4th & Inches

4th & Inches

The original megahit from Accolade™. Team Construction Disk add-on is included for full team customization options!

4th & Inches paved the way for modern football games with robust play-calling and team management options, plus satisfying action that puts the player at the center of the on-field play on offense and defense. This classic remains a blast in games against the CPU or with a friend in local multiplayer.

Welcome to the pros, rookie.

So you were an All-American? Big deal! This is pro football, baby. It’s time to put down your press clippings and start buttin' heads with the big boys.

4th & Inches gives you all of the hard-hitting action of real football: the bombs, the blitzing, the goal line stands. You’ll experience graphics and animation that are as powerful as a blindside hit.

As the key player on defense, you’ve got to have speed, stamina and smarts. As the quarterback, you’ve got to read an unforgiving defense that takes no prisoners. Winning at 4th & Inches will take all the moves of a #1 draft choice plus the tactical genius of a veteran head coach.

Remember, this is the big time, hotshot. This is real football. This is 4th & Inches.

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4th & Inches on Steam

Crazy Soccer: Football Stars

Crazy Soccer: Football Stars

Crazy Soccer is a game fot those who got tired of ‘serious’ football. Do you want to overcome you opponents by number? Sure, just send aliens to abduct their players.

Game is too boring? What about cows that move chaotically and have no idea that they playing football.

Plus, you’ll be surprised to find a lot of humour in all the ingame texts.

My decision: 10 out of 10 crazy cows.

Would definitely recommend this game.

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

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Great little game. Funny graphics and verry well made. Multiplayer mode isn’t working like it should anymore. You can find opponents and play against them, but the tournamentsetup is kinda broken.

But if you like a different approach to a mainly singleplayer soccer game with weird weapons en destructions, this is your game. For a little multiplayer fun with friends and stranger you can keep hanging around. But after zeven hours of fun, the real fun was over for me.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

Crazy Soccer: Football Stars on Steam

LCD Sports: American Football

LCD Sports: American Football

A faithful homage to the Mattel handheld of 1977. There are some gameplay tweaks here as well as some concepts borrowed from Mattel’s “Football 2” handheld but overall this is a lot of fun to play and if you enjoyed the original from the 70’s you’ll probably like this version too.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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Cute game but the controller locks up on the computer opponents first series. Also there is no selection to pass/run like in the old coleco version. During the opponents first play, it just crashes and gives and error message. Hope the devs will fix it! I have received no response to my post about it on the discussion page.

edit: The devs contacted me today with a response to the problem. They say they will look at it. It’s good to know the devs care about such things!

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

LCD Sports: American Football on Steam

Natural Soccer

Natural Soccer

For years I have been looking for a simple soccer game to replace my SWOS and Total Soccer addictions, and although Addictive Soccer, Throw In and Yoda Soccer have been decent attempts they weren’t quite what I was looking for. However, last year I came across this beauty and although it had humble beginnings (the generic blue team vs the generic red team) I felt this could go far. And it has…

It’s a great little game which you can pick up and play for a few minutes for a quick fix, or take on a league if you have a spare couple of hours. The gameplay is the old cliché - easy to pick up and difficult to master - and it can also be very challenging, often leaving me wondering how the AI cut through my defence with such precision.

Real player with 61.7 hrs in game

With the newest update, 1.4.0, i finally feel comfortable giving this game a solid positive review. Before the update, i was not on the fence as to weather it was a good game or not. It still is and was a good game, with amazing support from the developer, who actually gives a damn about his product and the people who purchase it.

However, the game felt a little lacking. I felt less control than i would have liked. I dont mind hard games and challenges, but i also dont want to feel cheated by the limitations of the simplicity of the game.

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

Natural Soccer on Steam

2MD: VR Football Classic

2MD: VR Football Classic

This game is AWESOME. Played for 5.6 hours on the first day alone, it is that addicting. The throwing mechanics are nearly spot on, once you get the hang of it you can really dial in some surprisingly accurate throws. The difficulty ramps up very nicely, starting with a defense that is relatively easy to pick apart and moving up from there. By about round 3, it becomes extremely challenging (which is a good thing).

The play creation is very intuitive, allowing you to draw up your own plays adds a ton of depth to the game and makes replay-ability much higher than only having a premade set of plays. It is addicting planning out each of your routes and strategizing what situations you will design plays for (ie. 2nd and short vs 3rd and long specific route combinations). It’s also interesting as you’ll find that each defense in each round will use different schemes. For example I’ve noticed that one defense will play press coverage on receivers while another plays further off. This, again, makes you strategize even more as certain plays you make will work flawlessly against one defense, and will not work at all against another. The only downside with the play system as of now is that there are only 4 play slots allowed, but the developers are very responsive and have indicated that they will be adding 4 more soon which is even more awesome.

Real player with 56.5 hrs in game

This game is so close to being incredible. The atmosphere is there. The play calling is there. It feels like football considering they are sled dummies. However, I have to give this a negative review. I would like a response from the dev about 1 thing before i decide to refund. The throwing is so bad. you cant put any power on the ball at all. Every pass feels like a lolipop pass. honestly this game would be a 10/10 if you just fix the throwing. I cant throw a laser down the seam or on a dig route. Hell i can barely get the ball there. Please please please give me a response that you will fix this issue so i dont have to refund. Its not the social screen either i completely have the lowest res on that and the smallest window i can get. Plus my PC is a super PC. Its the physics that need a tweak. I play QB in college and this game feels so good, but the throwing is so bad.

Real player with 35.8 hrs in game

2MD: VR Football Classic on Steam

Soccer Rage

Soccer Rage

I’m not a person who enjoys sports for obvious reasons I’m in steam, but I had my brief encounters with traditional soccer games and simply do not understand them, because they have the rules of traditional soccer.

This little gem is about putting the ball in the opposing goal REGARDLESS OF HOW !! So do not require any knowledge of traditional soccer games at all.

My first games were failures by attempting to play like he knew something about soccer games … is not my approach but you can win by fighting, it makes it much more fun and entertaining.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

This game is a fighting/soccer hybrid with robots. It’s clearly early access as most of the content is locked. Here’s my objective opinion for whatever it’s worth:

The potential is high in this one. The gameplay is relatively simplistic but very addictive. You can have 5 v 5, 7 v 7, and 11 v 11 soccer matches. The desired goal is the same as soccer, however the twist is your robots will go into “Rage” and you can start a fight, potentially disabling apponent’s players.

The combat is actually a fun little diversion, and is well done considering the game is not a pure fighting game. There are combos and the controls aren’t too stiff in combat. You have 4 different attack buttons, can jump, duck, and attack with fair fluidity. It’s a timed battle. If you completely disable an apponent, they’ll “break” and will be disabled for the soccer portion of the game. If no ones health fully expires in combat before time is up, the fight is over and you continue.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Soccer Rage on Steam

2MD: VR Football Evolution

2MD: VR Football Evolution

I have only gotten an hour into this game (still waiting to get my own VR headset) but I will say this: the game is a lot of fun. In the practice arena, you can adjust your height, your throwing release point, and your throwing power. Takes time to find the right combo for you. I had fun just throwing the ball all over the practice field trying to hit targets.

In game is a blast too. The AI isn’t realistic in the sense that they don’t jump for passes or reach out to catch the ball. As long as you throw the ball in their vicinity you’re fine. The act of throwing the ball feels good too. For the most part, it felt responsive to what I was trying to do (either gunning the ball at a receiver or putting some air under it).

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

This game is pretty fun, and well worth the small price of admission. It is fun to draw your own routes and hit them for long passes. I feel like go routes are pretty overpowered in the early stages, where its pretty much complete one long pass and the receiver runs the rest of the way as the defenders are pretty slow at the beginning. But, there is a good progression of difficulty as the rounds go on.

Lots and lots of replayability here, as you tweak routes to try and beat the gauntlet, which I have yet to do sadly. But, I keep finding myself coming for more. Very easy to pick up and play, though it takes time to learn how to throw accurately, especially those deep routes where inaccuracy or under throwing a receiver can be detrimental.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

2MD: VR Football Evolution on Steam

Behold the Kickmen

Behold the Kickmen

This is a really fun game. I don’t tend to play sporty games but I’ve played this quite a bit already.

The tutorial is good/amusing and I like how each skill is gradually introduced in career mode. To begin with before you learn any the game can be a bit difficult, but the moment you win a game and unlock a skill the game really opens up, so make sure you don’t give up on it before this point.

I’m not even the target market as I love playing football casually in real life—I still maintain that the… er… real life fake non-Kickmen version of the offside rule makes total sense as it presumably exists to prevent goal-hanging and isn’t just a pointless faff to learn—I DIGRESS), despite enjoying real life football, I love the way this game makes fun of it too.

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Livy writes of a meeting in 193 BC, as Rome prepared for war with the Seleucid Empire and generals from both sides met at the court of Antiochus the Great. There Scipio Africanus, the savior of Rome in the darkest days of the Punic Wars, found Hannibal Barca. The latter had left Carthage in exile when the Romans demanded his surrender seven years after his defeat at the hands of the former, lest he rebuilt the broken city to its former glory.

It is not often such great generals meet outside the blood and gore of the battlefield and thus the conversation between them fell to whom they ranked as the greatest generals of antiquity. Hannibal answered Alexander ranked highest and though Scipio was dismayed, they could all agree that Alexander was without equal. When asked who ranked second, Hannibal answered Pyrrhus, the Greek general who was the first to bring the young Roman republic to its knees. Scipio then asked whom he ranked third and Hannibal, without hesitation answered that it was himself who ranked third.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Behold the Kickmen on Steam

Sunday Rivals

Sunday Rivals

Another update to the game, another update to this review!

TLDR: My play time speaks for itself. It’s very fun with a TON of replayability but it does lack a few features at the moment (but that’s going to change in the future once more updates release)


-Loads of customization (players, teams, stadiums, leagues, jerseys, gameplay sliders, coaching strategies, and even playbooks as of the most recent update)

-Great gameplay

-Customizable Season Mode with full custom league support

-Share your custom leagues/teams and try out others' (albeit not via workshop)

Real player with 324.4 hrs in game

The game is very simple right now, but it’s super fun to play. I’m really looking forward to the planned features.

EDIT: The Headhunter mode just released and it really adds to the replay value of the game. The mode allows you to “lead your favorite team through a 4 game, single-elimination tournament while racking up points using a fantasy football-style scoring system”; and let me tell you, that extra scoring system makes the game so much more fun than it already was. You can compare your scores from your own Headhunters runs and with your friends runs. I’d imagine the game’s Discord server would be a great place to do it: http://discord.gg/dSuMe5w

Real player with 282.1 hrs in game

Sunday Rivals on Steam

Balance of Soccer

Balance of Soccer

This is a great way to quickly build tactics and just enjoy a game that you can directly influence. I sincerely thank you for the game! 👍⚽

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Balance of Soccer on Steam