Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain

Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain

!!important note!!

This game has crashed a hell of a lot on my windows 7 PC; it’s just something to keep in mind.

What I liked about the game

  • Likable characters, like Uma, who are well voice acted.

  • I like how Kain draws blood from his victims.

  • Awesome boss fights.

  • I liked the Victorian/industrial setting of the game, especially at the start. I liked seeing the chimneys and the steam powered or magic powered machines.

  • The puzzles aren’t too head exploding.

Real player with 23.0 hrs in game

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I used to have this game for the PS2, very fun, shorter than the other Legacy of Kain games, but fun. Most people seem to ignore it though, and/or dislike it, but that’s mainly because they probably don’t understand it. It is said this game is not necessary to play to understand the Legacy of Kain story. But it actually is significant, if you pay close attention. There are 2 ways to look at it; Kain’s purpose in this game after the first blood omen game, but before Soul Reaver 1. Then what it means after the events of Defiance. So in a manner of speaking, yes, Blood Omen 2 occurs twice, but seen differently after certain events.

Real player with 21.7 hrs in game

Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain on Steam

Dark Fantasy Warriors

Dark Fantasy Warriors

This game is extreamly good for its price. Level design, graphics, sound, everything is so good. Enemies are not dumb, they attack together and it is really hard to beat them. And the best for me in this game is satisfaction after killing extremly hard bosses. I really recomend you to buy this game if you like games like dark souls.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

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I have given this game its fair share of my time, in short, this game is a very barebones experience. In the entire game there are only two enemy types, knights with swords and knights with a bow and arrow. All of the minibosses are also just the soldiers with a reskin and a larger model. The only truly unique enemy is the final boss, which casts all sorts of magic, it is a really cool fight actually.

I’ll list of some glaring issues I had:

  • Can’t interact with the chests scattered throught the map, which meant I didnt pick up a single new item on my entire playthrough

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Dark Fantasy Warriors on Steam

The Tarnishing of Juxtia

The Tarnishing of Juxtia

The Twin Kingdoms: Explore the breadth of the Twin Kingdoms, from the flooded catacombs of the Drizzling Ossuary to the windtorn stairwells of the Dust Spire. Face deadly enemies, meet new allies, and discover rare upgrades as you journey to the pinnacle of Crescentpeak.

Energy Rush: Successful combos give you temporary stamina regeneration. A new and unique mechanic to enhance the souls-like combat experience. Low on stamina? Get Good.

Vicious Boss Battles: The war and the plague have both unleashed unimaginable horrors throughout the kingdoms. Battle corrupted saints, drowned wyverns, and the Gods themselves in numerous multi-phase boss fights.

Steal Boss Abilities: Steal the power of bosses you defeat, then use them to unleash devastating special attacks on your enemies.

Customize Your Build: Expand your arsenal as you explore the world. Choose your playstyle from a wide variety of weapons, armors, items, spells, and Gifts, as you level up to your full potential.

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The Tarnishing of Juxtia on Steam



What Dark Souls is not:

  • the hardest game of all time

  • in any way polished (even in the remaster)

  • remotely functional as a game

What Dark Souls is:

  • one of the most interesting, inventive, atmospheric action RPGs ever created

This is my favourite game of all time, but it’s not for everyone. It’s less about tight, high-octane action and flashy spectacles and more about atmosphere, exploration and trying to make head or tail of a game that does a lot of things and refuses to explain any of them. That or just breaking the game’s mechanics until you ascend to godhood.

Real player with 510.9 hrs in game

The first dark souls game. ‘Remastered’ Note, I don’t agree with them taking down the prepare to die edition.

Pretty good PVE and fun but imbalanced PVP.

PVP is a backstab fest and heavy armor/poise is meta. You’ll sometimes see Mask of the Mother, Havel/Giant armor and great club using tryhards who will kill you in one backstab. Backstabs are very latency and connection based. However the PVP is still a blast when fighting people with more normal builds. It’s flawed but good fun.

PVE is the more well done part of the game. Only complaint really is that you start off in New Game plus once you kill Gwyn, you don’t have the option to not go into new game plus like in Dark Souls 2.

Real player with 223.7 hrs in game


Dead Hearts

Dead Hearts

You can listen to OST on Gamejolt page!

In Dead Hearts you play the role of Zero, Nekojin living in a village in the mountains. One night the village is invaded by elite knights of the neighboring empire, Araynia. You, your sister and childhood friend, are the only ones to emerge from this event. After a successful escape, you are forced to survive in the wilderness and wander for a long time to a prosperous city to join the gendarmerie and take revenge.

Dead Hearts is an RPG with dynamic action, battles happen in real time with a view from above. Earn levels, items, silver, companions, new skills and better equipment to face increasingly powerful opponents. There are many different quests in the game to move the story forward… or to help a settler from the surrounding village with his problem of rats. The game has several endings, and some romance with some of the characters, as well as the dynamic character of the main character, which changes depending on the choices made or events in the game world.

The continent on which the action takes place was divided into 2 parts: Western and Eastern.

  • The western part is mainly desert, and is mostly inhabited by elves.

  • The eastern part is more diverse, both in nature and in the races living there.

In the west there are nations:

  • Theocracy of Elfrand

  • Dishan Empire

  • Satsuran Kingdom

  • United Commonwealth of Continental Nations

  • Chetiak

In the east there are nations:

  • Principality of Ywjilthar

  • Araynia Empire

  • Chetian Federation

  • Vrignian Monarchy

  • Polonian Republic

  • Abria

  • Wiederescian Republic

In the game world there are four, uncovered, humanoid races:

  • Humans

  • Elves

  • Nekojin

  • Angels

Dead Hearts on Steam

Gachimuchi Life Simulator

Gachimuchi Life Simulator

Honestly, I expected more from the game, I didn’t like the music and there’s little gacha in common, the world didn’t like it either, it’s kind of open but at the same time empty

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Yes, sometimes I want to spend an evening playing a game dedicated to my guilty pleasure. Perhaps someday I would like to have all the gachimuchi games in my library. As for this particular one, one of the advantages is minimalistic graphics, which allows you to run the game on any computer, the presence of game achievements, and my favorite sounds from the gachi. Nevertheless, the developer still has a lot of work to do.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Gachimuchi Life Simulator on Steam



Had this game on my wishlist, appeared to be a cool ‘Hollow Knight-like’ platformer so I was looking forward to it.

Played through the game, but the credits rolled after the 3rd boss, I was confused and almost refunded. However, I loaded my save again and there were about 6 additional bosses after the first set of credits.

The boss design wasn’t bad, some of them were kind of frustrating. Also, trying to get back up through the last area again after reloading your save is very frustrating. Graphics and OST are nice. The combat isn’t bad, but I wish there was a little more to it. It’s hard to recommend this game for it’s story, since it’s veryyyy passively told with no dialogue.

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game


Gleamlight is a hack and slash platformer made off glass, not real glass just pixels, and its very pretty glass. Game is far from perfect, has no UI and for me plays fine with controller, I have had no issues so far. Game is rather fun, hacking and smashing away, with plenty enemies and obstacles to smash, there is nothing to collect though, just switches to find and activate doors for further progress. Gleamlight is not a terrible game as people seem to be saying, game is certainly not every ones cup of tea, I think this game can be improved upon, if developers are dedicated enough to want to improve the game, adding a health bar, enemy bar on boss battles, perhaps items to collect like hearts for health and so forth. Game is a bit over priced, I would wait for a sale OR look for a key from reputable key sellers on sale.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Gleamlight on Steam



Chibi Zelda-Souls is a very nice summary…

You start off as a character with many “lives/classes” and if u die with one, you will pick another class/character, you have to ress the dead one with a ress scroll you buy for 60 coins, and the dead one will be unaviable until you ress them or break their graves, which destroys all their inventory including money, but their acuumaleted XP will remain. You will eventually after the tutorial get to a base which is sort of like a nexus or a hub, from which u access the other areas. As well as stock up on supplies, and you will get new merchants after u kill a boss.

Real player with 68.3 hrs in game

Inferno Climber is a fun ARPG With Major Flaws (EA)

My ratings/review

Difficulty: 10/10 ~ My favorite thing in the game is the challenge, yes, this game is challenging, way more than it seems, it compares to dark souls in my book, also the death system is pretty unique, when you die you start off with another character lose all your stats and have to get back to your body with what they call a “Death Contract” Which can be bought for 60CP (in-game currency) Unlike dark souls (you keep all your gear only lose unused XP “Souls”), when you die you lose your Character+Items, and have to get it back with another fresh character in order to continue with your old one, makes it really hard when you get into the harder areas because you’re running around with a level 1 character in level 30+ Areas, trying to find your godamm body Leveling two toons might be a good idea

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game




There are dreams and there are nightmares. There is death and there are swords and spells to stove it off. What will you do when dark specters come for you tonight? Players find themselves in the role of a young woman who is being trapped in her own nightmares. Can you find your way through the labyrinths of darkness, or will you be trapped forever?

Inspired by 90’s hits like Hexen and Quake, Lichenvale is a first person hack and slash offering: fast-paced melee action mixed with the tactical use of spells and dashing around your enemies. This singleplayer title will feature a story mod with up to 10 maps full of various progressively difficult mobs, regional and main bosses, as well as some light puzzling. Those seeking an adventure are awaited in the New Game+ mode.

Lichenvale on Steam

Mythic: Forest Warden

Mythic: Forest Warden

Lurk into the dark WW II world from the mythic pagan god’s eye view. What is the Forest Warden? Forest Warden is a superbrain that controls its four bodies. Every body consists of a 4-armed torso and a different head. Nazi soldiers decided to kidnap one of your bodies to get knowledge on how to become a god. Your goal is to get back your body and drive Germans away from your land.


As you are a forest’s god, you have some decent god’s abilities. Use your spells such as fireball, ground slam or wooden shield, to help yourself protect the forest and fight the invaders.


As a beast you can use your horrendous claws to kill enemies, but that’s not everything - you know how to use mankind’s weapons, like standard MP-40 guns, or even the MG-42 heavy machinegun. It is not all of the fun, your enemies will provide you a variety of other weapons including even a big search light to blind those Germans!


Beware, Nazis will try to fight you back in order to survive. They know your weak point - the forest. It’s just a matter of time till they start to kill animals or burn trees - everything to drive you mad. Your goal is to save as much of the forest as you can at this war and don’t let Nazis win.


The forest is your home. You know everything about it, its deepest secrets. Walk on tree branches, use underground tunnels, or gain energy from the ancient pagan trees - use everything to be ahead of Nazis in this war.


You have 4 arms, why not to use them? Break ur enemies neck’s, rip them apart or hit them as hard as they fly through the air. Won’t this satisfy you enough? Then you can rip apart some of Nazis' vehicles - their trucks or even their tanks!

Mythic: Forest Warden on Steam