you want a game to make you feel good about yourself, don’t buy this game - this won’t be handing you any free wins - you will have to earn it. Took me 2 hours in 2 different sessions. Now I feel like I can beat it in 10 mins since I learned many techniques along the way. I’m curious to see how the speedruns are doing…

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Golfing Over It with Alva Majo on Steam

Trivia Vault: Golf Trivia

Trivia Vault: Golf Trivia

You get what you paid for, 5K achievements at minimum price. If you’re an achievement hunter looking to increase the number of achievements on your profile showcase, then I highly recommend buying this. Else don’t waste your money. This is not a game, it’s just a way of distributing achievements.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Fast achievement SCAM game! You get 5000!!! achievements just for turning it on for one second! Why?! Why is it here?! There is a ton of games like this,with absolutely the same layout and design just different theme (golf, food, etc.). Instead of it being one game with different themes they split it in hundreds of useless mini scam games. Just look at this “developer’s” list of games - half of them are the same trivia game each with 5000 useless spam achievements.

There is a lot of “developers” here on steam producing games like this in bulks. Some of them with stolen art and bad, stupid design. They sell them on e-bay in 50-games-bundles for 2$. If you think that you’ll get a good deal for only 2 bucks, you’re wrong - all the games are waste of time, quick achievements scams. Don’t pay for this! Don’t support this scammer developers! Games like this ARE and SHOULD BE free.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Trivia Vault: Golf Trivia on Steam

Cheap Golf

Cheap Golf

Recommended with a few exceptions.

It’s a mini-golf puzzle reflex arcade bullet-hell(?) game. Dragging the mouse for power and aiming is pretty standard. Difficulty varies wildly so expect some levels to frustrate.

Where it’s let down is with the controls, you’re supposed to click and drag then let go to shoot, except often randomly the mouse ‘sticks’ and then requires an extra click to shoot, I’ve no idea why and it’s the biggest cause of all my failures on each level. Also the drag bar is difficult to judge the power/aim and will have you rocketing across the level in the wrong direction where only a nudge was necessary.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

The writing for this is really funny, interesting, and well-done: a science-fiction comedy about AI, physics, computing, determinism, cryptocurrency, psychology, space, that has you questioning the meaning of life. There are even “ads” that the AI makes you click on that link to an external website with bizarre advertisements for products that help flesh out the story and who this AI “Susan” is - a character on par with GLaDOS.

The gameplay and difficulty is extremely well-tuned. There are some hard levels but they should only take 5-7 minutes of trying to beat, and when you do it’s very satisfying. The difficulty doesn’t constantly increase as there are plenty of relaxing levels throughout and some series of levels that just beat themselves for the visual effects. After beating a challenging level, sit back and enjoy a few easy ones and the story. This game is all about the experience.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Cheap Golf on Steam