Anarcute is a game that involves leading critter rioters against the Brainwash Patrol, who have dominated the world and rule through broadcasting propoganda and I guess sleep-signals (hence the sleeping rioters, and the ones who are attached to the side of buildings). The game has a cute aesthetic based on chibi models, simplified yet interactive backgrounds, and catchy + cute electronica soundtracks. It involves massing up rioters to gain abilities (which can also be lost if you lose rioters at certain thresholds), some of which you need to traverse, but the game works well in that you can find other routes and means to get through the level with what is given. New abilities range from improving speed or stomping, to bouncing and endless projectles, as well as ludicrous ones like enamoring cops with cuteness or grabbing buildings and throwing them on your enemies. Though I see the most usage out of the molotovs one.

Real player with 67.0 hrs in game

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Anarcute is a super kawaii game where the player has to manage their mob of cute chibi animals as they liberate different cities. The contrast of cute animals destroying cities and causing mayhem is what drew me to this game to begin with but the challenge is what kept me around. Well, that and the fact that THEY HAVE UNICORNS!!! I mean there really should be more games with beautiful sparkly unicorns.

Some of the levels are easier than others but the real challenge comes from the fact that individual rioters cannot be controlled, only the crowd as a whole. This can become annoyingly frustrating in some situations. At times it feels like herding cats, but what else would you expect from a bunch of adorable anarchists?

Real player with 26.2 hrs in game

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Bishoujo characters change to various materials (freezing, petrification, waxing, golden, tree-making, soaping, etc …)

Erosion expands with each shot and animation slows down (attack avoidance difficulty also increases!)

Human bosses can also end the battle without defeating them by action (the ending branches accordingly)

Japanese anime style model

In order to express the speed of the enemy and ally while being based on RPG, I quote the battle system of a famous indie game

Since the emphasis is on viewing abnormal conditions, the play time will be around 1 hour when checking all routes. Please note.

More details

Root, a rare user of freezing magic, is suddenly kidnapped one day and throws himself into a battle called “consolidation death game”.

However, this game was a mysterious one that could proceed without defeating humans by solving the gimmick.

What kind of ending is waiting for the selection of the character and route that the player controls?

Press the button at the right time to attack!

Avoid enemy attacks like STG!

Be careful as the movement speed will slow down when attacked!

Even if you are not good at STG, you can ease the difficulty by selecting equipment and level!

Various options for abnormal condition production

Expression of erosion during state change (mottled, even, from top to bottom)

Change the expression for each material (4 to 10 types depending on the material)

Soapy foam expression (5 types including none)

Presence or absence of freezing cold air expression

Material when attacked by an enemy whose material is not specified

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PetrifactionUnderRuin on Steam

Cross Soul

Cross Soul

Full playthrough somehow got through the main story thankfully (once it uploads):

Honestly I don’t think this game is bad as the reviews, but there’s some problems in the game that should have been addressed have no I-frames so when you’re in a monster house room they can just instantly end your whole career 2. when said career is ended you can have a glitch to where when you go back to the dungeon your character insta dies (restarting the game fixed that for me 3. enemies go through the walls which IS TOXIC AF 4. some enemies seem to crit? Or I just got booty pounded by enemies stacked on top of each other at the same time which is also lame 5. those little bunnies that constantly like to spam heal are a cancer upon society. Overall the game plays pretty well and the story was interesting from what I could understand obviously english isn’t the first language, so they did alright considering. The game doesn’t explain a lot of things that can make you think you’re stuck which is frustrating I literally watched the cutscene with future anubis like three times because every direction I went to took me to that cutscene before I figured out to use the fast travel to get to the next area. For free though it was fun-ish

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

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Hi, I really like it, you don’t need to have a lot of graphics to have fun playing.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Cross Soul on Steam



I have to say I am surprised this game only has 42 steam reviews. While its by no means a perfect game it is a fun QTE with some platforming elements that is fairly addictive. If you wanted to breeze through it the difficulty is not that hard beyond for a few bosses however if you want to 3 star all 30 levels and get each optional objective it adds some more challenge and playtime. I like games like this where you play a hour or so and when the game starts feeling repetitive you stop playing until you have a itch to go back to it.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

I got to try out Hamsterdam at EGX Rezzed in April this year, and, after giving it a good go and falling in love with the cute characters and art style, and winning a pin badge after beating a boss without getting hit, my housemate getting the plushie of Pimm, and getting free stickers, I was super excited to be able to play the full game on release. I did enjoy it, but here’s my honest list of pros and cons. TLDR at the bottom.


  • Lovely art style with adorable characters – this was one of the big factors for buying this, for me.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Hamsterdam on Steam

Kubinashi Recollection

Kubinashi Recollection

Kubinashi Recollection Originally released on DLSITE as Neckless Collection Developed by ぱらどっと (Paradot) back in March 21, 2021. Finally released on Steam and Nintendo Switch with an English translation.

You play as Sekibanki as you quite literally use your heads to solve puzzles and platform through 10 worlds of puzzles. Simple at first but eventually the puzzles will get extremely tricky. There are 2 modes included, 1 of which is normal mode where the game gives you a limit of how many heads you can use per stage or a Nine head mode where you get Nine heads to use each stage (Easy mode).

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Tried it for about an hour. The ranking system is way too strict considering going straight to the goal without stopping was barely a B rank clear time. Maybe there’s upgrades you get or advanced tech you learn about later on, but honestly I don’t have the time or patience for a game that’s gonna require that level of perfection.

The rest of the game that I saw was decent, but that’s all. Just decent. Nothing to really write home about, and imo isn’t worth the cost of admission.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Kubinashi Recollection on Steam

Mr Nibbles Forever

Mr Nibbles Forever

I bought this game looking for a fun platformer, and I received an overwhelmingly amazing game. It was only $2.49 when I bought it, and I thought “I can refund if I don’t like it lolololol.”

Okay, so- let’s talk about the game. There are costumes you can get for your hamster by completing challenges. 19 are required to unlock all but one (you will get either Moonwalker or Space Suit at challenge 13, and as far as I know there is no way to get the one you didn’t receive) costume. But after completing those 19 challenges, there are still more to complete (still haven’t beaten challenge 20 ;_;). The game’s currency is “nibbles.” You can spend these nibbles (which are very easy to earn might I add, on a 30 minute session I got about 1600 challenge/power-up free) by spinning a wheel to get one of three power-ups. One spin costs 100 nibbles (it’s not that much). The power-ups you can earn are double jump, nibble magnet, or extra life. The power-ups do NOT last forever. That’s why you can get more than one. They only last for one turn, so if you have 6 double jumps and play a run, you will have 5 afterwards. You can disable power-ups by clicking their icons in the top right corner of the costume selection screen before your run. The icon will go gray if the power-up is disabled. I got confused on this for quite a while, lol.

Real player with 24.2 hrs in game

It’s a game with such a basic and easy concept, but very fun and sometimes even addicting. I wish there was an option to go backwards but I guess that’s the point of the game. Not sure if there are planned updated but would be cool to get some new abilities such as invisibility or a fruit magnet etc. Good game overall and even though my girlfriend gifted me this game, it’s still a nice bang for your buck(works out because the game is literally a dollar)

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Mr Nibbles Forever on Steam



At first the game was fun, with all of the obstacles and everything. But after the 5th level, everything became more of a headache instead of entertainment. Not to mention, all of the achievements seem to require a 3 star rating, which was not specified. And since all of the levels become extremely difficult and tedious, you can’t get the achievements. Also, the achievement “Ultimate Scrapbooker” does not unlock even when finishing the game.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game


Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Overgrown on Steam



This game is awesome. The graphics are super cute and altough the game is short, it is very challenging and has lots of secrets in store. I have not unlocked everything yet, but from the trailer and other past reviews, I am sure that they are all amazing. · ◡ ·/10

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

rogo is so good bro mmmmmm

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

ROGO on Steam

ShiroKuro’s Adventure

ShiroKuro’s Adventure

Full 100% play through here:

This is a pretty short cute game there’s not much to it, but it’s pretty entertaining. I wish there was more to the level up system besides health and attack power like abilities and what not. The game gets pretty challenging when you get closer to the end and have to do your best not to step on the wrong tiles. I really feel like the dodge mechanic pausing after the dash is complete really took a lot away from the game that could have made it more fluid and fun if it allowed you to move immediately after the animation completed. The Final Boss at the least should have his own sound effects/music he looked pretty silly finger waggling to the happy go lucky music you’ve listened to the whole game. Overall though I think it was worth the $3.00 it definitely takes some getting used to and the mechanic of controlling them both is challenging/fun to learn.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

ShiroKuro's Adventure on Steam

Spaceman Sparkles 3

Spaceman Sparkles 3

One of my favourite games! I love everything about this game! The only negative is that the new update has made the game controller based, making it hard for me to use a keyboard. Unless I’m missing an option to change the keys, an option like that would be great!

Overall rating: 9/10

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

Its a very interesting game. It has little to no story but I think that is a strength of the game that it is good without one, and would be best without it. Its a hard game. If you would like to challenge yourself with a hard game, this would be one to check out. The weapons are given to the player in stages, which I think is a good way to get used to the controls and to introduce how to use it (even if it seems hard to find out what it does for the first few attempts). My only gripe with the game is that the way to get to the bosses is extremely difficult for a few, specifically the ones on the sides of a floating platform. It looks amazing and I absolutely love the music, but there were only a few tracks so it got annoying after it looped for the 20th time. This game was a lot of fun and I would recomend it to my friends and anyone looking for a game to play for a few hours, or a lot of hours depending on how well you get used to how gravity works in the game.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Spaceman Sparkles 3 on Steam