Hell Shooter

Hell Shooter


just a monster. They could put standard levels, like 5 levels with a boss and then a survival mode like this, I hope they update it.

Rating: 4/10


solo un mostro.Potevano mettere dei livelli standard,esempio 5 livelli con un boss e poi una modalità survival come questa,spero lo aggiornino.

Voto: 4/10

post scriptum:

if you only want to do survival is good anyway you just have to put more monsters and secrets.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

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Having spent 79p and 38 minutes on this I can say with confidence that it’s not terrible. It’s an achievement hunter inspired by Devil Daggers, with a machine gun on left mouse button that turns into a shotgun when you click it, and a grenade launcher on right mouse button.

The enemies are stealth zombies who will spawn behind you only announcing themselves with a bird-like chirp, presumably their way of saying ‘nothing personnel, kid.’ What little noise they make is drowned out by your incredibly loud weapon, but they’re slower than you and your gun is powerful enough that if you keep walking forwards and don’t get stuck on anything you’re fine.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

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Imperial Reviews & My Currator

HELLGATE: London was a game I never had the chance to play back in the day. Mostly due to never finding a copy in the wild… And not having Internet. I always saw screenshots from gaming magazines and it always looked really fun and interesting to me. Then over the years it just faded from my mind. Then to my surprise to see a version pop on Steam, but fixed to not have “Games For Windows Live” and some minor improvements. Safe to say, I was happy to give the game a shot!

Real player with 34.1 hrs in game

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Okay. Let’s step back into a time machine and go to 2004. The Xbox is floudering in the retail market, Microsoft’s been busted for listing “factory constructed” units as “sold” and there’s no way that Xbox can catch up to the Gamecube. So, Microsoft’s immediate solution is to just BUY marketshare by throwing money at developers. Popular RPG developers like Cryptic enter into lucrative deals to produce exclusive content for the Xbox platform (Marvel Universe Online).

It’s in this Cash-Chasing environment that we find Flagship Studios. Nominally a portion of Blizzard developers riding the success of the Diablo franchise had split off to work on a revolutionary 3D Dark-Fantasy MMO.

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

HELLGATE: London on Steam

Bullet Runner

Bullet Runner

Fight your way through HORDES OF POWERFUL ENEMIES, who stop at nothing to shred you to pieces! Execute combat strategies with quick reflexes to take on the biggest of the baddies.

With a variety of enemies capable of unique game-changing abilities, you’ll have to observe and rethink your approach to show them who’s boss!

Use a wide variety of BIG FUCKING GUNS to take on the enemy your way! Customize your loadout with the guns you find throughout the levels to fine tune a playstyle of your liking.

From shotguns to plasma rifles, there’s a treat to be found for everyone.

Combine CRAZY MOVEMENT AND COMBAT MECHANICS to make your way through dangerous environments. Dodge, slide, swing and shoot your way to victory!

Master your toolkit and move around the arenas at high velocity, as standing still is not an option.

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Developed by Futurtech, Carnage Offering is a brutally enjoyable and intriguing surreal shooting experience. Diverse monsters, incredibly destructive and upgradeable weapons, fast-paced movement, and carefully tuned physics provide the arcade experience that forms the basis for intense first-person combat. The dark humor in the dialogues, the weapon management and the brutality of the fights make this game a new genre of FPS.


In 2527 in a dystopian world, Jake, an engineer and bounty hunter, travels to the far reaches of the universe through a wormhole. With the help of his friend Roy, Jake’s goal is to exterminate the replicator robots that threaten the Confederate planets.

Led by Roy, Jake has no choice but to accept the missions planned by the alliance and even do the dirty work.

Between missions, Jake comments on the orders in front of the holograms of his future enemies with disillusioned remarks.


Oh, by the way, did we tell you that there are weapons? Jake is not a fan of the small spoon. So players need to upgrade their equipment if they hope to defeat the entire menagerie they’re up against.

Players switch from pistols to Gatling guns and must adapt their equipment to the enemies of the moment.

There are 9 different weapons to unlock in this game:

Pistol, machine pistol, shotgun, magnum revolver, grenade launcher, assault rifle, double barrel shotgun, rocket launcher, Gatling gun.

The only way is to pay in dollars. To do this, you have to kill monsters and complete your bounty hunter missions.

You can also buy ammunition and sell it or find it on enemies.

Each weapon has specific upgrades that cost a lot of money.

For example: a fragmentation grenade for the grenade launcher, nuclear missiles for the rocket launcher or a laser gun for the Gatling gun.

You will discover that there is an audio and text description for each weapon. You will learn more about the manufacture and origin of these weapons.


Moving from a medieval city to a zombie-infested town, Jake travels to the far reaches of the universe to reach his goal.

All levels are completely different and take players on a journey for better or worse.


Dante’s Hotel

Dante’s Hotel

Dante’s Hotel is a first-person psychological horror game.

Assume the role of Dante, a soul in search of redemption and experience every

battle and terrifying events up-close, through a first-person perspective.

Explore a mysterious ever-changing hotel in a reinterpretation of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem (The Divine Comedy), and enjoy a genuinely terrifying experience.

Experience survival horror like never before.

You’ll wander through dark corridors, explore every room and get lost in endless mazes. This twisted environment is full of lost and demonic souls.

Dante's Hotel on Steam

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5

This game is short, but it’s a gem for sure

between the stylish gameplay that puts all other spectacle fighters to shame, and the variety of really fun characters that are all really fun and compliment a different playstyle, and the… subpar but still really good multiplayer aspect of the some sections of the game (there’s a mod that let’s you use the co-op on all missions btw, see Nexusmods)

Once you finally get good at the game and unlock all of the moves, you can pull off some REALLY stylish combos, even I’ve managed a few

Real player with 542.8 hrs in game

I literally hate this game so much I swear to god level 10 on HaH is not even possible I have spent over 20 Hours trying to do it and if you even make one mistake you lose I hate it so much I hate this game

Real player with 120.5 hrs in game

Devil May Cry 5 on Steam

DmC: Devil May Cry

DmC: Devil May Cry

DmC had a lot of unwarranted hate poised against it before it even before release. ‘Fans’ decried the new design, while thrashing the developers for describing the old look in blunt but apt ways. The verdict was in before anyone could get their hands on it, and even when people did, they would only look to reinforce their own idea of what the game is. Scenes meant to be tongue-in-cheek throwbacks and foreshadowing were perceived as slights against the vocal few, while actual flaws went overlooked.

Real player with 45.4 hrs in game

I’ve been stuck in the bloody palace for 6 days now, i’m addicted. (help)

Real player with 24.3 hrs in game

DmC: Devil May Cry on Steam

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two

Let me start off by saying that I’m a person with over 1500 hours on DOOM Eternal, I absolutely fell in love with its story, gameplay and everything else, it’s still my favorite game for sure, but I still have grievances about the campaign and story that I want to share to the community and ID, I think that you can trust me when I say that The Ancient Gods - Part Two is an immense disappointment to say the absolute least. Just in general the game feels absolutely neutered, I was really excited to play this DLC, after the Base campaign and TAG1 I had faith that ID could pull off a satisfying conclusion to this game, but I was sadly wrong, I’m gonna boil this down into 3 main points, Enemies, Difficulty, and Story, The story section has major spoilers in it, so be warned.

Let me start off this review by being 100% honest. This DLC is easier than the base game, even on the highest difficulty. That said, this DLC further exacerbates issues that people had with DLC 1.

Let me emphatically dispose of this point first as there’s a lot to cover;

  • Cursed Prowlers.

As if having enemies being limited to being defeated by only ONE weapon type wasn’t bad enough with the Spirits from DLC1, this DLC introduces what I will highlight as one of the worst designed… things, ever put into a video game, let alone a skill based first person shooter (And I’ve played Redneck rampage’s sewer level). Lets start with WHY this enemy, under ideal conditions isn’t fun; there’s NO way for the player to know WHAT this enemy is going to do to you, let alone how to handle what happens when it does. This will have a very VERY high chance of getting the player killed. Lets go in depth, The cursed prowler’s attacks (melee & ranged) inflict a unique status unto the player; You cannot dash and you take damage over time. This limits your mobility by a sizable portion, but you still can use the meat hook on other enemies to get around. Note, I said OTHER enemies, because the cursed prowler is IMMUNE to being targeted by the meathook, AND the Microwave beam while you’re cursed, so you can’t even stun it from a reasonable distance. That may not be a problem some people would say, but here’s the pièce de résistance; the cursed prowler can only be killed by a blood punch when he curses you, which runs on a system of 2 charges, and can only be recharged by performing 2 glory kills to obtain one charge. So you may be caught with your pants down, suddenly unable to properly move, and by the time you’ve processed what’s happening, the cursed prowler is going to be on the other side of the arena laughing at you as you get your shit pushed in. What further exacerbates this issue is that some times, blood punches will be triggered on various things (corpses, carcass shields, other enemies) in your path TO the cursed a-hole, you may die due to no fault of your own.

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two on Steam



If you enjoy wave based shooting gallery bow and arrow vr games, this is one of many to choose from. After about 6 hours I’m just now on the 5th stage of the first of two Queendoms populated with only slim, light-skinned women. It may take you more or less time to get where I am depending on your ability to aim well, prioritize targets, dodge or repel incoming enemy missile attacks, and make good hiring and purchase decisions between onslaught waves,

Each Queendom has 5 stages, and each stage has a minimum of four waves to complete. Scoring headshots regularly, and having high accuracy, will increase the amount of gold you earn each wave. There are a plethora of enemy models with unique attack types, movement, and special effects.

Real player with 49.1 hrs in game

This game has been an absolute blast! I see moba style games coming in the near future thanks to ideas that this game has implemented to semi-similar games of the overall same genre. Wave based, tower defense, upgradable weaponry, decent teleport system, and downright pretty.

Oh yeah, did I mention it’s hard?

(She told me so, but I had already been aware)

I’ve been enjoying trying to figure out the best way to spend my loot in order to die in the most lengthy possible way. I’ve gotten to the centaur-type boss on level 6 once.

Real player with 26.7 hrs in game

Queendoom on Steam

Appetite for Detestation

Appetite for Detestation

Great Game, Loved how much fun i had!

Real player with 130.1 hrs in game


So you’ve read the description and now you’re down here in the comments trying to figure out what’s it all about. Click the video above to see some of the gameplay, mechanic and hear my thoughts on the game.

Appetite for Detestation is a 3D beat’em up set in the Victorian era where you get to play as the monster reeking havoc on the citizens in order to satiate your blood thirst. After reading that description I am sure you are, like I was, hype to jump into the game and get to slaying. Well, let’s talk about the positives of the game first. The music is probably the best part of the game. It’s eerie, inviting and sets the mood for a monster of the time. The environments are also well designed; plenty of destructive pieces and platforming to be had in each level.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Appetite for Detestation on Steam