This game was my go in blind purchase of the week. It is so cheap and the content that it delivers is well worth the asking price. I am having a lot of fun with this frantic arena FPS. You get to double jump, bullet time slo-mo kill vast swathes of tin robot armies which come in a variety of fun shapes and sizes. You get an arsenal of 9 guns, some of which you can dual-wield and all of which have weight and a distinct feel to them. Once you are done working out all the little secrets the game has to offer and self-tutor yourself in the primary and secondary functions of each gun and survive all 30 waves and boss fights, you then get a little something extra. Don’t want to spoil anything, you will have to get there yourself. Bear in mind that the game MUST BE BEATEN IN ONE SITTING. But there are 3 checkpoints along the way which you can start from when you inevitably die on your run.

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

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Armored Head is a fluid, fun and well-realized indie shooter developed solely by Egor Rezenov in Unity. Taking the role of a gladiator bot, you have to prove your worth against waves of opponents consisting of various bots. It is clear that Egor took his time to polish both the aesthetic and mechanic sides of his game, thus Armored Head provides around three hours of enjoyment for those interested in the genre.

Even though it is a wave-based shooter that takes place in a single arena designed for the purpose, it does not go on forever. The goal is to survive for 30 rounds and face the final boss, after which you are granted a prize and are free to explore or leave the premises. The arsenal for the task at hand consists of ten weapons which are presented to you gradually at the start of specific waves. You collect coins throughout the game which are either dropped by defeated opponents or found within the boxes scattered around, then use them at your will to unlock various helpful features of the arena. While most of the opponents are melee-only fighters of varying size and strength, there are also ranged shooters, fliers and droppers, as well unique bosses. Your abilities extend to dodge-jumping, double-jumping and slowing the action down for a brief amount of time; but further collecting in the form of pills is required to gain the necessary energy for utilizing them.

Real player with 8.5 hrs in game


Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2’s presentation is extraordinary, thanks to the new Source engine. Even though Half-Life 2 debuted a year later than originally anticipated, it is still very much a cutting-edge game, featuring state-of-the-art graphics technology. While Doom 3 features superior lighting and shadowing, it didn’t really succeed at bringing a credible and cohesive world to life. Half-Life 2 does, and the environments in the game are simply stunning, from the plazas and streets of City 17 to the rusted interiors of an abandoned factory. There’s also some excellent level design in the game, including a deserted town full of deadly traps and the gaping interiors of an alien citadel. The engine does a great job of rendering both indoor and outdoor environments, and there’s a lot of eye candy to absorb if you have the hardware to handle it. Most surfaces nearly glisten with the latest shader effects, and the textures are sharp and richly detailed.

Real player with 5713.6 hrs in game

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We remember the Freeman. We are coterminous. There is no distance between us. No false veils of time or space may intervene. We see you still in Black Mesa. Clearly we see you in the Nihilanth’s chamber. We bear witness to the bright eternity of the Nihilanth’s demise. You leap, you fall, we see you flash between the barriers. We are there still, in observance of your final stroke. While our own lay scattered at your feet, you severed the vortal cord that bound the Nihilanth to life, and to us. That sharp spur of hope has not dulled to this day. For once the lesser master lay defeated, we knew the greater must also fall in time.

Real player with 130.6 hrs in game

Half-Life 2 on Steam

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Half Life 2. What is there to say about such an influential game, again? The physics engine alone still holds up to this day while the story still has people captivated to this day.

The story of Gordon Freeman is continued in a very fun and great way, being woke up by G-Man at the start really puts you back into action. The decision to continue the story 20 years later after the Balck Mesa incident and completing ignoring the fact that most people decided to be bloodthirsty megalomaniacs who murdered both friendly and hostile entities was amazing, the fact that they pick obscure characters to be the main characters of this game is also amazing - I bet nobody remembered Eli or Lamarr even after being told who they were back in Half Life by themselves until they decided to replay Half Life again or by playing through the fanmade remake Black Mesa.

Real player with 28.4 hrs in game

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The Half Life series still holds up as one of the best of all time.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game

Half-Life 2: Episode Two on Steam



Great game. Today I have remembered what it’s like to play 16x16 and it’s really really fun. Shooting mechanics feel very smooth. Love it. I guess I understand why people still play this game.

Real player with 263.4 hrs in game














Real player with 84.6 hrs in game

Counter-Strike on Steam

Half-Life: Opposing Force

Half-Life: Opposing Force

You can shoot Senior Drill Instructor Barnes

Real player with 31.8 hrs in game

Let Me be Honest with you

Before Play this Game:

You love Gordon Freeman You Like all Scientists and Hate all of the HECU

After Play this Game:

You no longer cared about scientists You Love Shephard and And whatever you do Save HECU as you Can And you will Hated the Black Ops forces

This is the Magic of this Game (:

Real player with 24.4 hrs in game

Half-Life: Opposing Force on Steam

STAR WARS™ Republic Commando™

STAR WARS™ Republic Commando™

Needs a remaster! But even as it is, I’ll play through this game again and again.

Real player with 86.0 hrs in game


Real player with 29.2 hrs in game

STAR WARS™ Republic Commando™ on Steam

Black Mesa

Black Mesa

After spending 30-some hours with Black Mesa I have to say I’m honestly impressed with the work Crowbar Collective did. Together with Mafia this is a shining example of how remasters should be made.

I am also honestly impressed how well Half Life has aged. Most games I played (and loved) in the 90ies would probably disappoint me today, even if they were given new graphics, so much has changed since then, but this old timer keeps me on the edge of my seat again, as if it was 1998 again, and please note that single playthrough takes more than 30h - it’s not an RPG game, it’s a single player shooter! They don’t make them that way any more….

Real player with 43.5 hrs in game

I’ve been playing the original Half Life on and off since 1998 and it’s fair to say it’s one of my favourite games of all time. I remember manically talking about it to pretty much anyone who would listen when it came out. To me HL2 never felt as good as the original but Black Mesa does a fantastic job of bridging that gap and it actually helps me appreciate HL2 a little more.

I’ve just finished Black Mesa and the highest praise I can give it is that it does the original game justice and does an amazing job on building on top of what Valve achieved. It has some phenomenal set pieces and the levels are well designed, giving subtle clues as to what you are supposed to be doing without holding your hand. I think I only got stuck once during the game.

Real player with 32.7 hrs in game

Black Mesa on Steam

Quake III Arena

Quake III Arena

Fucking. Hell. Yes. The Arena is a cruel, cruel Mistress - she will build you up, only to break you, & just when you think you’re rid of her, she’ll drag you back into her clutches.

In short, for those of you who are woefully unaware, Quake 3 is hands down the pinnacle of the “Old School” ’90s FPSs designed by the original id Software team, using an entirely different Gameplay model than the Modern FPSs of CoD & BF. A more common term for it is “Twitch Gaming” due to the extreme level of reaction time required to truly match up against not only other players, but also the Bots. To quote Dark Souls - “Prepare to Die”, because you will, over, & over, & over.

Real player with 111.5 hrs in game









     ++’                                        ++'                                        ‘++

Real player with 40.0 hrs in game

Quake III Arena on Steam

Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter

Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter

Man, do my wrists hurt! And no, you clever so-and-sos, haha, very funny…no, it’s NOT because that long-awaited nude footage of Scarlett Johansson in that weird alien movie recently plastered itself all over internet-land.

It’s because I finally finished the last stage of Serious Sam: The First Encounter in a single sitting, and 6,667 enemies later I am F-U-C-K-E-D, both mentally and physically. Though the latter may, in all fairness, be mostly on account of the unfit, lazy turd that I am. I do have a strange, well-earned sense of “achievement” just the same, ‘cause this game ain’t no walk in the park, let me tell ya…

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

My favorite FPS (if we don’t count the HD version).

It’s not like other FPSs that force you into cover all the time, which I find to be pretty boring, instead, as Croteam puts it, you’ll be dancing around slow moving enemy fire while blasting aliens in the face with a rocket launcher, a double-barreled shotgun, and a minigun. While dodging, you need to make quick decisions and the weapons sort of have a rock-paper-scissor mentality which you can learn thanks to the tips in NETRICSA and through experimentation; a lone Kleer? Use the shotgun to blast it to pieces. A group tucked together? You’d better use the rocket launcher. Having a few small fries supporting the bigger enemies? Use the tommy gun. There are so many choices you can make due to your incredibly versatile arsenal, it’s hella satisfying to survive in such conditions.

Real player with 19.1 hrs in game

Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter on Steam

Half-Life 2: Episode One

Half-Life 2: Episode One

The release of this Episode signified a hope of something bigger coming in the near future. We got that with The Orange Box and Episode Two wouldn’t have been possible without the evolution the Half-Life architecture went through in Episode One.

It’s evident that this installment is mainly about Alyx, her emotions, reactions and her relationship with Gordon. In the beginning, she is delighted to find you amidst the rubble. She is given a lot of space to express her anxiety about going back inside the Citadel to delay the reactor’s core’s meltdown and whispers your name at the very end of the Episode.

Real player with 32.6 hrs in game

Half-Life 2: Episode One begine right where Half-Life 2 ended, and continues the story of Dr.Gordon Freeman in City 17, however, this time, the priority remains to escape the city following the events of Half-Life 2.

With updated lighting and AI for deuteragonist Alyx Vance, and expanded usage for the Gravity Gun, Half-Life 2: Episode One continues Half-Life 2’s usage of advanced graphics, physics, music and writing to create a game that is both rich in gameplay, plot, and emotion. Like its predecessor, it uses training techniques to allow for a more fluid experience, and utilizes the game’s physics engine to a full. With excellent performances by its cast, it’s able to greatly explain the story of Gordon and Alyx escaping City 17.

Real player with 31.7 hrs in game

Half-Life 2: Episode One on Steam