Danger Zone

Danger Zone

Danger Zone In-Depth Review

Back Story

Back in 2014, Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry left Criterion Games. They formed a small studio called Three Fields Entertainment. They wanted to make a “spitual successor” to Burnout, but they worked on other games, Dangerous Golf, and Lethal VR. After releasing those games, they finally talked about Danger Zone. It is based off the destruction crash mode seen in Burnout 3 Takedown. Now, Danger Zone has released, but is it any good?

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

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Danger Zone is a very good homage to the Burnout Crash Mode. I’ve been a yuge fan of Alex Ward’s team since Burnout 1. I’ll just hammer out the Pros and Cons that I’ve seen and I’ll update as I play or as patches are added.


It’s gorgeous. Running it at 4K60 on a GTX1080/7700K and my computer isn’t even whirling up the fans. Very well optimized game with lots of eye candy and particles. Granted, it’s not working with anything beyond vehicles and walls, but the explosions are impressive and the textures are perfect.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

Danger Zone on Steam




Is a space racing game where you race against 19 competitors, you will be able to eliminate those that stand in your way of victory by shooting them out of space with your double jet guns.

1. For every win you will be rewarded with points according to the difficulty level set. You can compete with other players around the world by uploading your best Logs(stats) on the Global Leader board.

2. There are 6 challenges to complete while trying to be the best DARKAIR pilot

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DARKAIR on Steam



Really entertaining game, great core gameplay and lots of fun with other people. Early access so still lacks some polish.

10/10 would recommend if you’re looking for fun multiplayer games with friends.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

This game, even in its early stages, is a very satisfying and entertaining couch co-op. If you’re a fan of this genre, I encourage you to pick this up, get some friends together and play locally, or gift a few copies for the holidays and play online! I’m excited to see it develop, and was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly the dev’s are working out current issues with the game.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

DeathCrank on Steam

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing

This is easily the best 2d combat racing game out there and I’m not even exaggerating! It reminds me of the old games I used to play on arcade, the art style is cartoony, characters are funny and music is mind blowing. The progression is quite linear and the later levels kept me engaged for hours where I had to dodge incoming attacks and time a counter blow while riding at high speeds and evade the contraptions all at the same time! With so much variety in events and depth of content in terms of weapons, riders and atvs this game is dirt cheap as compared to other games on Steam.

Real player with 50.8 hrs in game

Rude Racers is a cheap game but very optimized and hides a very challenge gameplay.

What is Rude Racers?

It is a scrolling game, where you need to beat your quad/endure bike enemies with your speed or with the brute force before the time finishes or the finish lap.

We have two modalities: Career and quick mode.

In quick mode, you can choose the type of race you will do, while the divided into seasons (5 in total) while the career doesn’t need an explanation.


Real player with 35.3 hrs in game

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing on Steam



The perfect fusion between classic arena shooters and vehicular combat; this game is both beautiful and fun. The amazing dev team regularly update the game with new maps and content, keeping things fresh. If this game can garner a larger playerbase, it’ll be recognized as a timeless classic.

Real player with 99.4 hrs in game

Mechanum wheels let your vehicle strafe - do I need to say anything more?


Bloodless arenashooter - possibly good if you wanna play something fast and fun with your lil spawn, if you have any, or maybe even if you are one your self.

Brings back simple fun of an old school shooter not unlike quake, unreal tournament, hldm or painkiller, without being too edgelordy or complicated with classes or rank-ups or lootboxes.

You can also forget your layed-back controller play-style with reflexes of an old grandma, who was in the war, but got hit by a car…with blades and spikes on it…driven by some crazy racer… in distopian future…

Real player with 31.1 hrs in game

ShockRods on Steam



Everyone who developed this game worked super hard on and the effort absolutely shows! They are on top of catching and fixing every little problem and making sure the game is in tip top shape. Absolutely recommend to anyone and everyone that loves high speed racing, intense competition, beautiful scenery, and bright colours!

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Zeroed is a flying/racing game about speed, combat, and strategy. Definitely a unique gaming experience unlike anything I have ever played before! Takes a little getting used to, but once you do, you’ll be right at home. It’s a great solo experience, and with a team based multiplayer game mode in the works, I really see that as being the true meat of the experience in this game. The sky is the limit for this game, and I’m excited to see this game flourish!

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

ZEROED on Steam

Carmageddon: Max Damage

Carmageddon: Max Damage

Before We Begin

Before I start please be aware that as a modder of this game I do have some bias and I really love this series I wlll try and remain as objective as possible with this review.


Carmageddon Max Damage is a game with cars. You play as a car that should ram other cars, run over pedestrians, do insane stunts, and use insane and zany powerups to help do all of the above. You can also ‘race’ and do the laps but really why would you. I personally wouldn’t even qualify Carmageddon as a racing game, its more like a character action game where the people are replaced with vehicles. It is a niche game that doesn’t try and appeal to the mass market. While there is some attempt at ‘tutorials’ the game does very little in the form of hand holding and if you are the type of person who enjoys sandbox fun combined with cars and silly humor then this game is for you and is well worth the price.

Real player with 151.7 hrs in game

Carmageddon: Max Damage isn’t a racing game in a traditional sense. It doesn’t involve speeding around the Nurburgring in order to get the fastest lap time. It doesn’t revolve around unlocking photo-realistic vehicles, customization options, and story cutscenes. CMD doesn’t have you analyzing upgrade specs to try and get the perfect balance of speed, weight, and cornering. CMD is, “the ultimate antidote to racing games,” indeed.

At its core, CMD is a toybox; a collection of digital Hot Wheels cars that you smash together over and over to the cackling of your inner child. The game’s core mechanics encourage destruction and doughnuts, discouraging actual racing, which is absurdly therapeutic. Instead of getting time penalties for taking shortcuts through the grass as the cardboard cutout crowd stares at the action blankly, a la Forza, in Carmageddon everything the game is composed of discourages you from following the checkpoints present in each large, open map. Though there is a more structured campaign mode, it’s really just a slightly limited freeplay mode with uninteresting and tedious progression. I have never touched the multiplayer in my 62 hours playing, but I can tell you the competitive modes in single player are not engaging nor do they compliment the game’s mechanics. Carmageddon is a one trick pony that knows that trick very, very well. Upon choosing freeplay mode, you have the option to choose which race and car you want. The races in the game are made up of roughly 10 maps with several different checkpoint layouts. These races may also have different minor changes in scenery, changes in pedestrian placement, and changes in powerup placement. The cars all have different specs including top speed, attack power, and strength, but these are ultimately nullified by the game’s mechanics. Choose whichever looks the coolest and get going. As soon as the race loads you have the option to start before the countdown finishes, triggering a minimal credit cost. After that, the player is completely free to abandon all the opponents in search of powerups and pedestrians, ram right into the closest opponent, or, if there’s something truly wrong with you, attempt to complete all laps as fast as you can. Kill all the peds (takes forever), finish all laps in first (BOOORING), or wreck all your opponents to complete the race. There are a multitude of bells and whistles that make this simple formula work. One of Carmageddon’s signature features is its ridiculous cartoon physics. All the cars are as bouncy as marshmallows and flop around the levels with delightful imprecision. Twisted Metal is to Devil May Cry is as Carmageddon is to Goat Simulator. The game fundamentally is made to create slapstick comedy moments that prevent it from getting old. You may completely miss a turn, throwing you into a minefield, which then throws you into a pinball mode powerup, which then sends the entire map into chaos. You may also make one wrong calculation, end up flat against a wall, and get wrecked in the first 30 seconds. This is all moot, though, as Carmageddon is played more or less in god mode the entire time. Don’t like how beat up your car is? Hit repair twice and watch all your pieces come flying back to you. End up on your roof? Hit recover a couple of times and land gently back on your wheels in another part of the level. There is basically no way to lose Carmageddon unless you choose to restrict the mechanics yourself. This makes for a very passive and stress-free experience. The damage model is another part of Carma’s claim to fame. Before the days of Flatout and Wreckfest, Carmageddon boasted its extremely detailed destructibility and delighted players with exquisite mangled cars. The destructibility in CMD is top notch, though perhaps less impressive in today’s game landscape. Doors and hoods flap open, hitboxes become comically crushed, and your driver can get thrown out of the windshield, leaving the vehicle to drive itself. Some of CMD’s powerups exploit the damage model extremely. The ‘ave a Banana ray twists the front and rear of your opponents making them look like a crescent moon with wheels and the Splitter Ray leaves half of your victim spinning around in circles desperately trying to navigate the level. Remember when I said the game is geared towards comedy? That’s embedded in everything from game mechanics to the text descriptions and sound clips. Carma’s developers are obsessed with dirty puns and will have you rolling your eyes immediately. Aside from the vanilla CMD package, the PC version is especially worthwhile due to fantastic modding by Mad Mike. The base vehicles are fine and bring many original designs to life, but all are very over-the-top and toy-like. Mike’s extensive catalog of more realistic vehicles truly adds a layer of enjoyment to the game that can’t be ignored.

Real player with 99.0 hrs in game

Carmageddon: Max Damage on Steam

Carmageddon Max Pack

Carmageddon Max Pack

Carmageddon is an amazing, unique game and one of my all-time favourites. For that alone, I have to recommend it. That being said, the version being offered here is frankly quite terrible.

You get to choose between software mode and 3dfx mode. Software mode is visually outdated even by 1997 standards, so most people will play the 3dfx version. Both options run in DOSBox - and while I think there are good DOSBox ports out there, this is not one of them. The menus and cinematics tend to be completely broken. With some config modifications, you can get the 3dfx version to run in a decent resolution (and without stretching) and improve the terrible sprite pop-in, but I’ve been unable to fix the framerate in any way - and it is awful. These are “only” technical issues, but they’re serious enough that I can’t honestly recommend playing this specific version of the game.

Real player with 48.5 hrs in game


The original Carmageddon is nothing short of a blast to play. However, the Steam port is absolute dogshit. The game only runs with DOSBox and if you choose to play with NGlide, no matter the resolution or graphical detail, you will

not be getting a solid 60fps with drops down to even 20fps regularly. I have a GTX1060 and an i5 4460 and it doesn’t matter. It runs like trash. I would only recommend this on Steam if you don’t mind very low framerates or don’t

care about using DOSBox. It’s unfortunate that Stainless hasn’t decided to update the compatibility because if they did I could easily wholeheartedly recommend this fantastic game.

Real player with 36.0 hrs in game

Carmageddon Max Pack on Steam

Carmageddon TDR 2000

Carmageddon TDR 2000

For my awful video review (first attempt at one, give me a break lol), watch here: https://youtu.be/nGze6QoI_hY


By far the most underrated game I’ve ever played. It’s my favourite in the series, despite it always having been considered the red-headed step child within the Carmageddon family. Totally unique, but also the only racing game I can call ‘atmospheric’. A serious blast and a worthy successor to Carmageddon II and the original in every single way. At least most of us can agree it’s better than Max Damage, right?

Real player with 199.6 hrs in game

Carmageddon TDR 2000 is a fun game,once you become acustomed to its idiosynchrocies. Most modern computers experience a glitch caused by an antiquated Mip map and vertex fog better handled by Voodoo Rush and TNT Riva cards of yesteryear. The fix is simple: backup your game cache through Steam first. browse Local Files, Open GFX file with Word Pad. Scroll to line 74 and edit line which reads all twos. Change last two to a zero, Save and done. The game has 25 races and 25 missions. For help with missions check out ZodApe’s YewTewb Channel. I have seen complaints on here about the game is broken,too hard,not enough time etc. Yet i imagine these same complainers plow happily throught the latest NFS broken crap because the Dice Team made it and they made Call of Droopy Diaties. Blow that! Need more money to buy that sweet Hotty? Try racing the first level in The 20’s and for the love of Pete,mow down every ped on the sidewalks. Keep those Combo Multiplies spinning and you will make serious bank ~ $250K - $600K per play through. Race it over and over until you have serious ends. Also the Train Station generously has Armor,Power and Slots All Around so you need not buy those,merely fill them for more even more nefarious power. Do You need more time? Use a bigger and slower car to hammer the competition. The “Jaws” car is a personal fave. Most Opponent Wasteds yield an extra minute and sometimes more added game play time. Is this game for everyone? Hell no! You have to work hard to succeed. Without some skin in the game there can be no reward. This is a game from fifteen years past when games were brutal but satisfying because you felt like you had accomplished something. if it is too hard then maybe Mario Kart or one of it’s Brawzillion spinoffs is a better bet for you. Thanks for reading,be safe,keep well and happy gaming Playa.

Real player with 67.3 hrs in game

Carmageddon TDR 2000 on Steam



This was nice to play. People who like Carmageddon will probably like this


Good graphics quality. Really good I guess for the time of the release, no worse than in more recent Carmageddon: Reincarnation

Fun physics

Nice maps with destructive elements and stuff like ramps or tunnels to perform stunts

Cars eating zombies

Cars setting zombies on fire

Cars getting energy from eating and dismembering zombies for a nitro boost

You get to race and eat zombies with your car inside the Large Hadron Collider

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

It’s really hard for me to recommend Clutch, even despite me spending 11 hours of my life playing it.

For one, the PS3 version is the definitive version of the game with many improvements which I will mention later.

This game had so much potential but unfortunately, it just comes off as rushed halfway.

Only 3 cars out of 8 are customizable, and they have some cars shown in the concept art that don’t appear in the game at all. The races are too easy and the car collisions are really bad, you’ll ram some cars at full speed and they would BARELY get any damage.

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

Clutch on Steam