Professional Farmer 2014

Professional Farmer 2014

Playing Professional Farmer 2014 since Christmas. Some glitches along the way but with adequate developer response I think. The lack of complete controller mapping and a limited fuel, fertilizer and seed acquisition system are the most negative for me. If I purchase all the fields, I should be able to use every farmhouse, etc. I am Glad I bought Farming Simulator 2013 yesterday when it was on sale for $8.39 as I thought it may be better. I am sure it will be fun but a tour around the map and quick use of some of the equipment gave me a real appreciation of Professional Farmer 2014. FS2013 did have some of the features I wish PF2014 had like thorough controller mapping and more plentiful supply acquisition locations but the lesser equipment/landscape detail, ambiance and immersion quality is immediately apparent.

Real player with 58.2 hrs in game

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I have a long history with UIG and in all honesty we both(UIG and me) would admit it has not been a great relationship. I was given pre-release access to this game so that, as I quote from UIG “you will be pleasantly surprised”. Well as I played it….I was pleasantly surprised. You can find a thread labeled ‘CE - This game delivers’ in the profarm forum if you desire more info into all of that. Now with the review.

Technical: Currently at the time of this writing there are about 5 people saying they have bad frame rates. This means this game runs fine for 99% of all buyers. Which when you think about it, is a pretty darn good ratio. No crashes have been reported from what I have seen. From my side of things it has run very well with only some minor technical issues that I would think will be fixed in upcomming patches. These issues include odd and overly bright reflections from the sun at sunrise/set and from headlights. The occasional piece of texture floating a few inches above the ground after plowing (only noticable when you have camera at the right angle. Some controller mapping issues. All in all though no serious techinical glitches or bugs that break gameplay or the fun level.

Real player with 48.9 hrs in game

Professional Farmer 2014 on Steam

Farmer Wars

Farmer Wars

Farmer Wars!

You haven’t known crazy times until you’ve seen what’s going on in Farmer Wars. Welcome to the most tractor-turning, redneck-riling, boomstick-blamming first-person shooter out there. Your neighbors have been getting too big for their britches and it’s time to cut them down to size in a good old-fashioned all-out feud.

Bring Out the Big Guns!

Employ a diverse arsenal of deadly weapons. Something getting on your nerves? Make it go away by pointing your gun at it and pulling the trigger – problem solved! From handguns, to shotguns, to assault rifles, and more! But maybe you fancy a more up-close-and-personal approach? Luckily, your typical agricultural enterprise suffers no shortage of sharp blades and pointy ends that can take a solid chunk out of some trespassing stranger. Knives, hatchets, and an angry mob’s favorite – the pitchfork. Finally, for when you really need to get a point across in your quarrel – nothing says ‘solid argument’ like a missile launcher.

The Economy, Fools!

Country life may have been turned upside-down but when it comes to some rules, it’s still business as usual. Especially if we’re talking about the rules of business. As a farm’s owner you’re still responsible for running it, maintaining it, and making sure it turns a profit among all the havoc. There are fences to build and fields to sow, cause unlike whatever you’re choosing to farm, ammo just doesn’t grow on trees and you need to earn the money for it. The economy is dynamic too, so make sure to check up on the latest market updates while keeping your head down in the hail of bullets. Observe closely and make business-savvy decisions on your next produce.

Wheels of Fury!

The farming implement of today may quickly turn into the war machine of tomorrow. Sure, your combine harvester may have had a hard day’s work, but these are tough times, so it’s time for it to become your mighty steed. Become the owner of different powerful tractors, trucks, harvesters, and other A speeding tractor is no joke, though, so adjust your tactics accordingly and be prepared for any wild ride. Should your visitors be in a hurry to leave in their vehicles, an M79 to the engine oughta convince them to stay a while longer, if not for good.

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Farmer Wars on Steam




Please keep in mind it’s an Early Access version of the game. If you search for an full-of-feature, near final version, I would highly recommend to wait until the game was in an further development stage. There could be bugs, crashes (I have never one single crash!), lack of content and items and things like that ! So please, push the Buy button only if you want to support the game, the idea and the developers, not to expect an highly final gameplay experience!

Last but not least: Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language! I try to improve, but it will take time to be good :D !

Real player with 99.5 hrs in game

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After waiting a year and through many broken promises for an update this game has taken a huge step back. Literally everything about this game is worse now. Definitely not worth buying in this state.

Update June 26, 2020: After giving this game one last chance with “Major Update Version 1.0” it’s abundantly clear it will likely never reach any potential it may once have had. To say it’s broken would be an understatement. Progression is virtually impossible. Stone cannot be gathered or mined in any way. No quests other than the first quest of meet the campers will complete. Trading does not work. The flashlight is a small circle of light always focused on the ground in front of the player’s feet so the light doesn’t follow where you are looking. There’s nothing aside from twine or rope to craft, build, or do as the most fundamental aspects of the game are non-functioning and as such you cannot acquire the necessary resources through any means whether that be gathering, trading, or completing quests. And this is after nearly three years since game release.

Real player with 97.6 hrs in game

BugOut on Steam

Gleaner Heights

Gleaner Heights

Don’t mistake this for Stardew Valley

Well, it needed to be said. Gleaner Heights is a farming-rpg that does share a few common elements with Stardew Valley and other games inspired by Harvest Moon. But it has an unique style, charm and in short is a game you really want to experience. It isn’t without its flaws, but the developer keeps an ear to the community and has expressed a desire to keep working on the game. Even as is, it is a damn good game, well worth the asking price. That’s the short of things.

Real player with 76.6 hrs in game

This review will not be short, but I’ll preface it with the colloquial ‘short of it’. This game is mostly a positive experience, with a couple solid, avoidable gripes- and one which I’d say needs to be fixed on principle.

Gleaner Heights is a farming sim that, at least in my experience, lies just outside the expected norms of it’s genre- this is not a bad thing. In an extremely short forty hours it has forced me to confront particular habits and reliances that have embedded themself into my psyche, and to bash them against the rocks until they’ve cracked wide open, allowing me access to the tender meat within. It’s been an admittedly love-hate relationship, as a consequence of how it’s made me rethink what it is I value in the games I play, and reminded me why I started to love this genre in the first place.

Real player with 60.4 hrs in game

Gleaner Heights on Steam

It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below

It Lurks Below is a love child of Diablo and Terraria and it shows. But just because the parent games are great, sadly this fact doesn’t make this game on the same level and the maker David Brevik in name alone does not make things great either. The game itself feels that it has no real challenge, drive, or even passion put into it unlike previous stuff he’s worked on. I would put this on the level of what seems to almost being a AA asset flip (like many others you can see on Steam, but were his own assets or paid for) made by a legend of the gaming industry.

Real player with 10437.9 hrs in game

EDIT: I have 138 hours on this game across 2 accounts and have the right to criticize this game and/or deem it worthy of humanities consumption, I have also played Terraria and Diablo 2 to an extensive amount, 500+ hrs.

umm I don’t really need to say much about the reasons why this game isn’t bad seeing most people have sense enough of why David Brevik, the developer, put this game on early access, and also the difference between hot garbage Terraria ripoffs, there is a VERY fine line drawn. first of all…

Real player with 133.0 hrs in game

It Lurks Below on Steam

Farm Your Friends

Farm Your Friends

A fast-paced couch competitive farming game for up to 8 players. This farming life isn’t as calm and peaceful as you’d expect: to become the best farmer you will need unusual methods to prevent your enemies from succeding.





Farm Your Friends on Steam

Farmer’s Fairy Tale

Farmer’s Fairy Tale

I like the style of game. It’s quite relaxing, with no rush to complete main quests. The “timers” on certain quests is only for the extra reward and not essential to the storyline quests. The graphics are nice, the conversations and flow of the story are quite funny (in a somewhat lame kind of way). The game was a little buggy at first, but the upjers team responded to me quite fast and were very helpful to solve the problem.

Real player with 204.9 hrs in game

I had added this game to my wishlist before it came out because it had looked so interesting. After I took the leap of faith in buying it, spending almost an hour non-stop on it, I am very pleased with this game! I was like, “FINALLY”, a game that I can do my own relaxed farming but still have objectives. Not to mention the storyline, graphics, and game sounds are not too shabby at all. They put thought into it and you can zoom in and out of the world, making the control gameplay very easy to handle. It feels like stardew valley with the concept of adding items adds energy, eat food get energy, as well as my time at portia by gathering materials and then having to craft objects. Doesn’t take a long time to get materials. I can already tell I am going to be wasting a good portion of my life on this game. Great job Farmer’s Fairy Tale!

Real player with 188.1 hrs in game

Farmer's Fairy Tale on Steam

Hyperspace Harvest

Hyperspace Harvest

Engineer and mod crops, tools, gear and weapons!

Create your own strands of plants to grow on your whale farm and optimize your crop builds according to preferences/playstyle. Modify weapon creatures with a wide variety of submods, change your tools performance for specific tasks and even alter your own body with bio-engineered symbionts.

Fresh farming in a fresh setting!

Explore the surface of the whale across its season-like life cycle of continuous death and rebirth. Use your multitool in skill-driven minigames to clear cancerous overgrowth, infected feather trees and mineral crustations. Grow self-made crops on the hex-skin of the whale and discover hidden interactions between plants, tiles and native vegetation.

(A system inspired by Permaculture, a real life concept about crop synergies.)

Juicy dungeon crawling!

Explore the different anatomic regions of the whale and fight various diseased cells, constructs and hardlight entities that have turned against their host. Use a wide variety of modable weapon creatures, both for melee and ranged combat. Make use of your Vet-Suit’s superior mobility and manage suit energy to charge shields and weapons.

Streamlined UI and Mechanics!

  • Universal tesseract inventory! No need to search through a dozen chests to find that one piece of gold ore.

  • Your whaler tool is a single item that adapts to tasks you want to carry out, but can still be upgraded in individual areas.

  • The time management aspect of the farming portion of the game does not interfere with the other core mechanics. Dungeon crawling only advances time when clearing a room and time of day pauses completely while moding gear, giving you the freedom to experiment and exploring possible builds at your own time.

  • I hope you like smells cause the game constantly tells you the current odor of your surrounding! (with more gameplay implications in the future).

Hyperspace Harvest on Steam

Little Big Guy

Little Big Guy

its a good game but i cant really fish whenever i try m guy runs into the water. and it would be nice if there was tutorial. besides that after you get the controls down its pretty fun.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Little Big Guy is a Unity asset flip, that’s to say, it’s a bunch of Unity assets (and probably the game engine too) slapped together badly to make a clunky, simplistic, low poly “survival” game.

No genuine game development was done here, buying a bunch of premade assets (or downloading free ones), dumping them in an existing game template and dumping it into cheap game bundles doesn’t turn one into a game developer.

You can get Minecraft for cheaper than this and it’s better in every respect, and it’s also not an asset flip.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Little Big Guy on Steam

Simple Farm

Simple Farm

Very fun!

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

You get what you pay for BUT its not a bad start to a game. All the mechanics work as intended which is rare for a game so early in development. If the developer continues to update I believe more people will find this game.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Simple Farm on Steam