Kane and Lynch: Dead Men™

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men™

Played this and Dog Days back when they originally released on XBox 360, starting in 2007. This is a fantastic couch co-op and a fun single player experience too! I don’t understand the criticism levied at these games, as 7/10 isn’t a terrible score; it is slightly above average. People, I am assuming post 2000 birthday “havers”, are the ones I see doing this.

1. The cover system is janky, it does it automatically. Guess what?! This was a cool mechanic at the time and pushed the envelope.

2. The story is almost so violent it is comical. Not true, it is gritty and this story was well written and I would watch a movie of it….OH WAIT, we all have!! John Wick. Think about the story, and even GTAV with Michael and Trevor’s relationship. They broke ground in this game.

Real player with 24.4 hrs in game

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TL;DR: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a cover-based Shooter in a mostly urban setting.

The story follows the ex-mercenary Kane, who wants to save his family from death, which technically isn’t anything you haven’t seen a million times before, although the narrative shows a fair share of potential.

Sadly, it is presented so badly that it has no way of really telling the player anything.

The game mechanics work (not great, but they work), but fail to bring anything new or exciting to the table. Standard cover-shooter stuff.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men™ on Steam

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days - A misunderstood masterpiece

Dog Days, Follows the perspective of self medicated, schizophrenic, psychopath James Seth Lynch (or Lynch for short) and ex-mercenary Adam Kane Marcus (or Kane for short) and their attempt at a ‘Last Job’ so they can finally settle down and get out of the game for good. Lynch has been working for a criminal businessman who goes by the name Glazer, since the events of the previous game. Glazer has a big arms deal planned that will pay enough to put Lynch into retirement. To aid the deal Lynch calls Kane knowing his expertise will more than help if things go south.

Real player with 176.2 hrs in game

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One or two player FPS. Violent adult themes. Great crime-based setting. Brutal story. Graphically visceral, lots of blood and gore. Satisfying gameplay but very taxing on hardest difficulty. Fun multiplayer but low player-base. MP modes require a minimum number of players.

ACHIEVEMENTS: A mixed bag. Story ones cant be missed. Some require MP play.


WHEN TO BUY: ON SALE. DLC rarely on sale.

Real player with 109.9 hrs in game

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days on Steam

Mafia II (Classic)

Mafia II (Classic)

Mafia II is one of the best organized crime games, especially if we take realistic games with organized crime as the main theme. It’s also one of the best third-person shooter, and aged very well, even a decade later, it still feels as good as back in 2010.


You play as sicilian immigrant, Vito Scaletta, whose family traveled to the USA looking for a better life, but reality turned out to be more grim and harsh than Vito’s parents imagined. Seeing how his father lives a miserable life and became a drunkard due to his hard job and poverty, Vito decided to not repeat his mistakes. His father eventually dies during the accident at the docks. He met Joe, a local bully and a cool guy, and eventually, due to lack of jobs and poverty, the two decided to become a small time criminals, thieves, essentially, during one such operation, Vito got caught, and between going to prison or helping USA with the invasion of Sicily, as a native italian speaker, he decided to go to war. And that’s only the beginning of his life path.

Real player with 105.5 hrs in game

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Welcome to Empire Bay. Sunny place full of opportunities for those who can take them. Yes, I’m talking to you Vito & Joe. Yes, you too Mr. Vinci. I see you over there Alberto Clemente. Yeah, that’s right Carlo Falcone. I can keep on naming these fellas over and over again because this game was filled with gentlemen like these.

Vito Scalleta got tired of bureaucratic bullsh*t so he got shot right in the butt, that he could leave Europe and go straight back to Joe, so these two can put in the work, get up in the Mafia hierarchy, sky rocketing up in the mob family ladder so he can get what they all want - THAT GREEN THING.

Real player with 62.2 hrs in game

Mafia II (Classic) on Steam

Mafia II: Definitive Edition

Mafia II: Definitive Edition

I’m really getting tired of this unfinished re-released mess of a game that claims to be “Definitive Edition”

Update changes can be found the the end of review.

Disclaimer: Just because i have received it for free since i own the classic copy, it dosn’t mean that i should tolerate the progressively lower quality end product, ESPECIALLY since it was better before. So i will try to inform the new buyers to what they are signing in for.

The graphical uplift is barely noticeable to classical version. Sure there are some changes like; super shinny surfaces, better makeup for our ageing characters, altered weapon sounds and God like car lights that can blind the blind person. Oh yeah and there is two new cars;

Real player with 55.8 hrs in game

  • Statement

Some would call Mafia II: Definitive edition a hot mess, or that It needed a lot more content and graphics upgrades to be considered “Definitive”. I’ve looked at over 100 reviews of this remastered game, 98% of which are completed wrong and unfair. Half the people never gave it a chance and never looked into the smaller details or took notice of anything. The other half are bagging on it because others are too, to the point where people are making up lies to make the game seem worse. This is my complete “REAL” review of Mafia II: Definitive Edition.

Real player with 33.4 hrs in game

Mafia II: Definitive Edition on Steam

Mafia III: Definitive Edition

Mafia III: Definitive Edition

After 3 playthroughs, I decided it’s time to give this game a review. a different one from the majority of “Not Recommended” you see here. Mafia III Is deeply flawed and after the Definitive Edition upgrade, it yet remains the same but it had something special that kept me playing it for such a long time, I simply couldn’t leave a thumb down on it.


🔹Mafia III tells the tale of Lincoln Clay, a colored man who got screwed by the greed of the Italian mob ruling the fictional New Bordeaux based on New Orleans. He loses his family and father figure and now he’s out for revenge. However, this is not your average vengeance story that ends just with killing the bad guy. Lincoln wants to take everything Sal Marcano the mob boss has worked for, makes him suffer just the way he did by busting up his rackets, taking over the city district by district and killing closest to Sal including his wife, son, and brothers. Throughout the game, after each main mission completed comes up a cutscene where the people who knew Lincoln the most are participating in a documentary show on his life and actions, picturing real-life photos and videos. This is where is the story shines the most as you realize piece by piece on Lincoln’s background and the damage he inflicted on the mob.

Real player with 149.9 hrs in game

After putting in 85 hours into this game, I think I finally have a pretty good idea why I like it and why I hate it at the same time.

TL;DR: Great story and themes, horrible game design with repetitive gameplay, bad graphics and horrible bugs and performance.

Mafia 3 is a massive great tasting shit sandwich! It deserves the hate, yet it’s hard not to love at times. The solid writing and great characters with really good voice acting and pretty good facial animations, accompanied with great shooting mechanics and some improvements over the last game are spoiled by remarkably repetitive game design and the usual “open world” clutter of useless collectibles.

Real player with 87.7 hrs in game

Mafia III: Definitive Edition on Steam

The Swindle

The Swindle

Unfortunately, despite the absolutely wonderful art, music, style and overall concept, just as many people have reported, loose controls literally spoil an otherwise wonderful game.

As a gamer who loves stealth and loves difficult, but fair games, this one is nothing but frustrating.

It is not a matter of artificial difficulty, the levels, mechanics, enemies, and hazards are all generally fair and reasonable in and of themselves. I have no problem with, and even enjoy a game where you will fail a lot as you learn, knowing it is your fault you failed, or even knowing that the game is designed to make you fail if you don’t do things right…

Real player with 90.6 hrs in game

This is honestly an amazing game with enough style and design choices to give you an experience you can’t quite get anywhere else, however it has a few very big caveats. Starting with the good, the scope is perfect, I didn’t feel like it dragged on or that I needed more out of it, and the pacing is very good. Finale acts as a good test of pretty much everything you’ve learned through your various successes and deaths. I’m more a fan of roguelikes than roguelites, but this game strikes such a cool balance between the two; I wasn’t sure how much of a gimmick the 100 day mechanic would be but it honestly does an amazing job at getting the best of both worlds. The upgrades are all significant enough for you to care about. I normally dislike tweened animation but this game’s style fits it very nicely, visually the game is quite charming. The soundtrack is also really good, I wouldn’t listen to it outside the game but it gets me way more invested while playing, especially the theme when you’re caught. Honestly, there’s not too many exceptionally notable things I could say, but most aspects of the game in general are very solid, it’s quite a fun, charming, and worthwhile experience. As a very loose comparison to give a sense of how the game is, imagine a cross between Mark of the Ninja’s stealth, and Spelunky’s game feel and world gen type.

Real player with 23.8 hrs in game

The Swindle on Steam

Vicewave 1984

Vicewave 1984

There’s potential, but it’s not yet realised.


Vicewave is an open-world action game clearly inspired by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. With a great synthwave soundtrack and vibrant 80’s style neons, the atmosphere is set. Unfortunately, the gameplay experience is lacking in several areas, and the optimisation needs work. Frankly, making any progress in this game is a constant uphill struggle against poor game mechanics.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

A wild review appears.

Conclusion: if you’re expecting a fun retro style GTA game. Sadly, this is not it (List is down below). I have given this game several tries over the span of a few months. I cannot recommend it.

The Bad

1: Lockpicking is extremely tedious. The (Sweet Spot) needs to be configurable via difficulty.

2: Player dies far too easy, and body armor is behind a XP wall.

3: Difficulty is too high (for casual players of this genre).

4: Cars hand like their on something, and bottom out if bridge is too steep.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Vicewave 1984 on Steam

Bonanza Bros.™

Bonanza Bros.™

Bonanza Bros is a 2 player sidescrolling action game originally released in arcades in 1990 by Sega of Japan. And what Sega Genesis got was a port in 1991 on usual-at-that-time 4 Megabit ROM cartridge, a bit cut here and there, but still keeping 2 player mode. Though, I heard that this conversion ITL. Or maybe Sega of Japan was involved as well. Who knows. Not me.

It also came out for SMS and PC Engine CD thing. I think. And computers. And Ages 2500 rerelease on PS2.

The game that you have here is nothing more than emulation of Sega Genesis version. Well, European-Japan one, but it’s english and 60hz, no worries.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game


Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Bonanza Bros.™ on Steam

Kargo - A neo-noir adventure

Kargo - A neo-noir adventure


It’s a minimalistic neo-noir adventure game with a focus on atmosphere, storyline, and stealth driving gameplay. It takes place in the middle 2000s in Eastern Europe, and among our team, we usually discuss it as “GTA+KRZ weird slav kiddo”. I also really love the short description that’s placed above this text, and I won’t feel bad for repeating it here:

“Be a heist driver, smuggle drugs, avoid police, gamble at illegal fight club, meet disgusting people and look for a lost cargo in the middle of nowhere in an open-world neo-noir adventure that tells a story of two thugs working for an Eastern European crime syndicate.”


You’re a driver - so you drive. You’re a driver for a crime syndicate - so you have a gun and you often get involved in drug trafficking and other shady business normal people usually don’t do. You’re involved in the shady business - so you don’t want to get close with the police. In fact, you don’t want to get close with anyone you meet and talk regularly, as they also mostly do shady business and have a complicated moral compass (though it’s usually not as complicated as yours).

It’s simple, you’ll quickly get used to it.


A few weeks ago, a truck loaded with heroin left the dock of Karpov, but disappeared before reaching its destination somewhere in the middle of two cities. It was later found robbed, with all guards dead and no clues to follow.

The syndicate assigned you to escort the next shipment and sent you an old pal as a wingman.

How did it happen that now you are standing in the middle of the night forest in the Karpov region, observing the corpses of the driver and guards of the truck, the empty body of the car, and not a single trace of the thieves? How did it happen that it was ambushed, while only you and the onboard crew knew which route it would take?

These events will mark the beginning of a long story. Right now you shouldn’t hesitate - the road is waiting, we have a missing cargo to find.

Kargo - A neo-noir adventure on Steam

Killer in the cabin

Killer in the cabin

I truly thought it would just be another deceit game, but it’s more than that! We were calling it Among Us meets Rust, and it really is. The survival mechanic of the game, and the fact that individual players can die for not resting, or being too cold, or not eating…it adds a WHOLE NEW level to the game. Not only are you trying to figure out who the killer is, you’re trying to survive the elements. We intended to just try it out for a little while and ended up playing the whole night. I am VERY impressed, and even more excited to see where the game goes from here!

Real player with 14.1 hrs in game

its good and all it needs more work but its a good game

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Killer in the cabin on Steam