Night: Silent Killer

Night: Silent Killer

The story takes place in the overhead dimension [network]. You are night, a robot created by the master. The master gives you the power to protect the master who convenes the Ceremony. In the process of following the procedure, you know more and more about the host and the enemy. When the enemy of the master tells you what happened before you were “created”, which side will you choose when you get closer to the truth? You have a choice.

Main features

the truth

Each side has its own stand and different views on the same matter. Which side would you choose?

Play the role of a defender in a routine ceremony, or an enemy who brings chaos?

Learn from the words of the host and the enemy, travel in the bluebird battlefield, and make a decision.


The enemy was disguised like our friends.

The most important thing is whether we can find the difference between them.

The spirit of the host does not seem to be very good. Under the heavy pressure, the confused words, together with the vague message of the enemy, cover up the truth.


The master gives you the power to attack in different ways.

Use energy and strength, wield a heavy wrench, and use extremely fast missiles to clear your target.

High-level being gives you [Power]. With the help of power and program modification brought by past choices, you can gain the power of angel and ghost, and control extremely powerful destructive power.


There are also some puzzles that need to be solved in [Cyberspace].

If you can’t go through it, someone is helping you.


Is the purpose really to protect the owner?

What should be done in the ceremony?

The content of the second week’s is being produced:

Or do you follow the advice and free yourself from all this?

More powerful Light and Darkness.

Here is the strategy for the confused players after passing several levels:

After the second chapter, you can stick to help the enemy “Spams”.

At each level (ceremony), find the cars that launch no red shells or with unexplained loss of life, and destroyed them.

After the third chapter, you can use the light transformation to distinguish them.

Description of game development progress:

At present, all the contents of the first Reincarnation have been completed, meeting the release conditions.

The content of the second Reincarnation of the subsequent update mainly includes:

Control various units, not just Night.

Night’s light form and dark form are strengthened, which are more powerful and lasting longer.

The free transformation of Night, go towards the true ending.

Control Wheel to fight in BlueBird Battlefield.

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Night: Silent Killer on Steam

Killer 19

Killer 19

its like katana zero, but your cpu usage goes up to 99%

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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Killer 19 on Steam

The Patagonians

The Patagonians

The events of this terrible night began ten years ago.

However, today they will overtake you and make you remember the promise made once.

Rushing to find your missing daughter, you will become participants in terrible events.

But this time it won’t be possible to retreat.

Waiting for you:

  • Original 2D graphics.

  • Atmospheric environment.

  • 3 zones and more than 20 locations.

  • 11 types of deadly enemies.

  • Simple controls.

Explore locations, look for clues, solve puzzles, fight dangerous enemies or flee, destroy obstacles.

Do whatever is necessary to reach your goal.

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The Patagonians on Steam

Arrest of a stone Buddha

Arrest of a stone Buddha

Надежна лишь смерть, жизнь — нет.

К сожалению, простая и тривиальная игра Arrest of a stone Buddha пытается быть чем-то особенным и претенциозным, а зря. Обычный шут-эм-ап с практически никакой историей прямо таки наровит выставить себя каким-то глубоким произведением искусства, а ты просто не понимаешь…зачем. В игре присутствовал бы интересный сюжет, если бы ему уделили чуть больше внимания и продумки, в игре уже есть неплохие пострелушки, которые могли бы быть чуть лучше, если бы не постоянные багулины и не очень продуманное….да вообще что-либо.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

another incredible effort from Yeo. easily my favorite developer in the indie space.

[ TLDR: the game is awesome; the aesthetic is on point; the story is minimalist but effective; the gunplay, even with occasional quirks and bugs, is tight and exciting as Hell; the look and the sound (graphics and music) are beautiful - even my wife, while listening to me play, said, “i really love the music in your game”. buy this, and Yeo’s other game, Friends of Ringo Ishikawa, immediately. /TLDR]


Arrest of a Stone Buddha is lighter, somewhat less “meaty” title than the previous game in the developer’s catalog, The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa (a surprisingly poignant and emotionally deep exploration of a Japanese high school gang leader delinquent’s last year of high school, and all that entails). where Ringo Ishikawa was a melancholic treatise on growing up (and what it means for those who cannot or will not try), Arrest of a Stone Buddha is the next logical step in that emotional journey - the existential and monotonous routine of day to day life, where sometimes those days seem to run together, from one to another, and you find yourself just passing time until the Next Thing you have to do, never really engaging with anything in the present moment - just drifting, the world whirling by with your feet barely on the ground.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Arrest of a stone Buddha on Steam

Dead Hearts

Dead Hearts

You can listen to OST on Gamejolt page!

In Dead Hearts you play the role of Zero, Nekojin living in a village in the mountains. One night the village is invaded by elite knights of the neighboring empire, Araynia. You, your sister and childhood friend, are the only ones to emerge from this event. After a successful escape, you are forced to survive in the wilderness and wander for a long time to a prosperous city to join the gendarmerie and take revenge.

Dead Hearts is an RPG with dynamic action, battles happen in real time with a view from above. Earn levels, items, silver, companions, new skills and better equipment to face increasingly powerful opponents. There are many different quests in the game to move the story forward… or to help a settler from the surrounding village with his problem of rats. The game has several endings, and some romance with some of the characters, as well as the dynamic character of the main character, which changes depending on the choices made or events in the game world.

The continent on which the action takes place was divided into 2 parts: Western and Eastern.

  • The western part is mainly desert, and is mostly inhabited by elves.

  • The eastern part is more diverse, both in nature and in the races living there.

In the west there are nations:

  • Theocracy of Elfrand

  • Dishan Empire

  • Satsuran Kingdom

  • United Commonwealth of Continental Nations

  • Chetiak

In the east there are nations:

  • Principality of Ywjilthar

  • Araynia Empire

  • Chetian Federation

  • Vrignian Monarchy

  • Polonian Republic

  • Abria

  • Wiederescian Republic

In the game world there are four, uncovered, humanoid races:

  • Humans

  • Elves

  • Nekojin

  • Angels

Dead Hearts on Steam

Fading Visage

Fading Visage

Fading Visage is a bare boned single map where the objective is to follow a willow the wisp spirit with a kumbaya voice saying “follow me so I can tell you what a naughty monkey you’ve been”. It drags you out to a small dead wilderness area and points out a item that was present when the crime happened. Then two or three shadow people (that look like the letter A) appear ready to chase you back to the house from where you spawned from in the beginning. Upon reaching the safety of this house, you black out and the friendly spirit again asks you to follow so she can point out another item and tell you off for being a naughty monkey. After 5 or 6 of these repeated happenings it culminates with you having a choice to either live with yourself knowing you’re a naughty monkey or drown yourself in naughty monkey justice, the later apparently being the ‘Good Ending’. If you don’t make a choice within about 2,000th of a millisecond the game will choose for you this drowning ending. Both endings are pitiful for what can only be described as a fairly rushed out asset plonk and give me your money. I’ve played better free games on Steam. Only 10 minutes of ‘why play this rubbish’ entertainment slapped with an outrageous $7.50 price tag. Like the title, i can only hope this developer is a ‘Fading Visage’.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

This game is alright. I think some of the other reviews may be a result of mistaken expectations; the tags on the store page are misleading. This is a very short walking simulator with horror elements. The story is okay, the graphics are mediocre, and the price is too high considering the length of the game. Get it in a bundle.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Fading Visage on Steam

Manipulate: Sacrifice

Manipulate: Sacrifice


This indie-horror game is very bland. The game feels empty, the walking pace is horribly slow which takes this game longer to beat, the sub title text is incredibly small and goes a quickly making it hard to understand what the hell is going on at times.

Also the cut scenes are hilariously bad and often don’t make sense.

It’s a very easy, straight forward walking simulator and you can beat in about 1 hour if the walking speed wasn’t so painfully slow.


Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Great effort for a small team nice work. The graphics are not very good, but the gameplay has been.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Manipulate: Sacrifice on Steam



A brief overview:

A group of young people set up a tent camp on the shore of the unpopular (but, nevertheless, beautiful!) altai lake. But they were not allowed to rest in peace: soon the camp was attacked by religious fanatics who settled in a dilapidated village nearby.

Ilya Zheleznov, who arrived at the place later than everyone else, found that everything was scattered in the camp, and there were no friends in place. Ilya finds Ivan’s smartphone, on which the young man recorded an audio message in a frightened voice that Marina found some strange amulet in the forest and then she disappeared. Ilya sets off on the tracks that lead the main character into a world full of death and madness

Mystery on Steam




Real player with 52.2 hrs in game

Rolling Sky 2 is a sequel to the popular mobile game Rolling sky, which was a music based game where you rolled a ball through a course of obstacles synced to the beat. Rolling Sky 2 essentially takes that concept, but adds in a wonderful OST and each song gets a beautiful environment that attempts to tell a story through music and graphic alone. It does a very good job at doing so, with only a few issues that can easily be fixed in an update.


Playing the game couldn’t be any easier, just click and drag your mouse to move your character, don’t hit any obstacles, collect all the moons to get a gold medal. Just like Rolling Sky 1, all the obstacles are synced up with the music. Easy difficulty courses often have guides for you to follow to help you get started, but many higher difficulty courses really require you to keep close attention to what’s going on, as a sudden beat of the drums could shift the entire course. Each course has it’s own special functions, like snowboarding, or hitting certain areas to attack enemies that help each course differentiate themselves if the course layouts don’t already let you know you’re playing something entirely new. Overall gameplay is great, except for a few bugs I’ll cover later.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

RollingSky2 on Steam

The Prodigal Soul

The Prodigal Soul

Bought the game as the idea of the initial game seemed brilliant after opening the game and it taking forever to do so i didnt have much faith. Tried to change the game quality twice (it crashed each time) So thought I would just play it on whatever settings i was given. So….. I started the game…. and thats as far as i got before i closed the game and proceeded to ask for a refund. it took so long to start up even to the first cut scene and then was so jumpy and laggy i just couldnt play it.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

The Prodigal Soul on Steam