Shadow Uprising

Shadow Uprising

Shadow Uprising is a casual-friendly but still enjoyable addition to the VR stealth genre with a “Sly Cooper 1 but cyber Japan” aesthetic and a very fun twist on movement.

The Good:

1. Movement – The Spiderman-like dual wrist grapples and the climbing gloves make moving around the world just plain fun. Scramble up a wall and then go hand over hand underneath the edge of the roof? Sure. Fire both grapples to suspend yourself above an unsuspecting guard you’re about to drop down on and murder? Go for it. How about grapple and pull yourself to behead a guard as you swoop past? Gets a malicious laugh out of me every time I pull it off. The icing on the cake is the fact that the controls are so intuitive that doing maneuvers like this is strictly a matter of player creativity and reflexes, not overcoming janky inputs.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

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At 16 bucks, the game is a little pricey, as it can be finished in under 4 hours… But I don’t feel buyer’s remorse! if you can get it on sale (Or if you really really want a Ninja Stealth game and can spare 16 bucks), and if you have your VR legs tuned up and resistant to motion sickness… This game is just a blast!

The game is very nostalgic for gamers 20 and over who grew up in the PS2 era, as the graphics and gameplay all feel quite retro. The Stealth assasination and Grappling hook // Parkour Combo really immerse you in sci-fi ninja world, and luring enemies into traps feels amazing.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Shadow Uprising on Steam

The Armament Project

The Armament Project

A fun Indie FPS! I recommend it.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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The Armament Project is a cool throwback to 90s FPS in style, substance, and inspiration. Armament offers a level based design (3 levels) in the vein of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, but with the subtle maze-like structure of Quake. Likewise, Armament offers a nod to actions films like Terminator and Aliens (which inspired early FPS). But instead of aliens, machines, or Nazis, Armament offers a battle through a prison in the context of a dystopian society and government class wars.

Though brief, the game is a fun little FPS experience. I like the storyline (I’m biased in enjoying a deeper story to my FPS), but the story is a little too complex for a shorter game. I think such nuanced storytelling will prove useful as DYS Top builds more complex games.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

The Armament Project on Steam

Aefen Fall

Aefen Fall


  • The game is buggy and glitches. A LOT! And the devs will not (be able to) fix it.

  • The game is short. I have no idea how you can spend 45 minutes in a playthrough as stated on the store page. Realistically it will take you around 30 for your first run with failing a lot of jumps and not knowing where to go. Subsequent runs should scratch on the speed run goal time of 15 minutes.

  • You can get Mirror’s Edge and its sequel on sale for the full price of this game. (At least in Euro.)

That being said, I still recommend it. The developers were pretty upfront about the state of the game, its shortcomings and their lack of support. It’s a student project by graduates. Would have been nice if they released it for free, sure, but the price is cheap enough to forgive the lack of polish and content, especially on sale.

Real player with 29.1 hrs in game

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This game has a lot of pros and cons, but I still recommend at least on sale. But even at full price, it’s cheap, and has replay value, especially when the cons get addressed.


  • FANTASTIC visuals and art design!

  • Fun gameplay design, that allows opportunities to mix things up if you want to.

  • Many routes, for high replay value, and to challenge yourself with the fastest shortcuts.


  • MANY moments of bugs with clipping, getting stuck, and inputs not working very well.

  • VERY abrupt and unclear ending, though it was expected for a student project with a time limit.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Aefen Fall on Steam

Dystopian Drift

Dystopian Drift


An unsettling scenario in an unsettling future.

Your brain has been transplanted to a spiderbot.

You remotely drift the car through the arena and protect your brain from incoming waves of cyberzombies!

You can survive the arena for 5 waves or you can conquer it by gaining the highest rank.


Dystopian Drift is an action minigame that requires fast player input.

You drift, aim and need to be aware of your surroundings at the same time.


You need a keyboard and mouse.

Use “WASD” to move the car (arrows work as well).

Use the Mouse to aim and shoot.

Dystopian Drift on Steam

Tower 57

Tower 57

Have you ever had the rug pulled out from beneath your feet? No? Well, if you’re a fan of classic top down shooters like The Chaos Engine and Alien Breed, and would like to experience that sensation, then look no further. Tower 57 wants to fitfully delight and then cruelly dismay with the capricious hand of disappointment, recapturing the days of the A500 and then ultimately failing to maintain that quality. And to think it starts off so promisingly…

Real player with 25.0 hrs in game


A short and challenging game (in its current build 21.19). Good music (but short tracks which will stick in your mind after a few hours of hearing them), good pixel artwork and animation. Does have many bugs which still need ironing out although not game breaking. Worth a go if you like games like Chaos Engine. Recommended (but with reservations).

I backed the kickstarter for Tower 57 having seen the artstyle and reading about the plans for the game - it was just very appealing, particularly coming from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. Tower 57 is one of those games that you want to love and it does have a lot going for it. The artwork is brilliant, fitting the game and having a very “Chaos Engine” style to it. The animation and controls are good, giving the player a fluid movement which you need in the games more frantic moments.

Real player with 18.2 hrs in game

Tower 57 on Steam




If you’d prefer a video review, have a look here:

Turnover is a stealth game, and a hardcore one at that. It takes a top down Hotline Miami-esk approach, and rather boldly the game actually lets you straight up see the detection range for pretty much all of your enemies. In many ways it harkens back to old, challenging, stealth games, which has become somewhat of a lost genre, as it feels like you can be stealthy in almost any game now, and many of the games which originally had stealth at their core like Splinter Cell and Thief, have become closer and closer to action games. That’s was what really intrigued me about the game so I requested a pre-release review copy, here are some thoughts from a guy who has never really been into hardcore stealth games.

Real player with 23.6 hrs in game

I really do love stealth games though I understand they can be rather polarizing as they test patience and can be unforgiving. Turnover is a particularly unforgiving game and has pushed my patience with the short amount of time that I have spent with it.

That said, from each death I learn how to better navigate the game as Turnover has very solid and consistent mechanics. Each level takes me a few deaths/runs to understand where to expect encounters and available paths and how to get through, but getting to the end is wonderfully rewarding and I feel like I really deserved it.

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

Turnover on Steam

GunFu Fighter

GunFu Fighter

GunFu is a lost ancient skill.The master of GunFu can control the surrounding time and let it flow slowly.Using the bullet time effect, the geometric distribution position of the enemy is analyzed and prejudged, and the order of planned attacks gives the opponent a fatal blow.

The bullets are limited. You must use the interactive environment to kill the most threatening enemy, and this is the key to victory.

Additional challenge tasks:

1. Use only bullets to kill all enemies.

2. Kill all enemies by any means other than bullets.

3. Don’t kill any enemy.

I hope to be able to reproduce the movie-like fight scene under the minimalist style of painting, thank you for playing my game.

GunFu Fighter on Steam



This game is very similar to old 90’s classic “Tapa Kaikki” (Kill All) that was a game series from “Error Free” team, idea based from “Cyber Dogs” game, and to generate discussion about violance in PC games.

Some of the reviewers wrote that game requires to replay missions with a different challenges after passing them. I was very turn away from that idea, as one of the things I like least is to repeat the maps but with new difficulties. So I reserved by purchase for long time because that, and it was a mistake. As it is true that you need to replay the missions, but it is nothing you would assume. As it is done correctly, pleasing way.

Real player with 36.4 hrs in game

A simple, awesome game

Disclamer : This game is a top-tilted-down shooter but one of the items you can equip in the game transforms it to a pure Top-Down shooter, and you get it really early in the game :p

first, lets do a quick overview of the game, guiving scores :

  • Gameplay : Awesome

  • Playability : Extra wide, from beginner to pro player

  • Resources : Amazing !

  • Graphics : Simple and accurate

  • Story and arts : Wonderful

  • Conclusion : Inifite value for the price

Real player with 34.8 hrs in game

JYDGE on Steam

Layers Of The Machine

Layers Of The Machine

Dark and dingy story-based FPS. More atmospheric than action-packed - no hand-holding, no sympathy if you die stupidly. Beware the giant invisible creatures and don’t mess too much with electricity…

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Layers Of The Machine on Steam

miniLAW: Ministry of Law

miniLAW: Ministry of Law

Do you like Robocop? What about Judge Dredd?

I’m pretty sure you know where this is going and i’m pretty sure i’m not the first one to bring up the comparison.

This game puts you into the boots of a cop in powerarmor, who is, at this point, probably more machine than man himself.

Forget about writing parking tickets or filling out reports at your cozy desk and instead hit the streets of New Babel in your sweet hover patrol car and carrying your trusty sidearm, ready to give warning shots to the kneecaps of a variety of the baddest dudes the local gangs have to offer.

Real player with 94.8 hrs in game

The game is a lot of fun. It’s like a pixel scroller combination of Judge Dredd with Robocop.

you unlock new gear and ammunition by REQUISITION (REQ). Which is earned by Taking down perps (killing or live capture), Apprehending or Executing a key target (though you lose Req if you don’t) and other good cop events.

You patrol in your hover car in a post apocolyptic world brining order to the city, while doing so you’re looking for the where abouts of a Nuclear bomb and the codes to deactivate it, all within 24 hours.

Real player with 46.2 hrs in game

miniLAW: Ministry of Law on Steam