Bloody Sand : The Gods Of Assyria

Bloody Sand : The Gods Of Assyria

omg greed game

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

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I was hoping for a decent hack’n’slash. This game, however, is a soulslike wannabe. Combat is stamina-based, and your stamina bar is big enough for a few rolls and a hit, so you are rolling constantly, and then waiting for the bar to recharge- there’s no flow to the combat. There’s a target lock feature, but it only locks the camera on the enemy- the MC doesn’t automatically face the enemy, and you strike whenever you are facing, so this can lead to some frustration, There’s the option to block, but in my experience this just drains your stamina quickly, and then you start taking damage-though maybe there’s a parry window I wasn’t hitting. There are 4 tutorial prompts in the opening level, but I could only read 2 of them, because you’re forced to fight immediately and non-stop, so it’s possible I missed some game mechanics info. Your health items do replenish after beating certain enemies, so that’s a plus, at least. The fact that you can lose some health just from bumping into an enemy, or get hit even when they are attacking forward and you are directly behind them is not so nice.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Bloody Sand : The Gods Of Assyria on Steam

The Battle of Angels

The Battle of Angels

I’m not sure if the religious messages are sincere or not - but they sure are amusing and entertaining. The fights control clunky, but the story segments are hilarious and fun. More like silly VNs.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

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This game is amazing. It has everything you could ever want in a game and more.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

The Battle of Angels on Steam

Inside the Forest

Inside the Forest

Odye © is a survivor. He was on his way to his promotion when a crash crashes his plane. Now he needs to stay alive as long as possible until someone misses him.

The forest is dense and full of challenges. Odye © has to survive for many days in hopes of being found by someone.

Fortunately, he has the best resources at his disposal all over the place.

The mysterious forest is full of wild animals and food everywhere. However, there are dangerous wolves and bears that can devour him at any time. Survive is the big motto in this game. Anything can happen and if the player is not smart, he can starve to death, or be attacked by some of the wild animals.

This is a Simulation and survival game. You need to keep the character (player) alive and provide conditions for him to hunt, build and protect himself from climate change. You need to collect as much as you can and keep it in the game’s inventory. Click on the object you chose so that it automatically appears in the bottom bar of the inventory. In the sidebar, you can explore other important features where you can build, dress or improve the player. Of course, you’ll need to combine resources if you want to build a hut or cook some food, for example.

Inventory, crafting, building, hunting, fighting, a save system are available for you to move forward in your quest to protect Odye ©. You can move the character using the WASD keys or simply clicking on the place where you want the player to go. Important: This is a game created to use Mouse and Keyboard. A controller is not supported.

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Inside the Forest on Steam

Firelight Fantasy: Phoenix Crew

Firelight Fantasy: Phoenix Crew

Игра чем-то цепляет, могу отметить следующие достоинства: в чем-то интересный и необычный сюжет, хотя он и не связан напрямую с игровыми событиями. Как будто отдельное повестование. Приятная в принципе графика и подходящий саунд. Есть небольшие баги и проблемы с производительностью.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

I bought the game at a discount and played a little. First impressions seem to be good. I will note the following benefits:

1. Interesting storytelling

2. Variety in play locations (although I haven’t learned much yet)

3. The presence of various elements of weapons and a shield

However, there are also disadvantages:

1. Random generation. Too monotonous and boring

2. Lack of voice acting for the storyline.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

Firelight Fantasy: Phoenix Crew on Steam

Gods vs Humans

Gods vs Humans

Review from a dad on a budget. Check out my podcast Steam on the Cheap where I review cheap games and let you know if they are worth your money.

Gods vs Humans is a quirky tower defence style game that does not reinvent the genre but does add a neat twist.

Here is my video review and keep reading for a more indepth review here.

First off this game has a lot of depth for a $7 dollar game. The idea is simple. You are one of 20 different gods trying to stop the humans from building a tower to destroy you. Through the levels you will play as Egyptian, Greek, Nordic, and Japanese gods each with unique settings, tower and powers. (Nice rhyme i know)

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

It was more fun than expected. (Note that I’m only 33% done)

The game is deceptively simple but quite difficult once you get into it.

The art style is quite unique and fun and the graphics are simple. As such the game is not very taxing.

The sound design is good, and it has a bit of that not-really-a-language voice acting.

The gameplay is fairly slow, due to waiting for energy generation, but this also means that once things go bad they snowball out of control. Luckily the rounds are short enough (~5min) that bad luck or a mistake isn’t overly costly.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Gods vs Humans on Steam

me Igigu

me Igigu


A PC standalone & VR multiplayer cross-over game supporting War Child UK inspired by the love of great God Games of the past with a dash of Battleship-like gameplay and the fascination of an ant farm all in VR (or standalone). Running on a purpose built unique engine allowing full environmental planetary terraforming, with 10s of 1000s of inhabitants all reacting in-real-time, even from planetary orbit

Starting out as a fledgling god, known as the Igigu, trying to impress the Anunnaki (your creators), you are responsible for creating and raising the Sumer, a race of primitive, but hard working (sometimes!), creatures on a new planetary body created by the Anunnaki.

From encouraging birth from their cocoons to dipping them in the sea when they ‘occasionally’ catch fire, their entire survival is in your hands.

Using the powers bestowed upon you by the Anunnaki, help terraform the landscape to create land that’s close enough to water for the Sumer to drink and feed as well as stable and level enough for them to build. Encourage the growth of trees/grass by controlling the elements such as the water, clouds and the sun. Protect the Sumer from other inhabitants of the sea, land and air who view the Sumer as little more than snacks on legs.

In return for your care the Sumer’s belief and love (or fear) will furnish you with mana, the source of your power. As your mana grows, so do your powers and abilities, from throwing simple fire bolts to performing Astral Projection to another fledgling god’s planet to help/hinder their progress and reap their mana, the power is quite literally in your hands.

For full details please visit our website


  • You have the power to manipulate, create and destroy elements. From moulding the landscape and interacting with the elements to causing natural disasters and summoning guardians.

  • Play at ground level or if you amass enough mana ascend to the heavens to allow greater control, powers and view of your creation.

  • Defend or encourage the Sumer to defend themselves from the myriad of creatures from the sea, land and air.

  • Asynchronous/synchronous multi-player, leaving your Sumer undefended while away may not be the best idea, those with the power of Astral Projection have the ability to wreak havoc, or help, as they see fit.

  • Create your unique ‘constellation’ in the heavens, which also doubles as the gateway for Astral Projection, to be seen by other fledging gods in their night sky

  • Create Pantheons Of Gods, group up with gods you can trust to help each other in times of attack and need

  • Unlock all 6 Realms of the planet as your Ascension level increases, giving you more abilities and power as well as getting closer to unlocking the Secrets Of The Anunnaki

  • And many more to follow…

Project Info

Sometime ago, I presented a game idea & a home grown tech demo to Lionhead while working there, luckily we were given the chance to start on this creating initial designs & plans at Lionhead under the name ‘Genesis’, but sooner after starting, due to other work priorities and the ultimate sad demise of Lionhead Studios, this project was soon stopped. Since then this has been my lunchtime & weekend passion project and now has both my sons contributing to it in both writing & design.

With the the advent of VR, this project became even more driven, as a passion, but also a way to involve my children in the game development process, something they are both passionate to get into.

me Igigu on Steam

Battle royale simulator

Battle royale simulator

Has potential so far! I’d love to see more spawning options, camera controls, cinematic camera maybe, and different maps. Mindless entertainment at its best.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Doesnt run on my computer even with the lowest graphics…Btw is there a way to get a refund??

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Battle royale simulator on Steam

Casual Commando

Casual Commando

very interesting game for all

Real player with 33.1 hrs in game

A REALLY WANT THIS UPDATE PLS PLS PLS MAKE ACHIEVEMENTS IT WOULD MAKE THE GAME SUPER FUN! YES! EPIC GAME! I am gonna play more its just I wanna be one of the first to review


2 Controls 1 button Left mouse button

Audience Everyone

Story has no story.

Diffuculty normal

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Casual Commando on Steam



Hellbreath is an MMORPG top-down view game where you have to select one of two citizenships and fight other players to defend your city.

In this game you will be able to train your character to convert it on a Warriors with STR and DEX as his main stats, a Mage using INT and MAG or an Archer, using AGI and VIT as his main stats, each one of these paths will have pros and cons, for the warrior you will have an easy way to quickly attack your enemies with melee weapons, being players or NPCs, but also you will not be covered from magic and arrows. As a Mage, you will be able to do great amounts of damage with the aggressive magics or support your friends with a variety of buffs, but the mage is slow because of the casting times and easy prey for all kinds of weapons. As an archer, you will be able to do quick damage from long distances to all kinds of enemies with bows, crossbows, and special arrows. The archers have a great amount of health but they are especially weak to melee weapons and magic.

Hellbreath on Steam

Firelight Fantasy: Resistance

Firelight Fantasy: Resistance

The genre of the game is quite interesting, the locations (their graphics) are also pleased. Although nature looks unrealistic, the stylization is good. It would be nice to think over the lore of the game more competently, but everything is fine. Hopefully support for gamepads will be added.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

An interesting game, but I will note a number of pros and cons:


-Difficult and interesting battles

-Moderately balanced enemies and the main character

-Epic music

-Beautiful stylized environment graphics.


-Lack of gamepad support. This is an essential for such a game.

-The plot isn’t really interesting

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Firelight Fantasy: Resistance on Steam