Red Brick Hotel

Red Brick Hotel

Absolute trash, as you’d expect from your typical lazy 12 year old kid who got the almighty GameGuru software for his birthday! And if this trash was actually made by an adult, then that adult needs to be locked up for trying to SCAM Steam users for $17 USD. Unreal.

Another GameGuru trash game clogging up Steam, and another M.I.S.S. video on you channel. ..Some things never change.

NOT RECOMMENDED. This game isn’t even worth a quarter, much less $16.99 USD. Absurd.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

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Game Guru continues to be the worst development program.

This game is notable in that it has NPCs.

The enemies shoot through walls and the ever present heartbeat of game guru continues to be annoying as hell.

Definitely avoid this.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Red Brick Hotel on Steam

Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven® combines the features of a hack & slash and a twin-stick shooter in a nonlinear interplanetary story-driven action RPG.

What boundaries would you cross to save your home?

Avril used to be a regular 16-year-old girl, not what you’d call a natural-born hero.

Until a mysterious event devastated the Earth, and she lost everything she cared for.

Now she’s the only one who, with the physical and mental powers that she has been gifted, can attempt to save her planet!

This is how her cosmic journey starts: soon enough, Avril will learn that the line between good and evil is thin. It’s up to her to decide whom to believe: her choices will change the destiny of the universe.


PHYSICAL/MENTAL DUALISM → Find the perfect balance between your body and mind to face the challenges and enigmas you will find along the journey, but keep an eye on the double health bar: it tracks both your physical and mental healths, and if you lose sight of one of them… you’re dead!

DEFENDER OR CONQUEROR? → Choose if you need to use your wits or strength in your interactions with the factions: decide who you want to become while you reach your goal, but be careful of the consequences…

FAST-PACED MULTI-LAYERED COMBAT SYSTEM → Quickly learn when to switch between physical and mental mode: sharpening your strategic dualism is the only way to keep pace with your opponents!

RETRO SCI-FI VISUALS → Fill your eyes with the original hand-painted visuals inspired by the Retro Sci-Fi Art of the 1950s - you will visit colorful and fascinating planets, and meet the most intriguing creatures of the entire universe!

RESPONSIVE NON-LINEAR NARRATION → Your choices will change the fate of the universe and of the creatures that inhabit it. Are you ready to take responsibility for your decisions? Find out all the possible outcomes of the storyline designed by a Writers Guild Award winner!

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Batora: Lost Haven on Steam

Mass Effect™ 3 N7 Digital Deluxe Edition (2012)

Mass Effect™ 3 N7 Digital Deluxe Edition (2012)



☐ Beautiful

☑ Average (The textures have aged poorly, set pieces however hold up very well, ‘ALOT texture overhaul mod’ HIGHLY recommended)

☐ Outdated


☑ Very Fun (Just a lot of fun, especially biotics everything feels so much smoother over previous entries, never got bored)

☐ Average

☐ Repetitive


☑ High quality (Great audio mixing, everything from enemies to weapons, biotics to music are all some of the best a game can offer)

☐ Average

☐ Repetitive


☑ Hard (On Insanity, enemies *Seem to hit a little harder than in ME2 though weapons and biotics are more effective in ME3)

Real player with 212.9 hrs in game

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I recommend this game, But not on Steam.

In its Current State, The game is unplayable.


There is an Unofficial workaround, installing ReShade seems to Solve the FPS problems, You don’t even need to install any of the filters, Just reshade, and point it at ME3 and the Stuttering is fixed.

(This isn’t a Guaranteed fix as some users found that this didn’t work or that ReShade isn’t compatible with their PC’s)

Still not recommending this as;

  1. Performance Issues

Without going to extra effort. The game Runs at a solid 60 FPS easily, but dips down frequently during cutscenes and gameplay, down to 22 and even full freezes for a half second or so.

Real player with 51.7 hrs in game

Mass Effect™ 3 N7 Digital Deluxe Edition (2012) on Steam

Night: Silent Killer

Night: Silent Killer

The story takes place in the overhead dimension [network]. You are night, a robot created by the master. The master gives you the power to protect the master who convenes the Ceremony. In the process of following the procedure, you know more and more about the host and the enemy. When the enemy of the master tells you what happened before you were “created”, which side will you choose when you get closer to the truth? You have a choice.

Main features

the truth

Each side has its own stand and different views on the same matter. Which side would you choose?

Play the role of a defender in a routine ceremony, or an enemy who brings chaos?

Learn from the words of the host and the enemy, travel in the bluebird battlefield, and make a decision.


The enemy was disguised like our friends.

The most important thing is whether we can find the difference between them.

The spirit of the host does not seem to be very good. Under the heavy pressure, the confused words, together with the vague message of the enemy, cover up the truth.


The master gives you the power to attack in different ways.

Use energy and strength, wield a heavy wrench, and use extremely fast missiles to clear your target.

High-level being gives you [Power]. With the help of power and program modification brought by past choices, you can gain the power of angel and ghost, and control extremely powerful destructive power.


There are also some puzzles that need to be solved in [Cyberspace].

If you can’t go through it, someone is helping you.


Is the purpose really to protect the owner?

What should be done in the ceremony?

The content of the second week’s is being produced:

Or do you follow the advice and free yourself from all this?

More powerful Light and Darkness.

Here is the strategy for the confused players after passing several levels:

After the second chapter, you can stick to help the enemy “Spams”.

At each level (ceremony), find the cars that launch no red shells or with unexplained loss of life, and destroyed them.

After the third chapter, you can use the light transformation to distinguish them.

Description of game development progress:

At present, all the contents of the first Reincarnation have been completed, meeting the release conditions.

The content of the second Reincarnation of the subsequent update mainly includes:

Control various units, not just Night.

Night’s light form and dark form are strengthened, which are more powerful and lasting longer.

The free transformation of Night, go towards the true ending.

Control Wheel to fight in BlueBird Battlefield.

Night: Silent Killer on Steam

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

So what can I say about this game? Well, it’s definitely not what I was expecting. I’m a first time player of the series, so this was all brand new to me. I will list all the good and bad things about the game and then let you decide if you want to try it out or not.

The Ugly:

Here’s where some backstory is needed. The game was originally set to release in 2011, but got canceled due to the tsunami that hit Japan at the time. The person in charge of the project left the original company that had been working on the game and for a long time tried to get the rights to the game. Eventually, Kazuma Kujo’s patience paid off and Grandzella (the name of the new gaming company he founded) was able to pick up from where the original company left off (which had pretty much completed it. )

Real player with 99.7 hrs in game

Now, I’m gonna be honest. When I first got this game I didn’t really care one way or the other about it, as it was given to me by a friend. I tried it mainly just to make them happy by trying it out. After playing it for a little while, I realized that I liked it and I kept going through it. I suppose my liking disaster related movies had some part to do with it, but I think it was more the realism of what could happen in a disaster that drew me in. Now, for the realism there’s also the comical parts and the 4th wall breaking parts which was more intended to advertise some hints about the game itself and why it was delayed for so long. The graphics are definitely something you’d expect from a low budget game, because hey, it was…is it worth the same price as a AAA game? Not quite, considering that they only doubled the price for the localized version. There’s a few glitches in the game too, missing faces or entire bodies, and sometimes some clipping where bodies are in the ground, at least until they can get all that patched up for us and caught up to the Japanese version. These don’t really impact the game itself, more just funny. There was one glitch I did notice however, that CAN break the game, and that’s when you get to day 5. If you want to get someone with you

! like Yayoi, who gets sexually assaulted as you try to rescue her in the jewelry story do not save your progress after the starting sequence and quit to do it some other time. If you reload the game after that sequence has started, then you may find your way barred and you cannot progress the game. There’s also the chance of the game crashing for some people, mostly those with AMD graphics cards. It happened to me once per play-through, but I did some looking and some have it worse. On the other hand, you get to collect a lot of outfits and compasses and backpacks….but the only thing that carries over to the next play-through or alternate saves is the compasses…and while there are a lot of different outfits, the females tend to get way way more options which I think that isn’t quite fair for those who want male characters. I think some of what they could do to improve upon the game is to allow people to collect the outfits they want and have them carry over into the next play-through so they don’t have to search for them again. You get to customize your characters some but it is more limited. They didn’t change it as much as they did the previous games, left it all with Asian characters, but I think they should have added a few more options for foreign tourists who could have been visiting the city. So to sum it all up, the game is enjoyable, teaches you what can happen in a disaster like this and how you can avoid the worst of some of those situations while also showing that some things you can do nothing about. If you’re interested in the game, try the demo first before buying to see if its really a right fit for you.

Real player with 54.7 hrs in game

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories on Steam

VAR: Exterminate

VAR: Exterminate

LOVE THIS GAME! If you haven’t played this game you are missing out, and for such a small price, it is worth every penny.

Not very often is a Wave-Only shooter scoring so high on the replayability meter, but this game is just so much FUN! The hordes of zombies still startle and scare me when I turn around and find one has gotten way to close to me… The satisfaction of killing these beasts with the weapons you have access to is addicting and fresh from the perspective of a die-hard Apocalypse style game lover who has been playing since the first Resident Evil.

Real player with 602.8 hrs in game

I’m glad that companies, which create games, are focused on VR games, because as I think: the future belongs to VR games, certainly. First VR games were really bad, not optimized, bad control, graphic, realization, but now… I see a rapid development of VR games - they became much better and THEY REALLY NO WORSE than usual games - 2D, 3D etc. My words are confirmed by a new game - VAR: Exterminate.

As I have already mentioned, graphic in this game is so brilliant, that I got real enjoyment of all textures, locations and detalizations for the whole period of gaming and my eyes didn’t get tired of looking around for such a long time. Thanks, VAR! That’s one VR I was looking for ages))))

Real player with 23.0 hrs in game

VAR: Exterminate on Steam

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory

Without a doubt this game was a pleasant and enjoyable surprise! While it was obviously apparent that the title had similar styling and game-play flow to something like “Valkyrie Profile”, the challenge and combat balance proved to be of sufficiently stiff level. Make no mistake, even on the default difficulty setting before any NewGame+, this game can be HARD. After having completed both story paths it’s become apparent that besides the aforementioned NewGame+, there’s a One Life Mode available with options to upgrade your party members to their highest potential. The narrative is pretty deep for a game of this 2D style. The devs even include a nice card based bonus system that adds some flavor to the story that has you making decisions that shapes the unfolding tale. Sadly, these decisions don’t lead to vastly different endings for both characters. As for the audio, the soundtrack is sparse in terms of the number of distinct tracks, but absolutely brilliant. There are certainly some adrenaline pumping tracks on here when fights get dicey. The game also has some voice acting that is generally well done and in keeping with the fantasy story on show. To elaborate, the game’s lore has many words some which seem Celtic in tone and spelling which,when pronounced, coincide with the real world Welsh (the male Laendur’s voice actor brings this out well I think) and Irish (probably what the accent the female voice actor playing Cecille was going for). A very fitting and appreciated bit of effort in my opinion.

Real player with 26.6 hrs in game

Definitely recommended! Lots of frantic action, split-second guards, diverse enemies, skills, combos, boosts, cancellations, one-shots, mass wipes, restarts, read again, ‘lots of action’.

No direct control over character movement, but full control over attacks and positioning. Little custimization in shape of gems (three at most), and a way to influence heroes' growth. Very indirect and totally obscure but nevertheless quite pleasant.

Hidden skills, New Game+ with Even More Punishment™, S-ranks to obtain, etc, etc.

Real player with 23.5 hrs in game

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory on Steam

The Church in the Darkness ™

The Church in the Darkness ™

A quick look at gameplay from THE CHURCH IN THE DARKNESS and analysis.

In it you’re trying to track down your nephew who joined a Cult and relocated with them to their own new “utopia” in the Jungle to become entirely self-sufficient. With the help of a number of sympathetic members and other oppressed cult members, you’ve got to locate him and make your way out of the camp before disaster of the usual paranoid “lets all die together” type occurs. Now, most people take that to be “drink the koolaid” voluntary sheep-to-slaughter mindlessness. Though the very premise of TCINTD shows that its certainly not all like that, with many who clearly don’t want to be there anymore, let alone die for the place. The “true story” of any death-cult isn’t of masses killing themselves blindly, it'’s how a concentration of power in the most deluded and devoted drags the rest into their graves with a mass-murder majority the minority is hopeless to defy.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

I’ve actually been following the development of The Church in the Darkness for a few years now, so I was glad to see it release and snapped up a copy quickly. You can pretty much look at the product page and have a decent grasp for what this game is about, but I’ll go into my experience a bit regardless.


You play as Vic, an ex law enforcement agent asked by his sister to sneak into the compound of a cult called Collective Justice Mission, led by Isaac and Rebecca Walker, to check on your nephew Alex who has joined and been living with the cult without outside contact for two years. This is about as far as the story gets without deviating based on a set of different preacher personalities that can have Isaac and/or Rebecca genuinely trying to provide a peaceful life for the cult members to wanting to watch the whole world burn.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

The Church in the Darkness ™ on Steam



If someone says “Do you want to play a game as a vampire?” the answer should always be yes, but it should be especially true for Vampyr.

This is by far the best vampire game in existence. Maybe it doesn’t have the weird early 2000s sexiness of Blade or Underworld, but let’s be real, those are both pretty stupid. Instead of new-age vampires, this is old school. It takes place after WWI when the spanish flu is ravaging and killing people. DONTNOD cleverly uses the epidemic to mask but also discuss vampirism as a similar affliction. That means you can see a world ravaged by two epidemics, though most unknowing about the vampire problem.

Real player with 58.7 hrs in game

Words cannot accurately describe my love for this game. The environments, the voice acting, THE BLOODY MUSIC, its all sublime!!! Feeling the weight of your every choice makes this game a must play and is one of my top 10 games of all time.

The only “negative” I could say is the combat is ehh, if you are only interested in the story, I would just stick to easy mode

Real player with 57.0 hrs in game

Vampyr on Steam

1979 Revolution: Black Friday

1979 Revolution: Black Friday

Certainly one of the more unique and surprising games I’ve played. The concept had peaked my interest, as I’m a film-maker and interested in politics myself, and also interested in world history. I believe you cannot truly make an informed choice, until you understand the context behind what you believe, and the bigger picture. I’m well aware of Iran’s history in the 20th century, from the CIA/British coup against Mossadeq, to the current day Islamic republic. When I’m told by the media that ‘Iran is evil’, my first thought is ‘why?’. It seems in today’s world, we’re expected to hate on command, rather than to think critically and dig deeper. With that in mind, I was keen to see how the events were depicted in this game.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

It is quite difficult to fairly judge a piece of work when its qualities and failures are exceptionally conflicting. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday proposes a fresh and intimate look at a very critical moment in history, mostly unexplored in today’s media, and becomes a very important creation deployed over a rich, unique background. However, it completely fails as a game on so many basic levels that it renders the experience partially unpalatable.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

1979 Revolution: Black Friday on Steam