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The first thing I noticed when starting the game was the pixel art. The hardcore pixel art. The closest good game with a similar visual style that I remembered was Songbringer. You have to like that style, or you won’t like the game. I liked it.

You play a Lord of an impoverished fishing village who decides to lead his people into a brighter future in a far away land. He doesn’t get very far. A terrible thunderstorm and a giant whale sink the ship, the villagers drown or get caught by the natives, and Lord Faraday is rescued by an old man and brought to a small island where he meets a bunch of desperate castaways. Here the adventure starts and the old man transports Faraday to different islands to explore and search for three magical keys to open a door that leads back home.

Real player with 21.4 hrs in game

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So I’ve finished the main part of the game which took around 6 - 7 hours according to my steam playtime, definitely didn’t feel like that (which is a good thing). I’ve still got a few more achievements to go, which should give me an hour or so more of the game.


I’m gonna be honest here, After the initial intro and such I wasn’t really paying attention on what was happening in the story. It’s fully subtitled and I missed a few, so I was kinda out of luck on knowing what was fully going on.

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

Olija on Steam

HeXen: Beyond Heretic

HeXen: Beyond Heretic

IMPORTANT: This version of the game is in its native DOS state, and frankly that hasn’t aged well thanks to low resolutions and clunky controls. I recommend getting GZDoom to run this, put its compatibility mode on Doom (not the strict version, just the regular). For gameplay options, make sure jumping is enabled and crouching disabled, as levels were designed with that in mind. You can tighten up the shooting by turning autoaim off. To keep the art style of the game as it was intended, turn all texture filtering off, and use square pixel particles.

Real player with 100.0 hrs in game

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After far too long, I have finally completed HeXen. It’s the sequel to Heretic, but while Heretic was a fun DOOM reskin, HeXen gets away from DOOM’s influence and becomes more of its own thing, with multiple player characters, hub-based level structure, more puzzles, and a far darker tone. These changes bring plenty of pros and cons, and certainly create a unique experience.

There are three characters to choose from at the start of the game: the Fighter, the Mage, and the Cleric. (They have actual names, but they’re not worth remembering.) The Fighter is a melee character, the Mage is ranged, and the Cleric is a mix between the two. I played as the Fighter because I’d heard that he was the best, and it’s fun to just run around punching hundreds and hundreds of monsters with wonderfully cathartic gore and sound effects. The punch is the starting weapon (there are four total per class), and it’s strangely effective; I got by using it almost exclusively for about 60% of the game before the challenge ramped up enough to necesitate use of the other weapons. I may go back and play as the other characters at some point, though, because the game makes it clear that the playstyles differ enough to make repeats worthwhile.

Real player with 28.4 hrs in game

HeXen: Beyond Heretic on Steam

Three Heroes

Three Heroes

Uncertain why are there so many short and negative reviews,

complaints about the game crashing, unable to start etc…

Had no problem at all.

Gameplay is rather smooth and fluid.

Graphics are bright, colourful and well drawn.

Dialogues and short-scenes are actually well done and entertaining.

Switching between campanions to utilize the playstyle in different situation or encounters.

Stationing the meleer behind a bush, using the archer to shoot the enemy archer and lure the others towards the bush for the meleer to engage.

Real player with 33.1 hrs in game

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I really wanted to give this game a chance. But I simply couldn’t. While the graphics are…cute, everything else is sub-par. The combat system is clunky and arbitrary (random chance determines whether you land a hit for a pixel of the enemy’s health or if you ragdoll them in one strike, or if you are the archer you could find yourself in a situation where you’d be shooting 10 arrows at a stationary target before ever hitting the mark - the trajectory is random). The quests are cookiecutter and on the annoying side - from bring ten mosquito wings to escort the (suicidal) peasant most are just lazy. There are skills, but only a few of them are actually reliable to any degree…And then there’s the bugs…Oh the bugs. From the peasant you’re escorting dropping through the ground to oblivion (and mission fail) to random crashes this game has it all. And then there’s Dobrynya…The pole vaulting hero…who for somer reason goes completely ragdoll limp(presuumably from fear) when you, well, pole vault. Which would be tons of fun…if it didnt cause him to slide feebly off the side of that island or log you werre trying to reach, causing mission fail.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

Three Heroes on Steam



Brightness is an extensive single-player game that takes him to the cruel ruins of ancient temples.

The main character has to recover stolen souls hidden among dangerous traps. The stolen spirits of the unfortunates levitate helplessly in the darkness of the ruins, waiting to be saved.

Brave adventurers will have to avoid hidden traps and jump over treacherous gaps to retrieve what has been taken.

Be warned, you only get one attempt and failure will cast you to previous location.

Unlock Even More Difficult Levels

Complete the available levels and open even deeper and more dangerous corners of temples, where more exploration areas are located.

Return to the Past

Go back to completed levels to improve your achievements and become a dexterity master. Improve your time and the number of points you have earned.

Discover Undiscovered

Take the gameplay to new biomes by completing the previous stages. Along with the new terrains comes new challenges. Get ready to be surprised!

Brightness on Steam

Champoo Club

Champoo Club

Champoo will have to rescue his friends from the hands of Jack Deer

fighting cute and funny enemies in different arenas

firing missiles, hitting with a sword, and shooting the super rocket that can destroy all enemies in his path

Champoo Club on Steam

Project Bullet

Project Bullet

Project Bullet is a side-scrolling bullet hell game, which sets in Pistalia, the fantasy world where people get the blessing from their god this power came to be known as ‘‘Bullet’’, Escape from the evil empire, find valuable allies, arm yourself with powerful gadgets and destroy all your enemies!

Main story : Project Bullet

Experience the story of “Mikan”, test subject of “Project Bullet” and you the Inspector of the project who decide to go against the evil empire, as they escaped the empire facility to find what was taken from them. The journey had only begun and the future is your to see.

Assemble Your Team

Project Bullet’s Team System allow to customizes your team to play as :

  • 1 Main Character to be on the play field.

  • 2 Support Character to be called for support skill.

  • 6 “Bullet Gadget” to be equipped and boost your team’s performance.

3 Main and Sup characters on release each with unique playstyles and many more on the way!

Over 20+ gadgets customization for your own preferences and strategic gameplans!

Dungeon & Bosses

  • Fighting in dungeons reward you with great loot and gadgets.

  • 1v1 Battle against the Boss, are you well prepare for an all-out confrontation?

Challenge Mode

Challenge your own limits in undesireable situations!

Project Bullet on Steam



Very fun game. There is plenty of characters you can play. Voice acting and graphic is good too.

Though if you are mainly interested in playing online then you should think twice before buying this game. Vast majority of players are Asian and if you are, for example, a European you will probably have to put up with lags unless you host a match. Also, sadly there aren’t that many players. Depending on the time you play you may not even be able to find an opponent for quite a long. What I didn’t liked about ranked games is that it seems that if you abandon the match there is no penalty. I happened to play with someone who quited 2-3 times in a row. I know that it’s annoying playing with lags, it can be hard to win unless you are a way better than your opponent or just got a bit lucky, but if there’s no penalty at all for abandoning the matches you just cannot drop in ranking even if you keep quitting them all the time.

Real player with 30.9 hrs in game

There was nothing wrong with the game play or presentation. The game is very entertaining to play and enough effort was placed into the audio/visual quality to pass as a good game. Everything about the game was fine all the way to the point when I started doing the single player mode, then I came into technical problems.

I am unable to complete arcade mode without the game crashing during the load of a stage. A couple of times it happened on stage 2, then another time on stage 5.

These crashes do also occur in Sky Adventure mode, but since it’s stage select and no progress is lost, I didn’t mind it as much.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game


Dead In Time

Dead In Time

Is a hardcore action with a non-trivial level generation system. Each enemy that you meet on your way, is deadly and unique in its own way. Control time, use a large arsenal of weapons and uncover the secret of time.

I always did not like the idea that after the death the player should start all over again. In Dead in time after the death of the hero, you find yourself in the next generated world, where new enemies and traps await you.

Each enemy in Dead in time is unique and deadly in its own way. Due to this gaming experience in each of the worlds will be different.

All the mechanics of leveling in the Dead in time is realized through the items that the hero finds on his way. Each item has its unique skill and has the ability to raise its level. All items above the first level will remain with you after the hero’s death, but will lose one level.

Control time to create “arches” to attack in combat. Also, you can slow down all enemy objects and accelerate yourself, thereby gaining an advantage in combat.

  • Random generation of environment, items and enemies.

  • After the hero’s death, you get to the next randomly generated world, and do not start all over again.

  • More than 150 different rooms.

  • Each world is different for its unique gameplay and enemies.

  • Control time to gain advantage in combat.

  • Become stronger using items and weapons with unique skills.

  • Over 85 different enemies.

  • Participate in optional events to obtain rare items.

Dead In Time on Steam

Diorama Dungeoncrawl

Diorama Dungeoncrawl

Designed to be “NES Hard”, this game does indeed feel like an homage to NES Castlevanias. Occasionally, depth perception was tricky due to the perspective, but overall, I like what the diorama-like presentation adds to the formula. I’m not quite done yet, but I’m a fan of the way the challenges progresses. I’d recommend this if you have the patience for some challenging rooms with potentially “cheap” deaths (depending on your perspective).

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

One of the more challenging games by the developer. I can’t really think of another game like this on Steam that combines platforming and the sort of action here, but it was decent to play.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Diorama Dungeoncrawl on Steam



this game has 2 really annoying parts already in the start that i will reveal here

first of all when u install the game and then press play it says u need to download origin (gameside) and create there a acc ..so u have to again wait like a half hour longer to install origin and create your acc

second of all because first thing u soon have to do is sing with some kind of alien flower… k seems funny but how u do it is just very annoying and kinda taking alot time if u dont have luck or dont know how.. how u do it: u press with the mouse.. for longer but gently ! ..means almost not pressing(just slightly) i tried wth my laptop and extra mouse like more than 1 hour.. until i found out how..

Real player with 24.7 hrs in game

Fe is an Jump N Run Plattformer with unique minimalistic but cute Graphics

You can learn 5 different Voices that you help to control special animals or flowers to get on other Stages

The Story is a bit confusing since no Voices or Subtitles, but with an Suprising End (what reminds me on Jet Force Gemini & Spellforce Order of Dawn

You can find 75 Crystals & 12 Helmets with a few Abilities you can get for a special amount of Crystal. 25-30 Crystals are well hidden and you need to figure out where they are and how you came to them. What sometimes need many thinking around corners or luck because the real way to get it a little bit far away and well hidden (under bear cave on in the Bird Area)

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

Fe on Steam