Time Warpers

Time Warpers

Time Warpers takes the design philosophy and mechanics of an idle clicker, and just builds a bigger, fuller experience. And the end result is easily one of the more elegant implementations of idle clicker elements to date. The idea is to have a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter PvE experience, with a huge progression grind based in idle clicking. Yes, there are many moving parts here, and I’ll try to explain this as best I can.

First, we must consider that there is a spectrum between complete idle clicking/AFK and complete active playing. Time Warpers allows the player at any given point to choose where they want to exist on that spectrum. And really, your place on that spectrum will depend on your strategy and goals. You want to idle this in the background to grind some levels? Sure, we can do this for the most part. You want to run through FPS-style and actively progress with even more benefits? Yep, we have that option, too.

Real player with 1908.8 hrs in game

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Updated review. I gave this game 11/10 before and haven’t played in months, so why the salt? Let me explain.


-Mastering this game’s movement and zooming around at the speed of light is some of the most fun you can probably have in a video game.

-A true multiplayer incremental. Holy wow. Hats off.

-Customize your weapons for maximum fun.


HOLY POWER CREEP. They flat out RUINED this game. Keep reading below to see what I mean.

The incremental part of this game was barely passable before, and every update just made it more and more bloated. Runs are now way, way, way too long given the amount of actual content the game has. The in-map collectibles (which become tedious once you’ve completed two or three loops of the entire map) were made pointless because you can now collect them just by looking at them.

Real player with 1321.3 hrs in game

Time Warpers on Steam



At first I was just looking for a game to itch the scratch I’ve had for any good clicker/idle games. This scratched it with a ruby encrusted scratcher dippied in the blood of christ and the golden blood of gods. The game starts out like any Clicker/Idle; play until you get enough Souls to buy your Artifacts, buy all of them and start upgrading them. Also unlike other clickers, you don’t lose the damage boost from souls; once you get that % boost, you keep it.

The real game begins once you reach stage 650, which may sound heavy, but there are a good amount of players willing to assist (Join [EON] if you’re new). At stage 650 you get to choose a class and level them up to unknown amounts. Some do however have hard caps, but those caps are there to prevent them from being too strong.

Real player with 9590.7 hrs in game

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I was going to write like a three page essay on this game and why you should get this, but I’ll just do a quick list:

1. Developer is extremely easily accessible and is active in the community, which is a huge turn on for me.

2. Community in general is pretty vibrant and broad and extremely helpful and sometimes knowledgable about the game.

3. Game is extremely well defined and does what it says it does in the description.

4. When you get friends involved, game is extremely fun to play with together with friends.

Real player with 6895.3 hrs in game

ClickRaid on Steam

Pop This Pop-It

Pop This Pop-It

Game about Pop-It, what could be better?

In general, the music is good, sometimes the game freezes and needs to be restarted, but I think it will be repaired soon (the game is only 1 day!) The font is pleasant, both in Russian and in English.

I advise you to play this game for a few hours to sleep)

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

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Pretty barebones Rythm keys game, but its nice, good soundtrack and relatively challenging at times.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Pop This Pop-It on Steam

Pop up Blaster

Pop up Blaster

Pop up Blaster is a game that allows you to shoot popups with guns, and has various options that allow you to change everything from how hard the game is, to how the game looks and sounds. In total, there are seven different settings, if you include difficulty.

–— How to play —–

—– starting a round —–

With the cursor, left click the power button on the in game computer. To instantly end a round, you can left click on the power button again, if your score is at least higher than the lowest high score, it will be saved

Pop up Blaster on Steam

Blind Shot

Blind Shot

first for all, i have to say a big thank you to Forestlight Games , for the review copy, to review the blind shot on my steam curator here is my curator https://store.steampowered.com/curator/37544546/?fbclid=IwAR2ceYyk_5fubNlqK7gyZImlT0-IrNkd1IYYNU1lVyYxe7cx5ZJgvYV8eH8 if you like what you see please give it a follow, I’m so close to 30 followers i am 1 away,so that would be amazing, as a steam curator its my passion, to bring my curator followers, great games , to play and to build up relationships with gaming companies, and give indie game dev/publisher, a voice to share there game if you like my review consider following, let get into the review,

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Casual turn based shooter + weapons + $2 = Survive as long as you can by picking up drops and shooting zombies. Collect coins to buy weapons and cosmetics. Has only 1 game mode.

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Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Blind Shot on Steam

Bounty Below

Bounty Below

this is true that for a lot ,the action rpg dungeon thing is not playable.

but about the clicker thing that’s very enjoyable more than 220hours done

and i have a lot to do still !

William cheek (the developer) probably have found a way that suit him.

i love the game,the style,the colours,how it is done.

i will probably “wait and see” the futur work of this studio

that was lola from south korea 3

Real player with 285.1 hrs in game

Remove the achievement for 200 levels of dungeon crawling, no one wants to do that… if anyone has or bothers to in the future, I feel really bad for them. I will not be bothering. The ridiculously long wait time, while the game is running, after level 160+ is criminal, especially after having sunk a straight week and half of vigilant attention. I see no reason to trade off from ore gains, etc, to forge bonuses, I tried on one ascension to bother with forge upgrades and it was mega-depressing. remove these stupid unit items that do nothing, like EVERY MAGIC UNIT ITEM… Do you want to upgrade the bonuses granted by use of the staves, wands, books power/patience/whatever? NO! I DO NOT! I WANT TO GET TO LEVEL 170, THANK YOU! I want to be DONE already, thank you! Sitting around the Octillion-Nonillion ranges, 165+ Level, all Units sitting between 300 highest to 110 Lowest (‘Shapes of Damage - Units’ the last five possible units, all over 100, with tems, etc…) Do something to fix this and I will change my review.

Real player with 183.1 hrs in game

Bounty Below on Steam



It’s a simple clicker game, but it sucks that you need to click actively. If the game is on the background, as most of my clickers are, this game paused automatically. Also it has no options menu to turn down the music or turn it off.

Real player with 58.0 hrs in game

Pauses completely when in the background, which is unacceptable for a low-effort clicker. The game is boring and unoriginal, by far not interesting enough for active-only play.

In addition, the game lacks polish, lacks settings (can’t even turn the music off), runs poorly, and is very buggy, including not registering clicks at all, making the rest of the OS not register clicks while it’s running, and forcing itself to be in the foreground sometimes. Apparently none of this (or any other feedback) has been addressed since release.

Real player with 43.4 hrs in game

Click&Fight on Steam

Clicker bAdventure

Clicker bAdventure

It’s a more ‘active’ game than most and in 3D, albeit one with lots of weird graphics.

Really good clicker game. The actual game is really fun and will keep you entertained for hours.

You cut down trees and upgrade your weapons and your resistance.

Its not free, but nor is there endless DLC or micro transactions.

Graphically the game could use some improvement.

All in all, despite the current flaws of the game, the gameplay itself is enough to warrant my positive recommendation. I have enjoyed my experience so far and look forward to whatever improvements the dev has for the game.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Pretty funny game, interesting concept, the progression is pretty good. One of the more interesting clicker games in my opinion, might bust your arm trying to click fast enough though but thankfully it has a checkpoint system. Could use some polishing and a button that allows you to switch between locked and unlocked camera mode, but I doubt that will happen.

Story wise it doesn’t make much sense, after finishing I still don’t know what it’s about, even though the game tried to add some story to it.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Clicker bAdventure on Steam

Hunt the Lights

Hunt the Lights

Even tho I did not enjoy this game what so ever, I could not put a bad review on such a masterpiece. If you look at the trailer that is all the game as to offer. After all, what do you expect more from a game called simply, Hunt the lights? Overall, I just think this game was not for me. Is it woth 1.19 canadian dollars? I think so. The 10 minutes of “enjoyement” I got out of this game was all worth it. You should get this game to reflect on everything life as to offer to itself and start thinking about doing something else with your life than play bad games on steam for shits and giggles. Overall, 10/10.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Hunt the Lights on Steam

Idle Space

Idle Space

Edited for recent update

The new UI is so much better. It fits the screen so well. The addition of the auto collectors and the power core “guide” is awesome. It’s like he actually listened to me! I’ve put a lot of hours into this game, and I’m never let down. I love that I can leave it up while I sleep or go to work or class and come home to find it’s waiting patiently for me to collect things. It’s nice that I can run it in the background and it doesn’t make my computer suffer at all.

I have a love hate relationship with this game. It’s definitely entertaining. I’ve left it up for days and days, and piled up resources to buy the “upgrades” and such. But I get annoyed with the fact that there’s no “auto-collector.”

Real player with 545.6 hrs in game

Overall not terrible, but not the most amazing either. Has a good amount of potential for expansion, which from what I’ve read seems like it’ll happen. I think the pacing needs some tweaks (seems to ramp up exponentially which causes issues), but I could see something like a story mode or ranked progression being a thing.

About the clicking - starting off with the cursor as essentially your first ship is kind of a funny novelty but rapidly gets old. I think progression being more spaced out would fix this problem since click spamming isn’t great for anyone’s sanity. CPU and mem usage isn’t great either, especially if the game is going to run at full when not the focused window. On that note, I do see that when assets peak, performance starts to suffer. If this can’t be fixed perhaps add some sort of an end-game with new game+ (maybe?). Maybe the challenge could be getting all achievements within a time limit? Kids love speed runs these days.

Real player with 155.0 hrs in game

Idle Space on Steam