Gladiators VR Tournament

Gladiators VR Tournament

FPS + Esport + VR

Available for Arcades on Springboard VR

Gladiator Tournament is an intuitive, fast-paced competitive VR shooter in which you take the role of mercenaries battling in a deathmatch arena.

You’ll fight across a colossal and vertiginous arena, teleporting from platform to platform and bullseyeing your opponents with different cool weapons.

Each intense round gives you five minutes to frag enemies and ramp up your score.

At the end of the fight the mercenary with the highest score is declared the best fighter in the arena!


  • High Octane Battle

Pick up your favourite weapons to hunt down your opponents and dominate the battle. The best mercenary fighter will be the one with the most accurate aim and sharpest decision-making.

  • 4 Players FFA Deathmatch

Players battle each other in a free-for-all deathmatch.

  • 1 Player Time Attack

Measure your skills against the series of time-attack challenges requiring marksmanship and reflexes. Try and try harder to get a chance to finally beat the developer record!

  • Unique Teleport System

In the Burning Descent, you teleport from platforms to platforms at a glance. Not only is it a unique way of moving in VR games, it makes it feel easy and natural to dash around the battlefield at lightning speed.

  • Body Movement

Stand out from other competitors by crouching, ducking and leaning out to become a harder target to reach and step up your combat intensity!

  • No motion sickness

The game was designed and polished with a scientific VR approach, reducing motion sickness to an absolute minimum, ensuring an optimal experience even for sensitive players.

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Gladiators VR Tournament on Steam



NIOS is a Top down 3D futuristic anti gravity obstacle racing game arcade where you run along a point-to-point paths in a open world.

Get your best score overtaking the greatest number of opponents in sequences without hit them.

As you get closer to the walls, increase your speed and an extra score.

if you hit the walls you will lose points based on the impact strength.


No buttons No gamepad, just 100% mouse movement skills required!

this sport game is designed to allow the player to focus on accurate mouse (or trackpad) movement through which you can manage speed and direction.

Stearing Control

your spaceship will point the cursor with its nose and rotating around its vertical central axis, in this way it is also possible to stop or suddenly slow down.

To make wide and precise turns, keep the cursor away from the spacecraft.

To make tight turns, keep it closer to the spacecraft.

Speed Control

The spacecraft will start with a moderate speed.

To increase speed, get close to the side walls without hitting them, in this way you will boost your speed and get an extra score, but if you hit them you will lose score in proportion to the force of impact.

Warning: NIOS contains fast moving imagery and various effects such as white flashes that may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

The Map It will have up to 100 paths

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NIOS on Steam



Annihilation is Character Based 5v5 and 60 Players against each other Battle Royale game. Game time is set on Post apocalyptic Sci-Fi age.

Player can play both First person and Third Person perspective.

5v5 mode is focused on Competitive and E-sports mechanism. Battle Royale mode is focused on more Action Adventure.You have to focus on surviving , struggle and understand your operator’s skills to be the Last Man Standing.

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Annihilation on Steam

Challenge Speedball

Challenge Speedball

⣾⡇⣿⣿⡇⣾⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣄⢻⣦⡀⠁⢸⡌⠻⣿⣿⣿⡽⣿⣿ play it

⡇⣿⠹⣿⡇⡟⠛⣉⠁⠉⠉⠻⡿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣦⣄⡉⠂⠈⠙⢿⣿⣝⣿ It’s good








Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

To be honest, it was extremely fun to play with friends. Finding some glitches like falling out of the map and even just playing regularly made more fun than i thought. Playing against bots is a bit boring because you can destroy them pretty easily or get unlucky and get shot instantly :D but with friends its great

We also played with the dev and he’s a really nice guy :)

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Challenge Speedball on Steam

Counter Fight ICHIRAN

Counter Fight ICHIRAN

A nice game to play in VR.

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

Best VR game I’ve played so far.

Very immersive ramen cooking experience.

I really played like 3 hours straight non-stop.

Wish it could have features like adding more Noodle Strainers or change languages.

Overall, nice game. Keep up the good work :)

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Counter Fight ICHIRAN on Steam

Cub Gym

Cub Gym

its a pretty kwl game just frustrating cause i couldnt get more than half way [ast the level lol but its a great idea for the game amd maybe change so there less bombs :p

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Cub Gym on Steam

Horns of Justice

Horns of Justice

Horns of Justice is a brutal sports MOBA. It is inspired by the MOBA genre and has added the elements of ball sports to the mix. The brutal part comes from the resources you can employ; weapons, spells and basic melee moves. These help you in taking possession of the ball, scoring goals and defending your own goal. It is the tension between the sports field play element and the violence of the MOBA element that creates the dynamic gameplay which makes Horns of Justice the unique game it is.

Pick your style

In the arena the aim is simple: Score a goal. The way you achieve it is up to you. Good old brute force, powerful spells with nasty side effects, or clever ball-passing tactics. Stick with a style or pick your own by blending all the elements into a dynamic strategy that rules the arena.

Online Multiplayer Matches

Join or create a team and play matches online against other teams. Choose your player from a roster of different characters each from one of 6 classes and master their unique abilities and weapons. Choose a fighting ground from a multitude of arenas and engage in single or multiple matches. Become the ultimate player by enrolling in the deadliest tournament in history.

Single Player Campaign

Get to know Horns of Justice’s fascinating universe and characters by playing through the single player’s tournament. Guided by an animated branching storyline where your decisions affect the outcome, this 5 hour campaign offers a tournament that takes you trough dramatic highs and lows.

Learn why the tournament exists and discover its dark origins.

Horns of Justice on Steam

Commandos Pro Simulator

Commandos Pro Simulator

This is one of the greatest fps games of all time, it combines precise gunplay with high octane action.

Looking forward to this masterpiece dominating the e-sports scene.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

This game really makes me feel like Spider-man. 10 out of 10.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Commandos Pro Simulator on Steam

Fight for that Ball

Fight for that Ball


A minimalistic football fighting 2D platformer with extensive custom maps support. Fast four-player couch coop fun with obstacles, explosions and a bit of fighting!

It is a football game in its essence, two teams with up to two players per team. During play, the primary objective is to score a point by kicking the ball into the opponent’s goal. Actually, from which side does not matter, as long as it passes the two poles. You can fight a bit to gain a time advantage or block attacks and heavy shots on the goal.

You can draw a map in any paint app that supports PNG files. Put it into the game and have a good old scrap on it. Probably the most exciting feature is the custom maps support with its many additional settings for the maps to give you even more freedom to come up with crazy stuff.

Fight for that Ball also comes with Steam Remote Play support, a target practice mode to improve your timing and shooting skills, a couple of team statistics and achievements.


Even if it does not look like much, I started work on that game a while ago. After my friends and I had some fun matches in a similar minigame back then, I thought it would be fun to have it a bit faster and more maps. Here we are six years later, a fast football platformer where you can bring your own drawings to shape the map. I enjoy the wacky ball physics and strange fights, so I hope that some of you can have the same fun.

I’m thrilled to see what maps you come up with. So, please share your maps, thoughts or experiences over in the Steam Community section.

Create custom maps

You can create your own Fight for that Ball custom maps with two steps. The base layer is a PNG file containing the stage colliders. Every part of the image that is not white will be seen as a collider. The background should be white or transparent. The next layer is a JSON file for advanced map options to move and rotate goals, move player or ball spawn points. Custom maps must be stored in “%userprofile%/Appdata/LocalLow/Beardman Studios/fightforthatball/CustomMaps/”. Fight for that Ball comes with a custom map guide. You can find all files in the custom maps directory under CustomMapGuide. Both files must have the same name, E.g. test.png and test.json. The JSON file is not required. The game would load the default positions for goals and spawn points if no JSON file was found.

Stay safe! 3

Fight for that Ball on Steam

Infinite Tournament Paintball

Infinite Tournament Paintball

Dev listens to community, updates are constantly added, game play improves with each update, when bugs show up the community is quick to respond and the developer gets right to work on the issues. Solid game it has its bugs but for what it is this game is awesome. Developer is always open to new map ideas, guns, animations, player models etc… 4/5 stars

Real player with 17.0 hrs in game

Being someone who played the Greg Hastings Paintball games, Infinite Tournament Paintball definitely brings back memories of those older paintball titles. The game is made by a dedicated and extremely friendly Developer who works night and day to try and make sure bugs are fixed and new content is added. Even if you don’t play paintball this game is tons of fun and the community is so friendly so jumping into a game is super easy! Be sure to join the discord that the game has to see when people are playing!

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

Infinite Tournament Paintball on Steam