An experimental fusion of narrative FMV (Full Motion Video), point and click investigation and quick time event (QTE) based interactive games.


The latest live action crime thriller game by New IDEA Games.


A “classic” hit ‘n run case or at least it seems like. Play the detective’s role and try to solve the case with your assistant, Susan. Pay attention to the details during your investigation, find the clues and evidence, complete the puzzle and be sure you are ready to face your demons and answer all the questions, since your life depends on it…

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Deluded on Steam

The Case of Maneki

The Case of Maneki

The Case of Maneki is a Detective game about a Maneki Neko, or lucky cat, following his adopted guardian to find the truth that is hidden between a series of gruesome murders.

You play as Kichiro and Nobutoshi, the detective and the apprentice of the city. With murders being committed at every corner, it is up to you to solve this case that traces back to years ago.

  • Explore different worlds and learn about each of their cultures

  • Meet many colorful characters of all kinds

  • A compelling and custom artwork

  • Notebook updates when solving cases and meeting new yokai

  • Uncover and solve cases on a variety of different yokai

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The Case of Maneki on Steam

IKO 39

IKO 39

The space station IKO on one of the colonial planets had lost contact with the Earth.

An experienced engineer Seam Kazer is to determine the cause of the incident.

After arriving at the station he understands that it’s not the main colonists’ problem.

No chance of asking for help from the Earth due to his ship being damaged.

Now Seam should pull himself through this difficult situation alone.

The only one to assist him on this journey is the AI of the space station, IKO, along with the headmaster’s notes.

Kazer has only a monkey wrench, which is not fit for fight, but there isn’t nothing better.

He will face the difficult experience, during which new, strange and even mystic causes of incident will be opened to him.

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IKO 39 on Steam

Shots Fired

Shots Fired

Shots Fired is an assassination simulator inspired by fever dreams, pop culture, point and click adventures, and modern indie marvels.

Your wife has been murdered, your daughter has been kidnapped, and worst of all, your beloved 19-inch TV has been stolen! What’s a former assassin-turned-photojournalist to do? Pick up your rifle and your camera and embark on a mission of murder and revenge that will take you across The Flat Earth!

Enjoy a wacky adventure as your assassin alter-ego explores a world where selfies are banned and taxis can drive across the globe. Engage in murderous mini-games, diabolical driving, and phenomenal photography.

  • Use your trusty cell phone to navigate a world of mystery, murder, and memes!

  • Hone your photography skills as a photojournalist for FuzzBeed.

  • Use the Huntr app to engage in assassination antics.

  • Enjoy a range of gorgeous pixel art characters.

  • Chuckle at our carefully honed comedy.

  • Explore the Flat Earth and all its major nations.

Shots Fired on Steam




  • You Are The Agent - you belong to Steiger corporation, a privatised company employing hunters. You are participating in the Awant project - the first programme that uses servo-savants to remotely accomplish dangerous tasks.

  • Open World - more than 70% of the island is explorable: from docks and metro station recesses to individual flats inside buildings. Use various routes to reach and explore the location.

  • Autonomous City - you are not a hero, you’re a newcomer with a specific task, the city will take care of itself without you and go on regardless.

  • Unique and simple player interface - no excess on-screen information, all actions are accessible with a few keys.

  • Personal Microcomputer - translate, discover, gain valuable information and start conversations with every character you meet.

  • Reputation System - be good or bad, make enemies or allies, every decision matters.

  • General Language SGA - learn the famous Standard Galactic Alphabet or use your microcomputer to translate visually in real-time.

  • World Randomization - thanks to the total randomization of the main mission setup the gameplay is different every time.

  • Think Like A Detective - look for clues and analyse them to solve cases.

  • Learn Electronics - learn the basics of logic systems by hacking, disabling door locks as well as computers or find alternative solutions to gain access.

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence - characters have their acquaintances, locations where they belong and their personal goals that don’t have to correlate with yours.

  • The Real Real-time - schedule and meet your informants at appropriate places and times. Follow characters in the world and analyse their activities. Your simulation goes on regardless whether you are in it or not.

  • Almost Permadeath - if you leave the simulation in a dangerous location and your reputation isn’t in a good state there is a possibility you will die even when you are not playing - however, you always have the opportunity to escape and survive.

  • Limited Time - your servo-savant has a limited lifecycle. After the expiration point it will start decomposing and eventually end the game session.

  • Extensive Communication & Transportation - walk, use the metro or your autonomous vehicle to reach locations.

  • Define The Simulation - it is you who decides what you experience in the simulation. Accomplish main mission, random ones or neither. Eliminate anything that moves or hack and explore the world.


Synther is an FPP simulation game with adventure-like, detective elements set in a futuristic, open world. The game is innovative and reminiscent of early 3D games and DOS applications.

The game is set in a city located on a remote island and the year is 2050. The players get a chance to step in the shoes of Agent from Steiger Corporation, explore vast areas, crime scenes and gather intel, that reveals even more mysteries surrounding the city and its inhabitants. The police, paramilitary groups, gangs, fractions, large corporations - they can all stand in your way or can be helpful during, what can be the most demanding assignment of Your Agent career.

Synther has been in development since 2013, and is highly inspired bymovies like Blade Runner, anime like Ghost In The Shell and games like Deus Ex, B.A.T., and Syndicate from the ’90s.

Synther on Steam

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets

Mean Streets is an open world game set in the far off future of 2033 complete with flying cars that have wireless fax machines, imagine that! You take on the role of detective Tex Murphy to solve the mysterious death of a University professor. Next time you see that someone wants a GTA style open world game, tip your fedora, saying you want a real open world game Tex Murphy style. This is vintage gaming at its best, the game comes with a manual, where the manual for the first time ever in the history of me gaming on steam is required.

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

That game was made before I was born and yet it still entertain me. It’s amazing how much fun can be packed in that 30MB. I must admit that graphics hurts my eyes comparing to modern games but this game really makes up for that with gameplay.

Lots of locations which You can visit in open-world manner, roaming West Coast in a flight simulator. Every location come with map to search for clues and evidence or memorable and distinctive character. Some of them will cooperate. And some won’t.

Also, I’ve really liked that I had to write my questions. Nothing was given to me on the silver plate. It gives lots of satisfaction when all of the clues start to make sense. And if You find Yourself stuck, after looking everywhere and asking everyone (and believe me, You are wrong if You think so) You may always ask Your informator. For a price of course.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets on Steam

Insecticide Part 1

Insecticide Part 1

A game that wasn’t particularly bad but not great either.

I still think it is something to buy if you want something short and decent but if you have high expectations on finding a “hidden gem”.

It looks dated however given the age it is and that is nothing to really hold against it. Where it gets tricky is how it feels undercooked. The controls and such feel a bit sluggist, the platforming can betray you, the weapons are tempremental.

What is great is the worldbuilding but every time you wanna dive into it the game finds a way to throw you out of the flow. It also is a novel idea that the game mixes point and click with fps but most times the point and click felt weirdly far fetched and mindboggling and once you figure it out you realize it is barely 10 minutes content point and click that just felt worse than a real point and click. If you are looking for a point and click game just pick something that is a true throughbreed point and click and not a hybrid. The fps/shooting parts are wildly better. They can feel a bit clunky at times but bar a few badly choreographed parts you get into a rythm of shooting your way through hordes of enemies.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

This could be a decent game, but they didn’t put enough effort into it.

The atmosphere reminds me of Psychonauts but Insecticide is far worse.

The voice acting is good, and the controls aren’t bad (although I’d like more melee attacks). There are action and point-and-click adventure levels, so there’s some variety. The enemies have very high accuracy, so it’s challenging.

I guess these are all the good things the game has to offer.

Everything else is bad. The game is not complete (Part 2 confirmed for never being released on PC. You can play the full game on Nintendo DS, but with slideshows instead of cutscenes. And without voices, of course). The hitbox of enemies isn’t clear (sometimes you’re in front of an enemy and you’ll miss some hits), there aren’t subtitles on cutscenes (even if you turned them on in the options menu).

Real player with 6.1 hrs in game

Insecticide Part 1 on Steam

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files


Flipping this to a positive as I’ve resolved my main issue, and it was a bit of an outlier. (Joystick peripheral starting to interfere with play out of nowhere).


It’s great that Rockstar made this port, and obviously had fun experimenting with appropriate VR interactions. Unfortunately its skunkworky roots show through, and ultimately hamstring what could be, and tantalisingly is, a great experience.

Thankfully, what is great about it is still great:


Holy crap, LA Noire is both the most amazing thing, and the hokiest game ever, all at once :D

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

This title has, as of now, set a new bar on how developers should approach to remaking their games to VR.

Lets get the bad news out: yes there’s only 7 cases, and the cases are streamlined.

the game has been restructured, and now you get a new “Phelp’s office” that serves as a hub where you can choose which cases to play. In this small office, you can select your outfit and interact with various items.

Now the changes:

  • the cases has been thoroughly remake for VR. The cutscenes are now play out in real time through Phelp’s eyes.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files on Steam

Red Johnson’s Chronicles - 1+2 - Steam Special Edition

Red Johnson’s Chronicles - 1+2 - Steam Special Edition

I’m glad I played Red Johnson’s Chronicles–and judging from the other reviews and the discussion comments, I’m lucky I was able to finish it. In the QTEs I had the most luck making quick, short mouse movements (Windows 7 64-bit, mouse USB plug-and-play with no special drivers or settings). The QTE at Sonia’s took me four tries.

I liked that many puzzles often meant manipulating things in 3D (or close-up, or with the UV light) and then figuring out the logic. But the puzzles were uneven in quality, with some being more contrived and unsatisfying to solve, especially in combination with the bad mouse controls. And I hated the multiple “sketch the face” puzzles, considering that many of the character models were unattractive and therefore their facial details were hard for me to remember.

Real player with 16.8 hrs in game

Steer clear, even on sale.

I bought this in a sale a while back, i read the synopsis and thought it would be a fun detective game - which i love - or at least a nice point and click game…

Well I was doubly wrong.

As the title itself says, This has 2 games in one, two episodes of a saga that I’m quite sure wont ever be finished.

The first episode was okay, and the second was just a complete mess.

You follow red around on metropolis, solving a murder and a kidnapping, with lots of puzzles and riddles.

Real player with 15.7 hrs in game

Red Johnson's Chronicles - 1+2 - Steam Special Edition on Steam

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

-Story is quite poor, from the pacing, and the direction of this so called origin story, it mostly makes more holes in Sherlock’s story than it does filling in the questions we expected to have answered in a Sherlock Holmes Origin Story. Then if you expect to have at least a decent ending for this story, then you might be sadly mistaken, it will not be a satisfying taste you’ll have when you finish the story, you also outta save files that you like or want to replay again, because this game doesn’t have any NG+ for you to replay a new game with your progress in hand. The scenes are also van be very off at times, where it feels like you’re seeing an illusion, but it was just in Sherlock’s odd imagination in the weirdest time possible or in a serious situation.

Real player with 42.2 hrs in game

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, Is it that Elementary dear Watson?

Written by Happymartin


Sherlock’s Childhood. A rarely touched on subject matter as most would prefer to think of Sherlock as a Victorian Batman; a perfect detective and badass that’s better then everyone and has practically zero flaws outside of the occasional drug habit or being eccentric. Why is Sherlock who he is? What makes him so much of a investigative genius while doing insane things like shooting up his suite or nearly dying of self posioning?

Real player with 29.6 hrs in game

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One on Steam