That Dam Level redux

That Dam Level redux

That Dam Level is an impressive, challenging… I don’t want to say “platformer”, given that there is a minimum of solid ground, but it requires the same precision and timing skills as your Supers Meat Boy and similar games. A clever, non-infringing tribute to a painful challenge from the 80s NES era (a level where you swim through a booby trapped dam in a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles game), your goal is much the same: swim without hitting various absurd obstacles, disarm X bombs per stage in under Y time, and don’t die in the process.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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In all the time I wanted this game, I hadn’t seen any reviews here…at least ‘not in my language’, so allow me to chime in even without too much playing time: I’m already enjoying this game enough to recommend it. I thought it looked really cool, and like the visuals, and find no disappointment there. There’s some good challenge to the gameplay, it’s set up to be difficult. Think ‘Super Meat Boy’ type gameplay but more colorful…and even with some hair-pulling moments thus far, there’s really nothing unfair or overly-frustrating, plus you have PLENTY of choice for difficulty. I think the trailer gives a good idea of what to expect from the game. I’m pretty sure I got the gyst of ‘That Dam Level Redux’, and at very least can already recommend it!

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

That Dam Level redux on Steam



I think at the current stage of the game hunger and thirst consumption should be less. Starting money may be higher. So players who are new to survival games can spend more time in the game. Overall the game is really nice and the there is a high potential for improvement. You get to examine a historical Roman city very closely. We can consider that game costs cheaper if you compare it with its kind I want to keep following the state of the game and knowing its in early I access I want to give it a chance. Because with the updates it could become so much better anytime. I don’t want to miss it

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

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Experiencing the nature, Roman’s ordinary life, amazing architectures is amazing! Although it’s still on EA on Steam, I think this game already offers a good amount of fun.

Survival and in-game elements are made well done. Exploring the world is not boring and graphics are above the average and this is important for EA game to me.

Long story short, Ephesus is a game where you can find lot’s of potential to grow. The game play is good, the graphics are good, survival mechanics are intact and has an amazing city structure. Definitely worth to buy!

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Ephesus on Steam

Hold Your Own

Hold Your Own

The spawns for this game are really randon, IE there’s a “hardship” item in each game or spawn. (not really a plus or minus, just an observation) I’ve played this game for a year, and the one thing the devs just pooched is that they made it even HARDER to get your own water. Holy Crappin' Christ, guys… NOOOOOOO. The saves are still screwed if you introduce a character into your save name. It won’t save. You can’t get your own water source unless you make a crap ton of other items to get to another island, which means you’ll die of thirst… a lot. Get.Your.Crap.Together.Districtware…

Real player with 234.0 hrs in game

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EDIT: May 2021 - No updates in more than a year. This game is dead… damn shame as it was one of the better survivals I’d ever played… Tried it a while back with a buddy - the “online Co-Op” is horribly broken and unplayable. SIGH

Dedgame is dead - can’t recommend it anymore in its current state…

Game is still EA, so this review can only reflect the version I played as of the time of writing this review. In a few months, this review may be invalid, who knows… I also cannot speak for MULTIPLAYER, as none of my friends were willing to get it (even on sale). Whatever, their loss!

Real player with 74.6 hrs in game

Hold Your Own on Steam

StaudSoft’s Synthetic World Beta

StaudSoft’s Synthetic World Beta

i love this game i have put a lot of time on this title as u can see and i can play it on low end laptop ..

i haven’t got around to messing with the wiring system yet but i do like to build houses and stuff in survivle mode ..and yes the game is still kind of early in development but they are always putting out updates and adding some new stuff to play with and the dev.s are grate .. they are very involed with the community …. if u have a problem they ask question and try to help solve the problem or bug… to say the least i dont have anything bad to say about this litle gem … i cant wait till the game is finished … keep up the good work guys … cant wiat for the updates…lol

Real player with 596.6 hrs in game

Download the Demo play the Demo and then want more . This is one of the best early dev games I have played , I like the crafting a change from the usuall and easy to understand . Graphics are good for early dev , plenty to craft , maps are filled with caves to explore all in all it is worth buying and supporting the devs.


over 3 yrs since I wrote my review and not a lot has been done to the game in 3 yrs so unless you really want to support the Dev then I would not buy this game untill and if it is ever finished

Real player with 88.4 hrs in game

StaudSoft's Synthetic World Beta on Steam



Fly for a minute or two through empty space to a waypoint, then something appears and kills you instantly, sending you back to empty space. Repeat.

If you find some enemies that do less damage, there is some combat, but it’s not terribly interesting, you just switch to your lower movement speed and circle-strafe mostly.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Astrog on Steam

Captain Forever Trilogy

Captain Forever Trilogy

I want to write a lot more about this game, but I am not a games-journalist so I’ll keep it brief.

I love this series, I loved the originals, and that love extends wholeheartedly to this collection as well. While that may give me rose-tinted glasses, this game will buy you a pair for sure.

The gameplay is tight, responsive, and non-stop. You will not get a chance to catch a breather, and if that’s your fetish then welcome to the pain-pit. You will have dizzying highs, only to be brought low suddenly when a girder in your ship gets blown up- along with the entire rear end of your ship. It sounds bull, but you’re in control of the design of your ship and the skill in piloting that particular design. In this way the game has enormous replay potential, especially considering you can hijack the info buoy in successor by building a cage around it. Free thrust! More spawn but I’ve never been able to capture more than one.

Real player with 78.2 hrs in game

this game is space lego. depending on the ONE of THREE games ya pick you have varying options.

the oldest and truest one, Captain Forever has guns, armor, and thrusters. there isn’t much varriation within your loadout, but it’s how you use it, how it’s blown to peices, and how you deal with scary situations that transform a good game into a great one. captain forever is fairly well balanced. even when stepping up from Foxtrot to Golf, you can feel “safe enough” to go ballsdeep and have a fun time

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

Captain Forever Trilogy on Steam

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim is an adventure game with a similar art style and environment as The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. You play as a young Viking boy going from island to island searching for the men of his village. I really enjoyed playing this game despite its bugs and the very basic combat.

I loved the Wind Waker art style, so to me this game was pure eye candy. The performance is very impressive. I do not have great gaming equipment (I’m looking at you Intel HD Graphics) but still I was able to play this game with high settings and even anti-aliasing without any slowdown in gameplay. Unfortunately, the book-style cutscenes went to a crawl no matter the settings I chose, but I noticed that a single core was used at full capacity during those, while all of my cores were put to work during gameplay. The music was also delightful and helped build the overall experience.

Real player with 19.4 hrs in game

EDIT: I just finished the game, and while I still recommend it, it really is a very buggy game. Most bugs are small, and are just part of the risks of playing a 3D physics platformer made my an indie dev, but there are some bigger bugs as well. My save game disappeared for half a day before it popped back into existence. Also, when you die, the game doesn’t always respawn you at the closest checkpoint, or the one you most recently passed. The ragdoll physics also conspire to make the last boss fight less engaging.

Real player with 15.5 hrs in game

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim on Steam



The goal of Cyber War Apocalypse is to Survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst & exhaustion. Craft items to help you on your journey. Build shelter. Hunt animals for food and crafting materials. Scavenge the world for crafting items. In multiplayer mode, you’ll need to Protect yourself from other players and Create alliances or become their enemy. It presents combat, crafting, looting, scavenging, resource mining, and exploration.

Campaign Mode

Cyber War APOCALYPSE on Steam

Deep Despair

Deep Despair

My review is based upon the remastered version of the game which came later on as free update. On that, I think it was a great move by the solo dev given the game is already super cheap. It’s still possible to play the vanilla version of the game, which has a definitely an old-school aspect with very pixelated graphics.

Deep Despair is a charming 2D top-down survival sandbox game in which you basically have to survive by collecting resources, building your home and crafting better equipment. During the night, zombies and skeletons will appear and attack you on sight if you get close to them.

Real player with 37.3 hrs in game

The title of this game is what i feel while playing it. There is no comparison between this game and Minecraft. First off, there are no instructions. None. I asked the community for help and one player was very kind with hints. In this world, sticks are different from wood which is different from timber. They all come from a tree but somehow you are supposed to know this-It is essential to survival but there are no instructions explaining such. In addition, Both Minecraft and Terraria have a creative mode. This does not.

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

Deep Despair on Steam

deer hunter II

deer hunter II

Solid distillation of survival mechanics in an uncommon setting. Time-consuming endgame makes lack of saves a sore point.

If Goblet Cave was the cave-exploration aspect of Minecraft given its own game, Deer Hunter II is the survival aspect.

The variables all make sense (though the beginning is a little harsh), there’s a good variety of things to experience, and the sense of progression is satisfying. That said, given how time-consuming the ending is, the lack of save-game functionality is really irritating - especially given how Sleep serves little purpose, other than placing the game in an idle state.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Honestly, this game is pretty decent for what seems like the product of a couple days of work. Aesthetically, the game is cute and pretty fun to play and figure out. I really appreciate not having my hand held while playing. Although, the one thing that could use a change, is the aiming. It’s genuinely very difficult to even replicate the same shot twice. So perhaps an aiming reticle, let us look down the sight of the arrow shaft.

Ending Spoiler:

! Otherwise, I kind of liked not being told what to do at the end. It took me about ten minutes to figure out what to do with the orb and kind of got the idea to shoot it because of the boss fight.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

deer hunter II on Steam