Actraiser Renaissance

Actraiser Renaissance

First of all, this is a QUINTET remaster. The mere fact that this game exists is a tremendous blessing for a certain cult fanbase.

The obvious bias aside, is the game good?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE

It’s obvious that a lot of faithful effort was put into remastering this game. From including Yuzo Koshiro’s amazing soundtrack and accompaniment to the astounding artwork given to the many characters, menus and intro cutscene. People put their sweat and tears into this, and it shows in that regard.

Real player with 54.0 hrs in game

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A great example on how to make a remake. Renaissance does an excellent job of bring the original SNES games action and town sim into a modern era with new graphics, classic and remixed soundtrack, and expanded story that makes you feel more immersed in what was a somewhat bare-bones world before.

The new artwork is great and the story telling is actually quite deep. Everything reads like a positive psalm with the writing really showing some great character development and overall storytelling. Which is good as all the new characters do little gameplay wise. The story is the only way you will interact and learn about the characters and their backstories.

Real player with 40.9 hrs in game

Actraiser Renaissance on Steam

Bunker Builder “Atlantic Wall”

Bunker Builder “Atlantic Wall”

When you begin the game you will become the constructor and the builder of the most important part of the Atlantic Wall. “Fortress Europe” awaits your intelligence and creativity. You will be responsible for choosing the right projects for the construction of bunkers, their proper deployment on the coast of France, all for one purpose – to stop the Invasion of the Allies.

You will be responsible for maintaining business continuity, arranging the supply of construction machinery, supplying reinforcing steel and cement. You must remember that the material shortages of the German Reich constantly bombed by Allies can seriously interrupt your plans. You must use your intelligence and flair to provide continuous supplies and keep the bunkers growing.

The bunkers you have built, fortified trenches, shooting positions, hidden artillery positions and improvised resistance points will be subject to a strict assessment by the Chief Staff of the Wehrmacht and its chief inspector Erwin Rommel. When ther become fully operational next task will be required. You will need to take care of provisioning of ammunition and food for your garrison.

When you done with the project of Fortress Europe, the day of rehearsal will come, where you will have the opportunity to change the course of history. Success depends on how well you have prepared the defence and how well you have trained the garrison. Remember, if the landing of the Allied troops on your beach proves to be successful, you lost the game…

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Bunker Builder Atlantic Wall on Steam



For that price literally no brainer, gem.

Unique features in its genre, also across genres. A diamond in the rough.

The game is more deep than it looks - 14 various skills.

1 - Automatization of eating while running or doing other activities, batch automating mining, not just clicking - so it is not burdensome way aspect of survival

2 - Unique quests system, - Quest navigating orientation with an exclamation mark directly over the world scenery, with clever informative popup messages automatically fading out after a few seconds or after completing the quests reflecting it’s state, scrollable -not taking up the entire display.

Real player with 508.9 hrs in game

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Despite still being so early in its development, this is a very fun game. The devs are very responsive to community feedback and surprisingly quick to fix issues for such a small team. If you are looking for a full out medieval sims game… it’s not quite there yet, but if you enjoy designing castles and fighting bandits, it’s already good to go.

Real player with 473.5 hrs in game

Coronation on Steam



CyberTown - Is an inter-planetary colonization in which we build new cybernetic cities. Take part in an inter-planetary war for a new world. Create your own cities, colonize new planets. Explore the world, collect resources and build your own cities.

Explore the new world where you are looking for a new planet for your community. Colonize the world. Research, collect new resources that can be used to build cities. Fight with Mother Nature and other challenges.

Create new cities, expand them. Take care of the economy of your city and its citizens. Strikes and uprisings await you while you run your own city. Enemy attacks and ambushes, silencing of units unfavorable to your power. You decide how to act.

Create your army, expand it so it can protect its citizens. Build your own air fleet which you will use in combat.

Protect your cities. Fight the other side of the barricade. Use technological and information novelties during combat to surprise the enemy.

CyberTown on Steam

Templar Castle Builder

Templar Castle Builder

Let us take you for the medieval adventure with The Knights Templar the fearless monastic warriors known as the “Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ”. They left imposing manor houses, castles and fortresses they constructed in the 12th and 13th centuries could host crusading kings one week and withstand enemy bombardment the next. As a player learn how to build manage and defend the Templar Castles, build the military and financial power of the most influential military order of Christianity.

They were called Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon but in fact Templars made a vast fortune trading everything from grain and wine to political prisoners and slaves which made them one of the medieval world’s richest organizations. As a player you will learn how to multiply that richness, invest it and manage.

Being the payer you need to learn how to invest , multiply and defend the property of the Templars Order. Buy the land if you can’t, rob and plunder to increase your Templar territory. Be merciless, reach your goal over the dead bodies of your opponents. Supply your castles and control the commercial trails, be a shepherd for pilgrims. Train your garrisons to be invincible.

Finance and organise the crusades, capture the castles and towns, gather the treasure. Remember Templars built scores of impressive piles all over Europe and the near East, with clusters especially in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Given the profusion of myth and legend swirling around the order, it’s not surprising that the structures still intact today can come with titillating extras—think titles, ghosts and legendary hidden treasure .

Take care and preserve the treasure long rumored to be buried somewhere in Templar Castles. The stories of the unbelievable richness led to the downfall of the Templars order. As a player you will witness how they built their wealth, how the constructed undefeated castles and where they have hidden their legendary treasure.

Templar Castle Builder on Steam

Crescent Hollow

Crescent Hollow

I think that the game itself is has a lot of replayability in that there are a bunch of characters to play as with their own backstories. The graphics are good as you see in the trailer. Playing the game on keyboard and mouse is fine but it feels way more fluid with a controller and I do like the character design. The game needs work like all games on early access but the game isn’t as bad as some people make it seem. It’s a pretty fun game. The most interesting character at the moment in my opinion is Druid. I also think that the Ninja is cool as well. I have the feel that a lot of hard work went into this. Yeah the game can be tricky at times but that is what makes it enjoyable. I will update my review when I play more of the game.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

If I didn’t know any better, I would say this game is vapor-ware. This seems to have the absolute minimum amount of playability to be on Steam Early Access. Nearly no key does anything, and everything is put together by 4 toddlers. It takes literal seconds for the game to process that all of 5 words have appeared on screen, and until it is done processing such a heavy load, the player is asked to sit and look at all the visuals on screen. All that eye candy bouncing about, giving us players a visual experience like no other.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Crescent Hollow on Steam

Dark Gnome

Dark Gnome

This is almost a decent F2P. With a little more love, and a lot more respect for the player, it might even have been good.

The pixel aesthetic is fine. The progression is decent in some areas, though rather linear. I managed to keep the music on for a day or two, and the sounds are decent…

The main problem is the grind. There are no passive gains, and within a few days, the rewards quickly become few and far between. I understand that grind and diminishing returns is mandatory for this kind of game, but here it quickly becomes absurd, and there is a general aversion to good math.

Real player with 671.5 hrs in game

this is a really good game

the music and artstyle are great, the characters and enemies look fun and i love the creativity of some elements.

while the game does contain microtransactions, they don’t ruin the game as with some patience they can be completely ignored. i saw people complaining about the “constant advertising” of the microtransactions but all it is is a pop-up after opening the game or a textbox in a corner of the screen which rarely appear and don’t get in your way.

(pointing out exaggerated reviews): i saw a review from someone with 0.2hr’s (12min) in total who compared this to a mobile game because of they way it plays and the microtransactions. while the game does look like it would work on mobile, this is a PC game and thats what the devs want it to be. they also mentioned how you have to pay money or wait an hour and a half to play, which coming from someone who played for 12 minutes i can assume that they bearly finished fighting Charles and are still in the tutorial. the only wait times they could encounter would be from the medic or resting periods but you need like level 3 or 4 and its only like 30 seconds. wait times only get in the way later on with higher levels and health of your gnomes. (also this is an RPG, of course things have to take a while)

Real player with 140.9 hrs in game

Dark Gnome on Steam



There was a time of peace and happiness, now is a time of blood, sacrifice and war.

The land we have lived on since the earliest times, where our ancestors lived, where we live, and our children will be born, as well as their offsprings. In this land, we have obtained food and have fought against cruel beasts for survival. It is here that we built our houses, settlements and developed the arts of crafts and farming, and they came and took everything from us. We must fight for our land! Because this land is our life. And for them, it is nothing but death!

Know your enemies

Some people describe them as monsters and the worst creatures that walk on Slavic land. Nobody knows where they came from, and nobody realized what they wanted until their steel and silver swords were covered with the blood of the Slavs. The land, which was once fertile, yielded many crops, will now be burned and stained with the blood of the Slavs.

Build and Manage

Proper development and management of the village is one of the key points for the development of your territory. Raga will have many famous and innovative city-building mechanics. Starting with a small village that you will be able to expand with new buildings as the game progresses. Managing even a small village is an extremely difficult task, proper management of the workforce, food ration, or meeting the religious needs of your inhabitants requires your commitment.

Trade and Farm

Manage your settlement in an optimal way. The exchange of resources with merchants and traders is one of the key factors for the rational management of the village. In the game, you will start your adventure when trade and agriculture flourish. Agriculture is an extremely crucial aspect for your village in terms of its further development. Take care of the proper balance of your crops, because farming will allow you to trade with other towns and cities.


Fight those who came out of nowhere: followers of the crucified god. Train your warriors to face their greatest follower. Fight for the survival of the village and its inhabitants. In the game, you will be able to create many categories of warriors who will face your opponent without fear in their eyes. Take care of the morale of your warriors, without them you can be lost, do not count on the mercy of those with a cross on their backs.

Let the ravens feast on the enemy’s carcass during the day and the wolves in the evenings, it’s time for Raga. It is time for the myths and legends about the creatures that inhabit the land of the Slavs to become true, let the followers of the crucified god see with their own eyes and feel what pain, fear and death are.

Raga on Steam



It is a buggy mess (late game), it crashes a lot and feels like tons of missed opportunities, it looks like… well… but as a concept it is really good fun.

So this game is a mix between tower defense, real time strategy, city building and 3rd person fighting game. You start a game on a procedurally generated map and you have to survive 15 waves of attackers to win. There are rogue-like elements in the sense that everytime you defeat 3 waves you get reward items which you can carry on in your next game (making it easier, obviously) providing a variety of bonuses from extra ressources to extra troops or bonuses and abilities for your lord like damage resistance, bodyguards and a variety of skills and spells.

Real player with 43.5 hrs in game

Reignfall I think is an underrated gem that I wish a lot of people would discover and get into more. If your a big fan of strategy games like Total War, Age of Empires and also action RPG games like Dynasty Warriors, this is a pretty fine mix of those elements along with roguelite and city builders!

In Reignfall your objective is to defend against an onslaught of random enemies every couple minutes, in between this time frame you must build and manage your town to produce resources and gold to get defenses, soldiers, and heroes to fight on your behalf. Some buildings require chains in order to be used effectively, for example if you want to make a lot of food you’ll need to first get a wheat farm, where do you build farms? On fertile ground (dark green tiles) and you must build the farm plots on said fertile ground. After that you need to construct a mill to have that grain be turned into flour, and a bakery to turn it into food. These chains and production buildings all take gold which you will need to counter balance by building homes to increase gold flow and also purchase units. The game finely balances out and stresses that you can’t just be spend gold happy to get what you need and strategic placement of your buildings to get the most use out of them.

Real player with 37.2 hrs in game

Reignfall on Steam

Space Cube Tower Defense

Space Cube Tower Defense

Playeable? Yes

Enjoyable? Not right from the start:

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

I’m trying to solve this rubiks cube, which is hard enough given I’m colourblind, and these freaking space planes decide that this is is a good time to fight me. 0/10. Would not recommend.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Space Cube Tower Defense on Steam