Starcross Starcade Special

Starcross Starcade Special

In a Demon City alley behind the Starcross Starcade, a prototype of an arcade game without a name was found! No one knows anything about it, but it seems like it’s pretty much finished. Not only that, but it could definitely steal some quarters. So why wasn’t it actually released…?

Carve your way through challenging encounters by dodging and blocking attacks, launching and spiking enemies, and tearing through varied bosses! All while meeting new people and exploring in the Starcross Starcade, the massive arcade in the heart of Demon City.

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Starcross Starcade Special on Steam

Stickman Epic Ninja Fighters

Stickman Epic Ninja Fighters


Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

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This game is a perfect way to spend your time when you don’t know what to do. Its easy to understand but it supplies challenging gameplay that keeps you hooked as you try your best to reach the next level. The graphics and music might not be the best but if you give the developer some motivation this game could grow into so much more and they could go onto making more games for us to play. The game is free so theres no reason to not try it. Yeah if you don’t like it you may lose about 10 mins but that about it.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Stickman Epic Ninja Fighters on Steam



Wolfstride is a refreshing and unique blend of style, coolness and madness. The graphics and music are just sooo good. The swift animations fit perfectly and just make it so natural and yet at times so suddenly… “POoW!”. All the Art in this game is very well achieved, genuine and inspired, but the SOUL of it all, it’s the story… It’s a ShatTered Soul, and when looking back into this experience it may feel like a story of random unrelated episodes that are hammered together into one shape/Shade using the power of craziness. Should this even work!? It does, because it achieves those levels of funny and extroversion we got used to watching and loving on very famous and successful animes.

Real player with 135.9 hrs in game

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Finished it and wow what a great game.


everything, this game is truly a storytelling masterpiece

with its great humor, game-play, drama and over-all mechanics.

Plenty of customization to play your way but there’s hardly any

at the beginning and end


found 3 misspelled words.

there are some tedious mini-games and even the main game-play

is a little repetitive after a while.

some of the storytelling is a little drawn out but it usually never leaves

you without an option to skip it if it’s getting boring for you.

Real player with 47.3 hrs in game

Wolfstride on Steam



The city is under siege and you have no abilities whatsoever… yet. Help Chip gain more fighting abilities (as well as increased stamina and health!) as you fight your way Downtown!

Chip was just lounging on the couch like any other typical day when his girlfriend went out to buy some food (she said something about shortages and unrest, or something like that) when he sees on the news that chaos broke out around the local convenience store, fences were erected and no one can get into Downtown! He must find a way in and save her, but first he must learn some skills.

Downtown on Steam



EDIT: Only a bit more than a week after i posted this review and i can tell you to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS GAME.

It’s clear now that the ones running the game are the same old korean Kakao that don’t give two fucks about the games longevity, just this week we’ve had a feature that was highly requested, a second mana tree page added in to the game, but guess what? It’s paywalled on the ruby shop! A second mana tree gives a big advantage for people who have both a mana tree for PvE and PvP, but that’s not all!

Real player with 778.2 hrs in game

Despite having over 350 hours on the game and having even spent a bit of money on the game, I still have to say this game is terrible for players that are trying to progress but cannot due to “RNG” literally gating players from getting any farther than those who are just lucky to “one tap” everything and progress in a couple of hours. There are two types of gear you can equip which are normal and Breakthrough. Normal gear on failure depending on stone can either downgrade 1 or 2 enhancements or just stay the same as before the enhancement but consuming an enhancement slot. Meanwhile Breakthrough gear upon failure is just bye bye to the piece you’re enhancing. I have definitely tried to enhance about 30+ break through gear pieces in the time span I have been playing and I want to try to love this game as it does have some nice things about it, but this one thing is literally preventing me from doing so. It doesn’t help that a break through off hand piece is required to have an extra skill slot which gives those who have it an advantage over those who don’t ( like me). There isn’t even a pity system for a guaranteed like +8 after like 50 failures or anything so you’re literally just screwed or have to go about living without breakthrough gear which is stupid. This game will continue to lose their player-base and die as time goes by unless this gets addressed, but it won’t knowing how the company works. But let’s be real, no one here wants to spend a month or more of their time to only be gated by “RNG” and never progress compared to those who can spend like 10 hours, do the same enhancing as you and literally surpass you in gear. After about almost a month, I am only 495 Item level meanwhile I know a friend of mine and other randoms who will one tap two or three pieces and are all around 520-550+ item level in way less time (about 1-2 weeks and less for the randoms). This is the only thing I will say that truly ruins this game that could be an amazing piece out there despite being a game that runs on UE3 and looks older or whatever. It has variety of things to do but if you can’t even progress past the early end game point cause of “RNG” then why even bother playing this game. In it’s current state I cannot recommend it to anyone at all unless you’re prepared to face disappointment with countless hours being poured into the game and only to realize your efforts were in vain as you watch it all disappear upon failures. Also doesn’t help that you don’t have many options to get purple breakthrough pieces so makes it even worse.

Real player with 682.1 hrs in game

ELYON on Steam

Frail Faces

Frail Faces

very fun just a bit unbalanced

Real player with 30.7 hrs in game

Great roguelike game with a considerable amount of content for an early access. Play style revolves around obtaining masks each of which offers their own moveset and special abilities. Powerups that upgrade passives and items that give unique effects can also be found along the way. Game gets progressively intense and fast pace like most other action roguelike games with stronger enemies appearing/hoarding you.

Only downsides are level design and lack of sound effects/music. Visually levels look great but level design can be simplified into an open area with spots that I can walk in and spots that I can only temporarily walk around in. Cause of this levels hold little differences besides enemies, chests, alters. Later levels do have more gimmicks in terms of level design but it would be nice to see an improvement on this in general.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

Frail Faces on Steam

League Space

League Space

Well, it is a multiplayer only game with microtransactions and no single player.

The server menu is one of the worst laid out menus I have ever seen.

I couldn’t play a game or even enter the arena because you have to have more than one player to start.

Just terrible.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

League Space on Steam

Ninja Simulator

Ninja Simulator

Be like a ghost

Silence is your ally. Darkness is your most trusty friend. Use them to get close to your enemies, so they will never even see your blade cutting them into pieces.

Take on impossible challenges

For a true ninja warrior there is no such thing like an impossible challenge. Three enemies, seven, maybe an army? What is your definition of impossible?

Sneaking Around

There are over twenty words for sneaking in the Ninja’s vocabulary. He knows even more ways to stay unnoticed by the guards. In the game you’ll use all of them. You’ll also have a variety of malee weapons at your disposal, which will help you in resolving problems in different ways.

Eliminate Enemies

Perfection is the most important skill of a ninja. Perfection in combat. Perfection in planning. Perfection in execution. Without it, you will be punished for every mistake.

Ninja Simulator on Steam



NRG is an indie platform PVP action game, done a bit different.

Energy management is key, and keeping a constant eye on incoming bullets, hang of walls, and parkour about.

It’s ideally played with controller, and the movements feel pretty smooth.

Plenty of pewpews, bright colors, and free is always nice!

Real player with 19.0 hrs in game

This game is quick to pick up. Great for casual play. The devs are enjoyable people. They are definitely not shy people. They are full of life and ambitions for this game. This game brings a new perspective to 3D platforming. I hope this game lifts off.

The soundtrack is alright, having it on loop in my ear for 5 hours. I do wish there were more sfx to the finishers. But i can understand why not due to copyright issues and etc.

The graphics are simplistic and adorable. Which are contradictory to their actions. 🤣 With limited maps so far, be prepared to watch the same scenery spin around your computer screen. The UI is rough to the eye, but the dev team does have some ideas on it in the future.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

NRG on Steam



OnSlaught is a 3rd person bullet hell space shooter where you need to fight, kill, and obliterate hordes of alien ships to try and save what is left of humanity. Although Fighting through these hordes may be tough, you will gain better gear and ships as you progress through the campaign. Progress further behind enemy lines to discover the horrific intentions the aliens have for humanity.

Fight, upgrade, and grab some insanely powerful weapons to try to beat the onslaught of enemies in this game of action, music, and hell.

OnSlaught on Steam