Ghost Terminator

Ghost Terminator

It is a fairly short game, took me about 33 minutes to complete on medium difficulty. However, it is very simplistic and easy to learn. There aren’t any jumpscares and there are plenty of checkpoints, so you don’t lose all of your progress.

The only issue I’ve come across is that there isn’t an option to adjust the in game volume. The default audio volume is also loud, which makes it inconvenient when in voice chat with a friend. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this game to those who prefer plain gameplays and nothing overcomplex.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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You wake up in the room which resembles of old bunker, you don’t remember anything.

You notices that you’re wearing military suit and some kind of helmet you can’t get off and can’t move lips to create any sound.

In the room there is a lot of CCTV cameras which are watching you.

Suddenly, intense light hits circle around you like you’re stage actor.

From the speakers on the walls some voice starts talking to you, you’re in SPECTEARED, live show stream of survival horror!

Green light starts to shine in other side of the room, heavy doors opens revealing giant mysterious tunnel.

There is no other door, you have just this way to go.

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Upcoming features:

Game implements custom solutions for animating characters, simulating audio waves, AI of spectators and procedural level generation.

  • Each character in the game is animated with simulation of real muscle behavior and inverse kinematics manipulation to erase artificial animation feeling.

  • Audio waves simulation provides new way of identifying danger in really immersive way, audio is very important for the game mechanics.

  • AI of spectators making game flow balanced, controlling slightly attraction for enemies. If player would die too soon, spectators can talk through speakers and turn on some siren in far rooms to keep enemies away for a moment, or in reverse when player is just hiding and doing nothingm they lure enemies towards you.

  • Custom Procedural Generation algorithms will generate each set of facility in different way each time played, which also applies to multiplier!

Game is open for people who enjoy jumpscares and for ones who don’t like it.

In any time of playthrough you can switch intensity of jumpscares with simple slider.

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Dante’s Hotel

Dante’s Hotel

Dante’s Hotel is a first-person psychological horror game.

Assume the role of Dante, a soul in search of redemption and experience every

battle and terrifying events up-close, through a first-person perspective.

Explore a mysterious ever-changing hotel in a reinterpretation of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem (The Divine Comedy), and enjoy a genuinely terrifying experience.

Experience survival horror like never before.

You’ll wander through dark corridors, explore every room and get lost in endless mazes. This twisted environment is full of lost and demonic souls.

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A brief overview:

A group of young people set up a tent camp on the shore of the unpopular (but, nevertheless, beautiful!) altai lake. But they were not allowed to rest in peace: soon the camp was attacked by religious fanatics who settled in a dilapidated village nearby.

Ilya Zheleznov, who arrived at the place later than everyone else, found that everything was scattered in the camp, and there were no friends in place. Ilya finds Ivan’s smartphone, on which the young man recorded an audio message in a frightened voice that Marina found some strange amulet in the forest and then she disappeared. Ilya sets off on the tracks that lead the main character into a world full of death and madness

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Experience a different kind of horror, where every mistake has a big price. 2d action platformer with a horror twist, 50 handcrafted levels with lots of surprises, and very challenging.

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_We are human beings. Nothing in this world lasts forever.

We are born and we die. We arise from nothing and eventually become nothing.

The interval between these events is our greatest happiness, our paradise on earth._

About project

Relieve - third-person game in genre of action-thriller.

It takes place in a fictional world situated between life and death. This world is called the World of Agony. A man who got there faces an ordeal that may be the last one in his life. The test is that the dying person must light fires and ferry his soul back to the world of the living.

The World of Agony is based on the memories of dying people and therefore looks like the world of the living. But its main differences are often hidden. This world is full of lost souls who could not return, but who also could not finally die. They are prisoners who may be dangerous, but who may need help.

And you can help them gain their freedom. Just as you can help those stranded at the precipice to return home.

About development

The game is currently being developed by a small group of enthusiasts.

The project started in 2016 and has gone through many changes since then. Our group members have grown professionally, but have not abandoned the project, because we are really eager to complete it to share it with the world.

And someday we will definitely finish it, and you will be able to appreciate it.

We also can create Relieve together.

If you are:

-3D character artist,

-3D environment artist,

-3D character animator,

-UE4 developer,

-Concept artist (environment / character / mechanisms)

and you’d like to join our team, email us.

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Blue Drifter

Blue Drifter

SokerPop 2077 is a cyberpunk bounty hunter simulator featuring 8 minutes of content and 7 achievements for an approximate 15 minutes of “judge, jury and executioner”. To pay for your $900 ticket to outer space, you must terminate 3 highly dangerous criminals across the 3 sectors using the highly sophisticated scanner and your trusty charge blaster. As you traves across the vast empty design space, you will need to operate a hovercar that traves much faster once you realize that you need to hold shift for boosters. I would tell you that game has a fantastic concept that had a lot of great ideas, but it would not be SokPop if the game was actually developed beyond the proof of concept.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Very promising conception, neat atmosphere, nice raw aesthetics (reminds me “Bernband” a bit), but still very simplistic.

10-20 mins duration is fine, there is no problem with it, but the saddest thing – every location in the game looks completely same. There are no unique details and nothing interesting at the islands – nothing to explore. The mood and the atmosphere of the game assume this sort of bluesy melancholic vibe and wandering spirit, but the game itself doesn’t support this motivation.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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Eyes of the Night

Eyes of the Night

Eyes of the night is a very fun game yet is still very simple to learn and play. After downloading the game I very quickly found myself enthralled in the games ominous and captivating environment and couldn’t help but play “just one more game” trying to evade the wolves and beat my score from the previous round. The game seems to be well made and I can’t wait to see what the future updates will bring to the experience. Overall, the game is very fun and if you have five dollars laying around I highly recommend you give this game a shot.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Atmospheric and Entertaining

I haven’t spent too much time playing it yet, but Eyes of the Night is a very entertaining game. The gameplay is simple, yet good, and the world design and music creates an atmospheric experience. I think that it’s worth noting that the music reminded me a lot of that of the Amnesia series, which I adore. Overall, I recommend checking this out! It’s fun, inexpensive and a good way to support indie developers making unique games.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Eyes of the Night on Steam

ITRP _ Gas Prison

ITRP _ Gas Prison

Very fun and difficult

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game


Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

ITRP _ Gas Prison on Steam



Play as a young child waking up in the middle of a deep forest at dusk, confused but not completely alone. In classic side-scrolling adventure fashion, you will need to explore and navigate your way back home before you freeze to death in the pouring rain. Or is there more to discover?

  • Decisions, Decisions - Help the creepy inhabitants of the forest in order to get help in return, or you could hinder them…

  • Manage Inventory - Find all the items you can, any of them may be of use, but try not to carry too much.

  • New Experiences - Navigate through a different procedurally-generated world on each playthrough.

  • Multiple endings - See if you can find them all. There isn’t only one path back home, or maybe, home isn’t exactly what you believe it to be?

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