Pixel Game Maker MV

Pixel Game Maker MV

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m now ready to weigh in my thoughts on Pixel Game Maker MV. I’ve been using this software since early access back in 2018.


Pixel Game Maker MV is a great game development engine for those that are not programmers, and want to be able to create either side scrolling or top down action games. It’s got enough for a single person development operation to chew on here to create the game you want to create in the way you want it created; bearing in mind that you operate within the program’s limits. If programming/scripting is outside your reach (or if it’s something you can do), this is a great engine that has the potential to be amazing as long as the developers continue with updates & performance improvements. There are assets and DLC that is available at the time of writing for you to get a jump on a concept quickly, but there are no asset standards (outside of keeping things divisible by 2) to conform with.

Real player with 2587.5 hrs in game

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I’ll begin this review with I’m 36, not 16. I have no illusions about making a game and distributing it for gain. This is a hobby for me and that is the perspective I write this review from. I have a day job. I moonlight as a hobby pixel artist, and that drives me to dev software to have fun with, and bring it to life.

I began with RPG Maker MV as my first dip into game dev software. I do not have a desire to learn to code so that software was more interesting to me compared to more advanced engines. After years in RMMV I felt the want for more control from the ground up, and not be boxed in by hard limitations from the software, and the need for plugins to break through those hard limitations. Pixel Game Maker MV grants me that feeling. I did not feel like the learning curve to get going on a project was difficult, even without a large database of video tutorial content on YouTube at the time.

Real player with 1866.7 hrs in game

Pixel Game Maker MV on Steam



The Best FPS Game in the world. I think.

If you play this game, you can know the genuine FPS.

This is powerful, wild and realistic game.

You can be the most powerful warrior or soldier.

Enjoy with me.

And I hope developer of this game see my article.

Let users make new maps, please. It is very important thing to S.F.VR

I would like to require a fast sliding action.

It makes the special force more special.

And I recommend always running mod with left trigger pulled.

On case loading a magazine, I propose to shake the gun with right and left or up and down.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

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so this is a mixed bag. ive just played my 1st few matches and was doing well…..BUT……a few issues i felt at the moment. 1st i seem to do some accurate shots and still get killed after shooting for ages direct., then next shot i pull off exact shot easy and kill them. 2nd is the snap turning in games drive me nuts lol. i just prefer smooth. i understand others need this perhaps for motion sick, but some including myself prefer as many options as possible to cater for all types.

lastly on my last game, my left arm disappeared. my batteries were perfect and on, but it just vanished. i had to complete most with 1 arm holding gun, so i had to just leave the game.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game


PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker

PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker

Edit -

8 April 2018 (Less than two weeks following the start of early access)

  • Thorough developer support in discussions - bug fixes, suggestions, proper communication.

  • Already numerous suggestions implemented in build 0.99142 - triple jump, jump variation

settings, player friction physics settings, and more..

  • The bug fixes are coming quickly, within days.

  • First roadmap for suggested features tackles roughly 25 features - all planned for introduction by end of next week. Progress is moving quickly and game is being well stress tested.

Real player with 1132.0 hrs in game

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I have purchase PlataGo! recently and I am really happy about what it has to offer. Its an early access game / engine so I am aware that they are still bugs and even some basic things to add. However I value a few things in this early state:

  • Responsive developer, the software is often updated and the dev is on the forums help and answering questions

  • There is a lot of stuff added already. There are a very large number of possible elements to add to your platforming game for which you can customize many parameters. This, together with the different graphics packs (you can add your own or download more from the workshop) ensures that you can make your game unique

Real player with 37.7 hrs in game

PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker on Steam

Pop Island - Let’s Code !!!

Pop Island - Let’s Code !!!

This game is in an odd situation. It is many things, but mainly a way to create, test, and play your own video games. But the problems arise when things like unity and blender exist, that allow you to do the exact same thing, but this time there is a HUGE community of tutorials, support, and content, you can later transform your ideas into actual video games that can go on to be sold for money, and aren’t filled to the brim with odd design choices and bugs. (They are also completely free!)

One more gripe that I have with this is that it uses the brand of Pop Island, that has had good successful games in the past. I wouldn’t have much of an issue with this normally, if there hasn’t been a proper Pop Island game since the year 2010 on the Nintendo DSi. I would LOVE to see a remastered version of Pop Island released today, and the branding of this… thing just gives sort of a false hope.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Pop Island - Let's Code !!! on Steam

Super Chopper

Super Chopper

THIS GAME is more arcade like than simulator and is like Steel Talons rather than Gunship or Super Huey. Whats nice is there’s a mission editor. There’s more to be desired but its worth the price I suppose

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

I wouldn’t buy this game unless you have a good computer. I couldn’t run the game on the lowest settings. It seems fun but I just can’t play with like 10 frames.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Super Chopper on Steam

RPG World - Action RPG Maker

RPG World - Action RPG Maker

Where to begin? Diablo meets Disney, Never Winter Nights meets Legoland. This game is great on so may levels.

Whether you like playing action RPG’s or you like to craft worlds/scenarios for your friends to enjoy, Single player, multiplayer, PVP, World editor.

I can honestly say I’ve not found a game that appealed so much in a long, long time. Mostly it is FUN. Fun to build, fun to play. Challenging if you’re a serious mayhem seeker, entertaining if you just like to explore.

Since I wrote the above the game has received a steady stream of upgrades in terms of new buildings,props, collectables, choosable theme music, new npcs and enemies, a brilliant character creator so you can build your own npc’s and enemies from a huge range of body parts and AI’s, upgrades to questing making it much easier to control the flow of play. The dev’s have been seemingly tireless in their dedication to fulfilling the game’s early promise.

Real player with 1783.3 hrs in game

NOTE: This review is written while the game was in Early Access at 25th of april.

You know, I’ve always been a person who likes to build stuff. That’s why I LOVED to play with LEGO. I used to build all kinds of stuff. Cars, buildings…whatever I preferred, as long as I knew how the pieces connected to eachother. Because how hard is it to build a tower when you don’t know how your tools and bricks work? That would be a mighty challenge even for master builders…

The hobby of building things kind of continued when I started playing video games, so I bought a game like MyWorlds before called Fight the Dragon. That game had an amazing level editor with lots of tools to play with, including a lot of ‘‘invisible’’ mechanisms like triggers and such. Unfortunately that game is suffering a slow and silent death due to lack of players, which brought me back to the quest of finding a game where I could express my fountain of imagination.

Real player with 228.8 hrs in game

RPG World - Action RPG Maker on Steam



Gameguru is a rough-around-the edges, cheap, underpowered game engine. It is a spiritual successor to TGC’s previos successful endeavor: FPS Creator. FPS creator was a dream come true for wanna-be mappers and newbie game designers wanting to create their own simple little first person experiences. It worked well enough for what it was, had a super active community, and lots of mods, an easy-to-learn custom scripting language, and many successful games were made with it.

FPS Creator reloaded promised to be the upgrade everyone wanted from FPS Creator. It was gonna feature all next gen graphical features, a bigger map editor, and in general more freedom and ability. This was proposed on kickstarter where it didn’t meet it’s exorbitant asking donation, so it later was rebranded and came out as GameGuru.

Real player with 650.3 hrs in game

Yeah, okay, GameGuru doesn’t have the best graphics around, but they have a specific look to it, so there’s that. Making the graphics look as good as UE4 and Unity however, is practically impossible. But that’s not my point, my point is GameGuru’s graphics are good enough for making games for the hecc of it.

The engine is editable to certain extents, but not really enough for hardcore coders and developers. Again, this is an engine made more for the fun of it. Making some nice $$$ is possible, but not too easy.

Real player with 387.7 hrs in game

GameGuru on Steam

The Un-BEATable Game

The Un-BEATable Game

Dear (hopeful) Future Player,

This is The Un-BEATable game, a pretty challenging game that I dare you to try to beat.

In this bullet hell done right, you are not meant to only dodge the bullets ad Infinitum, rather you are meant to grab the bullets, or in this case notes, that are being shot at you, to then absorb to shoot back onto the enemies. will be tasked to grab the notes shot by the enemies and grab them to shoot them back at your enemies. And did I mention that the notes shot at you are the actual notes of the music playing in the background? Forget about enemies throwing a screen full of notes for no apparent reason!

The Un-BEATable Game on Steam

Benbo Quest 2  (LEAKED)  reeal 2021 pre released???

Benbo Quest 2 (LEAKED) reeal 2021 pre released???

WTF Portal to the Skeleton Universe have opened up and it is a catastrophe; The Ultimate Infinite Unlimited Skeleton Army of All Time has come to take over the plant……very uncool anyway like i was sayin the skeeltons came outta the portel and now the all the everything is messed up :( Seceret Government Organization combat the menace to no success, there are too much powerful Skeletons and President Obmama can’t do shit about it.

Meanwhiel at your house: you (anime girl) all like o_o wtf why is there skeleton lol so you GO ON THE EPIC QUEST TO BUY THIS GAME FOR $15


SUPER BENBO QUEST TURBO OVERDRIVE is the newest first and last installment of the Benbo Franchise

you play as The Legendary Anime Girl with unlimited damage attacks and its a 2d pixel platformer so you basically walk to the side of the level - and punch the skeletons on the way it’s not complicated


  • more than 9 million level

  • Punching Skeletons


  • game about self discovery

  • list

  • me adding speeling miskete on purpous so you have to reread it 20 times

  • 99% more epic and swag than any other Benbo Game


Benbo Quest 2 (LEAKED) reeal 2021 pre released??? on Steam

Portal 2 - The Final Hours

Portal 2 - The Final Hours

I bought this game along with Portal and Portal 2. I read a little bit of it earlier but I really read a lot yesterday (I was on a plane, hence the low playtime,) and even finished it. Portal 2 - The Final Hours covers the development, release and post release of Portal 2 inside of Valve. If you like betas, like the Half-Life 2 beta, this is for you. I also reccomend checking out The Final Hours of Half-Life 2. Look it up online and there is a free version.

What makes this so different, though? For starters, it includes interactive content. The second picture (Destroy Aperture) is my favourite, as you can use the mouse to destroy some areas in Aperture Laboratories! There is also music that you can listen to, like the songs that inspired the soundtrack of Portal 2, and lots of pictures. There are chapters and polls even.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

This is my very first interactive e-book. I’m a bit suspect to say anything regarding this e-book (since I’m a crazy lover of the Portal series - and of Valve, their brilliant creators), but I loved this SO MUCH! I was honestly expecting more of a screenshots/pictures showcase and a few gadgets here and there with a little bit of text, but reading about each team and each developer of this game and the problems they’ve faced in this journey was an amazing experience. I always admired Valve products, even before falling in deep love with Portal, and I knew making games as part of such a huge (and world-class famous) company was a tough task, but I REALLY underestimated how complex the process of game creation could be.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

Portal 2 - The Final Hours on Steam