League Space

League Space

Well, it is a multiplayer only game with microtransactions and no single player.

The server menu is one of the worst laid out menus I have ever seen.

I couldn’t play a game or even enter the arena because you have to have more than one player to start.

Just terrible.


Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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League Space on Steam

Let’s Rock!

Let’s Rock!

You are a young graduate of an aviation school, who, by assignment, got to the distant frontier of the developed area of the Universe. Now you have to go the path from a rookie to an experienced pilot, who is destined for great battles in the name of Humanity.

Game features:

  • 9 colorful levels. Explore diverse and unique worlds

  • Earn points and exchange them to enhance the power of your war machine. After passing each level, it becomes possible to acquire a new type of weapon. Learn to use your arsenal effectively. You will have an impulse gun, the missiles, a plasma gun, the mines, the homing shells, a laser gun, a protective energetic shield, and finally you will have Perun’s Exhaletion!

Also in the game:

  • Choose the spaceship that best suits your skills

  • Destroy the bosses

  • Accompany and protect cargo ships

  • Free captured Earthlings and other creatures

  • Find and destroy 8 evil alien fish

  • Enjoy!

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Let's Rock! on Steam



I thought nothing could go wrong by picking a random game from my library to play, I was wrong. Botology is too much of a masterpiece for me to handle, this game which came out of nowhere truly stands up against modern RPG’s like Witcher 3 and Skyrim. What is Botology about? Well, you are David, a man with high engineering education who was admitted to the Botology company as a trainee. David is ready to start work performance, and is tasked by the overseeing blonde Linda (who is voice acted by talented and beautiful Katee Sackhoff btw) to go down to sector zero and check for the engineers or something which were apparently too busy to send their reports. As a brave David is about to step into the elevator that goes straight down to sector zero, Linda calls him to let him know that they combine business with pleasure, and no this was not an invitation to have sex to david’s desmise. Instead he finds himself in a suit of harmor that would rival that of Master Chief and Samus, and a sick ass gun to go with it, essential tools to locating the lazy engineers which can be heard munching on cookies if you pay enough attention. Oh but you thought that was all? This brilliant game is about to throw another plot twist at you, as David receives an urgent call from the guy that does reddit narration videos, telling him something has gone terribly wrong, everyone died and the droids went crazy. Not even that slick fox Linda upstairs can be reached at this point, as David realizes he alone must face the wrath of droids and look for any survivors. From this point on I decided to quit the game, as I found it to be too emotional and disrespectful of women, as it implies Linda is too scared to go down the elevator herself since she’s a woman, having to go all the way of hiring an experienced engineer to do it. Regardless of its rooted mysogonistic values, this is still a brilliant game and it will leave you thinking about it long after you finish it. Why is this company called botology? Why did the droids go crazy? Why couldn’t david just get an IT degree instead of this shit and go work for google? Does linda want to smash or not? Why do I own over 1400 games that I don’t even play? Are these antidepressants even working? Is this bridge tall enough? But above all, how did a small indie studio get the reddit narration guy for voice acting?? Impressive work, I hope to see more great content like this on steam from black lime studio, and recommend botology to all my friends.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

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Public Review on behalf of the Opium Pulses Steam group

Disclaimer: The copy of this game was provided by Orlygift . Thank you for making this review possible!

Few words about the game

Botology is a game where… I’m not even sure what’s going on as it’s explained with twisted and badly translated english. Intro tries to explain bits of backstory but it’s hard to catch up even there. When you get into a proper game finally, you just go forward, without any clear instructions, just walk and hope you’ll get somewhere. Once you get gun and some kind of objective… oh boy that’s where fun begins. By fun, I mean grind at every corner. Literally. One of the most repetitive games I have seen in a while. Only thing that is good(ish) is music in main menu, that’s all.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Botology on Steam



Great old game. Happy to be able to play it again. Stumbled upon it just by accident and just had to give it a try after all these years and it’s still great. Sadly it also has all those old quirks. Sometimes it crashes which is especially sad considering how championships work (you can’t save the game during championship season). Also almost every single race it glitches once. Usually that means you end up falling off the road. Not sure why it’s happening but at least it happens to bot cars too so everyone his hit by it somehow. Even with these issues it’s still a great game I would recommend.

Real player with 22.3 hrs in game

Absolutely amazing game.

-Ok graphics

-Good music

-Good sound

-Good controls

-Polished and thought-out gameplay:

-The speed is pleasant, but not too fast for the sharp turns you have to make

-The power-ups, while not too easy to understand at first, provide strong but not overpowered buffs and weapons

-The maps are interesting, fun, and beautiful (Except for the hardest one that is meant to be stressful and hard)

-The mashup of shooting and driving genres work perfectly and complements one another (To be better than your opponents you can either be faster, or deadlier than them)

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

DethKarz on Steam




Electraplanet is a survival/adventure game. Using third-person point of view, you can explore new planets after your’s has been exploited entirely. Fighting and exploring are the main key’s to start your own electricity factory or upgrade your production levels.


Produce, Protect your electricity and optimize your production, since electricity is the currency. With a exponential progression, the more you produce, the more you are efficient.

Multiplayer Option

An open world where you can create your strategy with your friends by simply starting a game or continuing your older one, and friends can join through Steam. Sharing creations, fight become really interesting with friends!

ElectraPlanet on Steam

Immense Threat

Immense Threat

Immense Threat is a classic-style adventure platformer in a futuristic setting. The game takes you on a quest to liberate the chickens from wicked Consumers.

What exactly is this game?

It’s a 2D platformer mixed with a shooter - at times you will simply jump from platform to another, avoiding traps. At other times, you will be forced to fight with enemies. Take aim and fire! Just be mindful - which weapon to use? Maybe conserve ammo and fight bare winged? Or maybe you can simply run right past through? You decide!

So what’s the story?

In the future, the evil people, called the Consumers, will rise to power and exploit the livestock to the fullest. But a few chickens will not have that! Join the resistance group and show those Consumers, who the real Immense Threat is!

Anything else? Some features, perhaps?

Story with twists

Think everything is so simple? Well, that’s not how the life is, goes double for these brave chickens!

Over 20 levels

The adventure consists of over 20 levels, riddled with deadly traps and dangerous enemies, along with powerful bosses.

Weapons and upgrades

On your quest, you will make use of 20 weapons - from ordinary stones, through pistols and rifles, to plasma guns. To further increase your chances of survival, collect the chicken currency, Middlings, or Midds for short, to buy upgrades between the missions. Also, try to look for secrets to gain additional advantage!

Speaking of secrets…

Also collect the Golden Midds to get additional, free power ups!

3 difficulty levels

Feeling confident? Try the challenging “Hard Out Here For a Rooster” difficulty level! Or maybe you’ve got an itchy trigger feather? Then you may want to check out the “Bigger Threat” level, in which… Well, let’s just say, you won’t have to worry about sparing ammo.

Immense Threat on Steam

Inquisitor’s Heart and Soul

Inquisitor’s Heart and Soul

Pros: interesting design, good cutscenes. Cons: these cutscenes cannot be skipped, it is not clear what the main character’s goal is

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

The idea is well thought out. There are several bugs related to the player’s respawn after death. I got to the second episode, but I can’t figure out what happens after the dialogue ends. The screen turns off and the game ends.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Inquisitor’s Heart and Soul on Steam



Brawl your way across the solar system as nine distinct characters ranging from a sword wielding space acrobat to a fifteen foot tall monstrosity from the ocean depths of Neptune as you explore the intricacies of the unique left/right combat system and witness the achievements of mankind after 200 years in space.

The left/right combat adds in new ways to attack and lets players choose between avoiding attacks through movement or standing their ground and retaliating, choosing correctly is often the difference between victory and defeat.

NeverDeath on Steam

Regenesis Arcade

Regenesis Arcade

Deluxe - I’ts worth it!!! I’ve spend many hours on late night gameplay and it’s a great wave shooter with sometimes SCARY MOMENTS!!! Imagine night stages with big robo-spiders suddently appearing.

Keep up the good work - i’m waiting for more! :D

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

As a total newbie to shooty type games,( I’m more a point and clicker,) I am still at the ‘headless chicken’ stage of gameplay,

I don’t understand if I’m doing it right and getting all the right upgrades etc but I have managed to to clear the first 3 stages, so I just wanted to say I love this game ! The scale of the game area feels brilliant, and the thingybobs that are attacking you are very menacing ! Its the game I always put friends in that have never been on VR and everyone has been impressed, so buy it and enjoy it :)

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

Regenesis Arcade on Steam

Robot Robert

Robot Robert

Super fun, and puzzles with atmosphere. It’s a joy to play.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

cool game

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Robot Robert on Steam