Blue fencer Resurrection

Blue fencer Resurrection

A 2D action game featuring the Action editor hero “Yashiyu”.

The castle of Demon King Santa has 8 stages full of powerful enemies.

Invincible dash slash, powerful slash, 6 types of sub weapons.

Make full use of various techniques to overcome the magic castle.

== STORY ==

The mysterious Demon King descended from the other world and led a powerful army to conquer the earth. Many races surrendered to the Demon King and those that resisted were mercilessly exterminated. When everyone was about to give up hope…….without any warning, a brave man appeared.

‘My name is Yasiyu……..’

The blue-haired man left that alone and set out.

The Demon King, who was about to unite the earth, was praying in the temple.

‘Come or Yasiyu let’s settle this.’

Putting an end to the repeated fate, that was also the purpose of the Demon King.

He is the star of hope, the one who saves the earth, the one who is destined to be a brave man. In the eyes of the demons he is a hardcore executioner.

== Game systems ==

The hero consumes SP when he uses the technique.

SP will recover over time.

The main character’s HP decreases when it is attacked by an enemy.

If HP becomes 0, it will be a mistake.

If the hero makes a mistake, HP and SP will increase.

Even people who are not good at action can clear it if they try without giving up.

If you make a mistake, the score you get will decrease, and the score will decrease over time.

Action gamers who are confident in their arms should aim for no mistakes and speed clearing.

== Controls ==

It supports Xinput and DirectInput gamepads, but menu display and shutdown can only be operated with the keyboard.

Please delete the recorded replay from Explorer.

Please select joystick movement in the controller settings.

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Blue fencer Resurrection on Steam

Defect Process

Defect Process

This game is addictive and fun to play. It is a good fighting game with a fair amount of strategy. The 2D environment is deceptively simple but there are a lot of complex moves and a good amount of weapon choices. Every time you die, you try to figure out a better way to utilize the weapon or use a more effective weapon.

It seems like there was a lot of thought that went into designing the weapons and enemies. It was a lot of fun figuring out how to handle each enemy’s specific attack patterns with the different weapons. For example, using the teleport to pass through the laser wall or trying to time the stone form correctly to reflect the regular laser attack.

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

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Defect Process shines through its singular focus on satisfying combat. It’s relatively short (around 3 hours to my first boss kill) and straight-forward (combat arenas mixed with light platforming sections), so there is not much else on offer (though it looks like there is much to come). But that’s ok because the combat feels really good.

Each weapon is completely unique, and really requires a new play-style to get the most out of. For example, the staff initially felt like a wet noodle that was largely fun for its ability to let me hop around like a mad man. But once you get to used to spamming and recharging the whirlwind ability, you can unlock an incredible amount of DPS (while still hopping around like a mad man).

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

Defect Process on Steam

Eden’s Lair

Eden’s Lair

Use a variety of techniques to vanquish your foes inside a series of unforgiving combat arenas.

  • Long and short ranged attacks.

  • 4 Unique special abilities.

  • Challenges and new abilities unlocked after beating the main game.

  • Unique enemy types.

  • Upgrade your abilities as you progress through the main game.

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Eden's Lair on Steam

Evil West

Evil West

Evil never sleeps… but it bleeds.

A dark menace consumes the American frontier. As one of the last agents in a top-secret vampire-hunting institute, you are the final line between humanity and a deep-rooted terror that now emerges from the shadows. Rise up to become a Wild West Superhero, eradicate the vampire threat and save the United States!

In visceral, explosive combat, unleash hell with your firearms, lightning-fueled gauntlet and gadgets. Kill bloodthirsty monstrosities in style as a lone hunter or in co-op with a friend. Explore and fight in a narrative-driven campaign while upgrading your weapons and hunting tools. Unlock new perks to evolve your monster-slaying mastery, crafting your own playstyle to defeat the supernatural hordes.

  • Battle alone or with a friend in stylish, gory action combat

  • Myths and legends retold within a stylised, weird wild west universe

  • Evolve with perks, upgradable weapons, and tools

  • Explore and fight through a story-driven campaign to save America

Evil West on Steam



Combine Aegis’s strength and speed with your skill to fight robot armies and change the course of history!

• A unique and mysterious heroine

As Paris burns and bleeds during the Revolution, you are Aegis, an automaton masterpiece made by Vaucanson, an engineer in the service of the Clockwork King. Make the most of your mechanical prowess to adapt Aegis to your style of play and become a fearsome warrior, a deadly dancer or a virtuoso of elemental arts.

• Dynamic and challenging gameplay

Engage in ruthless and intense fights against technological marvels that are as complex as they are unforgiving. Your nerves and skills will be tested to their limits at every moment spent battling these relentless enemies and epic bosses.

• Paris is your playground

The City of Light has been plunged into darkness and is in need of you. Use your energy, flexibility and tools to navigate the streets, rooftops, neighbourhoods and castles of Paris and reveal hidden secrets.

• A fascinating story rooted in history

Delve into an enthralling alternate history filled with formidable mechanical enemies and potential allies with questionable motives. You are the only one you can count on to untangle the knots of history and ensure the Revolution succeeds!

Steelrising on Steam

Tiara the Deceiving Crown

Tiara the Deceiving Crown

Tiara the Deceiving Crown, inspired by the classic titles, such as very first Legend of Zelda, will take you on a nostalgic journey back in time, with an old-school experience!

Play as a brave knight, who fell in love with the beautiful princess. The only way to impress her is to win the yearly tournament! Unfortunately, nothing is going as planned, and the Evil Witch kidnap the Princess just before your appearance…

This is where your adventure begins! Traverse the open world with freedom of exploration, find secrets, and rescue the princess who’s being hostage on the strange Cursed Island - the Evil Witch’s homeland!


  • Beautiful, pixel-art graphics

  • Gameplay inspired by classic titles

  • Fast-paced, arcade action

  • Different weapon to use: from swords to bombs!

  • Unique enemies and epic boss fights

  • Puzzles and traps, to make your adventure interesting and demanding

Tiara the Deceiving Crown on Steam

Captain Frogger

Captain Frogger

Its beautiful, truly beautiful. I do not believe there is anything else in the world that can compare to this, truly masterful. At first the violence seen in the game play trailers holds a sense of cruelty and barbarity, as if both the gorilla and the frogs are all mystics of violence, hate, bloodshed and nothing else. Ohohoooo! but my fellow primates, we were truly mistaken. You see, the frogs were leaping towards the ape because they were so happy to see him come home from the war but since the ape is still on edge due to all the fighting and his primal instincts, he immediately saw the oncoming horde as the many bloodthirsty baboons from the war-torn savanna and acted in self defense. But what makes this all so beautiful is that both the gorilla and the frogs forgave each other, these beautiful creatures have maintained there strong bond through thick and thin and understand each others struggles and make each other’s lives truly wonderful. Now to you I may seem as just a lowly “Jungle Monkey!!”, but please I beg of you to give this gam- NAY! work of art a chance, for their sake.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Legit more difficult than Dark Souls

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Captain Frogger on Steam

Cave Crawl

Cave Crawl


Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

cant wait for p 2

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Cave Crawl on Steam

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Quick Summary

Devil may Cry 4 (DMC4) is a wonderful addition to the DMC series. Introducing new style switching for Dante, a whole cast of vibrant bosses, a mediocre story,

and a new main character called Nero!


  • Nero is a really cool character with one hell of an arm!

  • Dante is much more in depth, opening up a wider range of skills and styles

  • Variety of enemies that really stand out visually and physically

Real player with 91.4 hrs in game

Really a big fan of the series, but I’ll try to keep this from influencing this review.

DMC4:SE added three very enjoyable characters, costumes and Legendary Dark knight Mode (Legendary DKM mode is only new for console).


+Moves and skills from DMC3:SE and teleporting trick from DmC are mixed with this character along with moves unrelated.

+Three weapons to choose from- Beowulf, Yamato, Force Edge.

+Concentration gauge. Gauge raised by standing still in combat and making hits, losing gauge by missing and running around.

Real player with 53.8 hrs in game

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition on Steam

Devil May Cry HD Collection

Devil May Cry HD Collection

“I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIIIGHT!!!!”

Amazing trilogy, older Action/Hack and Slash games can sometimes feel very clunky and slow in comparison to more recent games however these games hold their own and were definitely revolutionary to the genre for their time.

DMC was very enjoyable, a very solid introduction into the games. The puzzles and boss fights can be quite challenging even if you are playing on standard difficulty or even if this is your first DMC experience (like myself). Exploring the castle was very interesting as every area felt new and different without reprinting the same textures for different areas of the map which is what you tend to see in a lot of the older PS2 Games.

Real player with 94.1 hrs in game

2 amazing games with fun story and gameplay… except for dmc3’s mission 18…. and dmc2

Real player with 56.5 hrs in game

Devil May Cry HD Collection on Steam