RAWMEN: Food Fighter Arena 🍜

RAWMEN: Food Fighter Arena 🍜

RAWMEN is a light hearted, third person, soup-slinging food fighter. Battle alongside or against your taste buds (2-8 players), pitting average cooks with a talent for hurling fiery feasts against one another.

Compete in various battle modes and challenges that test your pulverizing palate across several locales around the world.

Multiplayer Slap Fest

Jump into a quickplay match and fight off soupsters from around the world, or invite a few friends and get messy together in a private game of your choosing!

Here’s a sample of what’s on the menu:

  • Claim Chowder: Defend the coveted chowder pot from the enemy players to win!

  • Meatball: Jump into the comforting warmth of the juicy meat and roll your way to the goal; just don’t get knocked out, WE NEED THAT MEAT JUICE!

  • Top RAWMEN: Use your doughnut bombs to launch yourself in the air and traverse obstacles, all the while collecting the most prized possession: Golden Bouillon Cubes!

  • …and much more!

Food Fighting at its Finest

Bratling Guns, Cream Pies, Hot Potatoes, Smackeral Mackerels?! and extremely large MEATBALLS?! Yep, we got it! Use a magnitude of food to slice and dice opponents, or propel yourself to greatness, and achieve the unthinkable; a shot at being the Top RAWMEN! YOU COULD BE FAMOUS!

Customize! Customize! Custom Eyes!

Slip into your brand spankin’ new meat chassis and get to work customizin’ your look.

When it comes to fashion, we got you covered with a trunk full of different culinary styles, vibes, and drips. Your soup thrower is yours to design and decorate.

Hair, aprons, mitts, pots, ladles, even beer bellies - honestly, the world is your oyster; decorate to your heart’s content.

Start designing your character now, before we nerf the customizer!

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RAWMEN: Food Fighter Arena 🍜 on Steam

Antonball Deluxe Lite

Antonball Deluxe Lite

Great Game, Loved how much fun i had!

Real player with 130.2 hrs in game

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Antonball Deluxe Lite is a free demo for Antonball Deluxe, which is another platformer/brickbreaker game that’s been lazily slapped out with the video game construction kit, GameMaker Studio.

GameMaker Studio from Yoyogames is a terrible game construction kit, so it’s unsurprising that games made by filling out the various templates are equally bad, and Antonball Deluxe is no exception. Ugly retro pixel “art” has been used due to lack of budget/talent to arrange proper contemporary PC graphics.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Antonball Deluxe Lite on Steam

Bad Apples

Bad Apples

Bad Apples is a multiplayer survival action game featuring fruits that ripen over time. You can play online against up to 4 players.

As the fruits ripen and their gauge rises, their status (speed, attack, defense, etc.) changes. You can speed up the ripening speed of your opponent by shooting gas from you at them. If it is too ripe, it will rot, but the strength of the gas you release will increase.

Use items, attacks, and special moves at the right time to defeat the other fruits and survive! (Who’s the strongest bad fruit?)

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Bad Apples on Steam

Catch a Lover

Catch a Lover

Video Review:


Written Review:

Catch A Lover is a silly multiplayer game that gives me very strong “Who’s your Daddy?” Vibes. The game pits 2-4 players in a very awkward and chaotic situation.

One player is the husband, who comes home to discover that his wife has cheated on him with the “lover”. The husband’s job is to beat up the Lover before he escapes. His pet dog can also help him by leaving pee traps on the floor for the Lover to slip on.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

It’s a fun game if you have around 3 or 4 players. But the problem is that there is like no players playing this game. So if you don’t have friends or brothers or others to play with and decide to play solo, there is always no chance to find a game. So to play this game in this condition you have to play with people you know ONLINE like a LAN or party session.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Catch a Lover on Steam



I really wouldn’t recommend this game, because it’s reallllly bad. The gameplay itself is kinda fun, and cute, but, still, this game is really disappointing. There’s 4 things reasons why:

1. The first one is the online unlockable requirements. I find it really silly that you have to play in online mode only just to be able to earn experience and coins to unlock the unlockables, because there’s almost no one online for this game. I only have limited time to play, and waiting for people to show up in the lobby wastes my time (it can take hours for people to show up, or not at all). To me, that’s a poor arrangement for any game, where you’re dependent on playing online, where people must show up only, to unlock game content. You should be able to unlock everything in local play, too, not only because it would make it make it easier and more manageable to unlock content, but also because that would make it fair for people that don’t like playing online, or aren’t allowed to. If that had been possible, being able to unlock the unlockables and earn experience points and coins in local play too, this game would have been much better and more pleasant to play, and maybe I would have recommended it.

Real player with 81.0 hrs in game

Looking at the steam reviews I am honestly shocked at the poor reception this game has recieved. Much of the dissapointment has to do with the admittedly bad launch which came with a bug preventing anyone from playing, instead players were stuck in the “searching for players” screen and thus thought “this game is dead.” And well, due to that its player base is now really suffering. However, this game is fantastic! The only Issue i have had so far is with the small playerbase, but I have always been able to find a good game to join in spite of this. And now on to the real review.

Real player with 15.1 hrs in game

Deformers on Steam

Galactic Feud

Galactic Feud

The character and weapon combinations are endless!! I have a lot of fun playing this game and always will!! One of the best party games out there!!

Real player with 22.5 hrs in game

Amazing fun with friends!

Real player with 15.0 hrs in game

Galactic Feud on Steam

Rogue Warrior

Rogue Warrior



SIMILAR GAMEPLAY TO: Zombie Parking, Older FPSs

WHAT TO EXPECT: Short campaign. Dated, stiff, unexciting gameplay. Basic graphics. Functional AI enemies. Mickey Rourke voice-over. Difficulty establishing multiplayer session.



WHEN TO BUY: AVOID. Unless bad & corny is your thing!

More info below….


Rogue Warrior is an old-skool corridor shooter with limited cover mechanics and minor stealth elements. Your objective is to one-man Rambo; an eight mission campaign, set in the Peoples Republic of North Korea. Choose to kill by stealth but be seen and its time for gun-toting action. The campaign is single-player but it has a multi-player arena style deathmatch with a few maps.

Real player with 38.6 hrs in game

Rogue Warrior is horrible. Beyond Mickey Rourke’s hilarious voice acting, this game is linear, poorly programmed, and very shallow. Now, that’s not to say that it’s not at least an enjoyable experience, but you need to know what you’re getting into before you buy it, for hopefully a price below $10.

I beat the game in under 3 hours, and that was with me being killed many times in certain levels. The enemies are extremely repetetive, and pose no challenge unless they gang up on you. Dick (protagonist) moves around like a tank. The “stealth” aspect of this game is laughably broken. You can run up to every enemy, making as much noise as you want and kill them with a prompt that appears on the screen. The sound broke for me towards the end, which ruined the ending cutscenes. Grenades rarely ever work in this game, they’re pitiful. The grenade launcher is also a piece of garbage and may kill you more often than save you. Weapon selection is extremely limited. The levels design is boring and, again, very linear.

Real player with 19.4 hrs in game

Rogue Warrior on Steam

Saint Hazel’s Horsepital

Saint Hazel’s Horsepital

As potentially the player with the most legit hours in this I’ll just say:

It’s bad.

But like, good bad. Exactly what you would expect from looking at the screenshots of the game.

Real player with 54.4 hrs in game

Lick Lick Smash.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Saint Hazel's Horsepital on Steam

Three Heroes

Three Heroes

Uncertain why are there so many short and negative reviews,

complaints about the game crashing, unable to start etc…

Had no problem at all.

Gameplay is rather smooth and fluid.

Graphics are bright, colourful and well drawn.

Dialogues and short-scenes are actually well done and entertaining.

Switching between campanions to utilize the playstyle in different situation or encounters.

Stationing the meleer behind a bush, using the archer to shoot the enemy archer and lure the others towards the bush for the meleer to engage.

Real player with 33.1 hrs in game

I really wanted to give this game a chance. But I simply couldn’t. While the graphics are…cute, everything else is sub-par. The combat system is clunky and arbitrary (random chance determines whether you land a hit for a pixel of the enemy’s health or if you ragdoll them in one strike, or if you are the archer you could find yourself in a situation where you’d be shooting 10 arrows at a stationary target before ever hitting the mark - the trajectory is random). The quests are cookiecutter and on the annoying side - from bring ten mosquito wings to escort the (suicidal) peasant most are just lazy. There are skills, but only a few of them are actually reliable to any degree…And then there’s the bugs…Oh the bugs. From the peasant you’re escorting dropping through the ground to oblivion (and mission fail) to random crashes this game has it all. And then there’s Dobrynya…The pole vaulting hero…who for somer reason goes completely ragdoll limp(presuumably from fear) when you, well, pole vault. Which would be tons of fun…if it didnt cause him to slide feebly off the side of that island or log you werre trying to reach, causing mission fail.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

Three Heroes on Steam

Treasure of Cutuma 3rd

Treasure of Cutuma 3rd


Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Treasure of Cutuma 3rd on Steam